Two Butts, Seven Spankings


Red Stripes

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tasty little movie, alright. But sadly, rather forgettable. I’m frustrated, cause it’s not a bad movie: the girls are hot, the action is smokin’ and filmed quite nicely. I’m not sure why this didn’t click more, with me.

The movie begins with a lingering shot of the gates & manicured lawn of the “Institute for Addictive Behaviour.” A car pulls up, carrying two sullen young female passengers, wearing handcuffs & apprehensive expressions on their faces. A tall, blonde nurse in a short white coat, garters & stiletto red heels scolds them for being late, ushers them to a bathroom where she leaves them to get “Matron,” who turns out to be a buxom brunette with a mean streak.

Matron informs the girls she runs a tight ship and blah blah blah… After “examining” them with a stethoscope, she orders one to bend over for a full cavity search. “Shall I spread her, ma’am?” asks the nurse helpfully. Matron feels around between her tight round cheeks, and then orders the girls to switch places.

Unfortunately, neither penetration is clear — we get closer shots of Matron dipping her fingers into a jar of Vaseline, than into the girls’ orifices. The camera angle is kinda distant, the resolution a little blurry, but excellent deliveries. Matron & Nurse make a lovely pair of dominants, and the two girls are equal parts reform school attitude & doe-eyed victims.

The next scene, the girls are issued hospital gown “uniforms” and hustled to their welcome, which turns out to be a spanking in a lovely, patio setting. One of the girls bends over a bench… Matron opens her gown, exposing white panties & thigh-high stockings. After some bare-handed spanks, Matron peels down her panties and goes at her, skin on skin.

Natural light always makes the nicest pinks, roses & reds — the latter after Matron switches to a leather strap. She does not hold back, either! Nice wind-up, firm delivery, slow but steady pace. Finally, it’s time for the second girl, whose ass is a little rounder, a little softer. She’s more vocal, too, and jiggles her legs after particularly hard swipes.

The girls are informed that, at any time, staff members might order them to turn around, open their gown & show their battered bottoms by announcing “Inspection!” Nurse and Matron have a little fun with this command, but apparently the girls later rebel & fight back. At least, that’s what we hear… sadly, we are denied the thrilling view of two red-bottomed girls in flimsy hospital gowns attacking a sexy blonde Nurse, but oh well.

Instead, a scene opens with Nurse telling Matron she’d been attacked, then marching the girls out for their punishment. Matron scolds them and then spanks them in the same order as before (same position, too). This time, though, there’s no warm up: leather straps fall heavily across bare, quivering butt cheeks from the first stroke till the last. The angles here are nice — not just reddening skin but also good reaction shots of the girls’ distress.

The girls apologize after Matron is thru with them, but soon Nurse discovers they’d been smoking a joint. They are taken to a “woodshed” kinda place, where Nurse ties them to wooden beams, unbuttons their gowns and leaves them to Matron and her bamboo cane. She hits hard; soon the first girl is weeping, knees buckling. Nasty welts appear.

Matron seems to go a little softer on the second girl, or maybe she’s running outta steam. Still, it’s an intense caning, as you can tell as the girl pants, gasps & cries out with each stroke. Her friend who went first watches from her post, red ass burning in the foreground — nice view!

The second girl apologizes, promises to behave, and Matron seems to accept. She turns her attention to the first girl. “You don’t seem the least bit sorry, therefore, you’re going to get extra,” she explains, and then whacks the hell outta this girl’s bottom, till a little rivulet of blood dribbles from a puffy mass of broken capillaries on her right butt cheek.

Finally, the punishment is over. After one last scolding, Matron & Nurse stalk off, leaving the girls tied up in the barn as the sun sets around them, and dramatic music swells…

A good solid effort from Red Stripes, I hope I’ve done it justice. It may not be the most memorable spanking movie I’ve enjoyed, but on the other hand, it’s 40 minutes of reliable “comfort porn” of the girl-on-girl spanking variety. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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