Eleanor Powell

Studio: Far East Media

Starring: Bobbie and Joe Lewis

Approximate Running Time: 45.45 minutes

Bobbie is a real nineteen-year old beauty. Her long blonde hair cascades down over her shoulders. She also has a beautiful smile – and she smiles often.

Her ambition is to become a student nurse. However, she wants to have fun before settling down to some serious study.

Her idea of fun is sexual foreplay.

She has been sent to see Steve and Joe – because she needs motivation to stop the play and start the work.

While talking to the two men, she opens up to them about her sexual preferences. She tells them that she is absolutely straight, and then she admits to having enjoyed oral sex with one or two other girls.


The two randy guys interviewing her are pleased with her honesty and openness.

Between them, they work out a little scene – where they can really explore her inner needs and wants.

First things first, she is now completely naked

This involves a little touching, tickling and finally some spanking.

Joe coaxes her over his knee and starts spanking her by now already naked bottom. To begin, he’s quite gentle and she is truly enjoying the experience – another first for her.

Then the speed of delivery is increased and the spanks sting more. While previously she was enjoying being spanked, now she no longer has control. Despite pleading with Joe to stop because it was no longer fun but painful, he takes firmer hold of her and carries on spanking her.

Helplessly lying over his knee

Her screams of pain turn to soft murmurs as his tongue explores her anus – inside and out. Now she is truly enjoying herself.

she sucks his cock with pleasure

One thing leads to another and the oral exploratory maneuvers mean a change or two of positions. From sucking his cock to him doing oral on her sopping wet pussy – some fucking and the Grand Finale – when she accepts his cum into her eager little mouth.

The guys know that she hasn’t swallowed, but she needs to prove to them that her mouth is clear.

So they tell her what to say. Now she is seen to give a big gulp prior to repeating her lines.

When she does speak – her words are loud and clear.

But whether she is now motivated to get on with her studies remains to be seen.

Mistress Real – Nurse Spanking

Eleanor Powell
Studio: DOM Promotions
Approximate Running Time: 09.36 minutes

Mistress Real is not too pleased with two of her nurses, as they have failed their exams.

cane in hand - she's going to punish them

Now she is going to punish the two naughty ‘girls’. As she tells them – real corporal punishment. After all they do want the jobs don’t they?

They have to bend over a desk with their bottoms well up ready to receive whatever she deems necessary.

She proceeds to change their wriggling white bottoms to a deep rosy red.

First she gives them a warm up spanking with a leather strap and after each stroke they have to say, ‘thank you Mistress.’

See those bottoms wriggle

The warm up spanking is followed by six strokes of the cane each. This time they each have to keep count and if they miscount the caning will start again.

Each stroke of the cane she doles out is harder than the previous one. Boy do those ‘little girls’ bottoms wriggle.

waiting for her decision

When the caning is over, she gives them her decision ……

Playing by Myself 2

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Lena Ramone

Approximate Running Time: 34.22 minutes

This movie is a documentary rather than a story, but don’t let that put you off.

Lena is demonstrating to other spankees how to self spank if there is nobody to administer the spanking.

Showing the best position for self spanking

I’ve seen several movies where the naughty girl has needed a spanking, but had no spanker available, so she attempts to spank herself. These movies proved to be a disappointment both to the young lady and the movie viewer.

Checking to see if it's having an affect

Yet in this movie Lena not only tells you how to do it successfully, but also demonstrates the use of various implements, that if used in the way she shows you, you are guaranteed a very sore red bottom; after all, that is the whole idea isn’t it?

Demonstrating another position

A spanking obviously turns her on – bigtime. To quote Lena, ‘The redder I get the wetter I get.’

Bringing herself to an orgasm

Therefore, I recommend that you watch this movie, enjoy and put into practice what she says.

Your comments would be very welcome.

Spanking Video Review – Best of British Spanking 17

Spanking Studio: Bizarre Video
Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes

In this video, you are going to see several different scenarios of naughty girls receiving the spankings that they have so asked for.

The first story is about Rose – she’s a maid, with a liking for a tipple.

She has just poured herself a generous glass full of the golden liquid and has raised it to her eager lips – when her boss enters the room.

He’s seen enough and she tries to convince him that she poured it for him. He doesn’t believe her and gives her a choice – accept a spanking or be fired.

The spanking is going to happen

She is shocked at the suggestion and all but calls him a pervert.

After a great deal of arguing with him, she eventually ends up over his knee for an otk spanking. Which progresses to him spanking her on her bare bottom.

When his hand is tired and his arm is aching – he lays out an assortment of implements – that will make it less painful for him. He gives her the choice of which instrument to use on her poor sore bottom. As she doesn’t know a paddle from a flogger, she chooses a tawse.

Scenario Number Two

Just a playful spanking before work

She’s getting ready for work, but her loving husband decides that it would be a good idea to give her a sore bottom, so that as she is sitting doing her work, she’ll be constantly reminded of him.

Another Scenario

Two very naughty schoolgirls have been found out – they cheated in an exam.

Simultaneous Spankings

The headmaster sees it as his duty to punish them. He uses several spanking implements on their bare bottoms. He soon has them squealing and squirming about as their creamy unblemished bottoms turn pink, then a very sore looking red. The use of the cane leaves a lasting impression on them, with blue white lines criss-crossing their sore and tender cheeks.

Now the Scene Changes Again

Spanking by proxy

This time Sister Ellis is responsible for the actions of her junior nursing staff. A patient has made a serious complaint and she has to accept a corporal punishment on their behalf.

You will see her shapely bottom turned into a bright blazing red.

Her staff had better watch out

At the end of the spanking, she is going to pass the message on to her staff.

Spanking Video Review – Classified Spanking

Spanking Studio: Bare Bottom Video

Starring: Samantha York and Sonny Daze

Approximate Running Time: 55.34 minutes

Samantha was not a happy bunny. She had this need – that all spankees are only too familiar with, she wanted … no, needed a bare bottom spanking. But a man who would help to scratch her itch was not available, or was he?

This bottom deserves a spanking

She was lying on her bed reading a spanking contact magazine and there it was – an advert from a man looking for a lady to spank. She hesitated. Should she phone or shouldn’t she phone? Her indecisiveness lasted for all of a second. Before she could chicken out, she carefully dialed the number given in the spanking advert. He answered himself and she introduced herself and they agreed that he would come round to her place the following evening.

Dressed in something she hoped was both sexy and provocative. She kept looking at her watch – he was a minute late. Had he changed his mind? Then the long awaited knock on her door. Trying to look cool, calm and collected – she opened the door to him.

They both looked at each other and liked what they saw.

She had already told him that she had a fantasy of being a nurse and she had to be spanked by her superior for being late for the third time that week – well that or being dismissed.

Leaving him sitting on the bed, she goes to put on her Nurse’s Uniform. When she returns, transformed into a nurse, he makes it clear that he approves.

Positioning herself over his knee for an otk spanking, her ultra short skirt just about covers her shapely bottom. He starts hand spanking her. Her loud squeals are a mixture of pain and joy. She is surprised at how the reality of a spanking did hurt and make her poor bottom sting and smart. As she squirmed about over his knee, her skirt rode up to reveal she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

The spanking continued until he had turned every square inch of her creamy white bottom to a bright cherry red.

No rubbing allowed in this spanking

He sent her to stand in a corner for ten minutes – with strict instructions not to touch her bottom. But she started rubbing her hot cheeks.

Of course he noticed – and she finds herself back in a corporal spanking for a few more licks. Then it’s back in the corner again for another ten minutes and again he forbids her to touch her burning bottom.

Now onto fantasy number two. This time she’s a secretary. A very inefficient secretary. A warm up hand spanking is followed by him using a ruler.

Things were going really well between them

For her third fantasy she wanted him to strap her already reddened bottom. For this, she had to bend over the back of a chair.

The strap bit into her tender flesh, causing her to squeal even louder. When he had checked with her to make sure she was still happy with what was happening, he continued, bringing the leather strap down onto her upturned bottom over and over again.

A true strap spanking

At the end of the spanking session, they both agreed that it was a wonderful experience and that he’d come again to help her fulfill her spanking fantasies.

Struck Off — California Star

hot blonde spanking

In this video, two errant employees are spanked for their transgressions at work. In exchange for the corporal punishment, their misdeeds are “struck off”, and they’re permitted to keep their jobs.

In part one, an in-home nurse is lazy and dishonest. She hangs out smoking a cigarette when she should be helping the patient. And she goes through the house looking for items to steal.

She gets discovered by the patient’s husband, who gives her quite a punishment session. I lost track of the number of different positions and variations on positions that the nurse is forced to assume. Among them are otk, diaper, against the wall, against the mantelpiece, and bent over various pieces of furniture in the house, legs bent, legs straight, legs apart, legs together, bottom out, etc. The list goes on. And the punishment includes blows by hand, strap, paddle and cane.

The nurse is blond and curvy. Voluptuous. Her skin is pale. She looks goth. Her hair is so long that on at least one occasion it has to be moved out of the way so that her rear end can be smacked.

In spite of the harsh punishment, she remains fairly stoic. Her face is rarely seen, but it shows little emotion when visible. Even when she starts crying, her face isn’t seen much. We hear her sniffle, and we see her wipe away tears, but the weeping is quiet and subdued. There are no chokes or gut-wrenching sobs, just silent tears. Her face doesn’t even turn red.

She also puts up very little protest. Even when asked to undress so that’s she’s completely naked, she doesn’t argue.

If you enjoy seeing a voluptuous, nude young woman receive a long, arduous session of spanking, paddling, strapping and caning, then you will like this video.

Part two involves a young, attractive, east Indian female doctor who has been doling out illegal prescriptions. Her misdeeds are discovered by the hospital administrator. In order to keep her job, young Dr.Patel submits to a disciplinary session of spanking, paddling and caning.

It’s a sexy scenario. The young doctor is cute. She’s wearing a white hospital lab smock over a white skirt. Her dark hair is in a bun. She has a stethoscope around her neck. She looks the part of a young medical professional.

In the beginning, she sits at a table conferring with the hospital administrator. Her skirt rides high, showing some nice thigh. It’s a seductive tease — definitely makes you want to see more. And you will.

The doctor doesn’t protest much when told she will be spanked and ordered to undress. For a doctor, someone used to telling others what to do, she’s a little too submissive, too soon. But it’s still an erotic scene.

First the doctor gets an otk session. Then she gets on her knees on a sofa by the wall. She loses her clothing incrementally, until she’s completely nude. She has a lovely body.

Dr. Patel doesn’t take her spanking well. Even in the beginning, she bucks and groans from the pain. At one point the hospital administrator even says “I don’t know why you’re acting out. This is just the preliminary.”

The hand spanking and the strapping, while the young woman is partially undressed,lead to the caning when she is fully nude. She complains that it hurts. She’s told that it’s supposed to hurt.

Her rear end becomes discolored. She’s not overweight, but her bottom is ample. She bends over and touches her toes for the caning. Her rear end sticks out. It’s a beautiful sight.

Like most California Star productions (and most other companies, too), there are not a lot of face shots during the discipline. But there are a few, and they show the young doctor’s pretty face in a grimace of pain, her eyes screwed up, her teeth gritted, her breathing labored as the cane whistles through the air and connects. Again, it’s a beautiful sight.

During the caning, Dr. Patel moans and cries out in pain. She gasps and breathes hard. She struggles to maintain her composure. When it’s done, she stands up and turns around to face the hospital administrator (and us!). Naked and submissive, the young, pretty doctor obediently promises to change her ways, before gathering her clothing and scurrying away. Once again, it’s a beautiful sight.