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Spanking Videos – Silence!

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Keagan and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 14.20 minutes

Keagan is innocently sat reading, curled up on the couch – unaware of what is about to happen to her.

Spanking Videos - She's Innocently reading

Headmaster Tom is trying desperately to calm down someone on the other end of the phone. He promises the caller that he will deal with the problem immediately.

He is furious and explains to Keagan how embarrassed he is – that was the sixth phone call in the past week, complaining about the sound of shouting and screaming 24/7. One of the callers asked if there was a young child in the house of maybe six years old.

Spanking Videos - On top of her jeans

He goes on to remind Keagan of how they have neighbours on all sides of the apartment block and how sound carries. If there are any more complaints, they may lose their tenancy, then where will they go?

So in order to teach her a lesson, he is going to give her a punishment; throughout which, she must remain absolutely silent.

Telling her to bend over the table and hold onto it on the far side – he goes off to fetch the big leather paddle.

As the paddle makes contact with her jeans covered bottom, she remains silent, but her leg involuntarily kicks out. Half a dozen evenly spaced out strokes later, he tells her to go to her room and lie face down over the bed.

Spanking Videos - More paddling

When he comes into her room, she is obediently ready for the next part of her punishment – which is on top of her blue knickers.

Spanking Videos - The end of the punishment

Over and over again the leather paddle meets its target and her poor bottom can be seen to turn from slightly pink to a deep cherry red.

Finally, he tells her that there is to be no more screaming and shouting and she nods her agreement.

He phones their neighbour and assures him that the young lady has been dealt with and from now on there will be silence!

Spanking Videos - On her bare bottom

He then leaves her lying face down on her bed. She rubs gently at her very sore red bottom – trying desperately to rub away the sting.

Amateur Bound Spankings Vol. 2 (Part 2)

Studio: Amateur Bound Spanking Vol 2

Starring: Tabitha, Trina, Lydia McLane, Ashley Edmonds, Nicotine, Lt Smash, Chloe Bond

Approximate Running Time: 1:04:17


Well Dear Reader I must say it took me quite longer than I expected to finally sitting down and showing you the rest of this film.  Well unfortunately we can’t spend all our time thinking about spanking can we?  (well we can try at least).  So lets get on with it shall we?

As you might remember in part 1 of our review.  Amateur Bound Spankings Vol 2 is what I would characterize as a Gonzo Spanking movie.  The plot is thin but there are lots of naughty girls that find themselves getting their wonderful bottom Spanked.  We reviewed the first four scene’s a couple of weeks ago so lets take a look at the rest of it shall we?

For our fifth scene we have a young teen named Nicotine who appears (perhaps because of her name) quite in trouble.  Her tormenter puts her over his knee for a over her tight jeans spanking for starters.  But Dear Reader as we all know spankings should of course be given on the bare bottom. 

Upon pulling down her pant she only has a teeny tiny g-string which is quite unhelpful in protecting her tight ass against a spanking.  Grabbed by the hair and made to obey his commands he makes her say quite derogatory things about herself!  This progresses nicely until she is clad only in her lovely birthday suit with her bare bottom quite red. For a rather amusing finale she is leashed and walked around getting that pretty bottom smacked
vlcsnap-2010-11-08-16h44m49s127 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-16h47m10s9 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-16h57m18s228 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-16h58m52s142 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-16h59m15s115 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h01m41s13

We begin our next scene with a rather unhappy girl bound quite tightly. After a rather long struggling scene.  It seems her master owes someone some money.  But being hard times he is willing to take it in trade.  Namely her and according her master she needs a good Spanking. 

Untied and bent over a footrest our slave slut gets spanked in various positions,  hair pulled and generally humiliated,  Being a lover of a good spanking this scene really disappointed me since the spanking she gets is rather pathetic.  But for those of you that enjoy the slave dom aspect it is indeed entertaining
vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h29m23s15 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h32m09s140 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h36m03s183 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h37m06s43 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h39m53s173 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h40m39s125

Our next scene we have yet another unhappy girl by the name of Mai Li who I think I have seen Spanked before.  Bound though not too restrictively as the previous one, with only her hands tied behind her back.  Perfect for an OTK Spanking which she of course is getting.  Like the others her clothes are systematically removed until she finds herself quite naked getting her cute little ass spanked unable to protect herself since her arms are tied tightly behind her back.
vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h55m30s74 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h54m10s38 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h56m45s58 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h56m16s25

Our final scene has more a domestic flair to it.  A rather attractive blonde is getting spanked by her husband for not cleaning the apartment.  Starting off as an OTK spanking she is stood up and bent over the couch with her tight jeans pulled down and eventually her panties.   Stripped naked she returns to the OTK Position for another round of bottom beating. 
vlcsnap-2010-11-08-17h58m53s56 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-18h01m10s143 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-18h02m34s221 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-18h01m33s125 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-18h01m42s212 vlcsnap-2010-11-08-18h02m07s206

So the final question is did I enjoy it.  Well lets put it this way,  I didn’t hate it.  The Spankings quite honestly are rather light and this is more of a humiliation/bondage movie than it is a Spanking one.  Its a bit frustrating because most of the girls are quite hot.  They just need to be spanked a little harder!  But I suppose its a preference type of thing Dear Reader

Spank It: Hard Spank for Bad Girls

interracial spanking movie

Spank It: Hard Spank for Bad Girls by

666 Productions

I found this video exciting to view, as I love watching over the knee spankings, almost as much as I love being over someone’s knee.

During the 65 minutes running time, there are two separate stories.

In the first story, there is a disaster in the kitchen, when this pretty, long haired young lady tries to set fire to the house, while cooking dinner.

Her shrieks of fear alert her partner. He comes into the kitchen – a fit young man, wearing light coloured trousers held up by a thick leather belt and a khaki vest. Across his muscular shoulders and arms he is covered in tattoos. Seeing what’s happening he pushes her aside and puts out the fire, by blowing on it? Who needs the fire brigade? Then, despite her having burnt her hand, he ignores that and proceeds to start a fire in her bottom instead.

So, he puts her over his knee for a l-o-n-g spanking; half an hour to be precise.

The Spanking Begins

Starting off using his hand, he delivers a few swats on top of her shorts he then uses sign language to tell her to remove them.  His gesture is particularly sexy. She looks over her shoulder at him, and you can see a slight tremble, as she contemplates her impending punishment.

Once she has removed her own shorts, he yanks her back over his knee, and carries on spanking her with his hand.

He spanks her – from one cheek to the other, interspersing this with stroking, kneading and pinching her bottom. He also every so often, pulls aside her black thong, revealing a good view of her pussy.
Somewhere along the way, he helps her remove her top, she isn’t wearing a bra.

Also, several times during the movie, he lowers his head and bites her bottom. This makes her squeal louder than ever, so I can only assume he bit her hard.

As it is such a small kitchen and he has long arms, he is able to reach out to the draining board and gets various weapons of bottom destruction, in the form of, wooden spoons, spatulas etc and he even does a John Wayne, when he uses a frying pan instead of a shovel, as McLintock did, when spanking Maureen O’Hara in the film of that name.The camera man, several times, moves in close, treating us to some great views of her pain contorted face.

Kitchen Utensils Come to Hand

Every so often, he changes position, from spanking her over his knee, to pushing her over the kitchen table to leaning her over the kitchen sink. All these changes in positions and implements used on her bottom are done with no dialogue passing between them. I think that there is a time and a place for silence. It can add a finer point to the discipline than vocal chastising often can. But, in the context of this movie, and the way the scene is played, the silence just comes across as a sort of lack of involvement.

A Slipper Is Brought Into Play

After thirty minutes of this continual ill treatment of her backside, it is a very sore looking rosy red. Pulling her up off his knee, he throws her clothes at her, then, walks out of the kitchen, leaving her kneeling on the floor, rubbing her poor bottom that has a raging fire in it.

It was a big disappointment to me because he didn’t take his belt off to her. I believe the makers of this movie missed something there.

It would have been greatly improved if he had made her watch him slowly taking the belt out of its loops, then putting her back over his knee for a few strokes of it. Phew! The thought of it makes me go all of a quiver.

Another pretty young girl, this time with short auburn hair is in the same kitchen supposedly washing up. Well, she moves things around, attempting to pile up some pans and dishes that defy gravity so that they keep toppling over with a loud clatter.

Then while rummaging in a cupboard, she finds a bottle of wine and sitting at the kitchen table she takes a long swig from the bottle.

In comes another girl, who quickly takes in the scene.

She pushes the young girl over the edge of the table, and starts to spank her. She also uses an assortment of kitchen utensils, including a plastic chopping board.

Getting Spanked for Drinking Alcohol

During this prolonged spanking session of again, around thirty minutes, the young girl’s clothes come off until she is wearing only a very sore red bottom. A very lovely bottom indeed. She’s got gorgeous, smooth curves that seemed designed specifically for the sweeping touch of a hungry palm.

Her Clothing Is Removed

Again, this second spanking is done in silence, except for the obligatory ‘owws’ and ‘ouches’. Not too much thrill or excitement in the scene.  I have to say that I’m a huge fan of sincerity. Perhaps this seeming lack of enthusiasm could be chalked up to bad acting, but I sort of get the feeling that the models aren’t really into the lifestyle, but are just paid asses.

I found this lack of dialogue between each of the two couples spoiled things. Apart from each girl being spanked – saying ‘Owwww!!!’ every time her bottom was attacked by the spanker’s hand or kitchen utensil, there was silence, except for the background music – that rather grated on me.

I would also have liked both girls, to have shown some more spirit. A bit of bratting; swearing, struggling etc, although as we know that earns extra spanks, but to me it is more natural.

Wearing Nothing But A Sore Red Bottom

However, if you enjoy seeing a bare bottom, over the knee spanking, where the bad girl ends up with a very hot sore bottom, then you will enjoy this movie

Discipline Lessons — Asphyxiation Films

schoolgirl discipline

Discipline Lessons

Asphyxiation Films

Two incorrigible schoolgirls receive a very unusual punishment. Instead of a single spanking session, they’ve been signed over by their parents to live under the same roof as their head master for next two years. This movie is about the very first day of this new living arrangement. The Head is older man. He’s brusque and rough around the edges. He lectures the girls in a way that invites no input from them in return. He’s not there to “relate” to them as some kind of mentor or role model. He’s just there to discipline them.

schoolgirl spankingThe girls look great. They are sisters, Angela and Jessica. They are both blondes, with some help from the bottle. They are both appropriately young-looking. Angela looks insolent and rebellious. She stares sullenly when the Head speaks to her. I can’t wait to see her get spanked. Jessica takes on a more demure and attentive demeanor when he speaks to her. Both young women are attractive in different ways, so there’s good variety in the models. The Head’s job, in his words, is to “train” the girls to be “obedient”. He takes his job seriously. He cares much more about his job than their feelings. He orders them about as if they are the lowest of servants. He begins by making insolent Angela kneel before him. She looks down but he holds her chin up and makes her look him in the eye. He lectures her and slaps her face to make sure she is paying attention. He talks derogatorily about her and makes her reply “yes sir” throughout. He takes the young woman over his knee, hikes her skirt and begins spanking. Her generous ass looks wonderful in white panties. There are also some great shots of her face, her expression reflecting her humiliation. And that’s just the beginning. The Head yanks down her panties and spanks her bare rear end. He continues to lecture her in his condescending way, and continues to make her say “yes sir” to his scolding. The spanking itself isn’t hard. But the humiliation is painful. Next it’s pretty Jessica’s turn to kneel before him and get lectured, slapped and spanked. And of course she must answer with the requisite “yes sir”. “Are you going to please me?” he demands. “Yes sir.” is the obedient reply. Louder! Yes sir. You’re certainly going to do better! Yes sir. I can’t hear you. Yes sir. These girls had a very easy script to learn. They barely say anything but “yes sir” throughout the movie.

headmaster spankingThe Head’s control is complete. He makes them stand in the corner with their skirts hiked. He makes them kneel. He makes them bend over. He orders their legs apart. He makes them turn and watch the spanking of the other. He makes them turn back around again and face the wall. He makes them say “yes sir” to each of his commands, all of his whims. He does a little session with a slipper on rebellious Angela. It’s not a hard session, but she sniffles and gets teary. He mocks her tears. He brushes her hair from her face to make her humiliation more photogenic for the camera. As a fan of face shots, I appreciate that. The once haughty Angela is now looking very sorry for herself He even tells the girls to “perk your bottom up”, in order to make their rear ends more photogenic (not that they need it), and to make his job easier as he spanks. And of course they obey him. After the slipper session, he makes Angela get completely naked and stand in the corner. Her body is lush, generous and beautiful.

shoe spankingJessica gets a slipper session next. She suffers through it. Then she is made to strip naked as well. Her breasts are phenomenal. Naked, hands on her head, beautiful breasts on full display, she gets lectured. Then they are both ordered to sit naked on the sofa and face him. Completely nude, they sit obediently for more scolding. They respond with the required yes sir’s. Next they come over his knee for naked spankings. He also makes them parade for him. He makes lewd comments. He even makes Angela stand before him for a pussy spanking while Jessica is over his knee. Then Jessica gets a pussy spanking while he paws her breasts. The movie continues in this vein, with paddling, strapping and caning of the naked, humbled and obedient schoolgirls. They have to count and say “thank you, Sir” or “I’m sorry, Sir”.

girl spankingNone of the punishment is physically severe, although it gets harder as it continues. The bottoms get red and sore, but not bruised or battered. You see some stripes from the cane, but this movie is not about the breaking of wills through physical pain. As far as the infliction of psychological and emotional pain, however, this movie is among the most powerful I’ve seen. It’s a study in discipline and control, not a lesson in dermatological abrasions. The girls are humbled in ways that outstrip a physical beating. They are slapped, insulted, stripped, paraded, groped, mocked, manipulated, humiliated, and ordered about like dogs. And they are made to subserviently reply “yes sir” every step of the way. I’ve seen quite a few “spanked schoolgirl” movies, and this one is definitely a cut above most of them. I highly recommend it.
Discipline Lessons Asphyxiation Films

Naughty Nieces Get Spanked

Studio California Star
Title: Naughty Nieces 1

The story line goes as follows: Two pretty, but very innocent, girls are recruited from the bowling green to be “employed by a rather eccentric gentleman to dress as maids, and accept ‘proper’ discipline. When in suitable costumes, the girls discuss how they received their punishments in the past, anticipating what is forthcoming.

Soon they are made to strip off their brief maid’s uniforms and adopt the well known position to receive blistering bottom warnings. Their tear-streaked faces and pleas for mercies do not dissuade the ‘gentleman’ from flailing their buttocks until they are glowing red and very, very painful.

The film begins with some shots from the bowling green a blond and brunette have been watching the bowling as they walk away they are asked by one of the gentlemen there (Carl) if they would like to make some money they are interested and so are taken over to a car to meet another gentleman who looks a bit of a Arthur daily who would like to employ them at his bowling green next we see the girls in the bar and Carl takes them off to get into uniform.
They are sent to get a drink and some matches etc from the bar at this point he gets stroppy because there is no ice in his drink so its skirts up pants down and bend over a chair he then spanks them hard some nice facial shots lots of squeals and some nicely coloured bottoms lots of good facial shots 2 lovely girls 2 well spanked bottoms the film ends at the point that their uncle arrives and wants to know what his nieces Sonia and Samantha are doing there.

A weird place to end and a know there is a part 2 to follow but still a weird ending other than that it was ok

Caning Revenge — California Star

Caning Revenge
California Star Productions

This is a great movie, for the usual reasons any spanking movie works. It’s not rocket science — two girls look great, and they get spanked hard. The plot, acting, and production value are all adequate, too.

The premise is that three women robbed a bank some years
ago. One of them, Kirsten, took the rap for the other two and went to jail. The other two got the money and have been living high on the hog from the stolen loot ever since.

Now Kirsten is out of jail. She’s angry, mean, and nasty. She’s toughened by her prison experience. And she’s coming to collect her portion of the robbery loot. But the other two haven’t got Kirsten’s money. They’ve spent it, and boy, are they scared of what Kirsten’s going to to do to them when she finds out

The action begins in a large, well-appointed house in England. The decor is elegant in a showy way. Two extremely attractive women are there, dressed as, well,
party girls. They have great bodies, and their assets are
barely contained in their clothing. Picture someone like
Mariah Carey, always looking like she’s been stuffed into
her outfits and she’s ready to spill out. That’s how these two girls look.

There’s something very sexy about these attractive, voluptuous, trashily-well dressed party girls hanging out in their elegant home, nervous and fearful about what is going to happen to them when their ex-partner in crime shows up.

And soon enough, Kirsten doe show up. She doesn’t seem so tough to me, but the girls are afraid of her, and that’s what counts. Kirsten wants her money. The girls haven’t got it. They have nothing but promises and excuses to give Kirsten. And that’s not good enough.

The audio isn’t stellar, and the British accents are pretty
thick, so it’s often hard to understand everything that’s said. But you get the idea. Since the girls don’t have Kirsten’s money, they have to submit to a spanking from her.

The first spanked girl, Angie, appears to be of southeast Asian origin. She’s dark-complected, with long, straight, dark hair. But her body is purely western –overripe and overfed in all the right places. She looks great stuffed into her short, slinky, revealing party dress.

The other great thing about this girl is her reactions. She’s wonderfully vocal. She’s no stoic. She whines and cries and sniffles and moans and sobs throughout the spanking. Her beautiful bubble butt quivers with each blow as she exclaims in pain. She even tries to plead with Kirsten, begging tearfully for the spanking to end.

It doesn’t. In fact, it progresses from otk to implements to cane. The sexy girl is sobbing even before the cane. There’s a wonderful moment where Kirsten decides she needs more room in order to effectively swing the cane. She orders our two dressed-up party girls to rearrange the furniture for her. They do so submissively, the dark-haired woman sniffling as she helps move the sofa.

Angie complains that it’s embarrassing to spanked, to have her little dress hiked up and her panties pulled down. Good, replies Kirsten. Angie’s breathing becomes audible during the spanking. She says “owww” often, in a high pitched squealing way. She is sobbing fairly early on. “I don’t think I’ve seen nearly enough tears”, says Kirsten vengefully and mockingly. There are some nice close-ups of Angie’s pretty, tearful face (though not enough, in my opinion). The caning makes her squirm and buckle and cry even harder.

The second girl, a highlighted blond with a short, fashionable coif, is even more voluptuous than the first girl. She also goes over Kirsten’s knee, followed by implements, culminating with the cane.

She also moans in pain, trying to appeal to Kirsten to stop, as if they’re still friends. As with the first spanking, Kirsten will have none of it.

The second session is probably more severe than the first,
although both cause a great deal of pain. The second
caning seems to last longer, and the girl gets more marked up. She doesn’t cry, like Angie did, but she dances and buckles and screams a lot between each cane stroke.

At the end, Kirsten tells the blond girl she’s going to come back next week for her money, and if they don’t have it, they’ll get more punishment. When Kirsten’s gone, the first girl comes in and rubs oily lotion on the second girl’s rear end, making it shiny, with it’s cane marks and bruises quite visible, as the movie ends.

The video isn’t perfect. All three actresses sometimes seem ready to break character and giggle at various times, even when there’s real pain being administered. And even though the two girls have nice rear ends, especially Angie, I would have preferred more face shots, especially of Angie’s tears. Also, the two women have great bodies. I would have liked to see all of their clothing come off, not just their hind quarters exposed. But these are fairly trivial quibbles. All things considered, it was an enjoyable, erotic spanking movie. The spanking of Angie, the first girl, is especially sexy. I’ve already watched it more than once, and may do so again.

Caning Revenge
California Star Productions

Mean Sorority Sisters — Seduction Cinema

Sorority Sadists

Katie and Vanessa are in the same sorority. Katie is really mad at Vanessa. Vanessa is a snooty freshman who thinks she’s all that. She borrows Katie’s clothes, jewelry, hairbrush, etc., without even asking! And she thinks she’s so beautiful. What an attitude! OMG!

Katie shares her frustrations with the sorority’s head girl, whose name I never manage to catch. Together, they decide to teach snooty Vanessa a lesson.

Teen Lesbian SpankingThe two older girls call Vanessa in for a chat. Vanessa is a hot, amber-haired, light-complected African-American chick who actually looks a little bit like the real-life Vanessa Williams when she was younger. When Vanessa sits down to meet with the two older girls, she’s brushing her luxurious hair and not really listening while they speak to her. They mention the jewelry, hairbrush and clothing that she’s “borrowed”. She seems completely unconcerned about anything they are saying. She just wants them to hurry up so she can get to class on time.

The head girl asks to see the hairbrush and slaps Vanessa’s hand with it. Vanessa looks shocked. But that’s just the beginning. Katie and Head Girl proceed to punish Vanessa in various soft core ways for the next half hour or so.

At first, Vanessa is defiant. When told she’ll learn the lessons of submission and respect, teen spanking videoshe skeptically responds “So who are you, my Daddy?” Well yes, we are, they tell her. They pick up on that theme and use it throughout the rest of the movie as they taunt the insubordinate Vanessa, causing her more and more pain and humiliation, and rendering her ever more helpless.

What are the lessons you need to learn? they ask her. They are looking for two words: submission and respect. I forget, she says defiantly. So the head girl suggests that maybe being naked will jog her memory. That’s a tease to the audience, unfortunately. They never actually strip her completely naked. They do rip her pantyhose off her body, which is pretty sexy, and she also loses her short little skirt and her white top. She ends up in her bra and panties, with her hands tied behind her back and her mouth gagged with her own torn pantyhose. Her body looks great on display like that. She gets spanked and paddled, and she gives pained reactions, but it’s not long or hard. It’s more symbolic than anything else.

They do a lot of bondage stuff to Vanessa. They tie her down in a spread-eagled kind of way. They put clothespins of her erect nipples.

college spanking videoVanessa also gets gagged and blindfolded. I’m not a fan of the gag and blindfold thing — I like to see a girl’s face and hear her reactions. But they use it well. Vanessa’s muffled squeals are pretty sexy. Also, the older girls talk to her and make fun of the fact that she can’t answer back. What’s she saying, the two sadistic girls ask each other? She must be saying “harder”, they giggle, as the bound Vanessa squeals and moans helplessly through her ball gag. You imagine she’d be asking for mercy, if she could.

After the bondage session, Vanessa’s blindfold and gag are removed. She squints into the light. Her wrists are still bound. She looks scared and disheveled. What are the two lessons, the girls ask her again. “Submission and respect” Vanessa admits, now beaten down and no longer defiant.

They continue to taunt her. They call her a dirty whore and “dirty birdie”. They tell her she needs a shower. They walk her like a dog on a leash to the communal girls shower room, and leave her there. Presumably, she’ll be allowed to go when they give her permission. In the meantime, she must remain there, half-naked, hands tied, dirty and disheveled, with clothing torn. Vanessa crawls into a corner and curls up, looking stunned and humiliated, as the movie ends.

So how good was this movie? No complaints about the girls’ aesthetic qualities — all three look hot, although Katie is kinda bizarre-looking. The acting leaves something to be desired. The girls seem to have decided that the way to portray rich, spoiled college students is to act like rich, spoiled 15 year olds. Except for Katie, who acts more like a 12 year old. But some of the acting is okay. The head girl seems to be really into the bondage session. She keeps up a steady stream of taunts against the helpless Vanessa. And Vanessa herself gives pretty good reactions, even when the pain is feigned. If spanking is your thing, you might be disappointed, since there’s not much of that. But if a bondage session with a hot chick as unwilling victim is your thing, you’ll probably love it.

Tears — Real Spankings Films

Tears – Real Spanking Films

Nine scenes. Nine girls spanked to tears. It doesn’t get any better, does it? Well, actually yes, it does.

First comes red haired, mop-topped Bobbi. She’s pretty. She looks like Little Orphan Annie, grown up a few years. But only a few. She looks young. We meet her on a bed, on all fours, stripped from the waist down. Her bed, apparently. There’s a child’s stuffed animal by the pillow. Is it supposed to make the scene sexier?

Bobbi starts crying almost immediately, but she keeps getting paddled. Her ass cheeks are spread. Her biology is on display, both orifices. She cries long, breathy sobs — ahhuhuhuhuhuh. She’s made to count. She can barely get the words out in between the sobs. Her bruised, purplish butt stands out against the rest of her pale skin. If she slumps her back in pain or fatigue, the spanker tells her to arch it. She does so. She’s way too beaten and demoralized to fight even that nitpicky little piece of direction.

Look, I’m as perverted and sadistic as the next guy, but this isn’t spanking — it’s torture. There’s no story and no build-up in this scene. But more importantly, there’s no will to resist on the part of the spankee. I love real disciplinary spanking that reduces a girl to tears, but all things have their proper time and place. I like fishing, too, but I don’t want to shoot them in barrel.

Next is Brandi, a dark-haired cutie pie in a schoolgirl uniform. We meet her in her dorm room by herself, reading. In bursts the dorm mother, who starts upbraiding Brandi for her lack of tidiness. Brandi looks a little bewildered at the laundry list of things wrong with her room, as if she’s thinking “I’m here to be spanked — do they expect me to clean up, too?” She’s got a point.

Brandi doesn’t say much more than yes ma’am or no ma’am as she’s being upbraided. I don’t think she wants to be bothered with ad-libbing a script either.

Brandi bends over the bed, her skirt gets flipped up, and she gets paddled in a quick, frenzied burst. It’s very short, but it’s hard and quick and intense, and she starts crying. It’s a sudden eruption of tears that she can’t hold back and probably never expected.

Brandi appears to have a nice body, but we don’t get much of a view. She wears her school uniform throughout, which includes a form-hiding sweater. It’s decent spanking scene — a good-looking girl reduced to tears. But I didn’t love it. I wanted to see more of Brandi, I wanted more of a build-up, and I probably still had a bad taste in my mouth from the prior scene with Bobbi.

The next scene, with Carolyn, is much better. Carolyn looks good. She has long, blondish hair and a pretty face. She looks young, but not as young as Bobbi, and certainly not as helpless or pitiful. Nor does she look as innocent or surprised, as Brandi did. Carolyn looks rebellious and bratty and knowing, like a wayward young woman in need of some discipline.

She’s ordered to strip, and she does so completely. Top to bottom. It’s wonderfully erotic — a great beginning. I like seeing her naked. Then she bends over a chair and the punishment commences.

Real Spankings has great technical production value throughout this movie. All of the lighting, audio, shot composition, etc. is excellent. This scene is a case in point. Carolyn’s face overhangs the back of a chair, and there’s a camera on floor below her, shooting upward, capturing all her facial grimaces and expressions in a well-framed close-up as she tries and fails to hold back the tears.

It seems like an obvious place to put a camera. I would expect it for every spanking video. I love to see a girl’s face as she’s spanked, and I don’t think I’m the only one. But for some reason, most videos shortchange the audience on face shots. Not this one.

As the strapping continues, Carolyn moans vocally in pain. Her breathing becomes loud and labored. When she breaks into quiet sobs, we see it in her face. When the strap makes her cry out, we see it and hear it. Her sobbing becomes louder with each blow. She tries to compose herself, and then comes the next one. It’s too much. Her tears flow. Her mascara runs. She sniffles helplessly. But unlike with Bobbi, the spanking ends when she’s had enough, which is fine with me. I’ve had my own happy ending.

Claire is a very attractive young woman, but this is a weird segment. Claire actually gets interviewed. She recounts a story about a school paddling by the princpal when she was pre-pubescent. Three swats over her clothing. It’s not world’s greatest story. Is it supposed to be sexy? She was in the 5th grade.

The interviewer pretends he’s helping her get over her fear of wooden paddles. Oh, so that’s why she told the story. This is therapy. I get it. It’s supposed to help her. It’s creepy. The paddling eventually happens, and yes, Claire cries, but everything that led up to it was a buzzkill. I didn’t care for this segment.

Donna is next. This doe-eyed brunette looks great. Her face looks great, her breasts look great, and her ass looks great. She’s undressed. It’s like the scene with Carolyn. Donna looks young also, but not pathetically so, like Bobbi. She looks like an attractive young woman you might see on a college campus.

The camera work is great also. Good angles, good composition. Her nice breasts are on display as she’s spanked. They shake and quiver with each blow. The strapping builds slowly. Her eyes gradually brim with tears. She sniffles and tries to hold them back, but to no avail. When she’s had too much, it ends, and she gets to sit on the chair and compose herself. She sniffs and dabs at her eyes, her pretty face looking wistful and forlorn. It’s a sexy, tasteful, nicely-done scene.

Jessica: This is my favorite segment of the movie. It’s a kind of a Holy Grail for me. Every now and then you’re lucky enough to see a girl in a spanking video that reminds you of someone you know in real life, someone you always wanted to spank. Someone who really needs a much-deserved helping of humble pie and corporal punishment. Voila! Jessica does that for me.

And the coup de grace is Jessica’s wonderful reactions. The spanking renders her absolutely powerless. Jessical yelps and bawls uninhibitedly with each stroke. She apologizes futilely. She clutches the bedspread desperately as she cries out. Her eyes are wide with pain. She’s completely subjugated. At the same time, she’s not Bobbi — you can tell she’s a seasoned pro, and it’s all part of the show.

Another great thing is that Jessica has a beautiful, tight litle body. She has nice breasts, a thin little waist, and a picturesque, teardrop-shaped ass. She’s wearing some kind of nightshirt, which infantilizes her more and makes the spanking even better. At the end, the spanker makes her kneel in place, hands behind her back, holding up the night shirt so that her beautiful red rear end is on display. It’s a sexy sight. She remains in place, kneeling and sniffling, as the segment ends.

Kathy: This is another weird scene. Kathy is late for physical education class again. Coach is pissed. She’s in his office. They’re sitting on chairs, facing each other. He takes control. He doesn’t listen to her excuses. He makes her bend over his desk, and he straps her. She’s wearing gym shorts. Soon they come down. Soon her white underwear does as well. Coach brooks no nonsense. Soon she’s crying

It’s decent, but not great. There’s nothing wrong with it technically, but … one of the basic elements of an erotic spanking scene is that you find the spankee attractive. With Kathy, the appeal just wasn’t real strong.

Then, afterwards, it gets creepy. Coach tries to buddy up to her. He’s her friend. He’s looking out for her. It’s not like her to be late. Is something going on in her life? He wants to know. He cares. She reveals no information. Good for her. Look, spanking a girl and paying her for it is a legitimate transaction. But using the spanking to render her vulnerable and then feed her emotional pain to the camera is ghoulish.

Kailee: This segment is long. We’ve got three girls — Kailee, Jasmine and someone else — who are “trying out” new paddles, as if this were rocket science. They look them over, discuss them, theorize about them. Newsflash to Realspankings: we’re not curing cancer here. There’s way too much talking in this scene about the different paddles and what the variatons in size and shape might mean. How do you get three pretty girls into a room for some spanking, and make it boring? This segment finds a way.

Also the “tears” in this scene are cheap. They’re not really from the spanking at all, which is not significant and still in the “experimental” phase. It seems that one of the models, Kailee, is having some personal issues that intrude on the job, and the unnamed issues cause her to have a little emotional meltdown that includes tears.

If emotional meltdowns were sexy, my ex-wife would be the equivalent of Angelina Jolie. But there are good reasons why men don’t like drama queens. I understand that spanking models have personal issues like anybody else, and sometimes those issues bubble up on the job. It’s natural, normal and understandable. But sexy, it ain’t.

Lori. Time for another rant. An average looking girl in a school girl outfit is still just an average looking girl. The outfit doesn’t magically make her sexy or even attractive. Lori a chubby thing who may still be sporting some baby fat. I’m sure she’s of legal age, but just because she’s old enough to be spanked in a video doesn’t mean she ought to be. When she showed up at the Real Spankings office, they should have given her a lollipop and sent her home.

Okay, I admit I’m in no position to judge anyone else. I’ve got my share of sadistic, misogynistic, perverted and voyeuristic fantasies. But this video bugs me. From li’l orphan Bobbi’s stuffed animal to Claire’s pre-pubescent spanking story to the phony “therapy” angle to Coach buddying up to Kathy to Lori’s babyfat, this video is just weird. On the surface it’s all fine because the models are of legal age, blah, blah, blah. But underneath, it’s feels wrong. I’m going to give Real Spankings another chance, because their production value is top notch and some of the scenes were great. But considering all aspects of this video, I’m not a happy customer.