Spank & Spread 5 – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 30.07 minutes

The sweet, young submissive is alone at home waiting for her mistress to return. She tries not to show her nervousness, though she knows that she is going to receive the spank & spread treatment.

Sure enough, her blond mistress comes in and immediately starts caressing her.

This is what she's been longing for - in spank & spread 5

The mistress is inclined to tease her playmate, and uses a sweet caress that never actually follows through in the right place and a puckering up of the lips that ceases before their lips actually meet.

The submissive brunette is longing for a kind word, a kiss, or a touch that will make her feel worthy, but she is disappointed over and over again.

When her mistress has her sit in an armchair leaning back with her legs up and spread wide apart, her pretty tight pussy is in full view.

Her legs are wide apart in the spank & spread position

Also, her bare bottom is fully accessible and her mistress takes advantage of this and hand spanks her.

The mistress starts spanking her sub’s ass with a paddle, then, still using the paddle, she gently spanks the dark haired girl’s pussy lips. The sexy sub whimpers in aroused response. She so needs a kind word or a loving touch, but it doesn’t happen.

Her mistress teases her by withholding her kisses in spank  spread 5

Meanwhile, her mistress laughs at her discomfort.

Getting bored with that game, the mistress strips the eager-to-please girl of all her clothing and takes her over her knee.

She has had to endure the spank and spread 5 treatment - and for what?

Now the spanking continues along with the seductive teasing.

Eventually, Mistress laughs as the dark haired girl breaks down in tears of pain and frustration.

After the tears fall, Mistress finally presses her lips to the red cheeks on her sub. Then she leaves the weeping girl lying on the couch. Her bottom is sore very sore and the kind word that she longed to hear doesn’t come.

Careless Lips – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring:  & with bonus footage featuring &

Approximate Running Time: 34.09 minutes

Sophia is going to lunch with some business associates, and her business partner Cheyenne warns her to keep her mouth zipped about their future plans for their business. But Sophia has careless lips and tells her friends all about it.

Now Cheyenne is positively pissed at her partner, whose careless lips could cost them thousands of dollars. So she intends to carry out her threat to give Sophia a good, bare bottom spanking.

Sophia is highly amused about her friend’s intentions and believes it is just a joke.

However, when she finds herself lying over Cheyenne’s knee, having her ass well and truly spanked, she struggles to get away from the stinging slaps, to no avail.

She who has careless lips deserves to be spanked

Cheyenne tells Sophia that she intends to make her ass bright red before she’s finished with her and in order to attain this result, she insists on Sophia removing all her clothing. Then Cheyenne uses several paddles that are vicious enough to make her pretty friend’s ass sting.

And dominant Cheyenne has other plans involving her partner Sophia-she’s going to fuck her. Sophia is shocked at the thought of another woman being so intimate with her. Surely sex should include a cock. Cheyenne has an answer for that – she’s going to use a huge dildo on Sophia’s tight pussy.

Yet, to level the playing field, Cheyenne orders her subordinate friend to undress her.

Once the two women are naked, Sophia is told to lie on her back on a table that has been lined with cushions. Her wrists are then handcuffed together above her head and a huge dildo is inserted into her tight little pussy.

What follows then is a battle of wills: Cheyenne is determined that Sophia has an orgasm and Sophia is just as adamant that no such thing is going to happen.

Legs spread ready to receive the dildo - due to having careless lips

Yet Sophia’s own body betrays her. With the dildo moving in and out of her pussy coupled with Cheyenne rubbing her clit, she comes hard on camera. As the dildo is removed from her blushing cunt, she squirts her juice all over the cushions. She is amazed at how easy it was to be made to come like she did.

Cheyenne threatens her with an action replay if she ever has careless lips again, but Sophia promises it won’t happen again.

Team Mom Mouth Soaps Clare

All the moms are pissed off with the foul language Clare comes out with in front of their children. They appoint Eve Howard as the disciplinarian who is going to wash Clare’s filthy mouth out with soap.

In the bathroom, Clare is made to bend over the sink, while Eve forces a bar of soap into her mouth. Clare gags, but Eve just pushes the soap into her mouth again.

A mouthful of soap gets her into a lather due to having careless lipsOnly when Clare promises not to use such bad language in future does Eve put the soap away.

However, Eve also insists on Clare removing her rather revealing dress and putting on a more suitable one.

A more suitable dress is required for she who has careless lips

Clare goes off – intending to find some orange slices to take away the nasty taste of the soap.

Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Clare Fonda Productions

Starring: as Aunt Gwen, , and

Approximate Running Time: 45.55 minutes

Amber has brought her friend Kendra home to stay the night. Amber introduces Kendra to Aunt Gwen, who acknowledges the visitor and asks her if she, like her niece Amber, is part of the ladies football (“soccer” to you folks in the States) team. Kendra tells her she is not at all interested as most of the ladies are in lesbian relationships with each other. This is not the response Aunt Gwen was hoping to hear and that’s why Aunt Gwen spanks Pixie and Kendra.

Amber introduces Kendra to her Aunt Gwen - which leads to Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

However, she tells Kendra she is welcome to stay, but there are certain things – rituals-that she must take part in, so Kendra warily agrees without knowing what will be expected of her.

As Aunt Gwen was not expecting a guest, she needs some bits and pieces from the shops. So she sends Amber out with a list and some money to go shopping for her.

Left alone, Aunt Gwen asks Kendra for her views on lesbianism. Aunt Gwen does not like what Kendra tells her.

Aunt Gwen gives Kendra a physical examination in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

Aunt Gwen rules the roost in this household and here is this young lady who appears to be challenging her and her authority.

First, she tells Kendra that she is going to have to check her health, as she can’t have just anyone sharing a bed with her niece Amber.

Aunt Gwen Spanks Kendra while Amber watches in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

She examines Kendra by moving her hands over the girl’s slim, young body. This satisfies her up to a point, but she insists that she needs to examine her more intimately – and orders her to remove her clothing. Poor Kendra does not like the way things are turning out and she protests that she is not staying, but she will get dressed and leave.

The older woman is stronger and manages to overpower her.

It isn’t long before Kendra finds herself lying over Aunt Gwen’s knee, having her bottom spanked. Unfortunately, there is no escape for her. When Amber returns from shopping, she is not too surprised at what she sees.

So Amber is told to watch and wait for her turn by Aunt Gwen.

Kendra soon realises that there is no help forthcoming from her friend, who is already well and truly under her Aunt’s thumb.

Having received a very sore red bottom, she is told to move to the top of the bed and Amber takes her place over Aunt Gwen’s knee.

So the two girls are spanked and Aunt Gwen says she’s now going out shopping to get a few personal things and she leaves the two girls alone.

It's Amber's turn to be spankied by her Aunt Gwen in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

Kendra is hopping mad with Amber for getting her into this mess. It’s not long before Amber is being spanked by the still nude Kendra.

Kendra spanks Amber in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

After some coaxing, Amber tells Kendra that her Aunt has gone out to buy a rectal thermometer.

Sure enough when Gwen returns from the shops, she pulls the thermometer out of her bag.

Kendra does not like the look of the rectal lthermometer in Aunt Gwen Spanks Pixie and Kendra

She assures Kendra that she is a trained nurse and taking her temperature is a good indication of her physical health. As Kendra is back over her knee by now, she is powerless to escape what is coming to her. Therefore, she has no choice but to allow her temperature to be taken rectally.

As it turns out, her temperature is normal and Kendra is again told to go into the corner and it’s now Amber’s turn to be spanked again.

Now with Amber well and truly spanked she is told to go in the corner with her back to her Aunt Gwen and her friend Kendra.

The older woman – not liking Kendra’s views on lesbianism, challenges her to do to her what lesbians do to each other.

Hearing some strange sounds, she peeps over her shoulder to see her friend on her knees with her head between Aunt Gwen’s thighs.

Caning Castings: Featuring Angela Rick – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Home Video Studio
Approximate Running Time: 11.15 minutes

Angela Rick is a blonde 39 year-old from Budapest. She is hoping to work in spanking movies, but must pass the caning casting test first.

She turns up for her interview and Bridget, the Domme who will wield the cane, introduces herself. Bridget wants to know more about Angela and asks questions about her personal life and her previous experience with S/M. Angela is reluctant to talk too much about it, but does tell Bridget that she could take a full twenty-five minutes of being caned and whipped at an event she went to.

She chats to Bridget from Caning Castings

She tells Bridget about one boyfriend who handcuffed his own penis to a chair then asked her to stand on it with her stiletto heeled shoes. She did not enjoy doing that and asked him to stop.

Although Angela can take a great deal of pain, she is reluctant to hurt someone else – either physically or mentally.

She works as a shop assistant in Budapest, so her earnings are on the low side. When a friend recommends she go for an interview with Home Video Studio, she jumps at the opportunity.

Bridget goes on to explain that they are looking for actresses who can endure fifty strokes of the cane. Therefore, if Angela is still willing to go through with it, she should remove all her clothing including her knickers – just leaving her high-heeled shoes on. Once Bridget has approved of her figure she asks her if she wants to carry on with it. The answer is a definite yes.

With Angela kneeling on the chair – her bottom is well presented for a caning.

Bridget from Caning Castings starts the test caning

For the first five strokes of the cane, she is silent – then on the sixth stroke she cries out loudly – clenching her buttocks together and sucking in her breath. Besides crying out loudly, her face shows the pain she is suffering, she stubbornly has no intention of giving in – she wants the job and, more importantly the money, so she endures the full fifty strokes, by which time the cane marks are fully visible – red and purple turning black.

although in real pain she won't give in she wants to work for Caning Castings

She is proud of the fact that she has been offered a part in the forthcoming movie at Home Video Studio and wears her cane marks like a trophy.


Bare Bottom Collection Vol. 5: Bottoms Up! – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: B & D Pleasures
Starring: , , , , , &
Approximate Running Time: 57.03 minutes

This movie, Bare Bottom Collection Vol. 5: Bottoms Up!, is a collection of  girls’ fantasies about the bare bottom punishments they receive for their wrong doings.

It starts off with a Daisy Duke-wearing student who has failed all her exams. Her teacher believes she is capable of passing her exams if she would just make an effort. He has to enforce his authority in order to make her see that he is deadly serious. After a warm up spanking, the teacher tells her to remove her short shorts. As she pulls them down, her tiny thong gets caught in the skin-tight fabric. She ends up with a very sore ass after a prolonged OTK session with him.

A bare bottom spanking is what is needed

The next scene depicts a young girl who works in a movie studio. She has received some messages to pass on to her boss, but she is fascinated by a movie of a girl receiving a spanking. She stands watching the movie and doing some self-spanking. When one of the movie crew interrupts her reverie. He’s been watching her for several minutes.

With a bit of bravado on her part and some goading on his, she ends up over his knee. It soon becomes apparent that she is more than interested in being on the receiving end of a spanking herself. She gets more than she bargained for, but thoroughly enjoys getting a bare bottom spanking.

She's getting a very sore bare bottom

In the third scenario, a sultry brunette has arrived home to the flat she shares with a girl friend. She winces as she sits down on the couch next to her pretty blond friend. The friend becomes very curious and coaxes the truth out of her roommate. And the friend is more than agog hearing what happened to her about taking part in a spanking movie.

Curiosity gets the better of the blond and soon her roommate is spanking by her friend. This is an opportunity not to be missed and she is being spanked for various reasons, including being late with the rent and the phone bill. The sexy brunette also realized that the roommate is wearing her stolen panties!
The blond finds herself promising the sun, moon and stars – just so long as she can carry on being spanked, because it has been a dream of hers for some time. These sexy ladies seem to be having a blast together. The brunette continues to spank and tease her roommate, even licking her pink cheeks between spanks.

Her fantasy is coming true - a bare bottom spanking

In the final, we see a boss and employee situation. The employee has no respect for her boss and is extremely arrogant. When her boss overpowers her and has her helpless over her knee – it takes some time, but her boss proves that a well-spanked bare bottom can be an attitude adjuster.

One employee brought down to earth with a well deserved bare bottom spanking

Spanking Schoolgirl – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Billie West Productions
Starring: Cameron Towers and Paige Hunter
Approximate Running Time: 40.22 minutes

Cameron is a very pretty blond schoolgirl who is supposed to to be studying for her exams the next day. However, she is soon going to be learning the art of being a spanking schoolgirl instead.

She flips through the pages of her American history textbook, hoping to learn something, but she is bored and cannot see the necessity for learning about things that have happened in the past.

She lights a cigarette and puffs at it  until she hears her teacher, Ms. Jones, who has come to check on her progress.

Ms. Jones questions Cameron about the past presidents, but Cameron doesn’t get a single question right.

Therefore, Ms. Jones thinks maybe a spanking might help her student to focus better.

A sore bottom might help the spanking schoolgirl

One thing leads to another and both teacher and student are turned on.

Ms. Jones takes Cameron to her home in order to give her extra lessons.

In Ms. Jones’s bedroom, the two women undress each other and Ms. Jones finds Cameron a willing pupil. She finger fucks the young girl and has her screaming as she has an orgasm.

Ms Jones finds spanking the schoolgirl and finger fucking her exciting

This is followed by Ms. Jones strapping on a cock. Without any hesitation, Cameron learns how to suck it.

Then Ms. Jones uses it to fuck her young student.

Cameron's cunt is wet and juicy - after being a spanking schoolgirl

Both the teacher and the pupil have a wonderful time together. To show her appreciation, Ms. Jones promises Cameron that she will get straight As in her exams.

Spanking Barbie – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 30.36 minutes

“Barbie, please bring my newspaper,” the commanding lady boss calls to her assistant. Barbie, the young blond office assistant, is not dressed appropriately for the office. She’s a pretty young girl with a long braid hanging down her back and a tiny mini skirt who obediently enters the office and places the newspaper on her boss’s desk. However, she doesn’t realize what is about to happen to her. Her inappropriate outfit earns her a spanking from her supervisor.

Spanking Barbie is turning them both on

Her boss glances up from some documents she is reading and studies the young girl carefully then decides to take a closer look. The young girl is wearing a mini mini skirt that just barely covers her beautiful bottom. A casual flip up of the mini mini skirt reveals that she is not wearing any panties.

She is told to bend over the desk and her boss starts to gently spank her. At the moment, this is not a punishment spanking but rather a titillating one. You can see Barbie’s grin right after the very first smack.

Besides using her hand, her raven-haired boss also uses various paddles and straps that make Barbie’s bottom a sexy, deep pink. Barbie elicits squeals of pain and pleasure to show that her boss is not really hurting her.

While spanking Barbie she is put into the diaper position

Clearly, the squeals are of enjoyment as she is turned on. To add to the enjoyment, her boss gently spanks the lips of her wet, juicy pussy and makes Barbie purr in approval.

The pain and the ecstacy when spanking Barbie

Barbie’s position changes several times,  from bending over the desk to kneeling on it and even lying on her back on the desk, with her legs up in the diaper position.

It is not clear if Barbie has learned her lesson or been encouraged to not wear panties for the office.

But the viewers are treated to a wonderful view of a beautiful girls stunning, sexy ass and a juiced up cunt, while the boss is spanking Barbie.

Spanked Lady Friends #6 – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Scorched
Approximate Running Time: 29.57 minutes

With her dark ponytail swinging from side to side in unison with the sway of her slim hips,  she confidently leads her shy lady friend into the lounge.  The shy girls is to become her spanked lady friend.

Sitting side by side on the couch, the dominant girl tentatively begins to gently stroke the smaller girl’s upper arms. Getting no objection, she becomes bolder. Her strokes and caresses moving slowly, with a feathery touch across her friend’s upper chest; her long slim fingers gently ease the other girl’s breast out of its bra cup. She massages the perky tits until the nipples became hard and stiff.

Being introduced to the elite membership of the spanked lady friends #6 club

What she did for one breast, she did for the other. Her submissive friend gives a shiver of pleasure, as the dominant friend takes the hardened nipple into her mouth, sucking on it until it became long and hard.

Eager hands hurriedly remove the young girl’s dress, until she was naked. Her body is now ready for anything the other girl was about to do to her.

she is ready willing and able to become a member of the spanked lady friends  #6 club

Now, without any hesitation, she knelt on the couch, her bare bottom stuck up and rounded, awaiting the spanking she is about to receive.

A pattern was established. About six gentle slaps on her bottom then followed by a gentle kneading of each bottom cheek. This went on for some time.

Obediently, the spankee moved position when told to do so. Sitting on the couch, hugging her legs to her chest, her girlish charms were readily available to her lover’s hands, tongue and an assortment of implements.

She had been introduced to the spanked lady friends club – and she couldn’t have been happier.

Further tuition on how to be a spaned lady friends #6

Hazing Aimee – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Danni’s Hard Drive

Starring: Aimee Sweet, Erica Campbell, and Aria Giovanni

Approximate Running Time: 15.20 minutes

Aimee is a new girl at college and Erica and Aria are about to initiate her into their own secret sorority. During the initiation ceremony, Aimee gives her new friends full permission to do whatever they wish to her, including sexual advances. They are going to be hazing Aimee.

She eagerly promises allegiance to them and to keep their rites and rituals a secret.

Sexy Erica and Aria seat and blindfold their new pledge. The two sorority sisters handcuff and gag Aimee.

She is sitting waiting for she knows not what - they are going to be hazing Aimee

Erica and Aria – one on either side of her – free her breasts from the confines of her bra and kiss and suck at her stiffened nipples.

They then move away from her and start touching and sucking at each other.

Touching each other while Aimee doesn't know what's going on - it's all part of hazing Aimee

Poor Aimee can hear the gasps and moans the two other girls are making but she doesn’t know what’s going on.

They then turn to her and give her their full attention. Sucking at her tits with their hands all over her body.

She has pleased them. They solemnly tell her she has passed the initiation test and she is now one of them.

Success,she has pleased them and passed their test of hozing Aimee

Aimee is thrilled when they collar her. She has absolutely loved it when they were hazing Aimee.

Spanky – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: HotOldMovies

Approximate Running Time: 08.36 minutes

Two attractive young ladies sit on the couch together, feeling a bit bored, so they decide to have some hanky panky with a little spanky.

Having a bit of spanky fun

The blonde girl pulls her brunette friend over her knee and starts spanking her. It isn’t long before the panties come down and the spanking continues on her bare bottom.

When the blonde relaxes her hold for a moment, her friend turns the tables on her and gets her over her knee.

Even more hanky panky with some spanky

Each girl is trying to get the other one over her knee. There’s a lot of giggling going on.

Now who's turn is it to get some spanky

Then when the blonde pulls her bra up – her breasts come tumbling out, her nipples are hard, and her dark haired friend spends several minutes caressing them.

slap and tickle and some hanky panky and some more spanky

With a bit more slap and tickle the two girls end up naked.

They really enjoy their spanky sessions.