Carol’s Second Spanking

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Starring: Carol and Ted

Approximate Running Time: 32.23 minutes

Carol had received a very severe spanking the night before; however, the next morning she was due to go home, but instead she asked Ted to give her another hard spanking.

Lying over his knee the spanking begins

He kept asking her if she was sure that was what she wanted and she insisted that it was.

So she drapes herself over his knee and the spanking begins.

At first he gives her a warm up hand spanking that she takes without a murmur. By the time he pulls her knickers down to her knees, revealing a very red and sore looking bottom, she is wriggling about and begging him to stop.

The tears start

He points out that the spanking, especially only hours after the previous one, was her idea.

Such a sore bottom

So he carries on spanking her, turning her already red bottom into an even redder one each time his hand makes contact with her sore bottom.

As the spanking continues, the tears fall fast and she is screaming and pleading with him.

In order to test her, he orders her to thank him after each spank and ask him to spank her again. There is a battle of wills before she gives in and asks for and receives ten more spanks.

A hug and all is forgiven

Eventually, her ordeal is over and he gently rubs a soothing cream all over her sore hot bottom.

He hugs her and she promises to be a good girl in future.

Spanking Tutorial

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Ariele Cole as Karen
Bobbie Tawse as Bobbie
Steve Logan as Mitchell

Approximate Running Time: 45.26 minutes

Listen up girls – are you longing for the man in your life to haul you over his knee lift your dress and bare your bottom?

How can she get him to spank her

Have you tried to tell him how being spanked turns you on big time, but he just doesn’t get it?

He's taking lessons

Do you purposely act like a cheeky brat hoping for some action, but you usually end up feeling let down and frustrated?

Or are you afraid to tell him of your inner longings, in case he thinks you’re kinky and – not normal?

Answering yes to one or more of these questions – don’t worry, you are not on your own, in fact there are millions of us with the same needs and feelings – in every part of the world.

Well let me tell you what I did.

could this be her lucky day

I asked my new husband to watch this movie with me. I was able to pause it if I needed to explain something.

Did it work?

He even uses the hairbrush

Well, I’m sat on a cushion while writing this – but with a smirky grin on my face.

So, go on watch the movie, maybe you will get more than you bargained for. I hope so for you.


I <3 Annabelle.

When she gets up in numbers she miscounts but the dom missed it. I’m guessing he was distracted.

Spanking Video Review – The Butler Did Them

Spanking Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Angela Faith, Jazmine Lei and Butch Simms

Approximate Running Time: 56.25 minutes

Angela enjoys playing Lady of the Manor.

However, Simms her butler is not too happy as his last month’s salary check bounced.

To appease him, she says she’s going to the bank to draw money for him.

While she is out, her new maid Jazmine finds Angela’s purse and fearing she too may not be paid, stuffs a £5 note down her bra.

Simms comes into the room and sees her doing it. Telling her he can’t allow her to steal from her mistress; he puts her over his knee and spanks her. It is a long drawn out spanking that evidently turns them both on big time.

She takes a spanking on her pretty bottom.

So that when Angela returns from the bank – she finds her staff having it off on her couch.

Sucking cock after spanking.

She rants and raves at them both. Jazmine the maid blames Simms and he defends himself – saying that as she is not paying him – due to the checks he receives, bouncing, he feels he has the right to get some pleasure from life.

She then orders him to get on with his duties.

Once he leaves the room, she puts Jazmine over her knee and starts turning the young girl’s beautiful bottom into a blazing inferno, this is in order to teach her a lesson – her first day in a new job and she is already causing trouble.

The mistress spanking the maid

Hearing the commotion, Simms comes to investigate and sees his mistress spanking poor Jazmine, who is squirming about and squealing.

He decides to turn the tables on his mistress and she finds herself lying over his knee.

Soon her bottom is a deep cherry red.

It turns into a sexy spanking inspired romp.

He suggests to Jazmine that she gets her own back for the spanking she has received from her mistress. So now, Angela is being spanked by her butler and maid.

It doesn’t take too long before the three of them are enjoying a romp on the couch. There is a lot of cock sucking and fucking doggy style.

A good time was had by all.

Punishment Book


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Lizzy Madison and David Pearl

Approximate Running Time: 42.18 minutes



David arrives home from work to find Lizzy reclining on the couch watching a jewellery channel on the TV.




He's got her over his knee

Oh dear, she’s in big trouble. The arrangement when they moved in together was that he’d go out to work each day, while she’d stay home and play house – cooking, cleaning and very importantly pay the bills on time.

knickers down to mid thigh


Now she’s spent the whole day watching the advertising programmes on the television. The dirty dishes are still in the sink.  And has she paid the bills? She tries to lie her way out of trouble – but it doesn’t work with him.


After lecturing her, he puts her over his knee for a prolonged and painful spanking. Her cute little bottom is soon turned into a raging inferno.


Eventually after quite a bit of backchat from her, she is genuinely sorry and promises to do better in future.


He then instructs her to get out the ‘Punishment Book.’ She has to write the date at the top of a clean page. Then she has to write how she was punished – for how long and why she was punished.

Writing in the Punishment Book


David then gives her a kiss and a cuddle – all is forgiven for the time being.

Spanking Video Review – The Bad Wife

Spanking Studio: British Discipline

Approximate Running Time: 54.41 minutes

This movie is broken into five separate scenarios.

Scenario One

Elizabeth has been brought to the UK by her husband – now a few months later, he’s not at all satisfied with her.

He accuses her of being lazy – she has made no effort to contact the neighbours or attend classes to enable her to learn English.

Therefore, he decides to teach her a lesson that he hopes will get through to her.

Telling her to remove her trousers and knickers, means he has to do it for her as she doesn’t understand what it is he wants of her.

Elizabeth gets a spanking

Putting her over his knee, he proceeds to hand spank her. This is followed by his using a leather paddle on her by now sore bottom. Finishing with using the cane.

Scenario Two

Victoria has lost her job but not told her husband. However, he finds out when the Credit Card Statement arrives. She says the outstanding balance is £900 but he calls her a liar, as he knows it’s £1 600.

Lying makes for more spanking

He gives her a long hard spanking. First otk on her bare bottom, with his hand. Progressing to using the leather paddle and finally with the cane.

Scenario Three

Spanking as corporal punishment

She goes out of the house each morning, not returning until the late afternoon – then telling him she’s spent the day job hunting – when he discovers she’s lying to him, he again spanks her.

Scenario Four

Spanking her sore bare bottom

Victoria has forgotten to buy the tea; he’s hungry and was looking forward to his sausage rolls.

He gives her another spanking – and after using the cane on her, he gives her six extra strokes for being insolent.

Scenario Five

Once more, Victoria is on the receiving end of a severe spanking and caning.

Taking a fierce caning

For the otk spanking enthusiast, this movie has plenty of it. Enjoy!

Spanking Video Review – Enforcing the Rules

Spanking Studio: Strictly English

Starring: Christina and Julia

Approximate Running Time: 49.33 minutes

Julia and her best friend Christina have been shown around a flat and they are in full agreement that it will be great for them. So, they arrange with the landlord to move in a week on Tuesday.

However, living together proves to be a true test of their friendship.

They are supposed to share the housework and cooking, but Julia becomes exasperated with Christina when she does not pull her weight. Therefore, in order to sort out who does what and when, she draws up a rota. Breaking the rules will be punishable. She has appropriated a wooden spoon that she christens The Enforcer, and places it on top of the fridge as a reminder. And, the list of rules and rota are stuck on the fridge door.

Yet it’s Julia who breaks the rules and Christina has the irksome task of spanking her friend.

She is so humiliated when Christina sends her to the kitchen to get The Enforcer.

Julia is on the receiving end of the spanking

Lying over Christina’s knee, she receives a warm up spanking delivered by hand on her bare bottom – once her normally smooth white bottom had been turned into a very sore red bottom, she was then introduced to The Enforcer.

Julia goes on to break even more rules; she borrows Christina’s skirt without asking and on another occasion borrows Christina’s car and leaves the car in the middle of town, because she’d had too much to drink.

Christina puts Julia in OTK spanking again

When sent to the kitchen to get The Enforcer, she returns to the lounge with a cane, which Christina uses to stripe her bottom after the customary warm up spanking.

After the caning, she promises to do better in future.

Spanking Video Review – Molly Gets Spanked

Studio: Dominant Divas

Starring: Rick and Molly

Approximate Running Time: 30.00 minutes

Molly is hot – very hot. She’s feeling so randy.

Lying on the bed, her legs wide open and knees up to her chin. She starts pleasuring herself by pulling aside the crutch of her knickers and using the middle finger of her right hand to play with her clit.

However, this doesn’t do a lot for her, so she brings out a large vibrator and pushes the head of it deep into her pussy. She is very close to cumming, when her partner Rick comes home early.

The vibrator slides into her pussy

He wants some of that pussy juice, but he puts aside his own desires and takes over pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Then to add a bit more spice to their foreplay, he puts her over his knee and spanks her. There is quite a lot of changing of position – even when they move into the sixty-nine position; he still carries on spanking her.

Some mutual foreplay

His stiff cock is in her mouth, while her blonde head is bobbing up and down, as she sucks and licks from the tip to the base.

Two happy and satisfied people

Holding her head in position, he tells her that he’s going to come all over her face. Withdrawing his cock from her hot little mouth, he comes – over her face, neck and tits.

They are two very happy people.

Spanking Video Review – Best of British Spanking 17

Spanking Studio: Bizarre Video
Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes

In this video, you are going to see several different scenarios of naughty girls receiving the spankings that they have so asked for.

The first story is about Rose – she’s a maid, with a liking for a tipple.

She has just poured herself a generous glass full of the golden liquid and has raised it to her eager lips – when her boss enters the room.

He’s seen enough and she tries to convince him that she poured it for him. He doesn’t believe her and gives her a choice – accept a spanking or be fired.

The spanking is going to happen

She is shocked at the suggestion and all but calls him a pervert.

After a great deal of arguing with him, she eventually ends up over his knee for an otk spanking. Which progresses to him spanking her on her bare bottom.

When his hand is tired and his arm is aching – he lays out an assortment of implements – that will make it less painful for him. He gives her the choice of which instrument to use on her poor sore bottom. As she doesn’t know a paddle from a flogger, she chooses a tawse.

Scenario Number Two

Just a playful spanking before work

She’s getting ready for work, but her loving husband decides that it would be a good idea to give her a sore bottom, so that as she is sitting doing her work, she’ll be constantly reminded of him.

Another Scenario

Two very naughty schoolgirls have been found out – they cheated in an exam.

Simultaneous Spankings

The headmaster sees it as his duty to punish them. He uses several spanking implements on their bare bottoms. He soon has them squealing and squirming about as their creamy unblemished bottoms turn pink, then a very sore looking red. The use of the cane leaves a lasting impression on them, with blue white lines criss-crossing their sore and tender cheeks.

Now the Scene Changes Again

Spanking by proxy

This time Sister Ellis is responsible for the actions of her junior nursing staff. A patient has made a serious complaint and she has to accept a corporal punishment on their behalf.

You will see her shapely bottom turned into a bright blazing red.

Her staff had better watch out

At the end of the spanking, she is going to pass the message on to her staff.

Spanking Video Review – New Domestic Discipline 2

Studio: British Spanking
Starring: Lucy and Brian Mellish
Approximate Running Time: 37.58 minutes

Lucy has overslept. She hurriedly gets dressed and then goes off to school.

It’s late afternoon and she’s home from school. Uncle Brian is waiting for her.

He’s not a happy Uncle Brian. The Headmaster has been in touch about Lucy’s poor performance at school. Therefore, he has already been in contact with her parents – they live in Singapore. Her father has given Uncle Brian permission to deal with her in his absence and that’s just what he’s going to do.

He sends her to her room, with strict instructions to do some homework. And she is to report back to him at 8 pm.

He positions her for otk spanking

At the allotted time, she is standing in front of him in her school uniform. Abruptly, he tells her she is to receive a very severe spanking. He wastes no further time, but pulls her over his knee.

Initially, he spanks her on top of her knickers – that give her very little protection from the sting of his hard hand. Then her navy blue knickers are pulled down to her ankles and the spanking continues on her bare bottom.

He shows her no mercy. His job is to give her a darned good spanking.

After the hand spanking, he moves on to using a hand made leather tawse on her.

The tawse makes her bare bottom more sore

The tawsing makes her poor bare bottom even more sore than it was after the hand spanking.

However, he still isn’t satisfied with the spanking – she is told to undress completely ready for a caning.

He looks over his spanking work

As the whippy cane bites into her already tender flesh, the tears start. He insists that she thanks him after each stroke.

Punishment over, he examines her and is pleased with himself and considers it a job well done.

She is sent to bed. He comes in to her room to kiss her goodnight.