Just Another Day 2


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripes

Approximate Running Time: 30.42 minutes

Samantha and Sarah, along with some of their classmates, are in a special detention.

They have been going to a nightclub instead of studying for their exams.

It’s Samantha’s first time to be punished, so Miss Chambers starts with her. Miss Chambers instructs Samantha to bend over a high stool and starts hand spanking her on top of her white knickers. Unfortunately, Samantha makes a fuss and protests loudly. Miss Chamber’s solution is to pull down her knickers and spank the wriggling girl on her bare bottom.

Samantha finds out what a spanking feels like

By the time her first session is over Samantha’s bottom is a deep rosy red.

She is told to go and sit down at her desk and keep still.

Now it’s Sarah’s turn. She’s always in trouble. The proof can be seen when her exposed bottom shows signs of a recent spanking.

Sarah shold be used to it by now

She gets the hand spanking first then she too is sent back to her seat.

And Miss Chambers calls Samantha out to the front of the class again.

This time she carries on where she left off – giving the whimpering girl a further spanking with a strap. By the time that session is over, her previously sore bottom is a great deal sorer.

When it’s Sarah’s turn again, she gets the cane. In her agitation she loses count and has to start again.

However, as the other girls are also in detention, Miss Chambers has them all bent over their desks – knickers down to their knees and she then administers a mass spanking / caning.

More spankings for everyone

Be sure to keep your eyes open for another movie in this series.

Does this mean the girls haven’t learned their lesson yet?

Last Spankings Of The School Year

As I was watching this I was thinking that they both looked like they were having way too much fun.

not 10 seconds later, doesn’t he say he’s having too much fun?

Guess it’s the universes way of telling me I’m in the right place at the right time.

or maybe their just really, really enjoying what they are doing and it shows.

Here’s a few more minutes of spanking video for you.

The young woman in the second scene has the most lovely accent.

Spanking Court

Alpine’s Spanking Court is quite enjoyable fantasy.

She was cocky around the 40’s.

By the time they got to 150 my ass was clenching as the strokes fell.

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