The Scorned Cheerleader — Kelly Payne Collection

cheerleader spanking

Sandi is a young and pretty latina with golden skin and hair to match. She’s petite, but her rear end is beautifully curvy. Robyn (think that’s her name) is an attractive, light-skinned, young African-American woman. Both are cheeleaders on the same squad.

Robyn confronts Sandi for ruining her outfit. Both young women are wearing cheerleader garb. Sandi denies it at first. The two girls are both mouthy and full of street swag. They are in each others’ faces as they jaw back and forth.

Eventually Sandi admits to ruining the outfit, but “admit” is funny word here. Sandi boasts of doing it. She’s proud of it. She’s glad she did. “What are you going to do about it?” Sandi challenges, a taunting smile on her face.

Robyn calls Sandi’s bluff. “I’ll tell the coach and get you kicked off the squad,” she responds.

The threat works. “No, wait,” pleads Sandi. “I’ve worked hard for this. Don’t tell the coach. I’ll do anything.”

“A spanking,” says Robyn.

“What, just a spanking?” replies Sandi incredulously. “Then we’re even?” She can’t believe how easy she’s getting off. As she later finds out, though, she couldn’t be more wrong.

Robyn pulls Sandi down hard over her knee. This is just the start of a long, hard spanking that is neither gentle nor respectful toward the spankee.

Robyn flips up Sandi’s skirt. She begins both spanking and lecturing. Robyn lectures to the cadence of the spanks, and vice versa. “Lit-tle San-Di, lit-tle San-di” she says, with a hard, staccato blow for each syllable.

Then Sandi is roughly hustled to her feet. “Take off your dress,” Robyn orders.

“What are you talking about,” Sandi responds. There’s some resistance about the dress, but eventually Sandi complies. She’s still mouthy, though. “Then we’ll be even,” Sandi says, still trying to dictate the terms of the bargain.

Next comes more over-the-knee spanking. Sandi talks, and Robyn orders her to be quiet. Robyn continues with rhythmic swats and lectures: “spoiled brat … did I say talk?”

But Sandi remains mouthy, still trying to assert the terms of the bargain. “Are we done? Is this it? “Are we even?

“Shut up,” Robyn replies. Then follows more hard spanks, more lecturing, more “poor little Sandi” sarcasm.

Robyn even ties a scarf around Sandi’s mouth, telling her that she talks too much. Another scarf is tied around Sandi’s wrists. It’s done roughly, with continued lecturing.

“What are you doing?” demands the still mouthy Sandi.
“Shut up, ” replies Robyn.

Robyn exposes Sandi’s cute butt by giving her a hard wedgie during spanking. Then the undies come off entirely.

Robyn makes Sandi kneel on a wooden seat and lean over a desk. Robyn starts using implements on Sandi’s reddenning rear end — a wooden paddle, a black strap. The blows are hard. Sandi is a bit moaning now, no longer mouthy.

Then Sandi is hustled to her feet again. “Arms up”, Robyn orders. Sandi complies. Robyn yanks off Sandi’s shirt and bra, roughly as usual. Cute, little, golden-skinned Sandi is now completely nude. It’s a beautiful sight, but there’s no time to drink it in. Sandi is pushed harshly back over the desk, wrists bound again, for more paddling.

The session continues. Robyn complains that she’s “hot” and gets half-undressed herself. Sandi has stopped talking now. No more trying to dictate the terms of the agreement. Now we just hear her moaning and breathing hard. Even Robyn quiets down. The blows continue. It’s intense and intimate.

When Robyn fianlly stops spanking, she grabs Sandi by the hair and virtually throws her against wall. Sandi collapses into a sitting crouch and looks up. Her eyes are big and fear-filled. Robyn lectures her some more. Sandi nods submissively, amid some sniffling.

The movie ends, but it doesn’t. The camera continues running. We see a few moments of behind-the-scenes footage of the set. We hear the voice of Kelly Payne yelling direction at the someone. We see and hear Sandi and Robyn talking briefly together as co-workers, fellow actresses. It’s actually fascinating, but it ends quickly and goes to black. Sadly, this hot and sexy video is then truly over.