He Spanked Me for Real


Eleanor Powell

My husband spanked me fairly regularly – not because I’d done something to upset him, but because he knew I enjoyed being spanked.

But there was just one time that things were different.

This is what happened.

My record player had broken and I wanted a stereo system. Do you remember them in the 70’s? It has a record (vinyls) player, audio cassette player, and a radio-all three in one unit. I couldn’t afford a new one so I spent my time going round the local secondhand shops looking for one.

I had a phone call from one of the shop owners – she had a stereo system that was  in good condition and in my price range. It sounded good.

When my husband came home from work that evening, I proudly showed him my new possession.

However, he went very quiet and certainly lacked enthusiasm. It puzzled me why he was reacting that way, but I soon forgot about it when listening to Frank Sinatra.

I used to go dancing on a Saturday evening to our local Palais. It was on the next Saturday after buying my wonderful stereo system.

As usual, he inspected me before I went out. He liked to be sure I looked good. Then he waved me off, telling me to enjoy myself.

Some evenings were better than others – but this particular evening was one of those so-so evenings. But it didn’t matter; I was going home to my loving husband.

It was just after midnight when I got home. Something was unusual-he was normally in bed, yet this time he was up, sitting on the couch watching the telly.

I went to kiss him.

Then without warning – he grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me over his knee. Up went my skirt and down came my knickers to mid thigh. Wow! He was so masterful.

However, something was different. It wasn’t a playful titillating spanking, but one that was meant to hurt. He must have planned it because he produced a belt from under a cushion.

He brought that belt down on my poor bottom numerous times. Then while still spanking me he explained why it was happening.

He and our two daughters were planning a surprise for my birthday, which was imminent. They had purchased me a brand new super duper stereo system. When I went ahead and bought that second hand one, I ruined the surprise. So he and the girls were disappointed.

As I said, that spanking was meant to hurt and it did, although I had had many play spanking that hurt a lot more. This spanking had me in floods of tears. I was full of remorse and so sorry I had hurt my loving family.

I apologised.

He kissed away the tears and rubbed a soothing cream into my sore bottom.

Then we went to bed and as we were both turned on – we had a lovely session.

All was soon back to normal. But I now knew that my loving husband could and would spank me for real if he thought it was necessary.

This very thought gave me a thrill.

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