A Valentine’s Day Free Spanking Video Special


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Spanking.com is offering their entire library for free between 4 and 6 PM Eastern Standard Time, February 14th.

Spanking.com Valentines Day Free Porn MinutesVisitors will have free access to all of the streaming pay-per-minute spanking video content from 4pm to 6pm after age verification.

But why give away streaming video on Valentine’s Day? It’s all about safety. A lot of people will be going out on dates, even though it is a Monday night. Collectively, that’s a lot of stress and pressure out there on the streets. All we’re saying is, don’t go out with a loaded gun.

Of course not everyone will be going out on Valentine’s Day. Couples that stay in are encouraged to expand their horizons on Spanking.com.

Consumer Corner

Finally someone wrote to defend the spanking schoolgirl genre. Kelly likes it. Her husband does, too, and we know they’re not the only ones. Kelly thinks there’s a lot of dramatic and erotic potential in the power imbalance between faculty and student.

Thanks, Kelly — you’re articulate, and your feedback is much appreciated. That said, I want to know why you (or anyone else) gets excited by the student/teacher power imbalance. I’m asking because, personally, it’s my least favorite part of school girl videos.

In the spanker/spankee relationship, I don’t want the power imbalance to be completely one-sided. At least, not at first. I like to see a spankee who has power and authority in her own right. When that power and authority is present, it makes the subsequent spanking that reduces her to helplessness that much sexier.

The power and it’s removal is one reason why it’s more satisfying to see beautiful women spanked than it is to see the same punishment meted out to less attractive girls. If women in our society are valued for their physical beauty, it follows that more attractive women are more valued, and therefore more powerful, than less attractive women. The same is true of wealthy men versus poor men.

Of course, beauty is not the only factor that confers power on a woman. In The Long Arm of the Law (Red Stripe), for example, a proud, ambitious female attorney is spanked. Her education, her status and her confident manner comprise her trappings of power (in addition to
her beauty). All of these factors combine to make the spanking more delicious.

With school girl videos, you have the opposite situation. The girls are almost invariably submissive from the start. They report dutifully. They stand before the teacher or principal nervously, with bowed heads. They obediently hike their skirts or drop their drawers on command. They have uniforms that decrease rather than increase their power and authority. For me, those kinds of encounters lack drama and energy. The spankings have a weary inevitability about them. Just get on with it, I find myself thinking.

But again, that’s just my two cents. I’m always interested to hear what others have to say. Do you find the teacher/schoolgirl power imbalance sexy? If so, why?

Consumer Corner

So what do people want to see in spanking videos? I asked this question a little while ago, and obviously there’s not one single answer.

Bill C. commented that he wants to see naked women being spanked. I agree, wholeheartedly, although I like to be teased by seeing them clothed at the beginning, and progressively undressed as the spanking continues. He also wrote that he wants the women to enjoy the spanking, and he wants to see them have sex afterward. In other words, the spanking is the foreplay.

Hmmmmm. I have to admit that there are some women I’d rather spank than kiss, and some women I’d have to spank first in order to get be the mood for sex, and plenty of women I’d like to spank before sex, but as far as video content preferences, Bill C. and I will have to agree to disagree about this. Spankees who enjoy getting spanked are not what I look for in videos.

I’ve watched some good, erotic spanking scenes where the women enjoyed the spanking. I liked seeing them get hot, I enjoyed their heavy breathing, their moans of pleasure, etc. But in general, I don’t seek out that particular set of stimuli when I look for a spanking video. After all, I can see women get hot and bothered in any mainstream porn movie.

When I choose a spanking video, I tend to look for the opposite — women who don’t enjoy the spanking. I want to see the attitude adjustment that comes from a hard, humiliating (and yes, hopefully nude) spanking session. In fact, if the woman enjoys the spanking, or if she remains unfazed by it at the end, I tend to feel disappointed. What was the point of that, I wonder?

Again, just my two cents. Your opinions are welcome. And so far, nobody’s written in support of spanked schoolgirl videos. Doesn’t anyone want want defend the largest, most popular niche market? Somebody out there must like them.

Consumer Corner

Over a century after Sigmund Freud asked his famous question “What does a woman want?”, Cyndi Lauper answered it. Girls just want to have fun. Now it’s time to answer (or at least ask) a different, not-so-age-old question: what does a man want … in a spanking video?

I don’t want to over-analyze this. The simple answer is that we want to see hot girls get spanked. But the simple answer isn’t always the right one. It would be hard to find a hotter spankee than, say, Samantha Woodley. But given the choice, I’d rather watch, say, Clare Fonda or Chelsea Pfeiffer get spanked than Samantha. In other words, there’s more to the equation than just a hot girl gittin’ her nekkid butt swatted.

I know what studios believe we want to see. They think we want schoolgirls. According to my unscientific calculations, there are overwhelmingly more spanked schoolgirl videos out there than any other grouping. There are whole websites devoted to spanked schoolgirls. There are fictional schools and teachers and students and headmasters showing up as recurring characters in on-going, spanked schoolgirl soap operas.

So has the market spoken? Is this really what we want? Or is the market not reflecting the desires of its largest group of consumers, namely horny, middle-aged males?

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the spanked schoolgirl genre. I didn’t go to Catholic school. My adolescence wasn’t filled with longing for girls in uniform. It just doesn’t do anything for me one way or another. If the young woman looks good, and she’s in a schoolgirl outfit, great. Same girl, without the uniform and I’m just as happy.

Also, I like stories, something with a beginning, middle and end — something that contains a resolution. I’m not talking about a complicated plot. Just a resolution, like girl is mouthy, girl gets spanked, girl no longer mouthy. That’s a resolution. That’s really all I need, plot-wise.

Well, maybe I am against the schoolgirl spanking genre. It seems to depend on frivolities, like, say, someone not cleaning her room. I mean, so what? Those kinds of pretexts make the entire video seem unimportant. Worse, it might even make the spanking seem unfair or disproproportional. Psychologically, I tend to root for an underdog and feel empathy for a victim of unfair or disproportional punishment. But the last thing I want to do is identify, even unconsciously, with a spankee. It impinges on my enjoyment of the video.

I don’t dislike all videos in the schoolgirl category. I’ve given positive reviews to several of them. But in general, I think the genre is overdone, and it often misses the mark. Worse, it’s lazy and half-hearted. Some studios seem to think they can take an uninspiring girl, put her in a school girl outfit, and make her sexy. Wrong!

Just my two cents. Let me know what you think.