Girls Spanked, Guys Spanked!

Girl Spanked, Guy Spanked

Title: Spanking Hotline
Studio: Bizarre Video
Story line: In need of a good spanking, but you have no one to deliver it? Looking for a room well stocked with implements of punishment for you and your partner to play in? Call “The Spanking Hotline.” This is the place that can fulfill your every spanking desire!
Scene 1
The story has some very beautiful, well equipped ladies in it and features female on female.
male on female, and female on male.

The film begins with a lady playing with herself on sofa with a dildo ignoring the phone, her girlfriend comes down and is annoyed that she has not answered the phone so she strips her naked makes her tidy up slightly and face slaps her then spanks her with her hand, then gives her a paddling whilst scolding her although it is not hard it is quite sexy.

Next she makes her tidy up on her knees picking everything up with her teeth, next she puts her over knee on sofa for some gentle caressing licking and paddling, the camera angles are good but the spanking paddling is just not hard enough for me to enjoy it but if you enjoy lesbians getting a gentle spank and caress then watch it

Scene 2
A scantily clad hostess introduces a husband and wife to the extreme corrections room
The wife produces list of reasons that she is to be punished for, so hubby scolds her then spanks her naked bottom 36 times whilst she counts them and accuses her of wiggling too much to distract him.
she is now naked and he spanks her pussy for been too wet then canes her playfully 10 times and then agrees to let her play with herself before caning her hands one at a time 5 gentle strokes on each whilst she plays with herself with the other very vanilla stuff.

Scene 3
In this scene the wife spanks hubby and chews his nipples again it’s all playful stuff then she waggles his dick on a wooden paddle before stripping down to her bra and spanking him with both a leather and a wooden paddle and then licks his bare ass.
Next she chews his nipples and playfully spanks him again with a crop and several paddles this is all very gentle vanilla spanking type stuff.

Scene 4
In this scene its 2 girl’s one licks the others thigh boots whilst been gently spanked then she kneels up on the bed for a gentle paddling and a hairbrush raking and spanking, followed by sensual padding and tit rubbing session.

This is a very mild spanking video it’s way too mild for me enjoy to but if you enjoy a very mild spanking film then watch it.

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