Chimney Paddling

Video: Chimney Paddling
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Jenny’s paddling begins with her bent over, arms on each side of the chimney. It continues with her jeans pulled down under her reddening bottom. Eventually her panties are pulled down for maximum exposure. When Headmaster is finished she is posed, arms above her head, partially clothed, in the corner next to the chimney.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Three Little Lies

Video: Three Little Lies
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Linda is summoned to appear before Headmaster Tom and Mr. Haroldson, another teacher. As he questions her she promptly lies to him three times! She must now be punished with three implements: the hairbrush, the ruler and the tawse. Linda will also be completely naked. The Headmaster leaves Linda slumped over with her head in her hands.

Later, these three implements are lying on a chair when Mr. Haroldson brings Linda into the room fully nude. He begins her punishment with the ruler, continues with the hairbrush and finishes with the tawse. Linda is left sniffling on the chair in the fetal position.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Haroldson

What Has To Be Done

Video: What Has To Be Done
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We see Linda smoking in the bathroom. Headmaster Tom catches her and finds cigarette butts in the toilet. While the Headmaster goes to fetch Mr. Haroldson, Linda takes down her jeans and knickers for punishment. When the men return Mr. Haroldson gives Linda a good hard hand spanking over his knee. It lasts a very long time. He then leaves the room, and leaves Linda rubbing her sore bottom.

The Headmaster comes to inspect the punishment and finds that since there where two cigarettes there will be two punishments. And this second one will be more severe than the first at the Headmaster’s orders. The Headmaster leaves Linda facing the toilet bowl so she can see her transgressions in the water.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom, Mr. Haroldson

Mobile Phones

Video: Mobile Phones
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The Headmaster has left Claire to work on her exams but she has chosen to play with her mobile phone instead. When the Headmaster returns he quizzes Claire, saying he thought he heard a phone. She denies it but soon the ringer goes off and she is caught. She has been getting the answers from the phone but they are not even correct. This will require punishment and she will still have to take the exam again.

Claire undresses, places her clothes on the chair and prostrates her body across the table. Headmaster returns with the paddle. Claire’s bottom is already red and raw from previous punishments. Headmaster gives Claire the option of more paddle or a spanking across the knees. She chooses across the lap for a hard hand spanking. When he’s finished he leaves her lying across the chair as an example for the other girls – Emma and Rose - when they try to cheat. Every day is a learning day at GBS.

Stars: Rose, Emma, Claire, Headmaster Tom

Extremer Huttenzauber Vol. 2

Video: Extremer Huttenzauber Vol. 2
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Studio: Mega-Film
What better mix than pain and pleasure? Whether that pain involves spanking implements or a good ole’ ass slap, all that matters is that the two, three, or in some cases, multiple, partners involved get equal satisfaction out of their sexual exploits. This extreme sequel ensures that all parties have their fun!

The Pioneer Punishment

Video: The Pioneer Punishment
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
While staying with his Aunt, he is caught stealing from the general store. Being such an upright citizen, she is appalled and embarrassed by his behavior. Mrs. Olsen accepts his apology, but wants him punished. So, his Aunt makes a deal with Mrs. Olsen that if she gives him a good licking she will forgive and forget and the Sherriff will not be called. So, he is punished severely in front of Mrs. Olsen and until Mrs. Olsen thinks he has learned his lesson. He is stripped down to his base bottom and given an over-the-knee spanking. He is then strung up with his arms and legs spread, and whipped with a carpet beater and a leather strap. Once again, he is turned over his Aunt’s knee and paddled with her extra large wooden spoon. He is left sobbing and apologetic.

Stars: Kelly Payne


Video: Sundown
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Lisa was enjoying herself. Wearing a bikini, she was making good use of the swimming pool. The blue water lapped around her and she held her beautiful face up to the sun. However, her enjoyment was not going to last. Mr. Lewis, a teacher at GBS had entered the kitchen and he was disgusted at the filthy state it was in. Calling Lisa indoors he asked why she was outside in the sun, swimming in the pool, when she should have been cleaning the kitchen. Her answer is not satisfactory so he gets her busy washing up.

In his hand he holds a cane and he uses the cane to keep her motivated. Her bikini bottom offers very little protection. And when he tells her to pull down them down, the red stripes become visible. After washing up, she has to clean the tabletops then the floor. As the cane makes contact with her bottom, she yells out. Once the kitchen is clean to his satisfaction, he tells her to kneel on the floor and bear in mind that she must in future do her chores first, then she can enjoy being outdoors.

Stars: Lisa, Mr. Lewis

The Stable Girl

Video: The Stable Girl
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
My Stable Girl hasn’t been doing her job. My thoroughbreds are filthy, my riding is subpar, and the Barn’s a mess. All dressed and ready for competition, I go to the barn to get my horse. As usual my lazy stable girl is napping and my horse is not saddled. This will be the last time she ever falls sleeps on the job. Instead of going to the competition I decide to teach her a lesson…one she will never forget. She is spanked over the knee bare-bottomed, tied up, strapped, and then bent over the hay bales and paddles until she is bawling her eyes out. This is a very hard spanking flick. Shot in a real barn outdoors in Michigan.

Stars: Denise, Kelly Payne

Sleeping Time

Video: Sleeping Time
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There’s a lot of squeals and giggles – a pillow fight going on. Lisa and Emma are making so much noise they don’t hear Headmaster Tom enter the room. He’s surprised that this should be happening on a Tuesday evening – with classes scheduled the next day. Telling the naughty girls to settle down he leaves the room. No sooner had he closed the door behind him than Emma whispered something in Lisa’s ear. Ten minutes later, Headmaster Tom has gone upstairs to check on the girls. Finding their room empty he goes on a naughty schoolgirl hunt. It doesn’t take him long to find them again – he just had to follow the noise. This time he sees it as sheer defiance. So punishment must follow immediately.

Lisa is first and she is to receive a hard, hand spanking – over the knee. A few moments later, one young lady is standing facing the wall, with her knickers pulled down to her knees. She has a very sore looking bottom, deep red and blotchy. Now it is Emma’s turn. Headmaster believes that she is the troublemaker, so she’s going to get the cane. He leaves the two girls while he goes to fetch the cane. On his return, he orders Emma to bend over the bed. The cane leaves marks across both her cheeks – they are red and angry looking. Once the punishment is over, he tells Lisa to turn round and see how sore Emma’s bottom is – warning her that if there is a next time, that’s what she can expect. He leaves the two girls to settle down for the night. Judging by the silence, they have obviously obeyed him.

Stars: Lisa, Emma, Headmaster Tom

Greta’s Training

Video: Greta's Training
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Greta is a sweet innocent looking tart with a penchant to explore her submissive emotions and venture into a cognitive state she barely understands. She is drawn by the aura and mystique of servitude, control and the feeling of helplessness in the hands of a superior personality. Her introduction to submission is initiated by a dark and mysterious figure she knows only as the Professor. Her first hours of training are harsh and painful. Her new master explores the resolve of her mental state, through a heavy dose of the lash and paddle. To Complete Greta’s training the professor gives her to his friend Lord Baldric to do with as he pleases. Greta experiences a different side of submission when Baldric uses her most tender intimate parts to pleasure himself.

Greta’s first training day is dominated by the realization of what she has embarked on is going to be hard and rough, especially at the hands of the Professor, whom she barely knows. Greta succumbs to his ministrations as best she can. The sensations she is subjected to, and the commands she must carry out become an exhilaration that stimulates her senses and leaves her confused, sore and satisfied all at the same time. Her desire to serve the Professor becomes locked into her thoughts, though she struggles with what to do, say and think. She knows she must continue as the Professor’s charge and becomes determine to try to please him.

Greta is back for another visit with the Professor. It starts off badly for her. After giving her best answers as a devoted submissive, she miss cues the professor’s instructions. Now it’s over a bench for her for another lesson about thinking as a submissive. She is thoroughly exposed to the professor’s whip with her smooth round buttocks thrust upward to meet the rain of cascading strokes. The professor has another painful lesson for Greta. He asks her to decide how many times the whip will kiss her sweet posteriors as punishment for her errors. The poor girl is bewildered and confused as the stroke upon stroke sting her tender behind.

To Complete Greta’s training the professors gives her to his friend Lord Baldric to do with as he pleases. Greta experiences a different side of submission when Baldric uses her mouth and tender pussy to pleasure himself. She finds herself bound and helpless. Her efforts to please Lord Baldric are encouraged through an ample application of the lash on her tender flesh.

The disheveled blond damsel is all tense and agitated, pacing the floor, waiting for her doctor to arrive. He applies a stimulating therapy in the course of the examination by manipulations to the girl’s over-sensitized cavities. These tantalizing touches get her juices going and start her on the routine course of her treatment. The Doctor completes the therapy with a strong forceful dose of his organ. His patient swoons under his gyrating thrusts. When both he and his patient have climaxed he puts her back in her straight jacket with a promise to continue her therapy the next day

Stars: Greta, Baylock, Choky Ice