Thrashed Where They Sat

Video: Thrashed Where They Sat
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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Beautiful models lured into sleazy motels and spanked for real! Tabitha is first to get sprawled across a set of knees for a spanking she won’t soon forget. The cute little rock & roll babe has quite the voice; even if it is a little off-key she hits all the high notes and right on cue too. Of course, our always exuberant percussionist provided a most effective backbeat all the while. Sarah actually gets some poses in before she has to endure the spanking the conceited diva deserves! Stefanie acts like a blue-blood princess who needs to learn a lesson. She may not feel a pea from beneath twenty mattresses, she sure as hell felt out man’s hard swung palm like no other before her. And outside the birds sang merrily all the while for they knew that in the coming days this tearful brat would do all of her sitting high atop a nice big stack of fluffy pillows.

Stars: Tabitha, Stefanie, Sarah

Blonde Brutality

Video: Blonde Brutality
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Miss Mea has been looking for an ass to beat and this submissive has a big one and it can take some punishment. She opens up on him with a small slapper to warm him up and then quickly switches to a thick leather strap. She takes off Her skirt and beats him the strap and then a hard wooden paddle dressed in nylons and 7” high heels.

The wooden paddle does more damage to the big submissives ass as the blonde Amazon in 7” heels moves to pick up the heavy cane. She canes his red ass hard and smiles as muffled grunts and moans emerge from under the gray sheet she has thrown over his head. Her young strong arms do not tire as She beats him without mercy. She moves to retrieve the wooden paddle again, her favorite, and resumes punishing him.

The wooden spanker shreds his ass some more and then She moves to get the rubber truncheon. It is very wicked and a thick piece of rubber with treads on it so it hurts even more. She loves to make him groan and this does the trick as She beats and smacks his red ass before moving to get the heavy cane again. Lots more caning as She takes him to his limit. Finally satisfied he has had enough, She sits and observes his cock and balls as he lays on his back. Time for cock torment.

Miss Mea loves to torment male cock and balls and She starts in on some fun by attaching clothespins to his shaft and using the cock whip to hurt him. A grin is on Her face most of the time as his agony is Her amusement. She removes the pins and puts a rat trap over the tip of his cock and runs the spiked wheel over his private parts making him groan. More clothespins right on the sensitive penis tip and then She holds his cock with tongs and uses the vibrator to try and revive the beaten organ. He starts to stiffen so She takes the hard round wooden paddle and begins to beat his meat.

His cock continues to be beaten by Miss Mea. She has the round paddle built for busting balls smacking his sore cock. It twitches as She smacks it as it tries to get hard while he looks at Her cruel beautiful face but cannot as it is beaten down. She uses a thin wood slapper on his balls and then picks up the violet wand and shocks the head of his cock making him jump and groan which pleases Her immensely. Next he is standing with a glass vase in front of him and She tells him to jerk off into the vase. The catch is when She stops him he must take more cock punishment with the wooden paddle. She sits, Her long nylon covered legs crossed and alternately beats and lets him jerk. Finally he produces an enormous load of cum into the vase and then is ordered to drink it while She supervises him until every drop is consumed.

Stars: Miss Mea, Slave David (Male)

Nude At Daylight

Video: Nude At Daylight
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Christine has decided to take an early morning swim without her bikini. When the Headmaster encounters her on the stairs, covered only by a towel, he reminds her that what she has just done is punishable. What if one of the neighbors had seen her? He sends her to the basement to wait for her caning.

Stars: Christine, Headmaster Tom

Pantyhose Caning A

Video: Pantyhose Caning A
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In Pantyhose Caning A, Linda and Sophie, both dressed in black cocktail dresses, wait nervously for the arrival of Headmaster Tom. It is time for bed for first there is a matter of a caning. Both girls are caned from covered bottom to exposed under pantyhose and then bare bottom.

Stars: Linda, Sophie, Headmaster Tom

No More Warnings

Video: No More Warnings
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After being warned about coming home late two times before, Mary still has not learned her lesson. But she has learned there will be no more warnings. She is given a harsh paddling while bent over with her hands against the wall. She’ll not soon forget this punishment.

Stars: Mary, Headmaster Tom

Spanking Pixie Volume 1

Video: Spanking Pixie Volume 1
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Studio: PunishedBrats
From the creative team at Punished Brats Productions comes ‘Spanking Pixie Vol. 1’ Amber Pixie Wells is today’s fastest rising star on the spanking scene. Pixie is cute, funny and has the capacity to take one hard disciplinary spanking!

1. Cheers for Tears

Pixie plays a sassy cheerleader who thinks she can talk her way out of suspension from the team by suggesting a few quick spanks. But Pixie is taught a hard lesson in humility with a firm over the knee spanking and later, a paddling. During the paddling scene you will see Pixie (buns of steel) Wells break an oak paddle with her bottom.

2. A Lazy Afternoon

With a party looming, Pixie was to clean the house. Instead of doing her work Pixie took a long nap. After discovering Pixie’s neglect of her duties an irate David takes the naughty brat in hand and spanks her over the back of a sofa and then drives the message home with a hard hairbrush spanking.

3. The Dinner Party

Pixie plays a disrespectful debutant who misbehaves at a dinner party and offends her guardian’s guests. To teach her a lesson Pixie is given an intense spanking knowing that the guests can hear her cries. Pixie is spanked by hand, hairbrush and belt. Do be warned that the punishments depicted in this story are severe in nature. Pixie’s belt spanking is now famous for its intensity.

Stars: Amber Pixie Wells, David Pierson

Mistress Wants Some Pussy

Video: Mistress Wants Some Pussy
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Studio: 7th Street Media
Today, Mistress is in the mood for sweat young pussy, and whatever Mistress wants she gets! These four scenes are a true testament to that. Watch as these lesbian dominatrix yank tug and pull their submissives north and south before flogging them and taking exactly what they came for. Face sitting, breast play and spanking are only a few of the goodies that await you in this flick.

Stars: Star, Maya (ii), Staci Filmore, Sophia, Ariel, Taylor, Nicky, Raven

Rude Awakening

Video: Rude Awakening
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Like most millenials, newlyweds Stevie, 24, and Kyle, 26, are struggling to make ends meet. But pretty blonde Stevie is perfectly content to let her husband do most of the work. While she ignores the alarm clock and cozily slumbers, he is working multiple jobs. The petite and perky wife of 6 months gets a rude awakening, however, when Kyle pulls her out of bed and turns her over his knee for a long, hard hand spanking. Kyle paddles Stevie with the palm of his hand, first over her shortie pajama bottoms, then across her smooth, bare cheeks. This vigorous and severe spanking has irresponsible Stevie kicking and squirming, whimpering and squealing with both pain and indignation as her lily-white bottom turns rosy red. But Kyle clearly owns the moral high ground and Stevie's attempts to justify her own laziness ring hollow. Confident and assertive, Kyle takes complete control of his immature wife and doesn't hesitate to spank some conscience into her. A stingingly spontaneous and raucous spanking scene!

Realizing that it is Friday night, the night when Stevie traditionally goes out to the bar across from work with her friends rather than coming straight home, Kyle warns Stevie sternly that he won't tolerate such behavior any longer. He pulls her over his lap to administer an admonitory spanking to his bride, as a warning to behave herself properly that night. While he has her over his knee, Kyle discovers that Stevie is not wearing a bra under her work blouse. Stevie protests that she is wearing a bra, but Kyle has her remove her blouse to prove that her beautiful, full bosom is indeed completely unfettered. Kyle can't believe that his wife would be so slutty as to not wear a bra to work on a Friday and decides that such a breach of etiquette merits a hairbrush spanking. Following up a hard hand spanking with an even more severe spanking with a wooden brush, Kyle makes Stevie bitterly regret her lack of discretion. Extra hard spanking, trenchant scolding and two dynamic performances combine to make this delightful video an instant corporal punishment classic. Cute Kyle and adorable Stevie are a vibrant real life couple and their scene is as exciting as it gets!

Stars: Stevie Rose, Kyle Johnson

Bent, Bared, And Blistered

Video: Bent, Bared, And Blistered
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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Here we have yet another pretty young thing who, upon prancing through our door with pretensions of bright lights and stardom...found herself bottoms up across our man's knee kicking, squirming and squalling away.

Rarely cometh the day when it is more appropriate to administer a long, painful and humiliating bare bottom thrashing, then when confronted with the likes of this young woman. She calls herself Summer and her love of money is so far beyond unseemly that it's almost frightening. We pulled out all the stops here and scorched her bouncing bare bottom for over 20 minutes.

This one's a sizzling hot redhead with a nice big pair of natural jugs, a firm well shaped posterior and a decidedly chilly demeanor. Using only the flat of his right hand, our man - who prides himself as quite the a magician - promised to make Miss Graham's bottom every bit as red as her head, as warm (well, hot actually) as her personality seemed not, and - best of all - to cause her bewitching bottom to jiggle and bounce just like her boobies.

Stars: Stephanie, Summer, Ashley Graham, Rick, Greg

A Little Slap & Tickle

Video: A Little Slap & Tickle
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Studio: 7th Street Media
These 4 hot babes want a little more than they’re used to today. This time around they want their pretty little asses slapped until a big fat red hand print is left as evidence. Nothing makes the dick tastes sweeter than having your round horny bottom manhandled. Four scenes of nonstop ass slapping action that will have you waiting for the sequel.

Stars: Nina, KC, Maya (ii), Ariel, Mickey, Troy, Sebastian, Matt, Bucky