Eve In The Cellar Room

Video: Eve In The Cellar Room
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
We find Eve, partially-clothed, standing on a ladder in the cellar room. The cellar is like the tagline to a horror movie – down there no one can hear you scream. The Headmaster likes this feature, calls it special. He proceeds to give Eve punishment with the cane, the carpet beater and the tawse. Afterwards he leaves, but will return in one hour. Eve must remain in place.

Stars: Eve, Headmaster Tom

Femdom Virgins 1

Video: Femdom Virgins 1
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Studio: 7th Street Media
Everybody likes a little slap and tickle thrown in the mix every once in a while, but these first time submissives want to see just how far they can push their limits. Kick back and enjoy as four hot and horny babes get pushed around and fucked femdom style until they scream and beg for more!

Stars: Dana, Tamika, Alexandra, Lexy, Ameara LeVay, Mayla, Sheila Faye, Renatta

Femdom Virgins 1

Video: Femdom Virgins 1
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Studio: 7th Street Media
Everybody likes a little slap and tickle thrown in the mix every once in a while, but these first time submissives want to see just how far they can push their limits. Kick back and enjoy as four hot and horny babes get pushed around and fucked femdom style until they scream and beg for more!

Stars: Dana, Tamika, Alexandra, Lexy, Ameara LeVay, Mayla, Sheila Faye, Renatta

OTK & 5 Implements

Video: OTK & 5 Implements
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
We see Linda, seated in a rocking chair, waiting anxiously for the Headmaster. By the time he arrives she has placed herself into position – bent over, gripping the chair, bottom out. Headmaster Tom immediately begins giving her a good, hard hand spanking; first over her skirt, then on her ripe bum. Hand spanking over, he proceeds to administer the ruler, the bunch, leather strap, paddle, and finally, the cane. Linda is left weeping and rubbing ointment on her stinging bottom. There is OT in this movie, but no K.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

The Exacting Executrix

Video: The Exacting Executrix
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Studio: BossDVD.com (Irene Boss)
Irene Boss pushes the limits of her slaves as she's known to do in this double disc box set! Mistress Irene Boss is extremely unhappy with her slave’s treatment of the equipment in the compound. She subjects to a verbal tirade before he has to endure a superior stiletto scolding from the dominating diva! She makes him lick her trade show shoes for his lunch today. Next, she binds her distracted sub to a chair, clamps his nipples and blindfolds him before giving him several licks with her trusty whips! For the grand finale, she binds him to a St. Albert’s Cross and lashes his bottom until its beet red and he’s learned his lesson!

Stars: Mistress Irene Boss

The Palace of Pain and Pleasure – Part Five

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far…

Poor Cora couldn’t understand where she was and what she was doing there.

Bella had made her acquaintance – and had started to fill Cora in with what was going on at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure but she hadn’t got very far when two masked men had run in and each put a girl over his knee and started to spank her.

Ten minutes and many spanks later the spanking came to an end.

What is going to happen next?

Now read on…

The masked man who had been spanking Cora pushed her off his knee; she landed on all fours on the luxurious carpet. When she attempted to scramble to her feet, he put his size 10 shoe in the small of her back, so preventing her from getting up.

She felt him moving above her. Twisting her neck round, she saw him opening his fly and releasing his throbbing rampant cock from the confines of his trousers.

Pushing his cock into her face, he said, ‘suck it, wench.’ He had grabbed hold of a hank of her hair and pulled her head back – the pain causing her mouth to open in a scream – he took advantage of this and rammed his cock down her throat until she gagged on it.

He kept his hand on her head – pushing downwards, so her mouth was full of him.

For a moment he released his grip on her – this gave her the advantage and she closed her teeth around his cock – the metallic taste of his blood nauseated her.
He let out a scream and fell back clutching at his deflated cock. He sat there rocking himself backwards and forwards sobbing in agony.

Cora got to her feet and ran toward the open door.

But she fell full-length face down on the soft carpet – she was winded. Bella’s assailant who was closer to the door had stuck out his foot and tripped her.

Poor Cora, as she lay there gulping in air, her victim had recovered and was after revenge.

He sat on her squirming body – facing her bottom. She felt something sharp digging into her sore bottom – it felt like a million pinpricks – she screamed shrilly.

Then it was pandemonium.

Two men rushed into the room – they took in the scene at a glance. The man who was sitting on her was lifted off her and while one of the men led him out of the room, the other man lifted Cora and laid her gently face down on the bed. He blew a whistle and a young girl nervously came into the room.

‘Attend to her, Morag,’ he gently stroked her face.

‘Yes sir,’ she dropped to her knees at the side of the bed.

‘Cora,’ she whispered. ‘I’m just going to get something to clean you up.’

Cora gasped, she realised it was her escort from when she had first arrived at the Palace of Pain and Pleasure.

‘Thank you,’ she said gratefully.

Morag returned carrying a bowl of steaming water. Although she was very gentle, the water to which had been added some antiseptic brought tears to Cora’s eyes.

‘Sorry Cora,’ she said soothingly. ‘I had to wipe away the blood, now I’ll just apply some ointment and you’ll feel much better.’

She was right – Cora did feel much better.
‘Let me help you get into your nightclothes.’ Morag was fussing around.

Meanwhile, Bella had watched the whole thing and the terror was clearly shown on her face.

The man who had been spanking her had run out of the room as soon as the other man had been forcibly removed.

Now the two girls were sitting side by side on the bed. Dunking chunks of bread into a bowl of hot soup.

‘I’m so sorry about that Cora,’ Bella kissed Cora on her cheek. ‘We must get some sleep – tomorrow we will have work to do.’

What could she mean?

To be continue…

Long Time Ago

Video: Long Time Ago
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
As Laura sits on the edge of a desk, the Headmaster enters with his tools – cane, paddle and carpet beater. He slaps the instruments against his hand as he greets his student. Laura turns and bends over the table as the Headmaster begins her punishment with the carpet beater. He commands her to lift her skirt and continues with the paddle. After she removes her panties he stings her bottom with the cane. When he is finished he sends her to stand in the corner, skirt still up and panties still down.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

The Haughty Girl

Video: The Haughty Girl
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Studio: Shadow Lane
An arrogant British beauty is taken in hand by her strict boss in a spanking tour de force! Features hard hand spanking and full nudity of a 6'2" blonde goddess!

The owner of a casting agency is peeved with his new talent manager for inflicting devastating criticism on the models who don't meet her high standards of elocution. Tired of dealing with complaints, Mr. Marvel decides to spank some courtesy into the stunning, leggy, blonde Amelia Rutherford, using only his huge, hard hand.

In the second scene of The Haughty Girl, the beautiful, but still rude British perfectionist, Amelia Rutherford, is ordered by her boss, Ralph Marvel, to remove every stitch of clothing and take a second sound hand spanking from him, in the nude.

Crackling bare bottom spanking, wonderfully witty dialog, and a rollicking dominant vs. brat dynamic adds up to an instant Shadow Lane classic, featuring two of our most beloved performers, together for the first time.

Stars: Amelia Rutherford, Ralph Marvell

The Home Disciplinary Invasion

Video: The Home Disciplinary Invasion
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Studio: BossDVD.com (Irene Boss)
Ms Boss has performed a well planned home invasion on hardenough in the interest of life improvement. She has arrived to find that the home has an "overly masculine edge" and could use a woman's touch. The scene opens with hardenough's pantied bottom perched high up upon a punishment bench in a corset and heels, while Ms Boss explains as "The American Governess" what She is about to do and what implements will be used. She is wearing a long black cape with a hood (along with a necklace holding his chastity key around Her neck), and later removes it to reveal a corset, garter belt and stockings. This film is heavily influenced by Harriet Marwood - The English Governess. (Hardenough is playing richard, and Ms Boss is Harriet.) Stand by for strapping, paddling, tawsing and spanking. Practically every implement (100 with each one) from The London Tanners is demonstrated. Ms Boss keeps the tags on the implements so She can recite what they are - there are so many. Male electro chastity play and whipping are also explored. All of this equipment is available at the Compound to be used on your fanny - so prepare yourself!

Stars: Irene Boss, Slave Hardenough

Linda, Claire & Eve

Video: Linda, Claire & Eve
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Linda, Claire and Eve, all dressed in their uniforms, are enjoying themselves while playing a game. Then the girls get a cell phone call that the Headmaster will see them in two minutes. All three stand up and wait with heads bowed. When the Headmaster arrives they know what is coming. Each in turn gets a hard hand spanking across the knee of Headmaster Tom, while the other two girls hold down the spankee’s hands and legs. Then each gets a hand spanking while they stand with their knickers around their knees. After the Headmaster takes a brief break, they all get the cane while bent over a chair. Again, the other girls hold down the hands and legs. They are all left, sniffling and weeping, with their skirts up and knickers down.

Stars: Eve, Claire, Linda, Headmaster Tom