Paddle Perfect

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Title: Paddle Perfect


Running Time: 24.40 minutes


Well Dear Readers today……. Wait a spanking second!  This indeed is not my blog!  What the!  hmm,  well it is indeed a blog and of course it is about spanking.  Perhaps I shall stay a while.  Yes indeed Dear Readers this is your lovable Humble Narrator Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot and yes I am  guest blogging on this fine blog  Now of course I am a busy spanking blogger but why not share my brand of spanking reviews with another blog?  Besides due to room constraints I can only review a movie once and a while.  So  once again why not share my thoughts on the fine spanking going on here.  Besides I get free spanking movies!

Now of course you can depend on Your Humble Narrator to be as honest as he would be on his own blog.  Besides I indeed have a reputation to upkeep.  If a movie is any good I shall indeed tell you, and if it is not well I shall tell you that as well. So why not come along with me to explore another naughty girl getting spanked this week.

Our tale Paddle Perfect begins with a rather silent beginning of a incredibly beautiful girl with long dirty blonde hair making a rather big mess attempting to paint her toenails over a rather grim looking side table.  Her significant other comes in to see this scene and after a fruitless attempt to remove her wayward adornment from the table finally gets frustrated and decides to teach this young girl a lesson.

Now this is indeed a first for me since there is no dialog to speak of (no pun intended).  But even better without the dialog the guy and gal effortlessly communicate to the viewer the goings on and why this lovely girl in a tight black outfit is about to get her bare bottom spanked!

After retrieving a rather nasty looking paddle our girl frantically scrubs the table to avoid her soon to be bottom punishment.  But thankfully to no avail Dear Reader.   After a few playful whacks on her ass with both his hand and the paddle to as she frantically scrubs his patience finally wears with her and the spanking begins in earnest.

Bent over a chair she desperately tries to shield her bottom from the coming onslaught.  But with her hands pinned he delivers a hand spanking over her skirt standing up to give himself leverage.  After a few more whacks her tight skirt comes up to reveal the incredible ass this review knew was under there.  Now he attempts the rather difficult girl over one knee with some almost disastrous consequences, and while one of my favorite positions it is indeed not to be attempted by everyone lest you and the squirming girl you are spanking end up falling on the floor.

Finally determining that the only way to spank this unwilling girl is of course to put her over his knee she of course is put there fighting all the time.  After a few more smacks and quite a bit of struggling he gets her lovely blue panties off and spanks her as a spanking should be given.  On the bare bottom.

Being a rather stubborn girl once she is made to stand and face the wall she insists on pulling down her skirt,  but our hero finds this unacceptable and forcibly removes this lovely girls clothes.  Still intent on pulling up her panties once can tell he is indeed exasperated.  Thus our naughty girl loses her bra and panties as well!

Another brief OTK spanking results in her breaking his belt,  as you can imagine Dear Reader not the type of thing one would want to break while getting spanked.  Particularly as in this case if the broken belt could be used on your bottom!  But alas he surprises us and decides to bind those hands of hers that keep getting in the way.

But our spanker has another trick up his sleeve, which is kid of a diaper position hybrid with her hands restrained between those luscious legs of hers.  Finally getting unfettered access to her wonderful bum he begins to spank her harder resulting in the production of a few tears from our unfortunate girl.

Stood up and spanked, unfortunately for us she manages to escape her belt binds which we go back to various struggling to get a good spank on that amazing bottom of hers.  While trying out a few positions he finally has success with her on a chair and standing over her while using the other and to hold her hands as he spanks her.

Finally after a good hard 20 minute spanking he sends her to scrub the table once more with her bottom glowing and perhaps her tears will remove the nail polish.

So Dear Reader did I enjoy it?  I would have to say yes.  The girl whomever she is,  is absolutely knock down drag out gorgeous.  A girl I would put over my knee any time.  The spanking she gets is hard but not brutal and quite honestly the lack of dialog was refreshing since the spanking and her spanker’s displeasure was expertly conveyed though actions and body language.

Perhaps the only thing that really bugged me was our spankers inability to get her into position for a good hard spanking.  When spanking a naughty girl one must find the best suited position when she struggles and stick with it.  Moving positions so often seemed rushed to Your Humble Narrator, and indeed a sign of an expert spanker is one that can restrain his girl properly so the blows land true to her bottom.

I can tell you Dear Reader any spanko who enjoyed this review would indeed enjoy this film.  If you’re interested it can be found here Paddle Perfect


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