Special Treatment — Mood Pictures

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Title: Special Treatment
Studio: Mood Pictures

Somewhere in Eastern Europe is factory that produces attractive women of a certain make and model. They are brown-haired and thin. They tend to be between short and average height. Though petite, they are by no means flat-chested. They run a solid B or C cup. They tend to have little, if any, extra junk in the trunk.

For the movie Special Treatment, Mood Pictures appears to have ordered 4-5 of these women. Each one gets strapped or caned. Not spanked, mind you. In this movie, the hand is only used for holding implements.

The caning sessions in this film are like whippings. Stroke after stroke after swift, measured, deadly stroke. The blows leave marks. They create stripes. They raise welts. The canings turn these poor little rear-ends about 18 different shades of black, blue, red and purple.

The background to this movie is that five attractive young women end up incarcerated in a cell together. They are in a special prison where inmates get shorter terms for agreeing to accept corporal punishment as part of their sentences.

The movie has dialogue in Hungarian. It has subtitles in English that are occasionally readable and possibly even informative. It has a plot about misbehavior and loyalty (or lack thereof), should you choose to try and follow it.

But mostly, the movie has harsh punishment of attractive women, who, despite their apparent spartan-like incarceration, are well-coiffed and have had their make-up applied like, well, actresses. These young women may be locked up under brutal conditions, but nobody has any bad hair days in this prison.

The film is made up of five distinct sequences. In session one, a pretty and petite young lady with light-brown ringlets gets stripped naked and strapped with a doubled-up leather belt. She cries out as the blows strike, struggling to maintain her composure. At the end, she wipes away the tears that she had tried to hold back.

In sequence two, another petite and pretty young brunette is strapped down naked, and she is harshly caned. She counts each blow, and there are many. Her bottom gets striped. Her voice breaks. Her body heaves. Her cries erupt. At the end, she laboriously gasps air into her exhausted lungs.

As a side note, there is lots of forced undressing this movie. In one scene, for example, two newbies show delicious embarrassment as they remove their street clothing during intake and try to cover their beautiful nudity with their arms.

In the third punishment scene, one of the newbies, again a brunette, petite and very well made-up, gets tied up and strapped on her little rear end. She moans, gasps and cries out wonderfully.

The fourth punishment scene is my favorite. Another naked and well-coiffed beauty is tied down and caned. This one is a bit curvier and darker-haired than the others. She is also less able to handle the punishment. She sobs and cries out loudly after the only a few cane strokes. And the strokes keep coming.

The young woman cries like a baby, loudly and without dignity. She struggles energetically but futilely against the bonds that hold her. You get the impression that she would run away if she could.

After her intense caning, there’s a short but very sexy scene in which the naked girl is taken outside into the snow and pushed down into it. Her hands are tied, and she’s led around helplessly, as if on a leash.

There’s a fifth caning scene of, yes, a naked, petite brunette. I’d have thought she’d been caned before, since she looks like the others. But her bottom is unmarked at the beginning of the session, so it’s just hard to tell the spankees apart.

This pretty young woman cries out loudly with each cane stroke. She sobs her heart out dramatically. She virtually collapses against the wooden structure to which she’s tied. When her caning is done, the unhappy girl keens pitifully, still weeping as she struggles to dress herself.

In sum, if you want to see young, attractive, fashionista-types get stripped, bound, strapped and caned while they cry and wail helplessly (and be honest, who doesn’t), then this is a great movie for you.

Watch the caning here!

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