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Marital Misdemeanors

This video contains two movies: Marital Misdemeanors and Table Dancers, Part One. I’ve only watched the first one, Marital Misdemeneanors, and it deserves a review in it’s own right.

Mrs. Carrington (I might not have the name exactly right) is planning her son’s wedding. She’s setting things up with the bride’s mother when we first meet them. In fact, Mrs. Carrington is arranging chairs for the ceremony, when she discovers the bride-to-be, Katie, in a compromising position with her own husband, Mr. Carrington. She then spanks and canes both the bride’s mother and the bride. Neither woman puts up any opposition to this course of direction.

At first, Mrs. Carrington canes the mother for raising the daughter so poorly. But soon, a battle of the wills develops. Katie’s mom no longer wants the marriage to happen. She doesn’t want her daughter to marry into such a horrid family, where the father gets sexual with his future daughter-in-law, and the mother uses the cane to resolve the problem. Mrs. Carrington, on the other hand, insists that the marriage will go on.

Mrs. Carrington is a severe, older-looking woman. Not frail (she can administer corporal punishment quite well), but elderly. Katie’s mom is middle-aged. So the first spanking scene involves an elderly woman caning a middle-aged woman, which seems rather unique in the annals of spankdom.

Mrs. Carrington canes Katie’s mom and says things like “after all the preparations I’ve made, you WILL allow your daughter to marry my son.” The caned mom winces, yelps, and moans in pain as the cane connects with her bare bottom. She’s bent over the chairs that have just been conveniently set up for the wedding. Her bottom becomes striped and bruised. Her legs quiver in pain. She holds out a long time, taking many strokes, before finally agreeing to the marriage. Released by Mrs. Carrington, she stands up, fixes her underwear and skirt, and hurries away.

I have to admit that I fast-forwarded through much of this scene. There are plenty of hot moms out there, but Katie’s mother didn’t really do it for me. Watching an elderly woman cane a middle-aged woman that I might stand in line behind at the supermarket and never think twice about just isn’t my cup of tea. But to each his own.

Next up for punishment is Katie herself. Katie is a dream. She has wide, sexy eyes. She has tousled, honey-blonde hair that falls below her shoulders. She’s beautifully proportioned — slender in all the right places and curvy in all the right places. She’s wearing the classic equestrian riding outfit: long brown boots, skintight tan pants, and a white blouse. She plays an upper crust English girl, and she looks the part perfectly. Just the kind of girl you dream about spanking.

Mrs. Carrington orders her over her lap, and she complies. Very sexy. It starts with a hand spanking on top of the pants. Soon the pants come down. Soon the paddle comes out. Soon the blouse comes off. I have to admit that I’ve started watching this scene a few times, and each time I finished before the scene did. It’s that erotic. Katie is real turn-on. She doesn’t say much, but she doesn’t need to. Mrs. Carrington calls her a “cheap tart” and says things like “I don’t know what my son sees in you.” I know what he sees. The girl is stunning.

At one point Mrs. Carrington makes the now-naked Katie stand up for an inspection. Katie gets more criticism, and the beautiful girl hangs her head in shame. I get aroused just thinking about it.

Then the cane comes out, and Katie gets more punishment. Three camera angles are used. There’s a full-on from the rear, highlighting Katie’s exquisite bottom. There’s a 45 degree angle from the back, showing Katies butt and breasts as her body shudders and shakes with each blow. And there’s a 45 degree angle from the front, which shows her face as she moans and gasps from the strokes. The face shot is my favorite — her little gasps are so sexy. But all the angles are great.

At the end, to heap indignity upon indignity, Katie is ordered to stand up, get dressed, and go apologize to Mr. Carrington for her behavior. I can’t say I think she deserves to, but I love the idea of this beautiful girl submitting to such humiliation. A great video with a great ending!

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