Resolved by Corporal Punishment 2

Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Title: Resolved by Corporal Punishment 2
female spanking video

Is the story of Debbi and Trina first we watch an explanation of how they got into trouble and how the landlord tried to help them but how they just left town leaving the place messy and simply disappearing with 3 months’ rent still unpaid. We then hear how the landlord goes to court for outstanding monies owed and how raven hills studio stepped in to sort it out with both parties and how resolved by corporal punishment 3 comes into being.
Basically the land lord is paid the $1300 they owe by the studio and the girls get spanked.
I would have liked to see them both spanked in this film but the only one spanked in this production is Debbi, Trina is punished in Resolved by corporal punishment 3.

Scene 2
The girls visit the studio to see punishment implements that will be applied to their bare bottoms and to discuss them. The studio host explains camera positions etc, Legal Documents are signed with explanation of what this means.

Scene 3
Debbi is the older of the two and the one to be punished whilst Trina watches her been punished she is quite pretty with a nice firm round bottom and I can`t wait to see it colour up nicely I aren’t
Disappointed when Debbi takes her pants down and lays over the spanker’s knee for 5 minutes of hard hand spanking on her bare bottom and it has a nice rosy glow by the end of 5 minutes and is just starting to bruise before she pulls up her trousers.

The host then tells her how her next punishment is 20 strokes with the cane on her bare bottom.

Again its pants down and over the punishment table for 20 strokes of the cane applied whilst Trina watches some good facial shots in this scene and she is quite vocal with a bit of very cute bottom squirming her bottom looks sore and I am enjoying the film

The next punishment is 5 minutes with a wooden hairbrush in the classic over the knee position her bottom is now marking up really nicely and she gets very vocal with every swat of the hairbrush.

The film doesn’t end in tears but Debbi certainly has a hot well marked bottom and I am prepared to accept that she has been duly punished.

In my opinion this film is a lot better than resolved by corporal punishment 3 which I found to be unconvincing.

This kind of story line is quite original, the girl is very shapely and I can recommend it as well worth watching, enjoy it I certainly did.

One Response to “Resolved by Corporal Punishment 2”

  1. Bill says:

    From what I have seen of this video from their website, It has a good premise and interesting, cute performers.
    The Production company however is lacking of good business ethics and therefore I think it is questionable that you even note the video at all.

    I paid $100 to them back in 1999 or so, and have sought them to send me the (3) videos ever since. They have a answering machine which is perpetually on. They never answer their phones live. Responses to e-mails are always handled by third party people who deny receiving anything. Back in those days, my visa card said that if their was any dispute or claim on a purchase then it should have been filed in the first 30 days.

    If ever there was a company that should deliver what it sells, Resolved by Corporal Punishment would serve to administer a spanking to the entire company and anybody who handles sales.
    Maybe $100 isn’t enough to get their ire, but it certainly gets mine.

    -3 stars