I have bottomed the best

While I enjoy working as a model for my own company, I stopped working for others in 2007 and one of the main reasons was I had been spanked by the best. I can think of a few more men I’d like to be spanked by but as far as women – with the exception of Dana Sphect who only spanked me off camera at a Shadowlane party where people were lining up to get over her knee-I have been spanked by some of the hottest players in the industry. I remember when I did my first video for Bobbie Tawse and there was a short scene where she spanked me. I can’t remember what I did to deserve it but Bobbie spanked very hard and since she was my director on the shoot I wasn’t about to cut. She didn’t go that long as I think she could sense we were at the edge of my limit and and she was most considerate but after the shoot I was telling people “Bobbie is a really hard spanker.” Their reaction was “Um, Yeah- you should have done your homework”

I knew it was going to hurt with Kelly Payne and I was up for it. She spanked me with her little hand that packs a wallop, hairbrushes and paddles. It helps that Kelly compliments your “luscious ass” between takes and at the end of the shoot I would have let Kelly do anything she wanted to me and I’m not even bisexual. Now that’s a spanking! Sorry guys- all Kelly wanted to do was get to the next scene where Anastasia Pierce got it long and hard!

Lana is one of my models that people are dying to see me spank and me have never explored that territory but before I ride the Lana ride again- we will. She is the space mountain of spanking as you are hurled all over the place and barely have time to catch your breath. She makes you laugh a lot as well so it’s a challenge not to hyperventilate. You get the most amazing endorphin rush from a Lana spanking and I know just what my models are going through when they buck and kick over her knee. I love being behind the camera when Lana works her magic but it may be a while before I grow the balls to get over her knee again.

Recently I have been surrendering the booty to Miss Chris for scene on a few of my sites. She is so skilled and fair you really feel like she is the absolute right person to be issuing the correction, and she is going to take you past your threshold in a safe and sane way. I love to have Miss Chris play characters like a cop or a hardworking mom as i feel she is exudes an upstanding citizen vibe, and her spankings help me grow as a person. Maybe that is why so many people seek real life counsel from Miss Chris. I am sure she could have been a judge but i am so glad she’s a domina.

I’ll end this piece with fond memories of Chelsea Pfeiffer. Although I haven’t been spanked by Chelsea lately, we are proud of the video collection we have together. While our true chemistry is as switches, she is a harder spanker than I am and when she had me over her knee I always knee two things. One- I was getting a great spanking and secondly, we were making fans happy. I also switched with the gorgeous Veronica Daniels and a switch video with a broad my age my favorite thing to work on. And as Kelly would say, when I get a cougar over my knee she always has “A luscious ass.” I mean that with no disrespect to the gorgeous little cupcakes I have switched with thru the years, some who really tear up Momma Clare’s ass, but that’s a different subject and I’ll write about it when I have a few drinks down the hatch to ease the special humiliaition that comes from being spanked by a 21 year old…


My Real Life Spanking Pleasure

When I have a boyfriend, which isn’t very often, I will quickly get round to introducing him to my vanilla friends.  One of the main purposes in having a boyfriend is that you have someone to do things with.  You  are no longer that awkward third wheel your friends are trying to set up with someone “super nice” who has no car. My last boyfriend was very eager to go out and do things as a couple but then I discovered, it wasn’t him- I really just don’t like going out. That’s why running 6 websites from my home is so great for me.  Naturally my friends who know what I do will start to ask the spanking questions.  “So does she spank you?”  A drunk buddy will say at a party to my new boyfriend.  You can tell non spankos a million times  you prefer to be spanked in real life – it doesn’t matter.  You take a couple of thousand photos of you in heels, holding a paddle, it sticks, go figure.  The boyfriend, even though he would secretly love me to spank him willl say “No way, dude” and then later that night lay a misplaced whack somewhere between my tailbone and kidneys to refute my drunk friend’s comment.  Then I just remind my new boyfriend that i see spanking all day, don’t need it in real life. Goodnight, love.

surprise ass spanking

But it’s so nice to have it.  There is an exiting humiliation when someone refuses to believe you can take or leave a spanking. Six freaking websites and even if he has never spanked anyone before he will do his homework and give you what he knows you need.  It is very hard to act as though you’re tired of spanking when you’re over someone’s knee, squirming, rubbing your hand over their ankle until the next swat makes everything bounce in the air. As long as they don’t get  too carried away with an implement they have never seen before, you very much enjoy being topped.  I don’t know if other models feel the same way, but there is something very sexy about being “busted” Maybe that would be a good video when one models finds out another has been doing a little more than bikini pictures this summer. Turns out she saw something on the web.  As a friend of her family’s she thinks it’s best the girl tells her parents, but there’s always another way they can work it out.  Alright, back to the fantasy but as ’09 is not over, I vow to explore more in reality.

Clare Fonda ass spanking

Spanking Postions

As a producer I get a lot of mail requesting various positions and while most viewers seem to feel that bottoms are great any way you look at them, they do seem to have their favorites.  I get a lot of requests for the diaper position and we rarely show it as it seems to be a hard one to spank from and not so traditional.  Since I also do an erotic diaper site I have tried to incorporate this position more on there.  I have nothing against it and I will say as a sub it feels wonderful, but as a domme I just don’t have the coordination to give a girl a good, long hard spanking with her legs up in the air.  This is something I will investigate further and I will say Leia-Ann Woods is very diaper-position friendly!  I hope she’s not cross at me for saying that.  Oh yes, I forgot – I’m the domme- on your back, girl – toes pointed.

Doggie style is a hot one with the model giving us a great view of everything when she is on her hands and knees, offering herself with very little cushion on her bottom and this spanking produces some great reactions.  Once when I shot Kailee she said this was her favorite position and the Cameraman took full advantage.  A tough girl like Kailee will keep herself firmly planted and take her whacks but I flew across the room after a blow from Miss Chris- fear as much as force  Some girls make better doggies than others!

Bent over a chair or the couch is popular and I feel best to do at the end of a shoot once the model trusts you.  I think it can look effective on video if you deliver sold whacks.  Amber Pixie Wells and Kailee are two girls who I have had nice scenes with while they are bent over the end of my bed taking it hard with a hairbrush. They are two models who need things taken to a higher level so they can find the right head-space.

OTK on the bed is popular as it is common and intimate to spank someone in their bedroom no matter what type of spanking this is. This is a favorite though for a mother/daughter settings when mom or aunty comes into the bedroom, lectures and then spanks.  I also love when someone is peeking through the door. I would think it is thrilling to be on the subby end of the spanking with someone watching in a subtle manner.

over the kneeOf course, our viewers tend to go for OTK on a hard-backed, armless chair more than anything. I like this as a top as it helps my posture and I also like it as a producer because if girl has an ounce of lazy in her she won’t be able to pull off an effective scene. Most models want to pull off best scene possible and a hardworking model will enjoy being on camera so much that she will kick and wiggle and make sure we see her pretty face.  The fact that girls can do this while the scene really hurts, just shows that fetish modeling is not an easy gig.  Enjoy the shot of Lana and Ace. I shot there scene a week ago and am still buzzing from it

Clare Fonda Likes A Can Do Attitude

Brea Bennet, who now works with Jenna Jameson, played a great spanking scene

Brea Bennet, who now works with Jenna Jameson, played a great spanking scene

One of the most important things a spanking model has to have, as well as a hot ass,  is a set of limits.  I always tell a girl when I recommend them for a job to make their limits clear to other producers, in the politest way possible. For example, “I don’t do M/f spanking, not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

All producers have different needs but since we have five sites we often end up working with a model who does it all – topping , subbing, F/f, M/f,& F/m spanking, being okay with hairbrushes, paddles and the willingness to experiment with a little anal goes a long way. That being said if a model sends me her pictures and says she just likes a good spanking, I am liable to hire her.

A classroom video, for example, is a perfect setting for no other nudity than a bare bottom and to work without so many elements considered porn instead of fetish. I have no problem being called a pornographer, but some of our naughty girls clench their legs together so their pussies are hidden and if that is their limit I gladly work around it.  It means I may only be able to use this girl on all my sites but I will recommend her highly for what she is right for.

I think spanking models are fabulous and there’s also something fun about training a porn actress to be a spanking model.  This girl may not even like spanking but the shoots are engaging and limits are respected, so they get a good impression of our world, even if they don’t like being spanked. What I care about more than anything is that she works hard and appreciates the job- and if she can handle that she may just find herself on the receiving end of a damn good spanking, and chances are she’ll be wanting more.  I feel as if I pushed, but still respected limits, and I can sleep at night.

English Rose Sophie Dee is spanked by Mum on her bum

English Rose Sophie Dee is spanked by Mum on her bum

Clare Fonda Likes A "Can-Do Attitude."

Clare Fonda Likes A "Can-Do Attitude."

You Asked For It! Clare Fonda’s Top Five Female Victims!

clare uses the paddle

clare uses the paddle

I am not a sadist. I am an actress who has moments of sadism. I think to be an actress you have to have much more masochism in your blood! It’s such fun to spank and Amber Pixie Wells, a Sarah Gregory or an Abigail Whittaker who you feel is loving life over your knee. That being said there are some females who I would not want to like spanking -just to need and deserve one. Here’s my top five hit list of women who would bring out the beast in me, special thanks to Brushstrokes for inspiring me on this fun article.

Gisele Bundchen, supermodel – Just because I am happy with my own body doesn’t mean I’m not jealous of hers- but I don’t want to spank every super model in town. It’s just they way she’s been parading another woman’s baby around as if it’s her own- It doesn’t help that her quarterback hubby left the baby momma while she was knocked up. Giselle is probably an great stepmom I just think that she needs to show more restraint in front of the paparazzi. My recommendation: A nice warm up on her pert bum and 50 strokes with the Mason Pearson..

Amy Winehouse, singer- Amy is so incredibly talented she just needs a maintenance spanking or a thrashing if she falls off the wagon. I want to be listening to her music for a long time so if she were to get as skinny as she did last year or even consider getting back together with her lack of soulmate, Blake Fielder Civil, I’d have to have her boney buns OTK. Amy is so so self deprecating in her songs that she is probably quite submissive, but I think the belt scares the hell out of most. Reccommendation: A light warm up then ten hard strokes with a big thick belt (not one of hers) and chasing her around with it if she won’t settle down.

Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate plus 8, Mega Mom, – I know you’re thinking, “Why not Octomom?” when it comes to baby factories but Kate is just so arrogant. Then again if I had that many kids I’d be yelling at my husband, too. Maybe it’s John who needs the spanking for running around on her lately. Kate just seems to think she’s so tough and she loves to be in the limelight so maybe she’d go for a spanking at first. I have a feeling I’d have to get her drunk and then pounce on her ass, tell her it would be her secret and probably not make it hurt as Kate looks like she would deck me. Hey wait a minute- this woman had 8 babies- she can take some pain. 100 strokes with the paddle….plus eight!

Implements: A bottle of Southern Comfort and Pepsi, leather paddle

Jessica Simpson – Jessica looks great at any weight but there are too many women in Hollywood who are binge eating, not working out and then claiming they prefer that lifestyle. Jess needs a little discipline and if her quarterback boyfriend (okay, I clearly have issues with chicks who date quarterbacks. I’ll own it) can’t do it I think I need to step in and spank whatever is hanging out of the very tight daisy dukes and take it all the way down to the bare with a wooden spoon. A Southern girl like Jessica should know this means business. Maybe she should be sent to get a switch. Are you ready, boots?

Implements: Wooden spoon and switch

Carrie Prejean, Miss California – Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on gay marriage, but I am embarrassed that someone representing my state in a competition got so far with hers. The fact that she has even done some Public Service Announcements against gay marriage makes me want to step it up a notch. Carrie was busted showing her boobs, which almost made me forgive her, but I prefer to believe the gossip that says she was a diva backstage and take it out on her ass. Donald Trump may find her lovely,and that’s another butt I’d like to beat, but let’s not ruin the mental image of me holding Carrie’s long blonde hair at the roots (I’m a pro) and beating her buns with the “Attitude Adjuster” paddle, followed by the makeup scrubbed off her face and her mouth washed out with soap. I think even a gay man could get off on this!!

Implements: Wooden paddle, bar of soap

Clare Fonda spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford

Clare Fonda spanks Amelia Jane Rutherford

Clare Fonda Spanking Fantasy

Clare Fonda Is Hot

The kind of woman I think most deserves spanking would have to be the freeloading friend, with “rude waitress” coming in at a close second. I have no problem with a slow or even downright incompetent servers as long as they are polite but it’s the LA babe that gives you the “I’m just waiting tables until I get my sitcom” vibe that I want to strap while she slaves over a grill.. While there is a lot of bad service in Southern California, and they never get a penny over 15% from me, let’s go back to the freeloading friend.

I rarely tell anyone I produce adult content, not that I ashamed at all, but some people think we are all rolling around nekkid in piles of cash. They don’t know there are only so many production companies and a plethora of talent, particularly in Los Angeles.

I would say the average spanking shoot pays between $300-$500 and the models work hard for their check. While there is good money to be made in production, there is only so much for handouts, so next time one of my very pretty actress friends whines for money so she can make her rent, I’ll ask her to earn it.

“I can’t do porn,’ she’ll tell me, “I’m trying to get on soap operas.”

Having had enough of her drama, I’ll offer: “Okay, we can turn the cameras off- just you and me.” Since she’s desperate she just may say yes and this will be a spanking for her own good. One that reminds her that I work hard for my money and so should she. The jeans can stay on for a while but when I have given her the minimal warm up they are coming down, followed by the panties. After all, it’s just us – and by now she’s wishing she just asked her parents like she did last month. “I didn’t know you spanked so hard in your videos,” she’ll say.

Maybe she should have taken the time to go onto a website or two but it’s too late now -out comes the paddle – nothing that big but thick and wooden. Kind of sneaky, actually, though this is a good lesson . “I’m going to give you fifty hard ones with this paddle and then we are even. You don’t need to pretend to be saving up to pay me back and I will get the feeling that I truly helped you, not enabled you. “After the last whack on her very sore and red bottom, probably marked as it is not used to discipline at all, my friend will zip up her jeans and tearfully beg that I keep this between us. I tell her I have already forgotten about it, and judging from the way she is is rubbing the seat of her pants, I got my money’s worth, so no hard feelings, just one long, hard spanking between friends.

This is what a free-loading ass looks like!

freeloading ass
bratt ass

Clare’s Corner


Top Five I’d like Topping Me.

I’ve been working some more M/f into my shoots recently and you can bet when some handsome male top is on the set it’s “Step aside, Miss 21 year old model. Momma’s here.” I recently came up with some twisted plot that got me some great laptime with James Mitchell on Spanked Call Girls and it got me thinking of a very special to do list:

5.Gale Howard- This is the actor who plays Teri Hatcher’s boyfriend on Desperate Housewives but I was thinking about him spanking me when he starred on Queer as Folk. Although he played a gay man his character was so stuck up, I believed in my heart of hearts that Gale Howard was gay for pay. I would dream about how I would lovingly tease him about being gay (Please stay off my back, G.L.A.D. I adore gay men!) and punish me and prove he wasn’t with a lecherous spanking. I am so glad that this sexy actor is fully recovered from his recent motorcycle accident, got that shoulder all healed up and he can get back to work in my fantasies.

4. Edward Furlong – This is a guilty pleasure I know because Edward self destructed after T2 and deserves a bloody good hiding but if anyone besides me saw Detroit Rock City I absolutely love the scene where he takes off his belt with the huge KISS buckle and beats the guys’ ass while they play Ozzy Osbourne’s rendition of Black Sabbath’s Iron man. Talk about Heavy Metal!

3. Mickey Rourke- Just making it clear this is Mickey in 91/2 Weeks, Angel Heart or even Blue Orchid, not the Mickey of “The Wreslter” I don’t want Randy The Ram anywhere near my ass but I do adore Mickey and the way he treats his dogs! I’d be his bitch.

2. Josh Brolin – looks a little like my boyfriend. He has such sexy voice. I’d want to backtalk a lot so I could hear his voice while he spanked me. This fantasy always ends with Diane Lane, his gorgeous wife, walking in the room and rolling her eyes. I remember her getting a few swats from Olivier Martinez in the movie Unfaithful so I’d probably want her to tell me about that after she bitch slapped me.

1. Guy Pearce – This Austrailian actor has never had the success he deserved, but God -if he would come work for my websites he’d be a big star. Guy is a bit bony these days for my tastes but he looked so hot and healthy as Detective Ed Exley in LA Confidential. Cops in uniforms please leave me alone, but cops in suits, good cops in suits, make me want to get my ass paddled right out of a misdemeanor.

Clare Fonda Joins Spanking.com

Some great news – Clare Fonda will be joining our little community here.

Clare needs little introduction – she’s starred in Shadowlane stuff, worked with the some of the most prominent tops, bottoms, and producers in the industry, and is operator of a full quiver of her own spanking sites…

We’re very excited because Clare has a lot of experience, and a ton of personality.

Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring her contributions, as well as that of many other guest writers. We’d love to tell you who the others are, but we’re keeping it secret for now. All we can say is that some of them, like Clare, are probably your favorite spanking stars/producers.
We’ll be running Clare’s first contribution tomorrow!