New Resident Dana – The Spanking Of Sally

Video: New Resident Dana - The Spanking Of Sally
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Sisters Dana and Sally have been caught attempting to run away from Girls Boarding School. Headmaster Tom is determined they won’t abscond again – they are both due for a severe spanking. Sally goes over his knee for a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom. The redder her poor bottom becomes the louder she screams. A couple of times she puts her hand back in an effort to protect her bottom but the Headmaster slaps it away each time.

Meanwhile, Dana has her back to what is going on behind her. She, too, has a bare bottom that is red and sore - she was spanked first. She can’t bear to watch. However, Headmaster Tom orders her to turn round and watch her sister being spanked. But she wants to cover her ears to deafen the sound of her sister’s screams. Then he tells Sally to get up from being over his knee and get into position for the cane. The cane is administered precisely – the cane marks all evenly distributed. Poor Sally is in floods of tears by the time the punishment is over.

Stars: Dana, Sally, Headmaster Tom

Personal Belongings

Video: Personal Belongings
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Lucy has returned home, but why is she creeping about? Headmaster Tom is in his office and the door is open, but she has removed her shoes, so she makes not a sound as she tip toes up the stairs. Meanwhile, the Headmaster is getting concerned, as she should have been home some time ago. So he rings her on her mobile phone. But now he is puzzled. Why is her phone ringing just outside his office? The silly girl had dumped her heavy bag at the bottom of the stairs, with her phone ringing out persistently inside it.

He takes the stairs two at a time and bursts into her room. She is kneeling on her bed, reading a magazine. She gives him a lovely smile and now she looks puzzled. Why has he burst into her room like that? After a bit of questioning, she admits that she came in through the back door as she had forgotten her key. But Headmaster Tom is not stupid, he knows she is lying. Of course when he asks her to produce the key she cannot because she has lost it. As this is the third key she’s lost, he knows he has to teach her to take better care of her belongings.

He piles her blankets onto the bed and orders her to lie face down on top of them. Flipping up her skirt, he uses his belt on her beautiful shapely white knickered bottom. The stark whiteness contrasts with her red bottom showing through due to a recent spanking. She squirms about as the belt comes down hard on her already sore bottom. He shows no mercy to her, instead he tells her it’s her own fault for constantly breaking the rules. When he pulls her knickers down to her mid thighs she tries to stop him, but her efforts are futile. He keeps telling her that she should take the last few strokes of the belt without all the squirming about and it will be all over. But, if she still can’t keep still, he’s going to have to start the punishment from the beginning. Needless to say, she continues to wriggle and squirm about so he leaves the room, telling her she can have a fifteen minute break then he’ll be back to start the spanking again from scratch. Rubbing her sore and tender bottom, the tears flowing freely down her cheeks, she awaits his return with fear and dread.

Stars: Lucy, Headmaster Tom

Compensation Movie

Video: Compensation Movie
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The Webmaster for Girls Boarding School movies was away from the studio for a few days and Sophie was asked to edit a movie in his absence. Unfortunately for her, she did not give her full attention to the job. She dug out at random a very old, very boring movie and reran it, without actually watching either the original or the new version. The result of this was a lot of very annoyed and disappointed customers who were cancelling their subscriptions.

Headmaster Tom had a discussion with the rest of the management team and they all agreed that another movie should be shot as compensation for the rubbish movie customers had paid for and watched. It was also decided that Sophie should be the one to be punished. She had to endure receiving the belt, thin cane, thick cane and the slipper in place of the wooden paddle. For every time she came out of position she received three more strokes. Her bottom was in a right state, cane marks running into each other. Bruises and welts also marked her previously unpunished bottom.

As a finale, Headmaster Tom placed a butt plug into her and told her she was not to remove it without his permission for three days. She is then sent home to collect her clothes and belongings as she was going to continue to be a boarder at GBS for the next six months.

Stars: Sophie, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Louise

Video: New Resident Louise
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Louise is a new resident at Girls Boarding School. As she sits on a straight-backed chair her body language is shouting out: help! what’s going to happen to me?

When Headmaster Tom comes to greet her he soon makes her feel even more nervous. He goes over their verbal agreement before asking her to read and sign a contract that she has, of her own free will, entered Girls Boarding School. By her own admittance she has been out of control and now wants to learn how to make something of her life and the Headmaster is more than willing to help her. So he hands her the contract – telling her to read it and if there is anything in it that she does not understand or agree with she should discuss it with him – BEFORE signing the contract. Reading through it, Headmaster Tom hears her gasp and say, “Oh my God.” She’s read the part that mentions corporal punishment as being the norm at GBS. She signs the contract. Now Tom points out to her another rule - every new girl has to spend the whole of the first two weeks at GBS not wearing trousers, skirts or knickers.

It’s now that she is going to take part in a little game. Tom hands her an ice bucket and instructs her to put in her hand and pull out a piece of paper, which he unfolds and reads aloud to her. Then she has to pull out another two pieces of paper. The Headmaster tells her what each of the three pieces of paper say on them. 1. A hand spanking over the knee for three minutes; 2. Ten strokes of the cane : 3. Corner time with her hands on her head for thirty minutes. She is ordered to prepare herself by taking down her trousers and knickers. When they are gathered around her ankles he tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he’s going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed. For the third part she is to stand in the corner with her hands on her head, for thirty minutes. Before he leaves her, he tells her to completely remove her trousers and knickers that are gathered around her ankles. Leaving her to reflect on what had just happened – is she going to be able to last for a year or two?

Stars: Louise, Headmaster Tom

Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part One

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

Everybody living in the area knew about The Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

It was a red-bricked house – some might call it a mansion – standing at the top of a hill – looking down at the town below.

People talked about it in whispers.

During the day, there was little to see or hear – but at night there were rumours of blood curdling screams coming from within the bowels of the house.


Now as the shiny black limousine – with the tinted windows swept up the driveway, Cora took a few deep breaths. Her Master Percy of Harmonington had warned her that she was going to stay at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure and it was for her own good.

As the car smoothly came to a stop – someone dressed all in black stepped out of the shadows and opened her door. A slim hand caught hold of her arm and helped her out of the car.

She stood for a moment – blinking in the bright lights that were coming from within the house.

A cold shiver went down her spine and just for a moment she was paralysed with fear and unable to move. Then the hand on her arm shook her and guided her towards the imposing heavy oak front door.

Cora’s eyes widened as she took in the details. The whole scenario – the entrance hall with paintings on the walls – the thick pile-carpet beneath her feet – the overstuffed sofas and the crystal chandeliers overhead – all these screamed out luxury – sheer unadulterated luxury.

Still being guided by her escort, she moved forward down the hallway towards a wide staircase.

However, as they approached the staircase, the hand under her elbow moved her to the left. Going through a leather-padded door, she found herself in a stone floored passage with a stone staircase straight ahead of her – a stone staircase with no banister – leading downwards. She shivered again – but this time it was the stark coldness mingled with fear that struck terror into her very being.

She stood at the top of the stone staircase – her high-heeled shoes threw her off balance and if it hadn’t been for her escort’s steadying hand she would have overbalanced and fallen down the flight of twelve steep steps.

At the bottom of the stairs she felt herself relax slightly.

Now she was being led down another passage – through another stout wooden door.

Up to this point, she had been able to hear the sounds of music, conversation and laughter from above – now there was an eerie silence, except for the clicking sound her heels made on the stone flags.

When the sound of screaming cut through the silence she jumped at the suddenness of it. She knew then what fear real raw fear felt like.

Then a door on the left of the passage was pushed open and Cora was pushed roughly inside.

She looked around her in horror.

To be continued…

Master Rose On Sub Emma

Video: Master Rose On Sub Emma
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Studio: BDSM.XXX
Redheaded Emma Leigh heard about Master Rose’s dungeon from 'the internet' and wanted to test herself to see if she was capable of handling it. She has a pretty face and her red hair is a plus, with big natural tits and a nice thick body. Teaching pretty girls that they are a dime a dozen is often the first phase of quality BDSM training. Some people believe that plainer girls try harder in bed, but the truth is that mindset can be taught to any submissive with a strong hand and a few strict spanks of her tight white ass. Emma Leigh wants her Master's cum inside her but the best she can get a blast to the outside and some spit covering her shaved pink slot.

Stars: Emma Leigh, Master Rose

New Resident Paulina

Video: New Resident Paulina
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Headmaster Tom is opening the mail. There are a few bills which he just nods and grunts at them. Then suddenly he is in shock. He calls for Paulina to come down. He waves a phone bill under her nose and demands to know how it got to be nearly $1,500. She hesitantly explains that she has been phoning her friend in Australia. Now Headmaster Tom tells her she’ll have to pay for it. She assures him she will pay and asks to be allowed to go back to her room and get the money. On her return she has a bundle of notes in her hand which she slowly and carefully counts out. But there is a big shortfall. And he is going to take it out on her hide – with the cane.

At his bidding she lowers her trousers and pulls her knickers down to her knees. Then she bends over the armchair with her lovely bottom well up and rounded, ready for the cane. He has a choice of two canes. She finds the first one is quite stinging, but when he changes to the thinner cane she makes it obvious that it stings much more than the thicker one. She admits that her friend in Australia is a boy.

So, Headmaster tells her to phone him and say goodbye – as her phone is being confiscated and she won’t be phoning him again. However, she must tell him about the caning she is receiving. Her friend on the other side of the world can hear her screams as the cane lands on her sore red cheeks. Handing the phone to the Headmaster she is ordered to kneel on the armchair and it is in that position she is left to repeat ten times – “Stupid behavior will be followed by a severe punishment.” She had better get it right as the Headmaster is right in the next room.

Stars: Paulina, Headmaster Tom

The Laundry Room

Video: The Laundry Room
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Headmaster Tom shouts for Jodie to come down to the laundry room. Unfortunately for her, in her haste to respond to his call, she forgets her manners and has to go out of the room – knock on the door, wait for his ‘come in’ then enter. Poor Jodie, she realizes that Headmaster has called for her, but can’t think what she’s done wrong – this time. He tells her he’s got some good news and some bad news for her. Now she has a choice, does she want the good or bad news first. Rather hesitantly she asks for the good news. She’d lost her key the week before, now he’s dangling it from his finger. She’s relieved and reaches out for it, but he holds it out of her reach. Does she want to know where he found it? In the washing machine. And because of her carelessness, it had just cost him $300 to have it repaired.

Sitting on the wooden laundry basket he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her blue jeans. Her squeals as his hard hand makes contact with her bottom fall on deaf ears. Then he tells her to stand up and open her trousers. He yanks down her jeans and knickers, leaving them well clear of her bottom. The camera pans in on her pussy, which must have added to the humiliation for her. Back over his knee, he changes from hand spanking her to using a wooden backed hairbrush. Her bottom is red and looking very sore from his hand spanking – now it looks a hundred times worse – with raised welts and bruising. She is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket, her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated. Will she be checking her pockets in future?

Stars: Jodie, Headmaster Tom

Claire Cheating

Video: Claire Cheating
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The Headmaster sits waiting for Claire and Linda. When they arrive he says that one of them has a problem. It seems they have both made the same mistakes on their exercises so someone must have cheated. He demands to know who but both girls remain silent. So he tests them right then and there!

When they are finished Linda’s exercise is correct but poor Claire has failed. So Claire is bent over the table while Linda holds her hands. She is given strokes with the rushe canes, first over her red plaid skirt, then over her white regulation panties. To ensure nothing like this happens again, the Headmaster is going to post Claire’s punished bottom on a blackboard for all to see.

Stars: Claire

The Next One, Please

Video: The Next One, Please
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We see Linda’s body from the back first, her lower body clad in a pair of white pantyhose. Fade out and back in. We see Linda from the front, hands on head, small breasts taut. She stands in a corner of the room.

Then, she’s bent over and receiving a caning from the Headmaster. After every stroke she thanks him and asks for the next one. She pulls down the pantyhose and places her hands behind her knees. Although she thinks she’s had enough he makes her touch her toes and they proceed with the caning. Her reddening bottom is soon covered in welts.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom