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Discipline Lessons — Asphyxiation Films

schoolgirl discipline

Discipline Lessons

Asphyxiation Films

Two incorrigible schoolgirls receive a very unusual punishment. Instead of a single spanking session, they’ve been signed over by their parents to live under the same roof as their head master for next two years. This movie is about the very first day of this new living arrangement. The Head is older man. He’s brusque and rough around the edges. He lectures the girls in a way that invites no input from them in return. He’s not there to “relate” to them as some kind of mentor or role model. He’s just there to discipline them.

schoolgirl spankingThe girls look great. They are sisters, Angela and Jessica. They are both blondes, with some help from the bottle. They are both appropriately young-looking. Angela looks insolent and rebellious. She stares sullenly when the Head speaks to her. I can’t wait to see her get spanked. Jessica takes on a more demure and attentive demeanor when he speaks to her. Both young women are attractive in different ways, so there’s good variety in the models. The Head’s job, in his words, is to “train” the girls to be “obedient”. He takes his job seriously. He cares much more about his job than their feelings. He orders them about as if they are the lowest of servants. He begins by making insolent Angela kneel before him. She looks down but he holds her chin up and makes her look him in the eye. He lectures her and slaps her face to make sure she is paying attention. He talks derogatorily about her and makes her reply “yes sir” throughout. He takes the young woman over his knee, hikes her skirt and begins spanking. Her generous ass looks wonderful in white panties. There are also some great shots of her face, her expression reflecting her humiliation. And that’s just the beginning. The Head yanks down her panties and spanks her bare rear end. He continues to lecture her in his condescending way, and continues to make her say “yes sir” to his scolding. The spanking itself isn’t hard. But the humiliation is painful. Next it’s pretty Jessica’s turn to kneel before him and get lectured, slapped and spanked. And of course she must answer with the requisite “yes sir”. “Are you going to please me?” he demands. “Yes sir.” is the obedient reply. Louder! Yes sir. You’re certainly going to do better! Yes sir. I can’t hear you. Yes sir. These girls had a very easy script to learn. They barely say anything but “yes sir” throughout the movie.

headmaster spankingThe Head’s control is complete. He makes them stand in the corner with their skirts hiked. He makes them kneel. He makes them bend over. He orders their legs apart. He makes them turn and watch the spanking of the other. He makes them turn back around again and face the wall. He makes them say “yes sir” to each of his commands, all of his whims. He does a little session with a slipper on rebellious Angela. It’s not a hard session, but she sniffles and gets teary. He mocks her tears. He brushes her hair from her face to make her humiliation more photogenic for the camera. As a fan of face shots, I appreciate that. The once haughty Angela is now looking very sorry for herself He even tells the girls to “perk your bottom up”, in order to make their rear ends more photogenic (not that they need it), and to make his job easier as he spanks. And of course they obey him. After the slipper session, he makes Angela get completely naked and stand in the corner. Her body is lush, generous and beautiful.

shoe spankingJessica gets a slipper session next. She suffers through it. Then she is made to strip naked as well. Her breasts are phenomenal. Naked, hands on her head, beautiful breasts on full display, she gets lectured. Then they are both ordered to sit naked on the sofa and face him. Completely nude, they sit obediently for more scolding. They respond with the required yes sir’s. Next they come over his knee for naked spankings. He also makes them parade for him. He makes lewd comments. He even makes Angela stand before him for a pussy spanking while Jessica is over his knee. Then Jessica gets a pussy spanking while he paws her breasts. The movie continues in this vein, with paddling, strapping and caning of the naked, humbled and obedient schoolgirls. They have to count and say “thank you, Sir” or “I’m sorry, Sir”.

girl spankingNone of the punishment is physically severe, although it gets harder as it continues. The bottoms get red and sore, but not bruised or battered. You see some stripes from the cane, but this movie is not about the breaking of wills through physical pain. As far as the infliction of psychological and emotional pain, however, this movie is among the most powerful I’ve seen. It’s a study in discipline and control, not a lesson in dermatological abrasions. The girls are humbled in ways that outstrip a physical beating. They are slapped, insulted, stripped, paraded, groped, mocked, manipulated, humiliated, and ordered about like dogs. And they are made to subserviently reply “yes sir” every step of the way. I’ve seen quite a few “spanked schoolgirl” movies, and this one is definitely a cut above most of them. I highly recommend it.
Discipline Lessons Asphyxiation Films

She Had It Coming


Glowing Results

1 ½ stars
A clip that has no sound… I’m intrigued but guarded. I’ve encountered this before, and frankly, have felt gypped. What’s the fun of watching a spanking, if you can’t hear the lovely slap of firm hand on tender skin? Or of various implements whizzing through the air to strike vulnerable flesh? Not to mention gasps & grunts & cries… Sound is a big part of the spanking experience, if you ask me.

So my expectations for Court Ordered 2 were adjusted accordingly. However, the fretful look of the middle-aged, spectacled woman wringing her hands at the beginning of this clip caught my attention: this was not your average adult movie actress. The lady is ill at ease and nervous in front of the camera. She’s dowdy, frumpy, even. Definitely not a MILF!

We can’t hear her speak but it’s clear she’s listening to someone explaining her situation, and the punishment she faces. She appears contrite, acquiescent — resolved to her fate. She’s led to a sheet-covered table, where she removes her tidy sport coat, then unzips & steps out of her skirt. She leaves her white button-down shirt on, which is long enough to cover her naughty bits as she peels down & steps out of her (quite possibly authentic) Granny panties.

She gives her clothes to a generic middle-aged man, and then anxiously crosses & uncrosses her arms across her chest while he takes her clothes to another room. When he returns, he bends her over the table, adjusts her position, and then binds her hands together at the wrists with rope that’s then secured to the table. Her arms thus immobilized, our lady is completely helpless.

Bent Down With Hands Tied Together

All this is set-up: we’re more than 5 ½ minutes into this 10 minute clip before the first spank falls — but it’s a doozie. WHAM! Her head jerks upward in a big, unhappy wince once, twice, three times… Again and again, the blows fall. Her body jolts, her fingers spasm, her face contorts in screams.

The camera switches angles to provide closer views of her tearful eyes, and then swings around so we can watch her ass take more of this intense spanking. The good news: there’s a surprisingly fine butt on this otherwise plain-Jane. Round & tight & nicely staged atop white thigh-high stockings. Looks great with a little blush on it, too.

At least, I think that’s a blush I see… The resolution in this movie is unfortunately pretty bad. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, except there’s no sound, either. How unsatisfying! However, this lady’s pain seems so authentic, I have a hard time dismissing this movie altogether. Despite its shortcomings, it was a fascinating piece with a real sense of drama.


Experiment In Night Vision


ZZX Productions
1 ½ stars

Oh dear.

I can see how “Infrared Spanking” was conceived. Someone probably saw Paris Hilton’s night vision sex tape, and thought, “I bet it’d be cool to do a spanking scene like that!”

And I bet really WAS cool, in production. Spanking in total darkness has gotta be sexy! Without sight, all the other senses come alive. Ooh! The whiz of a whip, the brush of leather across the thigh… The thrill of not knowing where the next blow will come from, or where it’ll land.

Administering a spanking in the shadows, too, must be very sensual. Before each blow, you’d wanna size up your target: to caress each cheek before you smack just the right spot. And without marks or redness as a guide, you’d need to tune in to your partner’s breathing & vocalizations.

Yup, I can totally get behind the concept of this movie. But sometimes, a great idea on paper just… flops. Which is truly unfortunate because the performers, Black Cherry and DrK, are terrific! She clearly enjoys being spanked, and he is expert at titrating pain so she vibrates on the edge of pleasure. It’s thrilling to watch, or at least, it would’ve been, if I could’ve seen her lovely cheeks pinking up under his hand.

Over the Knee in Night Vision

Or under his riding crop, or tawse, or cane… He employs all these implements upon Black Cherry’s bottom, and I’d have loved to behold his handiwork. But no. Illuminated thru night vision photography, Black Cherry’s cheeks glow ghostly green, and don’t show much change in color at all until the very end of the movie, where some darkish areas seem visible. Yawn. Without the subtle shades of spanked flesh to enjoy, I found myself staring at her neon orb-ass thinking, “Oh I see why it’s called ‘mooning’…” This movie didn’t do a thing for me.

It’s not a total wash, though. Lemme stress again that this couple works beautifully together, very natural & unforced. The movie is set up well, too — a series of erotic spankings, of various positions & implements:

1. shackled to a chair & whipped with a crop

2. crouched on seat of chair for bare-handed spanking

3. all fours on a coffee table with bare hand & leather straps

Bare Assed on All Fours

4. standing, bent over, & smacked with cane…

5. bonus butt-plug action at the end (including butt plug spanking)!

I like how each segment can stand alone as its own little movie. First, a new camera angle, and then some warm-up smacks followed by a close-up where he s-l-o-w-l-y peels down her g-string and his spanking grows more & more urgent, her cries more & more excited, until finally it sounds like she’ll explode. Then, another camera angle, starter smacks, g-string removal… Very handy — if you’re curious about the night-vision thing, you can watch a dynamic scene from start to finish in a couple minutes.

Bent Over and Bare Assed

And it IS an interesting effect, infrared. Legs with sinewy shadows, eerie glints off shiny shoes, flashes of eyes behind creepy ski mask/hood. I like how the movie has no dialog, just the sound of stinging smacks, of whips whizzing thru the air, and of Black Cherry’s Mmms and ahhhs and ohhhhhs. Such a shame, though, that all this novelty adds up to a rather tedious movie. Again, I think the secret to Infrared Spanking is to watch it incrementally.

But even then, it’s not for everyone. A fine movie, technically, but the infrared gimmick adds nothing, and even detracts — how sad, a spanking movie with no red cheeks! While I stand up and applaud ZZX Production’s daring & creativity, I have to suggest that this experiment in night vision spanking does not come together well as a movie.

For me. Maybe if I had “midnight peeping” fantasies or a thing for extraterrestrial lighting, I’d have been more turned on. It was still an interesting ride!

Infrared Spanking