The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories

Title: The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories
Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Running Time: 21.34 minutes

Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amelia Jane Rutherford

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Perhaps one of the most beautiful and sought after girls ever to get a spanking. With a bare bottom that even the Gods would find irresistible Spanking, Fetish and Glamour Model she is truly a site to behold. Today Dear Reader you too can enjoy the ass that stopped 1000 suns with Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment’s Amelia Jane Rutherford Stories. I am of course Your Humble Narrator, Brushstrokes from The Spanking Spot and today I will be your guide though Amelia’s wonderful bare bottom spanking movie.

The Amelia Jane Rutherford Series is just that, Two wonderfully put together Spanking Scenes staring Amelia of course and her able spanking tormentor Chelsea Pfeiffer. The first clip included in this wonderful movie is entitled The Spanking Realtor in which AJR plays a difficult real estate buyer with a snooty attitude and Chelsea, a fed up realtor. Just how fed up we shall see.

Finally having had it with her client Chelsea grabs our gal and puts her over her knee. Amelia’s bottom clothed in a tight fitting dress high up in the air for a good over the cloths spanking. Amelia’s protests only grow louder in her prim and proper English accent when her skirt is raised to reveal a slightly red bottom clad only in skimpy white panties. In an interview I did with AJR a few months back she mentioned she feels quite silly when getting an OTK Spanking since she is quite tall (6’1”), Chelsea being not a big woman actually has to sit on a bar stool to Spank her! Quite amusing indeed

In any case those panties that cover her oh so lovely bottom soon come off for a bare ass spanking guaranteed to delight Dear Reader. Chelsea’s hand busily goes about reddening her bottom in quick hard swats which echo off the sparsely furnished room in unison with poor Amelia’s cries.

But the OTK Spanking was not enough, grabbing a handy hairbrush Chelsea bends Amelia over swatting her bottom, her expressions reflected in a mirror before her as her bottom stings. It is quite amusing since bent over she is almost as tall as tiny Chelsea! But she does a good job with the Hairbrush leaving ARJ’s bare bottom red and raw.

In our second movie entitled Indecorous Behavior featuring our two favorite girls this time Amelia sports a short little cute sundress which one does not have to do much to push it up over her hot little buttocks. After arguing about decorating a client’s office. But like many arguments among our fairer sex some things were said resulting in hurt feelings and for Amelia a hurt bottom.

Pulled over the table the skirt can hardly restrain her beautiful bum as Chelsea starts smacking it. Once again her protests echo among the walls. The cheeks of her ass peaking out past her hot laced panties slowly turn red as Chelsea straddles her to get better leverage to spank her butt. Now typically I don’t like this sort of position but considering the size of the spanker and the long and lanky Amelia it seems only proper. But a simple hand-spanking will not do, even utilizing the strength of two hands beating her bottom like a drum. A good strapping is in order.

The tiny woman swings the strap with all her might as Amelia lets out a howl as the leather comes in contact with skin. Honestly I think this is one of the hardest Spankings I have ever seen Chelsea Give anyone before!

So The final question is did I enjoy the movie, As you might know Dear Reader my personal preference is for M/f Spanking but that is exactly that, a Preference. Chelsea does an excellent job at Spanking AJR incredible bottom. This is a movie I think any Spanko could enjoy

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