Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Sixteen

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline had retrieved the box from under the sideboard where it had ended up after she sneezed. And as she held it in her hand, her lover told her to open it.

Finally she was going to find out what it contained.

However, she couldn’t hide her disappointment when she saw the contents. She had no idea what it was – but for sure she couldn’t wear it on the third finger of her left hand.

She looked at her lover for an explanation as to what it is ……

Now read on ……

Her lover removed the object from the box – it glinted in the lamplight.

‘Look at it Madeline, isn’t it beautiful?’ He handed it to her.

‘Yes it is beautiful, but what is it?’ She turned it over and over in her hand.

‘What does it look like?’ he asked her.

‘Our dog Rex had something like this on his collar.’

‘Right, and why was it on his collar?’

‘In case he got lost.’

‘Exactly Madeline.’

‘Errrr! Sorry, but why have you given this to me?’
‘Because my darling girl, I want everyone to know that you are mine,’ he took the disc off her. ‘We will get it engraved tomorrow.’

Her bottom lip came out again in a super pout.

‘What’s the matter Madeline, I thought you wanted to be mine.’

‘I do – I did, but I don’t like being compared to a dog.’

‘You are my pet – so I want you to be my companion.’ He took her in his arms and kissed her on her soft lips.

‘Now come on darling let’s get you ready for the Initiation Ceremony?

‘Okay,’ she answered.

It took almost twenty minutes to get her ready. His skilful fingers tightened the buckles and adjusted the various straps.

Then standing back to look at her, he grunted his satisfaction. ‘You’re so beautiful Madeline, I’m so proud of you.’

He led her over to the full-length mirror on the wardrobe door. ‘Look at yourself Madeline.’

She looked and was amazed at the transformation. Was this really her?

She was self-conscious wearing what she was. It felt strange and a little bit uncomfortable.

Seeing her fidgeting a bit, he told her, she’d get used to it.

He placed a black velvet hooded cloak over her shoulders and led her to the car that was waiting outside the door.

She knew where he was taking her, but still couldn’t understand why she was dressed like she was.

To be continued ……

Madeline’s Secret Fantasy – Part Two

Eleanor Powell

The Story So Far ……

Madeline had been led blindfolded into a room full of people. He had secured her to the ‘A’ Frame. Now unable to move – he asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. She had nodded.

What was she doing there and why?

Now read on ……

With a final kiss on the back of her neck, he stepped back.

Craning her neck around as far as she could do, she wanted to see what was happening – but a stinging blow to her bottom and his harsh voice ordered her to keep still. She froze.

The babble of voices started up again. She heard the odd sentence – ‘Isn’t she young.’ ‘What a pretty girl.’ ‘She looks so innocent.’ ‘I wonder if she knows what she’s letting herself in for?’

But now she began to have her doubts.

She had felt so happy and secure in his love the previous evening, so that when he suggested she join the ‘Secret Society of Spankos’ she had agreed without hesitation.

Now this was for real.

Her lover was different. So much more masterful. She felt the prickle of fear. Yet she knew she only had to use the ‘safeword’ and the whole thing would come to a stop. She bit her lip so hard, she could taste blood.

She jumped when she heard his voice in her ear. She hadn’t heard him come up behind her.

‘Darling are you sure you want to carry on?’ he asks her.

At the sound of his gentle voice, the voice she loved and trusted, she melted and knew everything was going to be all right.

‘Absolutely,’ she whispered back to him.

Once again he stepped back from her and the ‘A’ Frame.

Everything went quiet – there was an air of expectancy.

The soft leather fronds of the flogger, landed on her creamy white bottom. Oh that was lovely. Then as it sent shock waves of pain throughout her bottom, she screamed.

He waited for her to calm down before delivering a stinging blow to her other cheek.

It followed that same pattern for the rest of the pre-arranged twenty strokes.

By which time she was sobbing – the hot tears flowing freely.

‘Come my darling,’ he said gently. ‘You have done very well.’

Loosening the leather cuffs he set her free from the ‘A’ Frame.

‘Let’s go home now,’ he continued. ‘Please will you come back next week for Part Two of your initiation ceremony?’

Looking deep into his dark eyes, she smiled and said, ‘yes, yes, yes.’

What is going to happen next time?

To be continued ……

Speaking of Spanking – The Economy and Handy Household Spanking Implements

Spanking Pics - Sore red bottom after kitchen spankingEveryone knows it. It’s been drilled into our collective psyches over the last couple of years, hasn’t it? The economy sucks! The question is, then, what do we do when we need a new spanking implement and can’t afford to buy one of those flashy, creative artisan paddles online? Get out of our funk and get on with it, I say!

Welcome to the world of household implements! When you can’t buy a pretty hairbrush with a cute spanking picture appliqué on it, go to your local beauty supply store and buy a (much) cheaper wooden hairbrush. It’ll have a sturdy backside to apply to your favorite backside and even some bristly boar’s hair bristles. (Picture the rest of the wild boar in the imu oven at the luau you attend during your next Hawaiian vacation. Or, maybe not. Sorry, I just HAD to go there.) So, the wood isn’t mahogany. Who cares? It’ll still works just fine. Trust me. I have a LOT of experience…a serious LOT of experience. In fact, that’s exactly where I bought my most favorite hairbrush and I’ve had it for 17 years. Possibly less time than most of you reading this have even been of age for participating in adult consensual spanking. It has seen more spanking action in that time than I can even begin to wrap my mind around. As hard as it’s been used, it’s never come close to being broken. A good bath brush is always effective, too. They’re usually even thicker than hairbrushes and easily available at your local drug store. I have a couple of those and believe me; I don’t use them for bathing.

Then it’s time to go to the kitchen. Oh yes! The kitchen is full of wonderful, worthy spanking implements. The most obvious, of course, is the wooden spoon. A good, thick wooden spoon will always get the job done. Just be sure to wash it after the spanking before you use it for cooking again. Eeeww.

But, my favorite is one of those kitchen implements is one of those new fangled heat-resistant spatulas. Those things sting! They’re thick, unyielding and snappy. Snap one of those down on a deserving behind and you’ll have contrition in no time.

How about rolled up newspapers, or magazines? Well…maybe, but kinda clumsy. They’re good for quickies. Rulers or yard sticks? Gotta use those carefully. They tend to break over tougher tushies.

I almost forgot. There’s always the good switch obtained from the tree in your backyard. Ouch!

There! Economy, eeeshmonomy. Get your spank on, I say!

Oh, and you creative spanking implement artisans out there, please forgive me. I promise to promote anyone’s efforts if they’re willing to send me some new implements for free. Wink, wink.

Free Spanking Gallery

Carolyn Reese gets the wooden spoon and the heat-resistant spatula. The spatula produced tears! And, uh, the cast iron frying pan was never intended to be used and never was. Carolyn, wise woman that she is, ran away. Hey! I was only joking with that one…

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Not Quite A Domme — Red Crescendo

bdsm switch video

This movie provides a glimpse into the lives of two people who are living “the lifestyle”.

bdsm switchAt the beginning there’s is a short interview with Don (at least I think that’s his name.) He’s a tall, slender young man with earrings and close-cropped hair, and he explains a bit about himself and how he got into the BDSM scene. He talks about discovering himself as a submissive when he met a “wonderful mistress”. But as we soon learn, he’s not a complete submissive. He likes to go both ways, he’s a BDSM switch

The next segment starts with a “Honey, I’m home” moment. Don walks through the door to his house/apartment. Angelica, an attractive, full-figured blonde, is waiting for him. She’s wearing “mistress” type clothing (a dark vinyl bustier with her breasts exposed), and she’s fiddling energetically with a paddle.

She tells Don that she’s bored and she wants to “play”. She orders him to strip. He does so, playing along. Angela gives precise, pointed commands about how he should remove his clothing. “Yes, Mistress” Don responds.

The “play” continues. Don is soon completely nude, blindfolded, and with a gag in his mouth. He’s led to spiderweb-looking contraption that’s made of thick metal chains. Very interesting home decor. He gets chained to it, hands and feet.

bdsm role playAt some point the “play” takes on a different tone. Don loses the “yes mistress” attitude and lets some four letter words come out with regard to his feelings for Angelica. These two people have a history that we, the viewer, can only guess at. Various things and people from their past are alluded to in an accusatory fashion. Angelica spanks and paddles the chained and naked Don, who mutters things like “I’ll f____ you up” through his gag.

Angelica releases him because he “can’t handle it”. Don then decides to see how she can handle it. He wrestles her down to a red vinyl couch and starts spanking her. The verbal venom between the couple continues. Don appears to see himself as the teacher in this relationship, and Angelica is his not-so-apt student who must learn her lessons the hard way.

Don now has the upper hand. He has forced Angelica face down on the sofa with her butt sticking out. He paddles her with a wooden spoon. Her rear end becomes bruised. She’s very vocal, but I think involuntarily so. She seems to be trying to fight the pain, trying to hold back her gasps and her tears. She can’t.

Don makes her say that she’s “his property”. He makes her repeat it louder. He makes her say she enjoys it. She does so through clenched teeth and through the sobs that she can’t hold back.

He taunts her about her tears. He calls her “poor little baby”. He lectures her about her inability to fully embrace the lifestyle that they’ve chosen together. Apparently she’s supposed to accept the pain without crying.

The interpersonal dynamic in this movie is raw and real. It’s like watching a passionate fight and a passionate love session at the same time. It’s not always easy to tell where one begins and the other ends.

Angelica seems to have a very ambivalent feeling to the pain she endures. She wants to live “the lifestyle”, but not all aspects of it, or perhaps not to the extent that Don wants her to. Or maybe she wants it and she’s really enjoying herself though her tears. Don seems to think so anyway.

He gives orders and lectures her as he strikes her. She complies. He raises his voice a lot. He’s as emotional as she is, maybe more so. This may be a movie to me, but it seems completely real to them.

I recommend watching this movie. Part of my enjoyment was that I found it erotic to see the tables turned on Angelica and watch her transformation from a dominant, commanding mistress into a tearful, obedient sub. But it’s also an interesting, almost educational video. It’s like a mini-documentary about both domestic difficulties and the “sociological phenomenon” of the BDSM “lifestyle”. As this movie makes clear, however, BDSM is not a “sociological phenomenon” or a “lifestyle”. It’s the very real expression of the passionate and emotional needs of people who are no different than anyone else, people who are struggling to find themselves and to find happiness in their lives and their relationships. And just like with everyone else, they deal with jealousy, miscommunication, and failed expectations along the way.