Elite Pain Interviews – Holly

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Holly
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
And once more we are back with new elite Pain interviews shot by great virtuoso Maximialian. Today we have a special treat prepared for you, Holly is a 19 year old virgin who was late on her auditions, she needs to be punished and she will be! Will this amateur teen pass the test or will she be reduced to tears and cry for mommy!

Stars: Holly, Maximilian Lomp

The Malinger From Spanked Cuties

Video: The Malinger From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
This young lady obviously is having priorities other than going to class and working hard. And yes of course, having a lazy morning on the bed and enjoying a porn magazine is so much more fun, huh? And when the dormitory's dean of the women would come in now? No sweat, simply reporting sick and she will be tricked! Oh really? How stupid you believe the dean really is?? OF COURSE she tips to the scam within seconds! A malinger AND a truant AND reading porn magazines! A triple offense against clearly defined house rules, a clear reason for a triple hard punishment! Watch this student finding herself in diaper position, her bottom exposed for a heavy leather strap, receiving a very serious spanking from the dean of the women until her buttocks are sore and swollen.

The Pet

Video: The Pet
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Bianca thought she had it made when she caught Penny…“The Pet”. For her there’s nothing more stimulating than lording her dominance over another female. After training Penny to lie over her knee to take whatever punishment comes her way; the table are quickly turned! See, Bianca never in a million years thought that she would ever have to play the sub to someone else again. But after seeing the treatment given to Penny, Adriana steps in and gives Bianca a taste of her own medicine!

Stars: Bianca, Adriana, Penny

Whipped Ass – Featuring Kirsten Price and Amarna Miller

Video: Whipped Ass - Featuring Kirsten Price and Amarna Miller
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Studio: WhippedAss.com
Hot Euro Chick Amarna Miller Fucked and Punished by Kirsten Price!

When Amarna Miller is caught masturbating in Kristen Price's spa, her wettest lesbian fantasies come true. Amarna Miller is punished with flogging, an OTK spanking, and clothespins under water pressure while pleasured with pussy licking, face sitting, finger banging and a mulit-orgasmic strap-on fucking!

Stars: Kristen Price, Amarna Miller

Elite Pain Interviews – Jessica

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Jessica
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation.

Curious teen Jessica wants to try herself out. She came here willing to pass casting director Maximilian Lomp's test to prove that she has skills for it. Take a look and see how it goes as Max will definitely not make it easy for her!

Stars: Jessica, Maximilian Lomp

A Caning For Christmas

Video: A Caning For Christmas
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Studio: Spanked-At-Home.com
What would be the best Christmas present for a naughty girl?! That's right, a rough spanking with a super stinky rattan cane would be the best choice for a punishment hungry school girl. Watch and see that white tight ass turning to bloody-red color as it gets some serious spanking just in time for the holidays!

Elite Pain Interviews – Ellie

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Ellie
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
We welcome you to another Elite interviews. Here great adept of agony, our tried veteran Maximilian Lomp will test another subject. for today we have prepared for you Ellie, 25 year old European girl who thinks that she can take the challenge. she has determined eyes and her will is strong, but will it be enough to overcome all the challenges or will she be another tramp who's gonna be reduced to tears!

Stars: Ellie, Maximilian Lomp

Do Not Disturb From Spanked Cuties

Video: Do Not Disturb From Spanked Cuties
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Spanked Cuties Presents another mouthy brat learning who’s boss from bops on the butt! Inga just wanted to be left alone to her book, but her housemate won’t stop annoying her! Inga decides to take matters into her own hands and dole out some discipline to get this bitch out of her hair once and for all! Not so tough now with tears in your eyes, are you?!

Juliette Valentina Collection

Video: Juliette Valentina Collection
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Watch the undeniably adorable brat Juliet whine, pout, and fuss as her naughty bottom is spanked time and time again!

Undelivered Letters - Juliet has been caught forging her mother's signature on all of her disciplinary notices. After Principal Veronica is through spanking her for her actions, Juliet is promising not only never to forge a signature again, but swearing she'll be the best behaved girl in her class.

Politics of Spanking 1 - Young republican, Juliet, has been so focused on the needs of her political club, she's let her grades suffer. Her mom Susan is determined to change her attitude if not her political views.

Politics of Spanking 2 - Now in the role of free spirited democrat, Juliet announces that she won't be attending class in favor of attending a rally. Her strict republican father Tony won't stand for it and makes sure she will be in class even if she won't be sitting comfortably.

Stepdad - Juliet has been giving her stepdad David nothing but attitude. When she finally pushes him too far, he roasts her pajama clad bottom ensuring she'll be resting on her tummy that night.

Ninja Student - Juliet has been missing class and hanging out at Master Larry's ninja class instead. But her newly honed ninja skills won't help her get out of a spanking from her mom Clare.

Aunt Chelsea's Rules - Juliet always thought her aunt was a pushover. But she soon discovers that when Aunt Chelsea gets tough, it means big trouble for her backside.

Bonus Scene - Juliet and David Pierson in “Ode to Spanking”

Stars: Juliet Valentina, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Veronica Bound, Ms. Susan, Tony Rizzi, David Pierson

Mom Knows Best

Video: Mom Knows Best
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Episode 1: Senior Skip Day

Bianca took part in the annual senior skip day, in which many of the girls in the senior class skipped school and spent the day at the mall. Most of the girls went home knowing that they were caught but many of their parents would either laugh it off as a ritual of passage or at worst, give their daughters a good talking to. Such is not the case at Biancas house. When she deserves a punishment it is delivered by a hard spanking to her bare bottom. In ritual fashion, Bianca is made to face her mother, lift her skirt, and her panties were slowly lowered to make her feel the humiliation of being exposed. Soon, embarrassment is the least of her concerns as she is taken over her mother’s lap for her punishment. Her tears flowed as she begged her mother for forgiveness. Bianca found herself reacting as a bad little girl to her bare bottom spanking by crying and begging her mommy to stop. After her spanking was over, and promising never to behave this way again, Bianca was placed in the corner with her red bottom on display to consider the consequences of her actions.

Episode 2: Tears Of A Clown

After a hard day at school, Bianca decides to take a relaxing bubble bath. She was shocked when her mother came in to confront her about being rude to teacher. During a discussion of the Civil War, she asked her teacher what side she fought on? She noted that it was just a joke, but it was a joke neither her teacher or mom found funny. She was pulled from the tub and spanked on her wet, soapy bottom with a bath brush. Bianca, through her tears promised never to disrespect any of her teachers again, but her mother continued to spank her with the bath brush until she felt the lesson was learned. Just as Bianca thought her torment was over, Bianca’s mother began rubbing her sore bottom with the bristles of the bath brush causing the bratty girl to shout in pain. Then Bianca was made to stand naked in the corner of the bathroom. She was cold and filled with shame and remorse.

Episode 3: Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Despite being grounded, Bianca snuck out to be with her boyfriend. When she arrived home she found her mother waiting for her. Bianca was instructed to go to her mother’s bedroom, strip to her bra and panties, and wait for her spanking. At first, Bianca thought the stress of waiting was the worst part of her punishment; then the spanking on her bare bottom began. Her opinion rapidly changed. As her mother spanked her bare bottom, Bianca promised never to defy her again no matter how much she needed to see her boyfriend. Once her spanking was at an end, Bianca was instructed to stay in the room, compose herself and then go to bed. After her mother left the room, the naughty brat found herself both horrified and fascinated at the damage inflicted to her bottom.

Episode 4: Can’t Fight It

Bianca informed her mother that she told her Headmaster to go to hell. She regretted doing so and immediately apologized. Her mother appreciated her honesty but noted that she was still going to be spanked. Bianca hoped to take this punishment well. Unfortunately, the moment she felt the pain from her mother’s powerful hand all attempts at maintaining her composure were abandoned in favor of tears and pleading for the punishment to end. Biancas spanking began over her skirt, then on her panties. Then her regulation school whites were lowered and now her spanking was administered to her bare bottom. After the spanking, Bianca’s mother lectured the teary eyed girl regarding her recent behavior. Bianca promised to do better with her sore, red bottom serving as motivation.

Episode 5: First Week Home

Bianca is now a freshman in college and is happy with her new adult to adult relationship with her mother. That was until her mother angrily approached her with a two hundred dollar ticket for public drinking. Suddenly the college girl found herself over her mother’s lap and being spanked while she pleads for forgiveness. After her spanking was over, Bianca’s mother warned her that her next bare bottom spanking would happen at school should she get cited for public drinking again.

Stars: Bianca Rose, Miss Lisa