Lady’s Choice in Spanking Instruction


Adam & Eve

4 ½ stars

After enjoying Professor Mike’s spanking lesson Vol 1, I was psyched to discover another instructional spanking video — one from a female’s point of view. And not just any female: Nina Hartley, a celebrated porn star with decades of experience, who’s made a career of education & advocacy. Nina’s poised & relaxed on screen. Flirty, even. And she’s a beautiful woman, as is Kylie Ireland (her intrepid assistant).

The movie opens, actually, upon Kylie’s gorgeous butt, framed in ass-less PVC pants. Nina introduces first herself & then Kylie, who is absolutely radiant in her shiny black & red outfit that squeaks when she moves. Great sound & lighting here, too, and a very cool set. Both ladies make a sexy pair, taking various positions on the leather sofa they share (I like when Kylie stretches her legs across Nina’s lap).

Kylie Ireland and Nina Hartley

The ladies are playful & sensuous with each other. They good-naturedly trade some rather corny dialog, and run through a brief Q&A covering the basics of spanking, beginning with what, exactly, erotic spanking is. Nina explains that a good erotic spanking touches on the “physical pleasure of forceful sex play, combined with the psychological excitement of power exchange.” It’s pleasurable, not punitive.

After deliciously describing the ritualistic thrills of spanking — props & costumes & role play — Nina assures her audience that spanking is a healthy, “naughty pleasure” that turns up in art, literature & movies. A desire to spank or be spanked doesn’t stem from any deep, twisted compulsion. It’s OK to have fun with spanking.

Gee, thanks, Nina, but when do we get to the spanking, already?!

This first section, I must admit, was a little boring for me. Pretty basic stuff, but then, this is great information for your average novice. Nina clearly enjoys spanking; her enthusiasm is infectious, encouraging. And I love her teaching method. She reinforces her message (communication & negotiation always) by acting out with Kylie various newbie spanking couple conversations.

Nina: So, Kylie, what kind of spanking do you like?

Kylie: I prefer the paddle, more than the hand.

Nina: Do you like it stingy or thumpy?

Kylie: Both!

Nina: Do you like being spanked with a gloved hand? I have these lovely red ones, and the leather is sooooo soft….

Kylie: I’ve never been spanked by a gloved hand, but it sounds great, I’d love to try it.

(Or something like that.)

Nina & Kylie are very polished, and almost give off an “Oprah” vibe, somehow, as they engage in a truly hot spanking adventure. They’re like two girlfriends rummaging in their closets, trying on shoes. Except, they’re playing with spanking implements. And they’re little horn dogs. It’s an awesome combination.

If I wanted to talk someone into trying spanking, I’d bring them to this movie. Nina & Kylie are liberated, empowered role models who embody the spirit of adventurousness that every woman wants to believe is inside her. They also describe luscious physical sensations they get from the different implements & positions… warmth & vibrations moving through all those nerve endings… Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Plus, this isn’t a how-to on spanking alone — Nina and Kyle demonstrate ways to integrate spanking and sex play including masturbation, soft deep tongue kisses, vibrators, strap-on (vaginal & anal), and some of the most up-close-and-personal cunnilingus I have ever seen.

Seriously. Nina is amazing. I mean, Kylie’s really good too, don’t get me wrong, but ya gotta hand it to Nina. She gets in there like an old pro. Kylie’s leaned back, spread-eagled, and Nina licks & nibbles & gently tugs Kylie’s clit piercing. Here’s a neat move: she squeezes her lips together, delicately mashing her clit between them (Kylie goes wild). The camera is so close, you can count the individual hairs in Kylie’s crotch stubble.

Anyway, the two also demonstrate a variety of spanking implements, mostly paddles, including a furry one and one made of clear Lucite you can see through to the rosy cheek being smacked. Nina admitted no fondness for the hairbrush, but Kylie enjoyed both hard side and bristles. And so forth, as they play & experiment.

Kylie Ireland Bent Over Nina Hartley Being Spanked

Nina points out the redness over Kylie’s bottom, and explains that butts will get rosy when you spank them because of blood rushing to the capillaries upon stimulation. The blush will go away in 10 – 15 minutes, she advises, and then she discusses how to talk to your partner about possible marks. And so forth.

Kylie Ireland In Nina Hartley's Lap

By the way, Kylie’s ass is magnificent. I appreciate every spectacular view. Fine camera work, too. Fluid edits, all the right angles, the women look incredible. This is a really creative, dynamic movie, and once the spanking gets going (about 25 minutes in), it’s pretty amazing how hardcore these ladies get.

They enter a shadowy room, where they suck face and engage in some rough play. Nina tells her to spread her pussy lips & show her clit, and the camera zooms in… She fondles & sweet talks Kylie, arousing her & hinting at the “punishments” to come. They enter a BDSM-esque room; Nina sits Kyle down, spreads her wide, and works her lady parts with almost supernatural finesse.

Kylie Ireland Spreads Her Pussy Lips For Nina Hartley

After some more paddling, Kylie returns the favor.

Kylie Ireland Eats Nina Hartley's Pussy

They move on to light caning. Nina lubes a strap-on dildo and slips it in Kylie’s pussy, her ass. There’s a great view from beneath & behind, of two lovely rumps, connected by a jarring red strap-on. Kylie screams and screams, coming.

Getting Fucked In The Ass By Big Red Strap-On

The movie wraps up with the ladies back in the room from the beginning of the movie, on the leather couch again. They introduce a clip by Otto & Audrey, a couple of old school spankers with a sexy little scene that demonstrates the principles Nina & Kylie stressed in their lesson. Serious hardcore action, but not a whole lot of spanking.

Cute premise, though: a sexy redhead in a hot schoolgirl outfit with black pumps & white ruffled socks reads a sign of “Rules for Audrey” that she flouts by disobeying every one. Otto bursts into the room to find her masturbating with a silver vibrator (breaking rule number five!). He notes her cheeky attitude, the pile of implements she laid out on her desk — she seems to be trying to tell him something.

Sexy Redhead Sucks Dick

From here, the couple engages in hot, graphic sex. There’s tit fucking & paddling, analingus & bare-handed spanking. Oral sex. Anal sex. Lots and lots of penetration, from all different positions. And some stinging smacks peppered here & there, too, spicing things up. As the movie ends, check out Audrey’s big eyes as she waits for him to cum in her mouth… A very hot fuck, although not really a spanking scene despite the promising set-up.

Couple Fucking On Desk in Office

A paltry quibble, though. There was plenty of spanking earlier with Nina and Kylie, to be honest I was a little burned out on the lesbo stuff. Otto & Audrey provided a refreshing change by bringing a guy into the mix; a fitting cap on a movie that seems to have something for everyone. 

The Professor is In


Oh Tee Kay

Four stars

In a nutshell: your average biology lab teacher hosts a spanking clinic in your Nana’s living room, with a cheerfully accommodating Barbie doll of Amazonian proportions.

The shocker: it totally works! Spanking is deconstructed and demystified, but it’s still hot, too. After a brief how-to explaining, (among other things) where to aim on butt cheeks for maximum safety & sensation, Mike tests a variety of implements on Kordelia Devonshire’s generous bottom. We observe first-hand the stirring effects, exceptionally captured by Oh Tee Kay.

Who this movie would appeal to: Newbies, obviously. The curious, certainly. People who like reality porn, probably. Quite possibly, most of us — Mike and “Kordi” (as he calls her) share an easy, light-hearted rapport that’s a pleasure to watch. He does a great job explaining each implement, and then he milks ‘em for all the sensation they’re worth. Kordelia thoroughly & unabashedly enjoys herself, and provides invaluable feedback. You almost have to be dead, to not appreciate this movie on some level.

There’s lots of info in Ask Mike, but rather than spill all Mike’s secrets here, I’ll hit his main points briefly so I can better describe the spankings themselves (which by the way are smokin’).

Mike’s Rules (six of the important ones, at least)

1. Decide whether this spanking is for pleasure or punishment (this movie concerns spanking for pleasure)

2. Make sure party to be spanked is secure & comfortable

3. Start slow

4. Spank only the meatiest part of cheeks

5. Rubbing is always nice, and appreciated

6. The bigger the implement, the harder to control

As you can see, Mike’s a practical guy, with good sound advice. He doesn’t stand there inert, spewing boring rules, either. He’s more of a — pardon the pun — hands-on instructor. He describes what he’s doing, while he’s doing it. He’s got a relaxed, unrehearsed demeanor that’s easy to tune into; very believable. For a pudgy, no-neck, middle-aged guy, he’s grows on you surprisingly quickly.

Over the Knee Being Spanked

Kordelia is tall, blonde and meaty — but not in a fat way at all. We first see her in a skin-tight dress with black spiked heels. After some over-the-clothes warm-up spanks, Mike pulls her dress up to smack her taut black panties on cool ivory skin. Of course, soon after that, those panties strip off to show rosy-hot cheeks with endearing jiggles.

From the hand, we move onto a leather paddle, which he uses to stroke Kordelia’s butt. “It’s always nice to let them feel what’s coming,” he offers. After some light paddling, he switches to what he called a brat tamer: looks like a bamboo back-scratcher with flappy fringe on one end. Also, it’s apparently rattan, not bamboo. Whatever, she digs it!

Over the Knee With a Bare Red Ass Being Flogged

Mike raps Kordelia’s ass with it, to her obvious delight. He changes it out, though, for one made of a buncha plastic weed whacker cord, fastened like a giant pastry brush. He says it feels heavier than the rattan one in his hand, but she says it actually feels lighter on her butt. She likes them both, though. Mike observes that the rattan one makes a nice noise. We also see how these brat tamers can feel nice on the soles of bare feet!

They experiment with a thin wooden paddle that reminded me of those balsa wood paddles with a rubber ball at the end of an elastic cord, you know what I mean…? You bounce the ball off the paddle…? Anyway, they sting! Mike contradicts one of his own rules (let person feel implement before you smack ‘em) by sneakily switching implements and delivering a firm whack that catches Kordelia off guard. Pleased with himself, Mike points out that the element of surprise is nice, too.

They try another paddle (“the stinger”), and then a hairbrush (she really seems to like the bristly side). He mostly spanks gently, but every so often he hits hard enough to illicit a cry, a gasp, a surprised giggle. He addresses her reactions, discusses how she’s feeling and manipulates each implement various ways to produce different sensations.

She removes her shoes, dress & bra — she’s naked, except for a patent leather cincher around her middle. She bends over the couch, standing, while Mike explains how far to step away, for proper contact. He also goes over various approaches, “flicking” vs “thudding,” and demonstrates a seriously interesting leather strap that all the ladies, apparently, go wild for (Kordelia agrees it feels great).

She’s adorable, way up on her bare tip-toes, hair falling forward, eyes closed, lips peacefully smiling. “Inaccuracy causes real pain, so be careful with your aim!” Mike urges, between carefully-placed smacks, and soothing strokes.

She kneels on the couch; he switches to a wooden ruler that makes her squeal, “Motherfucker!” when it hits her sensitive checks, and then everyone sorta tumbles into laughter — you can even hear the camera man. Speaking of him, by the way: he does excellent work. This movie provides a great mix of views, from her red butt to her glowing face. Sound hits the mark, too. No complaints here.

Bare Red Ass Being Spanked With Wooden Ruler

Finally, Mike announces it’s time to finish her off with some caning. He stands her up again, legs together, bent over couch. As she waits, he goes over how a cane isn’t an easy implement to go light on. If you do, they often can’t even feel it. But if you go even just a little harder, it hurts. In other words, there’s really no middle ground, as far as canes go — they’re always gonna sting.

As if to prove his point, she cringes & cries out when the first crack lands. With the second swipe, she launches outta position, yelps, “Holy shit!” and I think I even hear her sniffling. Four more, he tells her, and she dutifully braces herself for her last licks.

Bare Red Ass Bent Over Couch

At least, she tries to. Mike eventually feels obligated to stress one last rule: if your target starts moving — stop! “You might hit something bad if you keep swinging.”

I don’t blame you for squirming, Kordelia, Mike did an incredible job heating your cheeks up for almost an entire hour. I think we’ve all learned something today.

Class dismissed!

Kitty and the Wiz, Part Two


A Wizard of Ass

Four Stars

Part Two picks up exactly where Part One cut off: with Miss Kitty’s uplifted ass enduring Wizard’s purposeful whip lashes. She savors the pain he elicits, and utters the memorable line, “Punishment is a reward for me…” thru lips curled around a satisfied smile.

Bent Over With Bare Ass

Wizard accepts her challenge. He tells her to hold her position while he goes off to fetch something she’ll really like. Dramatic music swells as Miss Kitty’s anticipation grows… Finally, Wizard returns with a hefty plank, and his very first smack hits hard, bucks her forward when it makes contact with her ass. Whack! The crack of wood on her tender haunch resonates throughout the room.

Wizard re-attaches the nipple suction cups, and then spanks and spanks and spanks Miss Kitty’s ass. After she acclimates to the board, he wakes her up with a leather tawse across her cheeks. She grunts & groans, her ass burns bright, inflamed, but by the look on her face, she really seems to be digging it.

He teases her face with another whip, slaps it across her tits, pussy, thighs… She writhes like a cat soaking up the sun. Wizard observes she’s a challenge to punish, because she so clearly enjoys physical abuse. She fingers her twat, oohing and ahhhing as the smacks fall, one by one.

Wizard switches to a belt, and still she’s loving it! Red welts puff up across her cheeks but she’s sighing & moaning in gratification. He spanks her ass & pussy with a hair brush, a spatula. He stands her up, bends her all the way over: hands on floor, legs spread wide. He paddles her ass so she’s breathing heavily, just trying to keep her composure.

“Remember when you were licking my cum,” he says, “How I told you there’d be more liquid later on?” He presents her with an enema bulb, and instructs her to lube the nozzle — he pushes it into her mouth, urging her to take it all despite her quite stubborn gag reflex. She’s a trooper, though. She coughs & chokes but tries again and again to suck the whole thing down her throat, never really succeeding.

Enema Bulb Forced in Mouth

No matter. The process makes for some interesting close-ups, and then Wizard swings around to her other end, fills the bulb from a small tub of water, and slowly, carefully slides it between her rosy, well-spanked cheeks. One full bulb of water empties into her asshole. And then another. And then one more.

He stands her up, pats her distended belly, then sends her to the bathroom to eliminate. The camera follows Miss Kitty to the toilet; strident splooshing & farting sounds echo off the porcelain beneath her. She looks to be savoring the relief that comes over her, leaning back & closing her eyes as the sensations sweep thru her body — her nipples still in their suction cups, her bare toes on the white tile floor.

He praises her, removes her breast cups, and then the scene fades out. When we fade back in, Wizard has a cane which he uses to trace Miss Kitty’s curves. He asks her if she’s had any experience with this implement, and she goads him, “Let’s see if you can impress me with your caning…” (Oh, she’ll regret those words).

He drapes her over a big rubber exercise ball, so that her ass lifts high behind her. Again, he strokes her with the cane, follows the line of her spine, the nape of her neck… Wow! The cane makes an impressive WHOOSH as it slices thru the air & snaps on her bare bottom. Miss Kitty breaks her position after just a few strokes, seems surprised by her own lack of tolerance: “Hmmmm… you must’ve warmed me up earlier…”

Rubbing Her Bare Red Ass

Wizard says he’ll stop if she’ll apologize for being so insolent. While she can’t actually say she’s sorry to him, she does try to be nice, tells him he’s impressed her during their interview. He’s not buying it, though, whacks her breasts with the cane. She’s obviously annoyed but not ready for contrition. The look on her face shows a headstrong woman resolved to soldier thru this ordeal, damn the pain.

She rolls over on the ball for more caning, but can’t seem to remain still. It’s no use trying to avoid the blows, though; Wizard is an experienced master who’s found a punishment to break Miss Kitty at last. He canes her ass, the soles of her feet, the backs of her thighs… “Oh it hurts!” she winces under her breath at one point. She is no longer moaning with pleasure.

He assaults her breasts again, and it’s over — she cries, “Enough!” but Wizard makes her crawl forward on her knees for more cane whacks until finally she’s wailing, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” for her brazen attitude, and for all the impertinent things she said earlier. He praises her, and suggests she’s learned something about breaking in young girls, now. He smacks her face until she thanks him for this lesson.

“One last enema,” he announces, leaving Miss Kitty panting on the floor with her head in her hands, and her butt in the air. Wizard wheels in an IV cart with a big ole enema bag dangling from it. There’s real apprehension in her eyes as she watches him pour not one but almost two full pitchers of water into the rubber sack, and presents a collection of clothespins for added sensation.

They move into a really cool position: Wizard sits on a chair, and Miss Kitty lies, face down, on his lap. She faces forward, too — her legs wrap around his back while she braces her arms on the floor. He squirts baby oil down her crack, pulls her pussy lips apart, and massages in & out & around. She coos as he attaches the clothespins to her nipples, ass cheeks, inner thighs (one in particular hurts her so bad she pretty much shouts at him to take it off!).

Bare Assed with Finger In Asshole

Wizard tells her to masturbate as he slips the rather fearsome enema nozzle — looks kinda like a dart flight!– into her pucker. She rubs her clit furiously, and her whole body shudders. This is a really cool scene, I love how Miss Kitty lets herself go. She screams & groans & climaxes without a hint of inhibition.

The enema continues to empty. As her belly swells, Miss Kitty’s moans and whimpers grow insistent. Wizard smoothes her cane-marked ass, praises her for her insatiability, makes room for the camera to swoop in & linger over every angle. Finally, he shows her the empty enema bag, slips out the nozzle, and pulls her up to admire her bloated belly.

Bent Over With Enema in Ass

She groans & pants, holding her load, “Uhhhhhh… Please let me go…” She sits on his lap, facing him now, her chest against his and her ass dangling over a translucent plastic bucket. Great fart and splash sounds as she empties her bowels, but this time we also have a front-row seat for the water spurting out of her asshole. Wizard squeezes her, drags his fingers up & down her back, helping push out the last drops.

They embrace, and smile into each other’s eyes. He gently removes the clips from her skin; she shivers with the pain this creates… but it’s a good shiver. She relaxes into him — you can almost see the endorphins coursing thru her system as she lets him comfort her, as she accepts his praise & job offer. “As much as I have to learn, I feel I also have things to teach, as well,” she tells him.

The scene grows more tender, as gentle kisses fall. “Good work, Miss Kitty,” Wizard murmurs.


Kitty and the Wiz


A Wizard of Ass

Four Stars

After my spate of quickies, I had a sudden hankering for something a little more… involved. Miss Kitty’s adventures with A Wizard of Ass provide nearly two hours of creative Dom-Sub play liberally peppered with spanking, and heavy on the backdoor action. Parts One and Two document a dominant woman’s delve into her submissive side, with an experienced, painstaking master who truly puts her through the paces.

Miss Kitty arrives confident that she’s the best candidate to assist Wizard at his reform school. He asks if she has experience with disciplining young girls; she answers “More of an interest….” He tells her his assistants need to be graceful, beautiful and elegant — can she do a strip tease for him, to show how she fits the bill?

Miss Kitty obliges, and a nice groove starts up as she shows off her stunning form. She’s gorgeous, a young Dita Von Teese with shiny dark hair, porcelain complexion, and the most striking eyes: light gray-blue, with dark rims around the irises, and long black lashes. Her body is lush. A few more pounds and she’d be chunky but right now she’s all sweet, supple, womanly curves. Smooth ivory skin.

Showing off in Mesh Bra

Undulating to the beat, she unzips her long, clingy dress, reveals shapely legs in red & black fishnet stockings, and then stands before him, naked except for a badass leather g-string bikini — basically, just straps highlighting all her naughty bits. One by one, she slips off her platform boots, sits on Wizard’s lap, and stares deeply into his eyes.

He reaches for her nipples and is chastised for being too forward. She makes him ask nicely, “Please, Miss Kitty…” before touching, tasting, glazing them with an ice cube. His hand moves towards her hairy cunt, and again she insists he ask her politely first. With all due respect, Wizard explains to her that if she’s to be his assistant, she’ll need to be more submissive. He slips a collar around her neck, attaches a metal leash, drops her to her hands & knees, smacks her round, creamy ass.

He leads her around the room. Oddly, though she’s crawling at his feet, she maintains her queenly poise. Throughout the movie, even –thru some of the most humiliating debasements– her head is high and she never looks the least bit compromised. Miss Kitty approaches her session with Wizard as an opportunity to feel what it’s like on the receiving end of punishments she yearns to inflict herself. She’s learning, showing off for the camera, and exploring her limits on her own terms. She’s haughty, self-confident and verrrrrry compelling to watch.

It’s a delicate role-play. Miss Kitty is a natural dominant acting submissive, and Wizard is also a walking contradiction: a mastermind of twisted trials in a gentle, unassuming package. Ever courteous & respectful, he softly explains his plans for her and provides supportive commentary to keep her focused. Plus, he’s fond of her (and she loves this). They’re two distinct personalities, working well together.

Sound, lighting and direction also works well in this movie. The camera provides plenty of interesting angles to enjoy, and the action comes across smoothly, naturally, and with real intimacy. Oh, the sound her zipper makes, sliding up her back as she slips into a PVC dress for Wizard! And the hefty claps that resonate when he spanks her solid ass across his knee…

She mmmm’s her approval, tells him he’ll have to try harder if he really wants to punish her. Wizard agrees, drizzling her ass with baby oil. He presents a pink butt plug with a pig’s tail, pushes it into her mouth, explaining, “The warmer & wetter you make this, the easier it’ll go up your butt.” She spits out it, though — growls, snarls & resists until he says please.

He fingers her asshole, then announces he has something else to put into her ass first: a suppository (I think it’s probably lube). Miss Kitty protests & wriggles on his lap but he gets it in and follows with the pigtail. We’re treated to a close-up replay of both insertions, in slow motion, no less, then Wizard tells her to get up and walk around for him.

Pinching Nose and Forcing Into Mouth

She obliges, tossing her long hair defiantly as she struts about, a corkscrew tail bouncing between her cheeks, and her leash dangling in front. The plug pops out; Wizard gently slaps her face, tells her she’s a bad girl, makes her kneel on a chair with the plug back in & wiggle her ass. She glares into the camera, her eyes flashing with anger and arrogance. Yet, she complies when he asks her to remove her dress.

Patiently, Wizard explains that she needs to do something nice for him. “Suck my dick, please, pretty please…” He’s doughy & hairy & his penis seems small but beefs up nicely under Miss Kitty’s expert mouth. He tells her he’s going to come in her mouth as a “sneak preview” of other liquids she’ll be dealing with soon enough.

Sucking his Dick

The camera explores every angle, zooms in on her mouth as she sucks & licks… her nipples as she pinches them. Her fish-netted feet splay behind her as the pigtail springs jauntily out her bunghole. When he comes, white gobs splatter her tongue & upper lip. She gazes boldly at him, like, “Yeah, is that all ya got?”

He takes her to another room, shows her a fuck machine with two dildos, “One for your pussy, and one for your butt,” he tells her (in his adorable accent). She lies before it, and he squirts baby oil all over her breasts, belly, thighs… drizzles it on her groomed pussy. She spreads her legs, he slides in one of the dildos and turns the machine on. Slowly, at first. In and out. She writhes and moans with pleasure.

Girl Being Fucked By Machine

They turn it up, faster. Great views! Close-ups of her pussy lips expanding to swallow the dildo, and full-body shots where the cranking mechanical contraption seems especially weird, plunging into her naked vulnerability. Wizard attaches suction pumps to her nipples, slides ice across her skin, peels off her stockings & drapes them over her face.

Girl Being Fucked By Machine

Is she ready to try anal? She tells him she has to pee first, and is taken aback when he presents her with a houseplant to relieve herself into. “Can’t I just use the bathroom?” she groans, but that’s not an option. He splashes water on her abdomen, coaxing her to let loose her stream. They laugh softly together at how she’s mostly peeing on herself in this position, but soon enough her bladder is empty.

Lying on her belly, ass in the air, Miss Kitty takes a dildo doggie-style and accepts Wizard’s finger in her butt (“Oh, I can feel the dildo in your pussy!”). With care & effort, he slides in the second head, and turns on the machine again. Unfortunately, this backdoor dildo is too flaccid to penetrate her, mostly just bangs on her bunghole.

Girl Being Anally Fucked By Machine

Though Wizard tries doggedly to push it in, the shaft keeps bowing out to the side. No worries — Miss Kitty reaches down between her legs, diddling her clit, while Wizard holds the ass dildo in place and flogs her with a many-tailed whip. Miss Kitty groans and crawls forward as the camera fades out, and Part One of their escapade concludes.

Stay tuned for Part Two! 

In The Blink of an Eye


Studio: Content Broadband

Four & a Half Stars, kind of

Life comes at different speeds, and this morning I’m feeling like a quickie: Get. Me. There. Now.

I’ve chosen Content Broadband’s “You Can Get Off My Lap Now,” which clocks in at an amazing ONE MINUTE long!! How could that possibly be enough time? It’s gotta be a mistake, right? Cause the title description says it’s 10 minutes long, which is wrong.

Whatever — this movie totally worked for me, in just sixty precious little seconds.

Here’s how:

Enjoy twenty seconds or so of an unassuming dark-haired gentleman spanking this pretty brunette who coos and cries “Uuuuhhhhhttt!” with every vigorous smack. Her ass is round & bouncy, with just a little jiggle keeping things interesting. She lifts her eyes, stares dreamily into the camera… Freeze frame! Try to catch her eyes, it’s a lovely pose.

Great curves, nice rosy cheeks, fabulous legs in high heels. Start ‘er up again, and enjoy twenty more seconds… She keeps catching your eyes, freeze frame again. Linger, and then let twenty more seconds bring ‘em home!

He says, “Are you gonna be good now?

She says, “Yes, I promise, Daddy!” in just the sweetest little voice.

You are so there, aren’t you? 

Sure Beats Traffic School



Four stars

Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes, even the most conscientious driver makes mistakes. In this case, the lovely & expressive Christine Justice admits to accidentally cutting a guy off on the highway. Not only did the guy flip her off, but he followed her, and then waited for her the next morning, and the next… Every day for a whole week, this guy cut her off & flipped her the bird.

Finally, she asked a friend to trail him home, get the scoop on him. Armed with these details, Ms. Justice waved him down the next morning, and told him she’d screw things up with his wife & kids, unless he gave her one hour to teach him how to treat a lady. This movie, she tells us, will film this man’s punishment & attitude adjustment!

Our mistress wears a modest plaid skirt, fitted turtleneck sweater, and traditional high-heeled pumps that show off her shapely legs. That she’s not a classic beauty is one of her charms — this is a strong woman who’s had practice fighting for deference that prettier girls often take for granted. Not that Ms. Justice isn’t alluring! She’s got a great figure, and she glows with confidence & femininity as she teaches this jerk a lesson in civility!

We don’t see much of him, but no big loss cause he’s rather unimpressive: a short, skinny guy with pale hair, paler skin, and a big bushy “70’s Porn Guy” moustache that I didn’t notice right away cause he keeps his back to the camera for most of the movie. “You understand why you’re here now?” she asks him, then draws his attention to a coat rack, and the clothes she’s set out for him.

He scrambles to disrobe & dress into a pair of light-pattered underpants (she calls them “panties” but they look more like Pull-Ups to me), and a short blue frock with puffy sleeves that made me think of Little House on the Prairie. She hurries him as he dresses, then mocks him when he stands before her in his little outfit. Purposefully, she pulls him across her lap and delivers one heavy-handed spank thru his underpants.

Disciplined Over Her Knee with a Red Ass

“Bare bottom,” she pronounces, pulling his underwear down to that sweet zone where ass is fully exposed but wrinkly ball sack is demurely covered. She spanks him & scolds him here for a good while, punctuating her lecture with stinging smacks upon his flat, pasty butt. His cheeks are thoroughly red when she flops him off her lap for the next phase of punishment: trampling.

She orders him to pull up his panties, remove his dress, and lie down in front of her. Standing over him, she continues her harangue while stabbing him this way & that with her pointy shoes, and steps on him with as much weight as he can bear. He’s calm, quiet, obedient — but she’s not done with him yet!

Trampling With Heels

After spanking his bare ass a few more times, she kneels him down before her & announces she’s gonna show him how to worship a lady’s foot. I love how she leans back in her chair and extends a foot with one succinct order, “Kiss!” Of course, he obliges, and spends the next fifteen minutes or so sucking her toes, licking her shoes, at times appearing to almost be trying to fit her entire stockinged foot in his mouth!

Foot Worship

The camera work isn’t fancy but all important angles are covered as he submits his tongue, lips, face, to Ms. Justice’s probing feet. “It’s time to show you what I do for a living — I’m a professional wrestler!” she announces, and suddenly she whips off her skirt & throws Dude into a headlock. She pushes him around on the floor awhile, choking him at times and twisting his limbs like pretzel dough.

Twisted Up and Disciplined On the FloorHe’s a little too limp for me, here — I think some resistance on his part might’ve showcased Ms. Justice’s strength & wrestling prowess better. It’s nice, though, how capably she dominates this weak, helpless guy (not that she’s having an easy time off it, listen to her huff & puff!). She flips his legs up over his head, spanks his panties, pulls his hair. Kneeling on his chest, looking down on him with contempt, she growls, “I hope you learned your lesson!”

Now, I thought this was the end of the movie but after this scene fades out, an unexpected sight fades back in: Ms. Justice from behind, kneeling & pushing what appears to be a strap-on into Dude, who crouches in front of her. We don’t really see anything (she’s fully covered, and obscures his nakedness), but his grunting & grinding leaves little to the imagination. She delivers one final smack, as he groans & collapses beneath her…

Never cruel or brutal, the apt punishments in “Christine Justice” are thoroughly & skillfully administered by a stern, dominant mistress with behavior modification in mind. I hope you like it!

In Good Hands


Shadow Lane

Four stars

Recent inquiry:

I would really like a spanking movie that includes sex. Do you know of any? Something like her being punished by him spanking her but then them both being so turned on by it that they have to have sex together.

Could you help me please? — Coleen S.

Coleen, I hope you’re reading this…

“In the Red” is an incredibly sexy movie: hot, bare-handed spanking combined with explosive guy-girl action. Angella Faith and her man, Mike, are not only comfortable with each other, but they are passionate & loving, as well.

Their exciting encounter is captured beautifully here, with fine sound & camera work. Acting & storyline are also stellar. Better, still, Angella & Mike are hot, and a pleasure to watch throughout this fluid, organic love-making — with plenty of spanking & rich, sensual male domination.

Angella’s a petite, feminine blonde, splashing in a bubble bath (kinda reminds me of Chloe Sevigny). She caresses her body with suds & water; she shows off her gorgeous ass. While she bathes, her husband comes home from work, and intercepts a phone call from some kind of sexual clinic’s billing department…? News to him! He’s full of attitude when he comes into the bathroom.

Handsome man, fit & clean-cut. He orders her outta the tub to talk about what the heck is going on. She tries to be cute, wiggling her butt & talking like a spoiled little girl, but he’s no pushover. He spanks that ass she’s teasing him with, first with his hand and then with a big scrub brush, till she complies.

Nice, how she stands naked for an extended moment, then dresses luxuriously into lacy bra & panties, and red high-heeled mules. She wraps herself in a fluffy pink robe, and meets her husband in their bedroom for questioning. What, exactly, is going on at that sex clinic? She’d rather not go into detail…

Over the Knee

Exasperated by her coy act, he throws her over his knee and spanks her firmly on her hot little bottom… He then flips her robe up, over her head, exposing her tender cheeks, still rosy from the bath. Oh, they get rosier! Her peaches-n-cream complexion quickly turns strawberry-pink, under her man’s stern, resolute hands. Her legs spread a little, so she’s straddling his knee, squealing & gasping & crying out while the camera provides a myriad of excellent angles & views.

Wow, this is some spanking! Not angry or violent — more firm-handed and disciplinary. “I’m a multi-faceted woman with diverse erotic needs!” she tells him defiantly — and it’s not so much a declaration as it is a challenge to her husband, to satisfy her needs. Soon, she’s naked from the waist down, with two fiery orbs for butt cheeks. She can take no more: she admits the sex clinic doctors masturbate her with toys.

Bare Red Ass

I love the sexual tensions that develop here. She’s so deliciously feminine, and he’s so solidly masculine in the way he controls her, leading her to submit so she can reap orgasmic rewards. Instead of being intimidated by her admission, he rises to the occasion & tells her to fetch her toys. What follows is a truly sexy scene, where erotic action is interspersed with spanking & squeezing & a nice amount of gentle chiding…

Let’s see — I wanna describe it without giving away too much information cause you really need to sit back & just watch these two enjoy each other.

He lies her across his knee, playing with her cheeks (spank!) and her crack while checking out her toy collection. She seems intrigued, tells him quietly to play with her a little more before pushing in the butt plug… She reaches her hand around, massages herself as he rubs & spanks her ass & pussy, digs his fingers around, exploring every inch. Nice, her cheeks look almost as coral as the hair band she’s wearing!

On the Bed With Red Cheeks

After much lovely, lingering action (and plenty of butt play), he whispers, “Come on, let’s go get on the bed…” Next scene, they’re both naked on the bed, and we’re treated to another beautifully-filmed, blazingly hot sex/spanking sequence — this time, with kissing & oral sex!

First, he eats her out. Then, she kneels before him, sucking his cock while he spanks her ass. At one point, he holds her by the back of the head & rams himself down her throat for awhile as she “Mmmmms” hungrily. They even 69 awhile. At last, he pushes her back & enters between her legs — they fuck vigorously, in numerous positions. Lots of caressing & intimate eye contact between them, and of course, more spanking.

Fucking and Spanking

Check out her great big smile when she finally orgasms! He’s not far behind, grunting “I love you baby” as he bucks against her like a bronco bull. What a nice sheen of sweat over both their bodies, as they collapse together in an afterglow of kisses, dopey grins, and intimate whispers. Oh yeah, and one more smack for Angella’s bright red ass…

Good stuff!

Red-Bottomed & Behind the Scenes


Strictly English

Four & a half stars

Wow, this is a very unusual spanking video! Not only are we treated to an exhilarating feature movie (Amelia plays a student under the tutelage Professor Templeton, who has an unconventional teaching style), but there’s also intriguing behind-the-scenes footage of its star, Amelia. She’s awesome — warm & unself-conscious, and beautiful in an “Ivory girl” kinda way, except lovably British. Hot accent! I just love how she pronounces the words “bare bottom”…

The movie begins as Amelia speaks to the camera, explaining how she’s about to interview for a spanking audition with a guy named Richard. She’s anxious about what’s going to happen: will she be spanked or are they just taping the interview today? She’s never been spanked by a stranger before, and the sight of the camera crew assembled downstairs intimidates her further.

meeting Amelia

She keeps up a pleasant, personal chatter as she dresses into a “school girlish” outfit: gray skirt, tight black sweater over crisp white button-down shirt. Pony tail. Fresh, glowing face simply reeking of good genes.

And she’s funny, too. A real personality develops during these intimate scenes. Eventually, she’s bantering with the camera woman about how nervous she is, how she’s pushing her limits. She asks what to expect, then says no, don’t tell me, I wanna be surprised. Wow, you can see the anxiety in her eyes and her body language. She’s also kinda aroused in an eager, flustered way.

The action skips ahead to Amelia getting ready for her screen test (her engaging interview footage plays at the end of the movie). She’s back in the room with the camera woman, changing into a ruffled, button-down camisole that barely covers her tidy breasts and a flouncy white skirt. Again, she chats about her impressions from the interview, and wonders what her screen test will entail. Anticipation is clearly a huge part of the turn-on for Amelia — she truly seems to be savoring the feeling of not knowing what to expect.

Downstairs, Richard greets her matter-of-factly, “Now I’ll just take a hold of your hand, my dear, and you’ll bend forward, and you’ll go straight across my knee, now, that’s right…”

The second he touches her, Amelia’s face melts like a school kid nabbed by the principal. She nervously chirps, “I want to keep all my clothes on,” but of course that’s not going to happen. Richard gives her some improvised line about how she was supposed to be working but was caught playing on the internet, then flips up her skirt, and lightly pats her perfectly smack-worthy cheeks thru white cotton panties. Oh, what a lovely, bare-handed spanking follows!

White Cotton Panties and a Red Ass

Richard is a master. His demeanor is firm, frank, almost clinical. He advises her about safe words and briefs her on her upcoming spanking — the positions she’ll learn, the bareness of her bottom. As the spanking takes shape, he gives her specific orders on how to stand, which way to bend, where to put her hands… It’s rather thrilling, how deftly he handles her.

I love how he doesn’t just order her to remove her skirt — he tells her to pick it up & fold it, too! I also appreciate the fine camera work. We have terrific views of Amelia’s strained face, her reddening cheeks, and even her bare feet wiggling behind her as she kneels on the sofa for part of her spanking. Amelia is a good sport, giving him a little bratty back-talk and plenty of expressive gasps, groans and grunts.

Finally, he lays her across his knee once more, s-l-o-w-l-y pulls down her panties, smoothes his hands over her cheeks… For the first time, we see Amelia’s shaved pussy from behind, as Richard smacks her butt first lightly, then harder and harder till red hand-prints appear and then blend into an even, rosy glow. Nice! Now she’s ordered to s-l-o-w-l-y pull her panties back up, smooth them out, and go back upstairs.

Amelia is literally beaming from ear-to-ear for the camerawoman in her dressing room. She is so proud of herself, so high on adrenaline — you can’t help but smile with her. What a rush! She confesses that, although the spanking wasn’t as hard as she expected, she got her jollies from it anyway. Yay, Amelia! And so her first movie begins…

“The Tutor”

Amelia plays a student, and Richard plays Professor Templeton, the tutor she appeals to for help. She’s having trouble passing her sociology exams, and a friend swears by his teaching methods. He tells her he can guarantee her grades will improve, but she needs to adhere to his high standards or else submit to corporeal punishment. She can’t believe he’s serious, but she agrees.

The next scene shows Amelia’s first appointment with the Professor, where she expresses how motivated she is to learn, and he explains to her that it’s time to show her mettle. She’d made a snide comment under her breath when they first met, and he’d told her they’d come back to it. Oh, it’s time. He orders her over his knee.

Over the Knee With a Bare Ass

Ha! No way! She almost leaves his office but at the last second turns around. “Take off your back pack and lie across my lap,” the Professor tells her, mentioning also that the jeans she’s wearing are inappropriate for academic studies. He spanks her over those jeans, which tightly hug her perfect bottom and ride low enough to show a hint of the red panties she wears underneath.

She puts up some resistance when ordered to pull the jeans down, but ultimately, she complies. “Your bottom will be the same color as your knickers!” he remarks, and then he tells her to remove them, as well. She refuses. He spanks her hard and fast now, while she squirms & squawks & finally (after much duress & a bargaining attempt) agrees to let him pull her panties down to her knees.

He tells her to count out 12 spanks, but goes so fast she can hardly keep up. Whoops! Did she lose count? 12 more, then! This is a great scene, but I do have one small issue with the lighting. I think the red from the room’s carpet produces a warm tinge upon Amelia’s skin, so spank marks aren’t terribly apparent. Kind of a bummer, since her white cheeks took on such a pretty flush in her screen test. Two words: white balance.

Moving on… Amelia leaves her first session in a huff, slamming the door and sealing her fate for at least once more spanking from Professor Templeton. While her attitude is hardly better at their second appointment — she’s 15 minutes late– at least she’s dressed better: white shirt, short plaid skirt, red pumps with white ankle socks, cute white bow in her hair.

He spanks her for being late, for slamming the door last time. He makes her thank him for each smack, makes her offer her bottom for inspection (although, again, I wish the camera had captured her reddened cheeks better). He chides her for handing in a shoddy essay –which criticizes his teaching methods, no less!– and together they review it, sentence by sentence. He agrees that his spankings are humiliating, but that’s the point. She needs to learn to be obedient, in order for her to submit fully to her studies.

Against the Wall With Bare Red Ass

They face off: her annoyed defiance against his calm, determined discipline. He suggests her lousy essay has earned her another spanking, this time with implements! He instructs her to remove her skirt while he fetches them, and then a title card pops up telling us this exciting scene will be continued in The Tutor, Part Two.

I can hardly wait!



“Pain is Pleasure”

Studio: Fantasy Content

Four and a half stars

What a refreshing movie! An absolute delight to watch — I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face, basking in the glow of three delectable spankings.

Perfect performances. So natural, it’s almost like these couples are just playing around together at home, and happen to be filmed. But this is no amateur production! The camera moves fluidly, working scenes like a pro & not simply recording from a static viewpoint.

Best of all, there’s genuine sexy fun in “Pain is Pleasure.” The men are kind, respectful, playful and sensual. The women are engaging and relaxed — damn, EVERYONE in this movie is so relaxed. By golly, it’s “feel-good” porn! Loved it.

The first scene begins with voices singing “Happy Birthday” as the vivacious, attractive Birthday Girl bounces into view, smiling & enjoying the singing. She’s adorable, with long hair & slender curves and fantastic legs that look great in a short, tight jean skirt with heels. Someone mentions she hasn’t had her birthday spanks yet, and her face lights right up. She’s only too happy to oblige.

“You have to get naked!” someone shouts, and she’s totally game. She flirts with the camera as she peels down her skirt… Ooh! Nice leopard-print g-string! Eagerly, she flips off the last of her clothes and positions herself, nude, on the couch — in a funny little squat that splays her bare feet out behind her, toes wriggling excitedly.

“I’m 21 so I need 21 but one to grow on, too!” she says as the partiers line up to take turns doling out her spanks. The first guy is too gentle, so he tries again cause she says she wants to feel it. The second dude (the one wearing the green polo shirt) hits so hard she flies forward with a “Whoo!” and good-naturedly laughs in surprise (later she kids that she hopes he doesn’t come around again in the lineup). Then, there’s a girl, another girl, and finally the dude counting has a turn.

What a fun, friendly spanking! Everyone’s laughing & having a good time, and Birthday Girl is the BEST! She wiggles her ass between smacks, shows off her body, spreads her legs to give everyone a nice view of her cheeks & pussy below. Her butt is meaty but not fat, just a lovely womanly cushion that pinks up wonderfully as her spanking continues. Finally, the whole gang gathers together to all give her “one to grow on” simultaneously, as she diddles her clit a little. The scene wraps with a close-up of her darling well-spanked fanny.

Bent Over The Couch

Scene two: the weakest of the three, I think, but still an enjoyable piece. A woman approaches a man on a couch, telling him she wants to have sex. He says he’s too tired. She tries to entice him, “I’m not wearing any panties, see?” and lifts her short slip dress. She’s a dainty, pretty thing (although I could’ve done without the old flip flops).

No dice, though; dude is seriously tired. How ‘bout a spanking, instead? She says she might like that, and sure enough she’s thrilled when he bends her over the couch and delivers a few casual smacks, telling her she’s bad while she oohs and aahs and rubs between her legs. “You better cum!” he tells her, “Get your hand down there and work that pussy!” Nice close-ups of her reddening cheeks, her moistening lips.

Dude lays her over his lap, now, and continues to scold and strike her fine ass. She begs him to fuck her, but he maintains his calm, cool demeanor. Dude isn’t the most passionate disciplinarian, but he keeps up a provocative banter while deftly administering a very sexy spanking. And, anyway, our girl is demonstrative enough for the both of them, the way she groans & gyrates over his knee.

Wow, what a hot view: she lies on her back, now, with her legs spread wide (my, she’s flexible!). She begs for his cock, but he ignores her, serenely spanking not just her ass now but her pussy, as well. Fast, firm, rhythmic slaps that eventually bring her to a screaming orgasm. After she cums, he finally agrees to fuck her, so they hurry off to the bedroom, of course!

Final scene: bald, shirtless dude on a plaid couch (pretty sure it’s the guy who counted Birthday Girl’s spanks). A smokin’ female form comes into view… at first, we see her only from the shoulders down: lacy black lingerie, sheer black thigh-high stockings, sexy high heels. “Hey, baby,” she greets him, and we see her lovely face & shiny long hair, “Get your ass off the couch and come with me to the fetish party!”

Oh, but he’s too tired… My, but she looks hot… He regards her seductive body, and muses that her ass will probably get whacked at the party. She laughs, cause she likes to get spanked. She asks him to get her butt ready for the night: “Ooh! I’m gonna show up with my ass all red, and they’re gonna know I’m a freak!” He happily warms her cheeks with his bare, eager hands.

Bare Ass Turns Bright Pink

Awesome acting, if that’s what you wanna call it — I’m more inclined to think of it as “behaving,” though, they’re both so at ease. Dude seems to genuinely love her ass (and I can see why!). He licks & kisses it, scrunches the flesh, rubs each cheek affectionately between spanks… I love how they flirt with & tease each other, how comfortable they are with their bodies.

One niggling complaint: at points in this scene where I’d have liked to see some pink, the shot seems over-exposed, and unfortunately, her ass is too “bleached out” to distinguish those lovely color variations we all appreciate. No biggie, though. Overall, this is very effective camera work, with plenty of rosy views otherwise.

Our girl gets hotter & hotter as the spanking continues. Dude slips off her panties, removes her top… I love how his eyes drink her in appreciatively! She stands naked before him, squealing a little as he lightly flicks at her breasts… She leans over him, spreads her legs as wide as she can, and sighs with pleasure as he whacks her butt and fingers her pussy. Lovely close-ups, here, too.

Her legs go slack, and she toys with her nipples as his spanking arouses her further. He’s patting fast, friskily… she groans louder and louder as he narrates his own excitement, getting her off. She finishes with a bang, and then relaxes on his lap. He rolls her onto her back, kisses her belly & breasts as he helps her get dressed for that fetish party.

“I wish you could come, though” she tells him.

“I think I’m gonna cum when you come home” he says, and she smiles cause she knows her night is only just beginning.

And now I’m smiling, too, remembering this wonderful spanking compilation. Enjoy!

Monstrous Fun


Bizarre Video

Four Stars

When I stumbled on this title, I chuckled & shook my head… Spankenstein! Well, why the hell not?

I really gotta hand it to Bizarre Video, and especially the stars. There’s some actual ACTING in this movie, and — I can’t believe I’m writing this — it works.  The actors seem comfortable in their roles, and there’s such a gleeful cheese to the whole picture you can’t help but get swept up in the silly sexiness.

I thoroughly enjoyed this picture, and find myself recommending it to some of my friends who aren’t even into spanking. It’s a spoof, an homage, an over-the-top celebration of rosy butts… It’s got costumes, drama, familiar characters. What a quirky little find! It’s hard to keep it to myself.

The movie gets right down to business: a lab-coated Dr. Spankenstein and his slim, smokin’ assistant are waving what look like plasma globes (  over a body under a white sheet. As it quivers from the voltage, the Doctor urges his assistant to increase the power and then… he rises! And he is H-O-T! Like, Fabio-on-a-romance-novel hot. You’d never know he was a monster, except for two discreet “token wounds” on his head & neck, and a pair of ridiculous giant monster hands that, interestingly, turn out to be quite an effective spanking implement.

Spankenstein Takes Her Over His Knee

First scene is great: they recreate the scene in Frankenstein where the Monster encounters a little girl throwing flowers in the pond (and he throws her in). In this version, however, the “girl” is a hot young lady in a short dress & high heels, with cute white lacy anklets. Monster grabs her, throws her over his knee, and spanks her with his enormous rubber hands as she wriggles & cries to be left alone.

He doesn’t just spank her… He regards her ass like he’s infatuated with it. He must smack it, lick it, rub it, HAVE it! He spanks more vigorously. He growls and manhandles her, rips her dress off so we can see her gianormous ta-tas bouncing as she squirms away from the Monster. He continues his over-the-knee assault, pawing & choking her as she struggles in various titillating positions. She’s also very vocal!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention her ass: awesome. Firm & smooth & bouncy… incredible body ink, too (and I’m not normally into tattoos). Her legs are lovely, as well, and we get another great view when he spreads her thighs and spanks between them. Is it me? Is she really getting off, here? (06:04ish)

Spankenstein Smacks Her Inked Ass

I’m thinking the big monster gloves probably soften the blows, cause at one point the Monster practically karate-chops her cookie, and she doesn’t flinch — and I know she reacts to pain cause she totally jumps when he bites her nipple. Anyway, her ass takes on a lovely pink tone in this scene, never actually crossing the line to red. No welts, either. Just a nice, warm glow. After all the hard-core spanking stuff I’ve been watching lately, this was a delightful change of pace. 

Optical illusion alert: check out how his massive hands almost look normal on her colossal breasts.

Moving on…

Eventually, the girl pretty much passes out, so he carries her to a new setting, leans her up against a boulder, and continues her spanking while the camera gives us a nice long look at her ass. The scene ends as he throws her over his shoulder & walks off.

Our next scene opens with two hot chicks creeping into a mansion (cool set!), exchanging dialog that basically explains their car has broken down & they’re looking for a phone. Of course they are. They separate to try and find one. Of course they do.

We follow the blonde, first, as she wanders upstairs to discover Dr. Spankenstein’s laboratory. The Doctor and his assistant sneak up on her, and as she’s trying to explain her plight, they regard her like a piece of meat — looking her up & down, poking here & there… Soon, they’re rubbing & gently swatting her bottom. They flip up her skirt, spank her harder. They peel down her black g-string, bend her over the exam table and…

Wow, that’s a nice butt: velvety, round & unblemished. The Doctor produces what looks like a ping pong paddle, and he lightly spanks her ass — it looks absolutely lovely, but she’s not having any of it. She complains & resists & stomps her clunky goth boots like a frustrated little girl. Dr. Spankenstein’s assistant asks if they can turn her around, and thank goodness they do! It’s quite hot, when they pull her bra off, revealing a truly lush pair of boobs.

So, the Doctor paddles her butt while the sexy Assistant lightly spanks her boobs & pussy. Blondie kinda likes it, and seems surprised by her own enjoyment. The Assistant strips off her lab coat and is simply gorgeous in white bra & g-string. The bra comes off quickly, though, and then she trades places with the Blonde so she can receive a spanking, too.

Hot Chicks Give And Take Smacks

Dr. Spankenstein coaches Blondie, now, on how to give a good spanking. You start slowly, with just the bare hand, warming things up before moving on to an implement… etc. This guy’s got lots of charm & charisma, and he’s very natural in his role. His confidence appears to rub off on the girls, so they relax & have a good time. I had to smile when he lined them up “cheek to cheek” so he could spank both butts simultaneously.

Spankenstein Slaps Her Waiting Bottom

Good golly, these asses are unbelievable! Blondie has an adorable little button of a bottom, and the Assistant is slim-hipped (but full cheeked) with delectable, sun-kissed skin. Both are beautifully rosy by the time the Doctor is finished with them.

The last scene follows our second girl after she splits from her friend in the mansion — remember her? They were looking for a phone, right? Instead, she finds the Monster’s chick, the one with the mammoth breasts, in one of the bedrooms upstairs. She’s bruised & naked, and tells her to run for her life, but of course her would-be rescuer doesn’t listen. She insists on calling 911 (on what may be the biggest cordless phone ever, by the way), and then…

Oh no! The Monster!

He goes right for the new chick, while his former spank-mate tries to pull him off her, to no avail. The Monster pulls up New Girl’s skirt, starts smacking her ass while she writhes to get away from him. Big Boobs watches helplessly from the bed — occasionally attempting to break in, but then getting roughly pushed away by the Monster.

There’s a lot of physical struggle going on here! The monster squeezes New Girl’s butt, pats it, smacks it, rubs it… rubs her chest with his big floppy hands… He tries to flip her over, but she really looks like she’s giving her all against him, and there’s real excitement in both their faces. Her hard nipples poke assertively thru her tight white t-shirt, they’re both breathing heavily… when Big Boobs jumps in, it’s even hotter.

The Monster pulls her top off, finally, and mauls her pert, modest breasts with his clumsy mitts. She flails against him, and this seems to egg him on, to excite him further. He pulls off her g-string, now, throws her over his lap for more spanking, grabs her breasts again, her nipples. It’s creepy-cool to see him pinching her little nipples with his long, pointy monster fingers.

Finally, a cop busts into the room & slices off the Monster’s hand with a big chef knife (the attack is insinuated off-camera). Yay, the girls are saved! Before they can go, though, the policeman asks them to reenact how, exactly, the Monster spanked them. “Was it like this? Like that?”  Of course, they fall for it, and oblige him by presenting their already-rosy asses for his demonstration.

A Policeman Saves The Day And The Bright Red Bottoms

Ah yes… another view of two pretty pink tushies, side-by-side. It’s a terrific sight, and yet another reason to watch this movie (along with the redhead’s genuine, playful smile around 45:50). Sure, it’s goofy, but it’s also HOT! I’m not used to this much wit and levity in a fetish production, but I really enjoyed it. Cheers!