Girls Boarding School: Spanking Spotlight on Lisa

TomLisaLisa has been a student at the Girls Boarding School for a few years. You would think she would understand the rules by now, but she just can’t behave herself. Lisa is very headstrong and doesn’t like to listen to instruction. All of her little mistakes eventually catch up with her, and Headmaster Tom must take action. He has these young girl’s future in his hands, and he is not about to let them turn out to be the social deviants they have every intention of becoming. He must be strict, to the point, and make sure that these girls know exactly why they are being punished. Here are two instances that Lisa will not forget.

Wild Hands

The Headmaster receives a message that he is needed to call a student’s parents. When he finally gets in touch with the parents of Tina, he finds out that she has been attacked in the shower by one of his other students, Lisa. Shocked, the Headmaster calls Lisa into his office to find out exactly what happened between Tina and Lisa. The severity of Tina’s condition was not fully evident to Lisa. She had no idea that when she and Tina had begun fighting that she had hurt Tina so badly that she had to go to the hospital. Lisa feels sorry that she hurt Tina, and get’s ready for her punishment.

TinaHandOutHeadmaster Tom decides that it is time to make the crime for what Lisa has done fit the punishment she is about to receive. Headmaster Tom makes Lisa take off her shirt; this will definitely embarrass and humble her. Then, headmaster Tom begins to instruct Lisa to hold her arms out-very straight-with her palms facing flat up towards the ceiling. Headmaster Tom makes sure that Lisa’s form is perfect as he whips her hands. As tears run down Lisa’s face, Headmaster Tom repeats to his student how much she has disappointed him. When the physical part of Lisa’s punishment is through, Headmaster Tom makes Lisa call Tina and apologize. If that wasn’t humiliating enough, Lisa is made to stand with her hands over her head, topless, with tears streaming down her cheeks so that everyone can see what happens when you lose control and take matters into your own hands.


drinkingLisa’s TV Evening

Lisa is having a quiet evening by herself, enjoying watching television and smoking cigarettes. She’s had a few beers, but she seems to be keeping it under control. Suddenly one hour turns into two hours, and two beers turns into several. Lisa gets so drunk that she falls asleep and forgets to turn the television down. Loud music from the TV attracts the attention of Headmaster Tom, and Lisa awakens to find herself being spanked repeatedly by the headmaster. After some over the knee punishment Lisa must pull her pants down in order to receive a cane to her bottom. She must thank the Headmaster for every hit she receives, or else the next canning will be much worse.


otk cane

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Bad Attitudes – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Elin and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 10.54 minutes

Michael sat in his office to check the reports of some of the students at Girls Boarding School. One particular report took his attention – Simone, a new girl, had been expelled from her previous school because of her bad attitude.

And now at GBS, it seems that she is still being rude and disruptive in class. Three of the older, experienced teachers have complained about her. She contradicted them and called them rude names.

Michael calls her into his office. When he asked her to explain why she had such a bad attitude he got a mouthful of bad language from her.

He’s disgusted with her and tells her he’s going to punish her. She tries to argue but he’s having none of it and orders her to lie bent over the table.

spread eagled over the table having her bad attitudes spanked out of her

For the next few minutes he concentrates on turning her smooth, creamy, white, tight, little ass into a blazing inferno.

The pain, the humiliation having her bad attitudes beaten out of her

After leaving Simone to kneel on a chair in the corner to reflect on her attitude problem, Michael returns and orders her to remove all her clothes. She protests about the humiliation, but he tells her that is part of the punishment.

Michael then has her bent over in various positions while he canes her.

touching her toes for the final six strokes of the cane - goodbye bad attitudes

As a grand finale he gives her six strokes of the cane – she has to count each one and thank him for it.

She is sent to her room to get dressed.

Simone promises Michael that she will no longer have bad attitudes.

In The Morning – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Beverly and Abi

Approximate Running Time: 11.56 minutes

It is seven o’clock in the morning and as Abi and Beverly rub the sleep from their eyes, they remember their assignment for that day.

The two are students at Girls Boarding School and are always in trouble. Usually Headmaster Tom gives them regular spankings.

Headmaster Tom is away on business, but he’s left written instructions for the two girls to carry out in his absence.

They are to spank each other. And to prove that they have obeyed him, they are to video record all of the action.

So while Beverly fiddles around with the camera, Abi sets out the various implements that are to be used during the spanking sessions.

It is decided that Beverly should spank Abi first.

In the morning Beverly spanks Abi first

Abi has a very sore bottom when her mobile phone rings. It’s Headmaster Tom checking on them. She’s not too happy at what he tells her. The spankings are meant to be on the bare bottom. This means the spanking has to start all over again.

They change places and both girls have very sore red bottoms.

It's in  the morning and Abi's turn to spank Beverly

It’s when they decide to watch the video – disaster; the camera was not turned on.

The camera was not turned on. Maybe they can try again in the morning

This means the whole thing has to be repeated again.

Maybe they can get away with it and start again in the morning.

Homework Test – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Molly and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 15.00

Michael has a special homework test for Molly.

He has previously had to lecture her on the importance of doing her homework; she promised to take her studies more seriously in the future.

Meanwhile, her teachers had reported to Michael that she had skipped classes again.

He called her into his office and she tells him that she had been ill and that was why she wasn’t in school. However, he knows she’s lying, because in the evening she was seen clubbing with some boys. But she tells him that by the evening she felt better and that is why she went out.

Michael tells her to sit down and complete a geography test. Then he tells her he’s leaving her to get on with this test and he’ll be back in ten minutes.

Failed her homework test - noow she is being punished.

When he comes back to check on her, he looks over her answer sheet and it’s blatantly obvious that she has no idea of what she’s doing.

He’s not at all happy with her. She’s going to be punished – hard.

She’s guilty of three misdemeanors and therefore, she’s going to be punished in three sections.

He pulls her over his knee and hand spanks her hard on her bare bottom.

she is left to comtemplate her homework test

She now has to kneel on a wooden cabinet, with her hands on her head. He tells her that when he comes back he will give her punishment part two.

For the second part of the punishment she has to remove her skirt and panties, and bend over a chair. This time she feels the sting of Michael’s belt. She has to count each of the ten strokes.

Again she is left to stew, kneeling on the cabinet, with her hands on her head.

The third part of the punishment requires Molly to lie over a table and receive an unknown number of strokes of the leather tawse.

being foorced to take her punishment for failing her homework test.

There is a final part to the punishment. She once again kneels on the cabinet with her hands on her head. Additionally, Molly must repeat three sentences, including the phrase “I will not lie any more.”

So she repeats these three promises like she is chanting a mantra.

Michael hopes there will be an improvement in her marks for the next homework test.

Hold Her – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Beverly and Abi

Approximate Running Time: 18.39 minutes

Headmaster Tom is determined to teach Abi and Beverly obedience.
Since Abi has been at Girls Boarding School longer than Beverly, he will hold her responsible for Beverly’s behaviour.

He summons the two girls to his office. They knock on his door, entering before he has shouted to them to come in. That’s not good.

After Headmaster Tom sends them out of the room, they knock and wait for his response before opening the door and re-entering his office.

This is an improvement – they are learning discipline.

However, there is still one more thing they must do before entering his office. They must remove skirts, trousers and knickers and go in with bare bottoms.

This is part of their obedience training and his orders must be carried out without hesitation.

Abi obviously has already learned this lesson, but Beverly is more rebellious. Headmaster Tom promises her the caning of her life if she ever disobeys him again.

Beverly's expression shows rebellion - Abi has to hold her while she's being punished.

The two girls are sent to their room to await punishment.

Beverly is still wearing her jeans

As per instructions, Beverly is lying on her back on the bed, with her legs up in the air, while Abi holds her ankles.

Headmaster Tom comes in and announces their punishment will be fifteen strokes of the belt each.

Beverly is first to be punished while Abi has hold of  her

After he removes the belt from the loops in his trousers, he doubles it and brings it down hard on Beverly’s waiting bottom. As she cries out, Abi counts for her but she has to thank him herself.

After Beverly has received her fifteen strokes – she and Abi change places.

Abi's turn for punishment while Beverly has to hold her

Then having given Abi her fifteen strokes, he orders them to lie face down on the bed – side by side.

They have to spend the rest of the niight lying on their tummies.

Although it is only 7.00 pm they must lie there until 5.00 am breakfast time.

Disrespectful – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Jodie and Mr. Sherwood

Approximate Running Time: 12.03 minutes

Jodie, a student at Girls Boarding School, is very disrespectful toward Mr. Sherwood. This is what happened.

Mr. Sherwood is trying to help Jodie with her English. So he gives her some dictation. He repeats each phrase twice and she writes it down.

It is then that he realises that it’s getting late and he has no food in the house. So he makes out a shopping list, gives Jodie a large amount of money, and instructs her to go and buy the things on the list. She is to hurry back as Mr. Sherwood is very hungry.

He sends her out shopping - not expecting her to be disrespectful

Two hours later, and she hasn’t returned. Mr. Sherwood sits on the couch looking at a magazine, trying to distract himself from his rumbling tummy. Eventually he falls asleep.

When Jodie finally returns, she’s empty handed. Mr. Sherwood is livid and he wants to know where she has been for hours. She makes an excuse about meeting a boyfriend she hadn’t seen for some time and forgot about shopping.

He'll teach her to be so disrespectful

A hungry man is an angry man and Mr. Sherwood’s going to make her suffer for being so disrespectful. He takes her over his knee and spanks her on top of her tight blue jeans. When he realises that her jeans are giving her protection so that she is not feeling the spanking – he has her pull her jeans and knickers down to her knees and carries on spanking her on her bare bottom.

She pleads with him to stop, but he tells her he’ll stop when he’s good and ready.

He intends to humiliate her for being so disrespectful to him

Her bottom is soon a deep rosy red when he orders her to kneel on the coffee table. The spanking continues.

he leaves her  kneeling on the coffee talbe - his revenge for her being disrespectful

In order to humiliate Jodie, he tells her he’s going down to the local filling station to get something to eat. She is to remain kneeling on the coffee table and be in that position when he gets back. He intends to teach her never to be so disrespectful again.

Office Absence – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Sophie and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 08.00 minutes

At Girls Boarding School, office absence is not tolerated – especially when it happens regularly.

Sophie has been found guilty and has now been sentenced to receive a physical punishment from Headmaster Tom.

Before the punishment actually starts, she is standing in a corner facing the wall. Her jeans and knickers have been pulled down to her knees so revealing her plump, creamy, white bottom.

She is to be punished for office absence

She holds her punishment sheet behind her back while waiting for further instruction from Headmaster Tom.

The door creaks loudly as he enters the room.

He tells Sophie to turn around and face him, and then to read out loud what is written on the punishment sheet.

She is then sent off to her bedroom.

When he enters her bedroom, she is lying face down on the bed with a mountain of pillows beneath her tummy. The pillows raise her bare bottom so it is easily accessible for the belt.

she is awaiting her punishment for office absence

Headmaster Tom wastes no time and starts her punishment immediately – twenty-five strokes of the supple leather belt.

As Sophie anticipates each stroke of the belt, her ass cheeks clench and her face screws up. She gasps and cries out piteously.

A well strapped bottom - punishment for office absence

Once the final stroke had been delivered, Headmaster Tom throws down the belt and leaves poor Sophie to rub her sore bottom in an effort to soothe some of the smarting.
In a fit of temper, she throws the belt across the room.

Whether there will be any more office absence remains to be seen.

Bad School Marks


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Molly and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 08.12 minutes

Molly is feeling pleased with herself. Last term she had received bad school marks – now they are greatly improved.

She confidently hands her school report to Michael and waits for his praise.

Unfortunately, he is not impressed – her marks are even worse than the last semester.

Punishment starts immediately. He pulls her over his knee and flips up her skirt and gives a gasp of horror. She has a bare ass. Where are her panties? Anyone would think she had hoped for  a spanking.

she is being spanked for having bad school marks

He gives her a hard, fast spanking on her bare bottom.

Her promises to improve fall on deaf ears as Michael has heard them all before. He blames her bad school marks on laziness and being too busy going out with boys instead of studying.

He sends her to her room. She is to change into her nightclothes and wait for him to come and continue with her punishment.

She waits nervously and when he arrives he’s brought with him a carpet beater. He’s determined to improve her bad school marks.

the spanking continues because of her bad school marks

He uses the carpet beater on her bare bottom, causing her to squeal and wriggle about.

Once again she promises to improve on her bad school marks, just like she did the last semester and the one before.

a well marked bottom for bad school marks

With a final three thwacks of the carpet beater on her bare bottom, he tells her get her nightclothes back on and stay in her room for the rest of the night.

Never Steal Again


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Dana and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 04.28 minutes

Dana was caught red-handed by Headmaster Tom – she’s been stealing from his office. Now she is about to be punished so that she will never steal again.

Her bottom is being paddled - she will never steal again

For the first part of her punishment, Dana must bend over a chair to have her bottom paddled. She’s counting the strokes, gasping and crying each time the big, wooden paddle makes contact with her quivering bottom. After forty strokes she is told to stand up.

However, Headmaster Tom is determined to drive home the lesson. He needs to be sure Dana will never steal again. So to make the punishment fit the crime – as she was caught red handed, he’s going to strap her hands.

He tells her to hold out her right hand, then he brings the strap down on the fleshy part of her palm. She shakes her hand and clutches at it. But Headmaster Tom wants to get it over with and tells her to hold out her left. As she does so, you can see her hand trembling.

As she was caught red-handed he reddens her bottom in the hope that she will never steal again.

He straps each hand alternately – ending with both hands at once.

Her hands are red and sore - she will never steal again.

He leaves her looking at her red hands. She will never steal again.

Bound To Be Spanked


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine, Headmaster Tom, and Mr. Lewis

Approximate Running Time: 07.58 minutes

Headmaster Tom and Mr. Lewis are discussing Justine and her constant bad behaviour. She has broken practically every rule at Girls Boarding School. Now she is bound to be spanked.

They are discussing Justine - she's been naughty and is bound to be spanked

Justine is called to come out of her room, as Headmaster Tom and Mr. Lewis need to discuss something with her.

She comes down the steps - not knowing what is about to happen to her

She soon realises that she’s in big trouble. And as the two men make a grab for her, she screams and attempts to break free, but they are too strong for her.

The scene changes and she is now lying face-down on her bed. Her short skirt and knickers have been removed. She is about to be spanked. To make sure she can’t escape what’s coming to her, the men have bound her wrists and ankles with leather straps. Justine is also gagged in order to top off her forced helplessness.

Lying helplessly on the bed - bound to be spanked

After a short discussion, the two men agree as to how the punishment should be administered.

Headmaster Tom is standing on the left hand side of the bed and Mr. Lewis stands on the right.

Mr. Lewis has a large wooden paddle and Headmaster Tom is holding a smaller version.

Then the spanking starts. First Mr. Lewis gives Justine one stroke of the large paddle. Then Headmaster Tom gives her six strokes with the small one.

Justine tries with all her might to escape but her attempts are futile. She can’t even scream, but makes incoherent noises through her gag.

Each master uses the paddle on her alternately.

Justine's bottom is a mas of bruises

By the time they have decided that she has had enough, her bottom is a mass of angry, red weals and bruising.

Will she misbehave again – knowing that she’s bound to be spanked for it?