The Wooden Paddle….and other news


Hello folks, so sorry for my lack of posts recently, I have been preparing to hand in my PhD so have been rather pre-occupied. However, I am back and will be posting on here regularly. Here is something from my blog that you folks may not read about an implement I know is LOVED in America. The wooden paddle.

Yes, I received 24 strokes of the wooden paddle at the end of last week at full force from The Master. The Boss. The One In Charge. I was all prepared mentally on the day to receive my punishment and was suitably calm until around lunchtime when both Jadie and Mistress Switch decided to ask me whether I was nervous or not. I actually was not nervous at all. Until they asked me just that question! Anyway. To the punishment. Well, not only was there the paddle but I was given a severe reprimand before and throughout the ordeal. Bitter, Bitter humiliation! Oh and the pain…my lord the wooden paddle at full force really does sting. And no matter how many strokes I received my bottom was not to be numbed at all. quite the reverse in fact. The last six really did bring my lesson home to me. I will be behaving myself much better in the future. Well, for as long as possible anyway! There was one element I can honestly say I was really proud of and that was my ability to take my punishment without complaint. The Master had asked for no noise and no noise was what he got. For once I actually obeyed a command to the letter. Go me! Thank you to The Master for my experience, as I am always up for trying new things…

Sorry this is nothing new if your read my blog, but I am still preparing my phD and this will not be finished until the end of the month. Then you must all come and see me so you may spank the doctor…!

Do you enjoy being in Spanking films?

Ok folks, another answer to a question I get asked over and over: What is it like to be in a spanking film? Well, as you can see by the number I have taken part in (can anyone help me with that? Exact number unknown!!), they are VERY enjoyable. But it is more than that in the case of some shoots. Some really are quite special and I will never forget them. There are two shoots that spring to my mind which have a special place in my memory palace (phrase stolen from Thomas Harris if there are any fellow Lecter fans out there).


The first one is, well, my first ever shoot, which was with a company who sadly no longer produce films; Miss Marchmont. On this shoot I was able to re-enact one of my favourite fantasies – the used and abused Edwardian maid who is treated badly by her owner and punished at a moment’s notice. This was an incredible film as I was filming it with my partner at the time as the top, so the chemistry between us really shone out. Not only that, he really knew what to do in order to get the best reactions out of me. I rarely enjoy my performances, but this one I do love.

The second film shoot is one with (Northern Spanking) and the film made was a feature length film (nearly 3 hours long in total, but split into scenes, obviously) called Wheatley Manor, featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Niki Flynn, Amy Hunter and myself. Those of you who attended Shadow Lane in Vegas this February just gone may have noticed their stall featuring it. This film is special for so many reasons. I was able to maintain the same character for the whole day (and night – we finished late, though we were all so into it we did not notice) and therefore allow her to develop within me. This is unusual. In many shoots we spanking models are required to chop and change from, say, submissive maid to bratty schoolgirl. I loved it as it gave me a chance to really pay attention to the acting, rather than just the action alone. Also, on the subject of acting we shot this film out of order, which is unusual for spanking films but happens regularly in professional shoots. Again this helped me hone the acting skills and really pay attention to where we were in the story. Finally, the story was special for me as it was highly psychological. I have brought my friends for a “break” to Wheatley Manor. Upon arrival we are forced to strip naked for an inspection before changing into a uniform of knickers and vest, together with a ribbon tied around our neck like a collar. If a ribbon matching our colour is found on a door then we must enter. Then we are subjected to punishments, some of which are the type of punishments we would fear, such as the cane or bastinado. However, there is a twist. Through our suffering we girls find an inner power and get our revenge on the Hosts…

If you are interested in one of the most exciting film ever produced in the spanking genre (well in my opinion anyway, despite my being in it!!) then e-mail and he will be happy to help you….oh and say I sent ya!!

Judicial punishments – the ultimate endorphin rush part 2

The moment arrives and I hear my name called. Shaking slightly, I enter the room, not seeing any of those sat watching the scene I focus my eyes directly on the Judge, who reads my sentence to me, before I am taken over to the Ontario machine, and secured in. Once locked in, there is no escape and now is no time to get cold feet! I can feel the punisher behind me mentally taking aim on my bottom before taking her swing and for that moment she is not one of my dearest friends at all, but someone who is going to push me further than I have been before in CP. I was to take 18 strokes full force of two implements I did not like. This is not like the cane, which is a fantastic feeling for me; this was going to hurt! The first stroke of the strap comes in and before I can take a sharp intake of breath the pain burns across my bottom with such ferocity, the only noise I make is an animalistic, base grunt. The stroke is counted and I recompose, to which I am greeted with the next stroke, which lays itself across the previous burning imprint upon my bottom. My palms begin to sweat and I hear my breathing quicken and become shallower as further strokes pound in with such ferocity. What strength she has! By the time we are at six strokes I am almost at my limit and I can feel the atmosphere around me press against me with its heaviness. Then, I make my first mistake. I decide to look over at the other girls bottoms that were lined up to my left. They all looked so red and battered I was not sure I was going to survive! But before I could think on it further the seventh stroke of the paddle swipes at me and I once more gasp from Read the rest of this entry »

Judicial Punishments – the ultimate endorphin rush

leia-ann woods

I have been asked many times why I sign myself up time and again for the “Judicial” punishment, and the truth is I had never really thought about it in great detail. Until now. It seems counter-intuitive for a human, one of all the animal races on this planet, ruled by the will to survive to push oneself emotionally and physically to the limit: yet since human-kind have been doing this since the beginning of time so we folk who take part in these events are no different from any other human on Earth. So why do it? I guess I have two famous answers for that; because I can and because I want to!

There is nothing that instils more fear within me than the unknown, so the best form of CP for me on a psychological level is with an implement that I have either never felt before or that which I really don’t enjoy at the time, both giving me an excitement and fear as I wonder to myself for the weeks leading up to the day itself “Will I do it? Will I make it though the punishment?” And, despite my fear every time, most notably at the last event, where we were to meet the Canadian prison strap and the wooden paddle, I make it and win the award for doing so: elation and a “high” as the endorphins rush through me!

I imagine we all have various methods for preparing for a Judicial, both in the days preceding the moment itself and on the day itself, so all I can really tell you is how I do it. For me, the most important piece of preparation is mental preparation within the final hour, as I call it. Some girls seem to nervously crack jokes, others are quiet. I am one of the quiet ones (yes it does happen sometimes people!), someone who prefers to sit quietly and meditate. It relaxes me down and focuses my mind (which has a habit of flitting between subjects at the best of times!) on what is going to happen to me and what I will do with the energy (or pain, if you like!) once the punishment commences.

At the last event (held in late October of last year), where we were going to receive the Canadian prison strap and the wooden paddle, the the other girls all elected to not find out where they were in the line-up. I was the only one who needed to know. I felt almost ashamed of myself on the day for not being able to face that unknown, but there is only so much control even a submissive like me can relinquish! So, knowing where I was to be I changed and sat, meditating and waiting for my turn. Now believe me, here is why time stretches before you, and the moment for the Punisher to begin to begin never seemed to happen, but yes! Finally even through my meditative state I heard he begin and heard  the first girl called out to be dealt with. I should have felt relief that it was not me, however I am someone who cannot bear to hear another person in pain even if I know they enjoy it and want it to happen, so in many ways, listening to the “prisoners” before me was even more torture than the event itself, strange am I not?

Meet Leia-Ann Woods

We are very excited to have the ever-sexy Leia join our family.
She’s given us a little insight into her background. We’re very much looking forward to her first article. Stay tuned!

spanking model

I have fantasized about CP and receiving CP since I was 6 years old and even at that young age my fantasies had a tinge of the psychological and were often a punishment for wrongdoing. I believe these stem from much reading of Enid Blyton book, such as the Mallory Towers series and Roald Dahl’s “Boy”. As I got older my fantasies began to run deeper and become more consuming, until I had my first proper experience with spanking at 19. I was out in Brighton with a boyfriend of mine and was in a mischievous mood, winding him up at every opportunity. He warned me several times I would regret it, but I ignored him and paid the price. He hauled me up into a fireman’s lift and spanked my bottom in front of everyone in the pub. I was indignant and mortified at the time, but afterwards was hugely turned on by the whole thing. So was he, and due to our fears of being different our relationship failed. I continued to finish my A-levels without a further spanking, and went to University in 2001 near to bursting with a desperation to feel it again and was fantasizing endlessly over various spanking scenarios…

By the spring of 2002 I was no longer satisfied with fantasy and began to look for the reality. Funnily enough I never thought for one moment I was the only person in the world who had these thoughts and so I searched the internet high and low until one day I found what I thought I was looking for; other people with a spanking fetish! I was taken to the LFF (London Fetish Fair) by a new found friend in 2002 and was like a child in a sweet shop! I saw and experienced so much that day I was completely overwhelmed. At subsequent fairs and events I met the good people of Miss Marchmont and Strictly English, where Miss Marchmont asked if I would do film and Strictly English were interested in me taking part in parties. I was happy with the idea of parties at the time but not quite ready for film, however continued to socialize with the people of miss Marchmont and later became submissive to Master Kain. He approached me once more on the topic of filming, telling me the details of one film (The Way of a man and His Maid) which blew my mind away to such an extent I followed the white rabbit down the hole without a second thought. the rest, as they say is history…

Of course I have now done plenty of film and had many other experiences….but I never stop learning, either in my world of spanking or the world of submission. When I stop learning or believe I have nothing more I wish to learn, I would think it would be time to move on. For now I am happy to enjoy the great community known as “The Scene”.

FILM: “The Finishing School” Miss Marchmont 2003
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FILM: “Military PT” Miss Marchmont 2003
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Creation of Bars and Stripes together with Michael Stamp and some most brilliant help Lucy and Paul of Northern Spanking – October 2005
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