Age Wise – Is There a Cut Off Age for Being Spanked?


Eleanor Powell

A question for you – is there a cut off age for being spanked?

If you are reading this – chances are you are a spanker or a spankee or you may even be curious. Maybe hovering – should I or shouldn’t I get involved?

There are several questions I would like to ask you – but today’s question is:

Do you think that when you get to a certain age – all spanking activities should stop?

It’s a bit like that idea – all people over sixty should be exterminated.

Eeeekkk!!! I’m not ready to go yet – are you?

In my own case, I’ve been on the receiving end of spankings for almost fifty-years – and now at seventy-four, is it time for me to stop?

Do you ever think about this?

I didn’t – I was enjoying myself – I thought it would go on forever.

At the age of thirty-four I was being spanked an average of three times a week by men I contacted through ads in contact magazines. As one of my spankers jokingly said to me, “You’ve got a turnstile fitted instead of a front door.” I even had a neighbour who accused me of being on the game.

And I was still having regular spankings up to ten years ago – just not as often, more like once a week instead of three times a week. So why has it become less frequent? It could have been lack of opportunity – because it’s a two way street, I had regular spankers – and as I aged – so did they, along with their own health problems.

Another factor was the distance some of my spankers had to travel to get to me – somehow spankers living in my area were thin on the ground.

So forty years later, am I still needing / yearning for a spanking as much as I did all those years ago?

My honest answer has to be – I still get the urge and my imagination kicks in as I watch a movie in order to do a review on it – and I’m the actress being spanked.

However, due to my having various health problems – that crept up on me when I wasn’t paying attention – having an actual spanking is a rare treat for me these days. Also, let’s take into consideration my husband is the same age as me – with his own health problems.

What prompted me to ask this question was because I was listening to our local radio station the other day and the subject under discussion was – ‘Is there a cut off age for having sex?’

So I have changed the question to:

1. Is there a cut off age for being spanked?

So go on – is there?

Can you answer this question?

Bad Reports

Video: Bad Reports
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Mr. Lewis is berating Tina and Lizzie for having the worst end of month reports he’s ever seen. They’ve handed in late homework, been late to classes, their chores not done. Both girls know reports like these lead to severe punishments. They are ordered to disrobe completely and place their clothes on their chairs.

Both girls are made to bend over the table as Mr. Lewis gives them a hard hand spanking on their bare bottoms. Soon their creamy white bums are a rich, rosy red. The girls are made to hold hands across the table as each in turn is caned. They are left kneeling on their chairs with their hands clasped behind their heads to think about things.

Stars: Tina, Lizzie, Mr. Lewis

Pantyhose Caning

Video: Pantyhose Caning
Watch This Video!
After summoning Laura to an upper bedroom, Headmaster Tom gives her two choices: one, to call the local police or two, a severe caning. Biting her nails, Laura chooses number two and begins disrobing.

Headmaster has her pick up a pair of pantyhose from the floor and put them on. Then she bends over and gets ready for the cane. Halfway through she lowers the pantyhose. After many strokes of the cane she is left kneeling, facing the wall and rubbing her welted red bottom.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

Never Happen Again

Video: Never Happen Again
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Sophie is pleasuring herself before bed with a rather large dildo. Unfortunately, Headmaster Tom, quiet as a cat, catches her at it. Shouting “SOPHIE,” he thoroughly surprises her. When she pleads privacy he reminds her that nothing is private at Girls Boarding School. He demands she get on her knees.

Headmaster grabs the cane and immediately begins to strike her full, plump bottom. Weeping, Sophie professes her sorrow and promises it will never happen again. She does this over and over and over and over…

Stars: Sophie, Headmaster Tom

Teasing Mr. Collins Part 2

Video: Teasing Mr. Collins Part 2
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After showing her plump red bottom to Mr. Collins satisfaction, Maggie is sent to fetch him a glass of water. But she is still up to her mischief, loading up the water with salt. Mr. Collins spits out the salted water and immediately runs to summon the Headmaster. He is very upset and will watch Maggie’s next punishment up close and personal.

The Headmaster bends Maggie over with her hands on the couch. Since she has learned nothing her next appointment will be with the paddle. The Headmaster paddles her so fiercely her knees buckle. He warns her that Mr. Collins will paddle her himself the next time she misbehaves towards him, and comments on the security guards massive arms. She apologizes again and Mr. Collins accepts it. Has she finally learned her lesson?

Stars: Maggie, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Collins

Teasing Mr. Collins Part 1

Video: Teasing Mr. Collins Part 1
Watch This Video!
The security guard, Mr. Collins, is exercising, hitting the heavy bag on the patio, when Maggie decides to secretly throw waded up paper and tennis balls at him. Then she hides. After awhile this gets to Mr. Collins and he runs to find Headmaster Tom and let him know that he is being antagonized by one of the students.

The Headmaster grabs Maggie and chastises her for her bad behavior. But, due to her recent record of good behavior, she only receives a strong hand spanking across the Headmaster’s knee. When he is finished he leads Maggie, only partially dressed, outside to apologize and so that Mr. Collins can see her bruised red bottom. He nods in satisfaction. To Be Continued.

Stars: Maggie, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Collins

On The Back

Video: On The Back
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Lisa and Gina caper down the stairs to tape a large note on the back of the Headmaster’s jacket. When he leaves in a bit of a rush, he gathers his jacket and keys and heads out the door, oblivious. But when he returns you can hear the anger in his voice when he summons both girls to the laundry room, Lisa to bring a cane and Gina, a strap.

They claim innocence when he questions them about the note which reads “idiot.” Headmaster was thoroughly humiliated at people pointed at him and he did not know why until his friends informed him of the paper on his back. The girls lame excuses are not accepted and they are made to pull down their panties for punishment.

Riding piggyback, one on the other, they are punished with the strap and the cane on their bare bottoms until welts appear. When the headmaster is finished the mischief-makers are left without their skirts, hugging and comforting one another against the wall.

Stars: Lisa, Gina, Headmaster Tom

Bad Time Memories

Video: Bad Time Memories
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We see Tina, all taunt breasts and slightly rosy bottom, in several bathing scenes using a hand-held showerhead. Interspersed are scenes of her various punishments; fully clothed, over the knee of Mr. Lewis, getting the leather tawse. We also see her crouched, trousers around her ankles; with her hands above her head; lying on a basket receiving the paddle and with her hands against the wall, vulva clearly visible.

Stars: Tina, Mr. Lewis


Video: Graffiti
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Becky’s been fingered by her two friends as the person who wrote filthy, misspelled graffiti about Mr. Lewis on the bathroom wall. For that she must be punished. Mr. Lewis puts her over his knee and gives her bottom a hard, hand spanking. The other girls sit in rapt attention, smiling slightly in anticipation of watching Becky’s bare bottom being caned. As Becky closes her eyes tightly in anticipation of the next stroke, she listens to the tap, tap, tap of the cane on her bottom. Already welts have begun to appear as Becky shows her bare red bottom to her two friends.

At the end, all three of the girls must write an essay extolling the virtues of Mr. Lewis and Girls Boarding School.

Stars: Becky, Mr. Lewis

The Archives Eve

Video: The Archives Eve
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Eve is summoned to the Headmaster’s office. When she arrives she is told immediately to bend over. The Headmaster gets up and paddles her blue-jean clad bottom. His asks questions about when she arrived home last night but determines that Eve keeps telling him lies. So he must continue to paddle her now bare bottom.

Finally she confesses to her lateness and receives three extra strokes for lying. Twenty minutes later she is still is the same position. When she is dismissed she promises to never be home late again.

Stars: Eve, Headmaster Tom