The Francesca Le Stories – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Starring:  and
Approximate Running Time: 24.06 minutes

Story One: Parent-Teacher Conference

Francesca Le’s son Brady is only eight years old, but, young as he is, he’s badly behaved in school and never does his homework.

Brady’s teacher, Ms. Chelsea Pfeiffer, calls his mother in to meet with her so she can get to the bottom of this problem.

After a few pointed questions, the child’s behavior appears to be the fault of the mother, not the child. Seemingly, Francesca is a party girls and she has no time for her son, nor has she any interest in what he’s doing at school. His mother doesn’t even know what grade he’s in at school. Ms. Pfeiffer reminds Francesca that he’s in 3rd grade.

The problem is, Francesca doesn’t realize the damage she’s doing to Brady and that his misbehavior is cry for help. He feels neglected.

Francesca Le thinks it's al a big joke

So Ms. Pfeiffer decides this flighty lady needs to be taught a sharp and painful lesson.

She drags the protesting, struggling Francesca over her knee and starts to hand spank her. First, on top of her clothes and then on her bare bottom. Despite the squeals of pain and threats to take legal action, Ms. Pfeiffer continues with the spanking using various implements. She is really getting to the “bottom” of the problem.

After a long hard spanking Francesca Le has a change of attidtude

The spanking is over once the neglectful mother promises to actively help her son with his education by spending more quality time with him.

Under threat of a further session with Ms Pfeiffer if the problem is still ongoing, she limps painfully out of the office.

Story Two: The Shy Lingerie Model

Francesca Le is a lingerie model at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s boutique. Her job is to model whatever a male client chooses when he’s looking for something suitable for the woman in his life.

However, Francesca peeps out of the curtains and seeing a distinguished man sitting and waiting impatiently for her to strut her stuff. Suddenly, she loses her nerve. She’s suddenly a shy lingerie model.

Francesca Le has an attack of stage fright and becomes shy

Ms. Pfeiffer, the lingerie designer and boutique owner, tries to reason with her sexy model, but it’s no use. Francesca will not be modelling that day.

After a while, the irate client stands up and heads towards the door. Ms. Pfeiffer tries to stop him from leaving, but he’s had enough.

This is a disaster for Ms. Pfeiffer. She has visions of going bankrupt if her lingerie model is going to refuse to do what she is paid to do.

So the boss drags her shy employee over her knee and proceeds to make her ass as crimson as the sexy underwear she wears.


Meanwhile, the cameras were rolling and captured Francesca being spanked – which is another side of Ms Pfeiffer’s business.

Francesca struggles and cries, but the spanking continues until she promises to do better in future.

Mood Castings – Kitty Candy


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Mood

Starring: Jessica Lee as Kyra and Kitty Candy

Approximate Running Time: 11.33 minutes

Kitty Candy was looking through the job vacancies ads online. She was desperate for a job, as she needed money to pay her rent.

Because her educational qualifications were not too good – she thought she might be suitable for a job as a shop assistant.

But an advert from Mood Castings caught her eye. So she applied for an interview not really knowing what to expect.

Kyra introduced herself and after suggesting that Kitty sits down – she wants to know what motivated Kitty to apply for the job.

It actually turns out that although Kitty is in dire need of the money, she has been involved with some of her sexual partners in acts of BDSM etc – with her doing the spanking etc. Now she quite likes the idea of being on the receiving end – she is curious to find out how much pain she can take.

During the Interview

She answers Kyra’s questions as truthfully as she can. Somewhat satisfied with Kitty’s answers, Kyra asks her to undress – everything off except her shoes. While Kitty is undressing, Kyra continues questioning her.

Once she is naked, Kitty kneels on a chair – with her bottom stuck well out.

The cane keeps  on  coming

The caning starts. Kitty takes it really well, no wriggling about, or screaming out in pain. Occasionally she’d give a grunt and a grimace. But her lack of showing the pain she must have been in is visible with the dark red cane lines transversing her bottom. She really must have been desperate for the job.

Her bottom looks really sore

She sticks it out for the obligatory fifty strokes of the cane and Kyra congratulates her.
She agrees with Kyra that should she be offered a part in a movie, she would almost certainly accept it.

The Hitchhiker


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Spanked –at-

Starring: Alex and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 10.19 minutes

Alex is driving home from work – is that Maggy he just caught a glimpse of?

Maggy has also seen him and she dodges into the trees at the roadside.

He stops the car and gets out – shouting to her to come out of hiding.

Sheepishly, she creeps out.

She’s hiding something behind her back and he insists she shows him what it is.

It’s a hand written placard with just one word on it Berlin.

The silly girl is trying to hitchhike to Berlin. What on earth is she thinking of? Doesn’t she know the danger she’s putting herself in? And look at the way she’s dressed for goodness sake. She looks like a real tart with her full breasts almost falling out of her bra and her mini skirt that is more like a wide belt.

she looks cheap and trashy

He uses a twig as a cane and there and then has her bend over while he starts spanking her bottom. As part of the punishment is humiliation – he pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her on her bare bottom.

An open air spanking

Unfortunately, as there is not an audience, so he can’t humiliate her, he drives her home.

Has the carpet beater got her beaten?Th

Once in the house, he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch. Then armed with a wicked looking carpet beater, he beats out a rhythm on her bum. She squeals and kicks out.

For a finale, he puts her over his knee for a hard fast bare bottom hand spanking.

You can't beat a good old fashioned hand spanking

It’s For Your Own Good


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripes

Starring: Matthews and Burns

Approximate Running Time: 38.06 minutes

A car comes up the driveway of this large imposing looking house. It stops at the gates, then nothing happens.

A nurse comes forward and yanks open the doors of the car and orders the two occupants to get out immediately. She tells them they are already in trouble for being late.

Two young ladies clamber out of the car, a little awkwardly as they are both wearing handcuffs.

The nurse explains to them that her job is to prepare them for meeting matron who will start their training.

This is the correct position

When matron arrives she gives them an inspection. This is when she dips her fingers into a large jar of Vaseline and then inserts her lubricated fingers into them – searching for forbidden whatever. She is probably disappointed to find nothing – because she has a mean sadistic streak in her.

They are given their uniforms. The uniform consists of a hospital type gown that is worn with the opening down the back. They are also given white knickers and white stocking and suspenders. They look so angelic in their white uniforms – as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

They had better get used to this position

Just before being dismissed from matron’s presence they are told that any member of staff could without prior warning examine them. As soon as they hear the command – ‘Inspection’ they must raise their skirts and pull down their knickers to mid thigh and bend forward.

Having been dismissed – they have to get ready for the ‘welcome’ they are tested by matron who calls after them ‘inspection’ they obediently stop, pull up their skirts, down their knickers and bend forward. Matron is so pleased – at such obedience so soon.
However, they are soon in trouble. The nurse is hysterical. The two new trainees had attacked her.

Matron is appalled at such behaviour and decides that a public caning is called for.

The two girls are bound to some trees and their bottoms are bared.

The cool breeze fans their flaming bottoms

They are then severely caned, until their bottoms are sore and very red.

Later they are in trouble again – they just can’t help themselves. This time during ‘Inspection’ time, nurse finds something hidden inside them.

So once again their sore bottoms are made even sorer.

Caning Casting – Sidney Taylor


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Hungary Mother Productions

Starring: Sidney Taylor

Approximate Running Time: 16.09 minutes

She’s young, pretty, resilient, and always wanted to have a try at taking part in a spanking movie. Now it’s her big chance.

She reports to Hungary Mother Productions for her interview.

The older woman is very friendly and explains what will be expected of her. Up to this point Sidney Taylor is feeling in control of the situation.  After all, what can be so difficult about receiving fifty strokes of the cane on her bare bottom? The end product is more money in her pocket to help with her university fees, etc.

She has no difficulty answering the questions that are asked – about herself and her reasons for applying for the casting interview.

She starts to undress

Now the moment of truth has come. She stands up and with the interviewer’s help and removes all her clothing and gets into a kneeling position on the couch – her back concave and her bottom is well up and rounded.

Then the caning starts. She obviously isn’t really prepared for the shock wave of pain that reverberates around her bottom. She lets out a screech of pain, but doesn’t come out of position.

Oh the pain - the agony

That sets the pattern for the remainder of the caning. The cane makes contact with her bottom – she screams in pain – but stays in position.

She endures the full fifty strokes and is told that her chances of being offered a part in a spanking movie were good.

They discuss what has just happened

But will she take it if it is offered to her?

A Spanking from Mr Ruppi


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Raven Hill Studios

Approximate Running Time: 22.49 minutes

She has this job and she is glad to have it. All right, she thinks some of her boss’s rules and regulations are a bit irksome, but when he isn’t around she manages to do whatever she wants.

Doing what she wants is just what she did on an extremely hot and sticky day.  She was thirsty and was drinking a can of beer she’d hidden in her desk drawer while Mr Ruppi, her boss, was out of the office. So out came the beer and it tasted so good. The cool liquid slid down her parched throat so she took another sip and another.

He carries out his threat

Then oh dear, the boss himself was standing in front of her and accusing her of breaking one of his safety rules.

However, he’s a fair man. He gives her a choice. She could leave her job immediately or accept a spanking from him. Sensibly she does think it through and realises she needs the job and the money, so she agrees to the spanking.

He orders her to lean over a desk. Then pulling up her miniskirt he starts spanking her almost bare bottom.

Once he starts spanking her, she decides that maybe her choice was not the best one – being spanked hurt and hurt like hell.

He uses a belt to further impress her

She tries many different tactics to get him to stop spanking her, from accusing him of assault to begging him to stop with promises of never drinking at work again. However, no matter what she says and does he has no intention of stopping, not until he believes that she is truly sorry and won’t repeat the misbehaviour again.

At one stage she finds herself feeling turned on by being spanked and she tells him so, but even that revelation leaves him cold.

She  is seething  with pain and indignation

The punishment comes to an end when her end is a mass of red blotches, bruises and weals and she is told to go back to her desk and get on with her work.

When she tries to sit down, she jumps up quickly – his promise that she won’t be able to sit down for a week is obviously true.

Surely enough is enough

It’s still a hot sticky day, so she brings a drink out of her desk drawer and takes a long swig out of her bottle of Coke.

No Privacy


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Alex and Kathrin

Approximate Running Time: 09.20 minutes

What is Kathrin up to?

She calls Alex’s name and peeks her head around his bedroom door. Satisfied that he is not at home, she pushes the door wider open and goes into his room.

Now what is she doing?

Piece by piece – she undresses, until she is standing there naked.

Running her hands over her own body, she lowers herself onto his bed.

She lies there lost in a world of her own. A world of sensuality – feeling – touching. Her hand wanders down from caressing her pert nipples, down over her flat belly until her finger finds its own way into her sopping wet pussy.

She lies there writhing about in pleasure…

such delicious feeling, such pleasure

…until the sound of him coming in rouses her out of her reverie and she sits up cowering on the bed.

he was not supposed to find her like this

He’s annoyed with her. How dare she use his bed for such goings-on?

He pushes her backwards and pulls her legs upwards into the diaper position. Now using his hand he spanks first one cheek then the other. She cries out as her creamy white bottom becomes pink them red and even redder.

he continues spanking her with the wooden spoon

Then letting go of her legs, he orders her to go to the kitchen.

When she returns, he takes a wooden spoon off her and pulls her over his knee. The wooden spoon carries on reddening her bottom. She wriggles about over his knee – so much so that he has to pull her back into position a few times.

she has a very sore bottom

Once he is satisfied that he has given her a good spanking, he tells her to get out of his room – as there is no privacy.

Nanny Knows Best


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Kelly Payne Collection

Stars: Kelly Payne

Approximate Running Time: 41.36 minutes

Nanny is getting agitated – very agitated. Sarah, her charge, went out and is now nearly two hours late.

Where could she be? She had promised to come home as soon as she had done what she was going to do.

Nanny is new at her job. Sarah’s mother had warned her that Sarah was a handful and needed strict discipline.

And this is not the first time the naughty girl has done this. Nanny’s worry is that she might lose her job if the wicked girl is allowed to run amok like she is doing at the moment. Going wherever she wants, whenever she wants and with whomever she wants. It’s just not good enough.

When eventually the errant girl gets home, Nanny has worked herself up into a right frenzy and is in no mood to hear excuses.

Firstly, she is disgusted at the way Sarah is dressed – like a whore. And the make up she is wearing makes her look like a real tart.

Sarah is indignant at the way she is being treated

She tells Sarah she is going to get a spanking – good and hard on her bare bottom.

Sarah pleads with her nanny, promising to be good in future. Her pleas fall on deaf ears.

Her butt is plugged

When the spanking starts, her cries of pain and promises to be good are just empty words. However, as the spanking progresses, she is truly sorry and her words are definitely sincere.

By the time Sarah’s mother gets home from work, Nanny has done a good job of reddening the naughty girl’s bottom.
Nanny updates mother on the situation and now Mother decides it’s her turn to discipline her daughter.

Mother has taken over

Mother brings out the heavy artillery. She spanks, paddles, straps, and uses a wooden backed hairbrush on her daughter’s bare bottom.

Between her nanny and mother, poor Sarah’s bottom is very sore. And the two women are certain that they will have no more trouble from her in the future.

Abi – The Wooden Paddle


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Abi and Headmaster Tom

Approximate Running Time: 10.55 minutes

Abi has had a guilty conscience and voluntarily resolved to confess and be punished.

She approached Headmaster Tom – Headmaster at Girls Boarding School and he has agreed to punish her for each confession she makes.

He puts her through a series of spankings and paddlings etc – each one progressively getting more severe.

In this video she confesses to cheating in her exams and being sat in church on a Sunday morning and masturbating.

Her punishment now is to receive the wooden paddle. But prior to the punishment starting, she has been in the lunge position for some time. In this position she finds it both difficult to maintain the stance and also it is humiliating. Yet humiliation and pain are part of the punishment. Headmaster Tom knows what he’s doing.

Uncomfortable in the lunge position

He hands her a pair of jeans and a top, she puts them on.

Ouch! That hurt

She is told to get into position, which is bending forward with her hands on her knees – her jeans covered bottom is taut. Following his instruction, after each stroke of the paddle she is to tell him, ‘that is not enough, I need another one please.’

Her face says it all

As the paddle makes contact with her bottom, she sucks in her breath then asks for more.

After half a dozen strokes of the paddle on top of her jeans she asks Headmaster Tom to give her the rest of the paddle on her bare bottom. So he orders her to take down her jeans and then continues with the punishment.

It's even more painful on her bare bottom

Eventually, she tells him that she feels she has been punished enough and so the punishment session ends.

Until the next session.

Teacher Spanker


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 30.18 minutes

She’s sat at her desk studying her notes. Her teacher is sat at his desk waiting for her to finish.

He’s giving her extra tuition because she keeps failing her exams.

However, she isn’t making any progress; she’s lacking motivation. So he tells her to come to the front of the classroom and do her calculations on the blackboard. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t got a clue what she’s doing.

He’s exasperated with her.

Therefore, he tells her to bend over the desk. He flips up her skirt, revealing a pristine white pair of knickers. Using his right hand he starts rhythmically spanking her – first one cheek then the other. Every time his hand makes contact with her bottom she screams.

She screams after each spank

When his hand gets tired he changes to using a cane, but in order to make sure she feels it, he pulls her knickers down to her ankles. The cane stings and has her hopping from one foot to the other, while at the same time kicking her legs. However, by this time her knickers are in a twist round her ankles – this rather restricts her kicking.

He uses a doubled leather belt on her ever-reddening sore bottom, occasionally stopping to knead her bottom cheeks.

She hops from one foot to the other

The spanking carries on non-stop for half an hour, by which time her voice is hoarse with screaming and the tears are flowing freely down her cheeks.

Then just as she thinks it’s all over, he tells her to lie on her back on his desk – with her legs up in the air and her knees bent. He goes back to using his hand.

She's in the diaper position

Finally with a few more hefty spanks he tells her to adjust her clothing and go home.

Maybe she’ll pass her exams next time.