Rescue Me

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Amanda Morrison and Arthur Meeks

Approximate Running Time: 46.50 minutes

Marcus is impatiently looking at his watch; he’s expecting someone, a female someone, to arrive – but she’s not due for another hour yet.

Lost in thought, he’s startled when there is a cursory knock on his door and before he can respond to it – the door bursts open and this very attractive young lady runs into his room.

He can’t get a word in edgeways as she is hell bent on telling him why her rather dramatic entrance was necessary.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

April gives him a right cock and bull story – she’s due to go to a party in an hour’s time, but she doesn’t fancy the guy who was supposed to be her partner. So, she hopes that Marcus will rescue her and provide a sanctuary for her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is getting redder

He tells her she’s a spoilt brat and deserves a spanking for being so cruel as to hurt the feelings of her intended escort.

So she’s draped over his knee, her short skirt pulled up away from her bottom – revealing to him an expanse of creamy white cheeks. The hand spanking starts, her bouncing orbs are turning from creamy white to pink, through to an ever reddening hue.

Spanking Videos - she is helplessly tied up

After a prolonged otk hand spanking, he uses mild bondage on her. She is helpless – with her wrists fastened to her ankles, he is able to use an assortment of implements on her by now slightly bruised bottom.

Spanking Videos - the little leather paddle does its job

A couple of times, he has to remind her that she’s a human being and so capable of speaking – rather than grunting and yelping like an animal. What he’s wanting is a response from her.

Spanking Videos - He flogs her

Eventually, he tells her that she is going to go to that party and she’s going to be sweet to the lonely young men there – and when the party is over, she must return to him.

Spanking Videos - His kiss is gentle

She agrees to this and they kiss passionately.

Free Spanking Videos – Girls Boarding School – Homework Test

Free Spanking Videos - Girls Boarding School - Homework Test
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Molly is your average blonde, pig-tailed under achiever at Girls Boarding School. Her past few weeks have shown very low scores during testing, and the headmaster is not appreciative of her lacking efforts. Headmaster calls Molly down to his chamber for a newly devised test he has specially created to let her redeem herself, but unfortunately she still hasn’t been maintaining her studies. Another failing mark convinces the Headmaster that a more stern punishment is in order. Molly is bent over the Headmaster’s knee for a stern bare bottom otk spanking, and much more spanking awaits her.

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Free Spanking Videos – Shock Therapy

Free Spanking Videos - Shock Therapy
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This spanking video borders much closer to hard bondage than most of the spanking films we’ve featured lately. Spitfire is a new fetish studio we’ve recently gotten into, and their videos are fairly interesting. Shock Therapy blends otk spanking with bondage, suspension, electro-shock play and spanking implements. So, if you’re looking to kink up your spanking entertainment…this spanking video will most likely have something you’re into.

What we like about Spitfire is their choice of models. The spankees in this spanking DVD are all of the more erotic spanking variety. Some spankees act along with the pain component more than they truly have to for the camera’s sake, but the girls in this video all seem to just give into the arousal of being tortured. Don’t get me wrong, I love the role play angle. Although, something about a full figured woman taking a good spanking while her eyes role back into her head makes a man really want to dominate her.

Spanking Videos – Work Place Discipline

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Jessica Rose and Cecil B

Approximate Running Time: 26.15 minutes

Sharon is alone in the office – so is busy chatting on the phone to her boyfriend.

However, her boss Mr Jones has arrived back after being absent from the office for a few days. He realizes almost immediately that things are not as they should be …… the phone is shrilling out persistently while Sharon is irritated by it and switching it off, goes back to chatting to her boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - She agrees to being spanked

Oh dear! She’s in big trouble. Mr Jones has just come off the phone. While he was away, leaving his secretary to keep things running smoothly in the office – Sharon received an order to the value of $30 000 from a customer. But as the order came in at a crucial part of the chat she was having with her boyfriend – she forgot to pass on the order to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones is livid, after all what business can afford to lose an order for $30 000? So he gives her an ultimatum – dismissal or corporal punishment? She comes to an immediate decision, as she needs the money, she’ll take the spanking.

Spanking Videos - The spanking progresses

He starts off by putting her over his knee for a hand spanking on top of her jeans.

As he gets into the spanking, he also tells her how she has cost him a further $300 due to confusing two other orders and sending them to the wrong addresses. Therefore, it cost Mr Jones $300 to pay the freight charges to sort out the muddle.

He is a disciplinarian and believes humiliation is an essential part of the spanking session. So he has her remove her clothing – article by article. The first thing to come off is her top. Her very large breasts are falling out of the cups of her rather scanty bra.
Next to come off are her jeans.

She is now lying over his knee – wearing just her bra and matching knickers. As her knickers consist of triangles of material at the front and back; her by now ever reddening bottom is in full view.

Spanking Videos - The hairbrush really stings

Laid out within easy reach is an assortment of implements that he rotates through while giving his errant secretary the spanking she so richly deserves.

However, as a grand finale and a further humiliation – he has her take off her knickers all together.

Putting her into the diaper position, he has her count out twenty strokes of the paddle on her very sore bottom.

Spanking Videos - In the diaper position

Punishment over, they hug and he tells her to redress and get on with her work. Not without a final warning – her punishment if there is a next time? Will be much worse.

As an additional treat for the viewer – there are a few trailers of other movies from Ohh Tee

Free Spanking Videos – Kitchen Kaning and Teaching Discipline

Free Spanking Videos - Kitchen Kaning and Teaching Discipline
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Kitchen Kaning & Teaching Discipline are two spanking tales regarding bratty women who think they can skirt free of all consequence by means of their beauty alone. Luckily for us as spanking fans, this does not turn out as these girls planned. Our free spanking video of the day comes from the first story this spanking video tells, Kitchen Kaning. The luscious Kaddy believes that if she dresses in something skimpy, her man won’t punish her for what she has done wrong. Little does Kaddy know, her male counterpart has been waiting for a reason to give her a good hard spanking for some time now. Watch as their kitchen spanking session begins with some firm hand spanking and the perfect use of a spatula.

Free Spanking Video – English Spanking Classics #61 – Class Of 97

Free Spanking Videos - English Spanking Classics 61 - Class of 97
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Carrington and Spencer have been summoned to the detention room. The girls advise the master that they did not have any tattoos done in the parlor. His suspicions are easily confirmed and he proceeds to give them both a hand spanking, followed by a caning. While this is happening another student, Sarah, has gone around to the local office to entertain the boss in exchange for some sweets. He is a keen spanking enthusiast and gives her a good paddling in exchange for the sweets. This too, is reported to the teacher who summons her to his study for a reverse caning.

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Spanking Videos – Spanking Auditions

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jodie and Alexandra

Approximate Running Time: 28.43 minutes

Part 1 – Jodie’s Desire

Jodie, a very attractive young lady is being interviewed about her career as a ‘Spanking Model.’

She explains to the interviewer – that although she has been modelling for for some time, she enjoys being spanked so much, that being well paid for doing something that gives her so much pleasure – is the icing on the cake.

However, because of her love of being spanked – she has a desire / fantasy to be spanked in real life, but unfortunately, it just isn’t happening for her as she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. The interviewer finds it hard to believe.

Now, it looks like her dream could come true.

The interviewer has arranged for a man – who happens to be a keen spanker, to meet and spank her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is bared

The spanker shows her the various implements he’s going to use on her, after a warm up hand spanking over his knee. The whole idea is that if she and the spanker get on well, he is willing to be her boyfriend.

He starts off by giving her an OTK bare bottom spanking that gives her a beautiful glowing red bum.

Spanking Videos - he lets her try the tawse

The implements are introduced by giving her two strokes of the slipper, tawse and cane etc. She then tells him which one she liked best. This turns out to be the broad leather paddle.

Spanking Videos - the slipper is not to her liking

Finally, he leaves her with his contact details so she can get in touch with him – that is if she wants him to be her spanking boyfriend.

Spanking Videos - she is left to think it over

Part 2 – Russian Labour

Alexandra, an immigrant from Russia is looking for a job. A friend tells her about an employment agency that’s looking for staff.

Spanking Videos - Being interviewed

She attends an interview, where it’s explained to her what the work entails. She can speak and understand English very well and agrees that she understands what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - starting her first spanking

But when the agency boss asks her to take down her trousers, she balks at the idea. He then explains to her that her work will be receiving a spanking on her bare bottom – therefore, he needs to see her bottom and give her a spanking – just to make sure she can take one.

Once she understands, she is only too eager to learn.

So he gives her her first bare bottom spanking. As she has never had one before, he has to lead her through each stage.

Spanking Videos - he bares her bottom

He finds that she is a very apt student, but not wanting to make her bottom too sore and red because he has an assignment for her that afternoon, he lets her off lightly.

Spanking Videos - her bottom is only slightly reddened

Giving her details of where she’s to go for her appointment – he wishes her luck and tells her not to let him down as the reputation of his employment agency is at stake.

Free Spanking Videos – Physical Therapy and Domestic Discipline

Free Spanking Videos - Physical Therapy and Domestic Discipline
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PHYSICAL THERAPY – Bunny seeking therapy for depression. Her doctor has been prescribing prescription meds but it’s just not working. Fortunately, Doctor Soma knows the fix. A hard hand spanking followed with a strap. After being put through many positions, taking a great punishment, it’s time to introduce the cane. Don’t want to miss that one!

DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE – Sir Nik is furious when he finds out that nothing is getting done around the house. On his return, he finds the unruly brat and gives her a nice firm spanking, followed up with a few leather implements. Now it’s time to introduce the cane. This is Domestic Discipline at its best!

Free Spanking Videos – Smarty Pants

Free Spanking Videos - Smarty Pants
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Keith is trying to do some last minute number crunching on his laptop before leaving for work, but Dia keeps creating loud noises that disturb his concentration. He appeals to her to show mercy but the bouncy blonde virtually ignores his pleas, running her blender and slamming cabinets until he’s ready to jump out of his skin. His patience finally at an end, Keith turns the naughty minx over his knee and gives her a good spanking in a scene that begins over her sheer pantyhose and panties and ends by tinting her stunning bottom dark pink.

This free spanking video shows Keith and Dia as the over the knee punishment begins. She may whimper a bit, but she knows she deserves this otk spanking for rudely interrupting Keith with excessive kitchen noise.

Free Spanking Videos – Cherry Red Bottoms – Maya

Free Spanking Videos - Cherry Red Bottoms Maya
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In this episode of Cherry Red Bottoms, Maya gets her sweet round cheeks spanked hard. This movie is about what gets Maya off. She loves to have her bum spanked and turned bright cherry red. She also loves getting her round ass covered in hot, gooey cum! Watch her get screwed and get cum all over her flaming red buns!

Maya shows us her full porcelain beauty in this free spanking video. Just before her friendly male companion decides to fill her desires, he makes sure to renew Maya’s cherry red tint with some much needed hand spanking. Enjoy!

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