You will not mistake my kindness for weakness

22 year old British brat Sophie gets permission from her Aunt Sylvia to have friends over for a party. But Sophie lets her friends stay way too late and then argues with her aunt about sending them home. Angry Aunt Sylvia gives Sophie a sharp, spontaneous spanking for her selfishness and disrespect, orders her to get rid of her friends and then come back to her. When Sophie returns Sylvia tells her to pack her bags to return to the UK. Sophie begs to be allowed to stay in the sunny Southwest with her aunt, pleading with Sylvia to spank her again and even more severely, rather than send her away. Sylvia decides that Sophie needs this lesson, so she agrees, takes Sophie back over her lap and spanks the spoiled English beauty until her alabaster skin turns a stunning shade of deep, hot magenta. Sophie is spanked over her skirt, over her pantyhose, over her black lace panties and finally on the bare bottom. Hand and wooden hairbrush are used.

Spanking Court

Alpine’s Spanking Court is quite enjoyable fantasy.

She was cocky around the 40’s.

By the time they got to 150 my ass was clenching as the strokes fell.

Did I also mention you can enjoy these spanking videos on your mobile device or tablet?

420 Spanking Video – Double Jointed

Jane and Sarah are two of the fun kind of school girls. In this free spanking video from Double Jointed, these two rebels are sitting down for a nice marijuana smoking session. All seems pretty normal until the Headmaster catches them rolling joints in the common area. He informs the repeat offenders that they are in for a stern punishment, but the girls don’t seem to take it seriously. Feeling disrespected, he puts them both through otk spankings and strappings that would make any pot head squirm at the thought of smoking more weed.

Free Spanking Videos – Southern Strappings 2

Free Spanking Videos - Southern Strappings 2

In this free spanking video from Southern Strappings 2, two innocent looking schoolgirls have earned themselves a firm punishment. They have been asked to kneel on two wood platforms without moving for 30 minutes, but our petite blonde female spankee thinks the task is unfair. So, the headmaster uses a little creativity to augment their strap spanking lesson.

These strap spankings are very real. Each and every blow moves through almost too fast to catch in a screen grab. The girls both whimper and cry as they return to their kneeling positions on the wall, and the tears seem very real. This is definitely a spanking fan’s video.

Spanking Videos – Secretaries

Studio: Red Stripes

Starring: Miss Taylor, Miss Sullivan and Mr Dent

Approximate Running Time: 42.24 minutes

There is trouble ahead for Miss Taylor and Miss Sullivan. As the two very efficient secretaries of Mr Dent, they have blotted their copy books well and truly.

He had left them to type out a contract for a new and very wealthy client. Unfortunately, due to having had a boozy night out prior to doing the contract – they made a right cock up of it – so losing Mr Dent over a million dollars worth of business.

He is going to have to punish them both. But to make things even worse – Miss Sullivan turned up for work that morning, still wearing the clothes she wore the night before when she went to a sexy night club.

Ordering the girls to report to him at 5.30 pm, in the Conference Room where they won’t be disturbed, he leaves them trembling in fear and trepidation.

At 5.30 on the dot, the girls knock on the door of the Conference Room and hearing Mr Dent shout, ‘Come in,’ they obeyed.

Spanking Videos - Miss Taylor's Turn First

First for punishment was Miss Taylor. She has to drape herself over his knee so he can hand spank her. But when he tries to pull down her knickers, they are so tight he has to tell her to stand up and pull them down herself.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan's turn

She doesn’t take her punishment at all well. What with wriggling about, and putting her hand back in an effort to protect her poor sore bottom – plus constantly protesting her innocence. He’s in no mood for listening to her and tells her several times to stop talking.

Next it’s Miss Sullivan’s turn to go over his knee. With her skirt just about covering her bottom, he has no problem getting to her bare backside.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan in trouble

Spanking Videos - A Paddling for Miss Taylor

After the hand spanking, he goes onto using a paddle on each girl. Followed by a swishy cane, that leaves raised welts on the girls’ sore red bottoms.

All through these various changes of position and implements – Miss Taylor carries on with her tirade of trying to explain what happened. This earns her an additional six strokes of the cane.

Spanking Videos - The Cane Stripes Miss Sullivan's Bottom

Eventually, the two Secretaries have very sore red hot bottoms – with cane marks transversing across the area.

Although they were not going to lose their jobs, they were made to understand that the punishment will be repeated whenever necessary in the future.

If you enjoy seeing two white creamy bottoms turned into two blazing ones, you’ll enjoy this movie.

Free Spanking Videos – Traditional College Punishment Series 11

Free Spanking Videos - Traditional College Punishment Series 11
Click the Image Above for Free Spanking Video

California Star brings another special video to fans of spanking discipline, a double feature. Our first spanking session is a charming story of a curious young coed named Penny, who while visiting her Uncle Sidney discovers a collection of spanking videos.

Her uncle refuses to let her view them. However, he does consent to giving her a first hand demonstration, an otk spanking. Now her curiosity has reached it’s full heights! This impudent young lady is used to having her way. She’ll not relent until she has received her full otj spanking treatment, including a bare bottom caning. Then she may discover what Uncle Sidney’s bottle of soothing skin cream is for.

Watch this Spanking Video in Full HERE

Spanking Videos – Au Pair Girl

Studio: Cheeky Video

Approximate Running Time: 49.34 minutes

Sarah is an English girl working in Greece for a Greek woman and her Scottish husband.

Her employers were going out for the evening – the theatre, then for a meal.

After they had gone, Sarah wandered about the flat. Tony had left his wallet on the table, so she opened it and put some of the money into the pocket of her jeans. Still wandering around, she opened her bosses’ jewellery box and put a ring on her finger.

Then Tony comes in and goes right to his wallet. Checking its contents – he realises that £40 is missing.

Husband and wife have a discussion; it seems that Sarah has been stealing from them for some time.

An immediate decision to punish her is acted on.

Despite Sarah denying being a thief, when the missing money is found in her pocket – denial was futile.

Spanking Videos - A Spanking is imminent

She has the choice – instant dismissal or a spanking. As she wants and needs the job, she reluctantly agrees to the spanking.

Spanking Videos - the wife starts the spanking

The wife takes the initiative and puts Sarah over her knee. Then Tony has his turn at hand spanking her.

The couple keep changing positions, so that poor Sarah didn’t know which way was up.

Spanking Videos - she was spanked by each in turn

By the time they had finished with her, she had a very red sore bottom. This was achieved by using their hands, a slipper, a paddle and finally a cane.

Spanking Videos - the final spanking

However, it’s possible they might have to repeat the whole thing again, as Sarah, seemed to enjoy herself and they certainly enjoyed dealing with her.

Spanking Videos – A Lover’s Quarrel

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Shannon Rose and Max

Approximate Running Time: 48.59 minutes

Max is busy sorting out bills that need paying and writing out cheques.

Shannon is also busy, goading him. She is being a total brat and seems to be determined to get some reaction from him, but the silly girl doesn’t know when she’s gone too far.

When he finally snaps and tells her he’s going to give her a very long overdue spanking, she still doesn’t take him seriously – that is until she finds herself upended lying over his knee.

Spanking Videos - He is serious about spanking her

Despite her wriggling about over his knee, it’s a battle of wills between them and he tells her he’s going to keep on spanking her until she is sincerely sorry for being such a cheeky brat. When he asks her if she understands, her nonchalant reply is ‘Whatever’. That is definitely one word that Max dislikes intensely. So that lengthens the spanking even more. He goes on to tell her that everytime she uses that word in future – she will be spanked.

Half an hour later, still dangling over his knee, with her knickers pulled down to mid thigh and her bare bottom is a deep rosy red, she has stopped being cheeky, so he let’s her get up and go to bed.

Next day she gets home from work – she’s in trouble again. He has an envelope in his hand – it’s addressed to her. He recognises it as being either a speeding fine or a parking ticket. She tries to lie her way out of trouble, but when he insists on her opening it, she does so very reluctantly, which is not surprising as it’s a speeding fine. She was going at 95 miles an hour in a built up area.

Spanking Videos - back over his knee again

So, even though she had had that long painful spanking the day before, she was soon lying back over his knee for another spanking. He has trouble getting her to understand that when she’s speeding, she is not only endangering her own life but that of other people too.
However, she is still anything but contrite and he’s determined to keep on spanking her until she sees sense.

A wooden backed clothes brush makes her reddened bottom redder still, but has she learned her lesson?

Spanking Videos - Will his belt make an impression?

No way. When he removes his belt from his trousers and ……

If you are a bare bottom otk enthusiast, this movie is a must watch. I promise you won’t be disappointed.