The Spanking Game

Video: The Spanking Game
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Studio: Real Spanking Video
Leah and her boyfriend are playing an innocent game of cribbage. Leah states the game is boring and suggests an alternative form of play. The Spanking Game "Object is simple." She says, "Make me weep and you get a slave for the day. No tears then you are my slave for the same period." Leah then gets subjected to some over-the-knee action with hand, hairbrush and strap, then after that ordeal Leah is bent over the purposely built "Spanking Horse". See Leah being swatted with whips, paddles (both leather and wood), riding crop and cane. Does she shed tears? The caning she received drew platelets. Did that make Leah weep? The wooden paddle actually gets broken on her ass. Still does she shed a tear?

Stars: Leah (i), Harry Charles

Spanked Submissive – Erica

Video: Spanked Submissive - Erica
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Studio: Scorched
Erica’s been a bad, bad girl. She’s sort of like the Catwoman—she knows she is naughty but she kind of likes the consequences that follow. Instead of getting denied catnip, Erica is being spanked with a variety of spanking implements—especially the notorious paddle. Poor Erica!

Stars: Erica

A Double Spanking – Part Three

Original Spanking Stories

Part Three


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

Pamela and I were both admitting to having yearned to be spanked for years – but neither of us told anybody about our fantasies. I didn’t know at that time – we were heading for a double spanking.

Now after an incident the previous night at a restaurant when Mike gave Pamela a bare bottomed public spanking – we girls were having a girly night in and we were now trading secrets.

I wanted to know how the incident at the restaurant came about.

We settled down with a glass of wine each – Pamela was going to spill the beans.

Now read on ……

It had been her big secret – the yearning, the longing to be spanked – that no one knew anything about, not even me Natasha, her best friend.

Can you imagine the coincidence? I too had had the same longings and told no one else.

A dreamy look came on her face. She took a sip of her wine then smiled at me.

“As I said, Natasha, I had this longing – but I didn’t have a clue how to make it happen,” she blushed.

I didn’t interrupt her – just sucked in my breath and waited to hear her story.

“I was browsing on the Internet – I typed ‘Spanking’ into the search box – and…” she paused and I urged her to go on.

“You should have seen it, Natasha, pages and pages of websites and blogs.”

“Wow!” My jaw dropped open. What I was hearing was mind-boggling.

“Yes,” she said, “that was my reaction at first. I was like a dog in the park, I didn’t know which tree to visit first.”

“Go on, please,” my excitement was obvious, because my voice always became squeaky when I was excited.

“Okay,” she said taking another sip of her wine.

“Well, I started looking more closely and I came across a dating site for spanking lovers – and the rest is history,” she laughed at my disappointed face.

“Pamela, don’t you dare leave me up in the air like this – tell me all the whats, whys and wherefores.”

“Patience, patience. I’m coming to it, but if you’re going to keep interrupting me, I shan’t tell you.”

I was so afraid she might carry out her threat – I closed my mouth. And just nodded to her.

She smiled graciously at me. The little minx.

“Well, as I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted,” she giggled, “I started looking more closely at the ads and I saw an ad for a spanking dating site.”

I didn’t dare interrupt her, but willed her to get on with it.

“I signed on to the dating site.” she paused again. “They were offering free membership for fourteen days.”

“That’s wonderful,” I squeaked. I cleared my throat and tried again. “How did you sign up? What did you put? Did you use your real name?”

“I’m coming to that my impatient friend.”
“That’s ok,” I said. “Take your time – only hurry up.”

She laughed. “I had to fill in my profile. S/L/A.”

“What’s that?” I had to know.

She gave a big sigh and said, “Sex, location, age.”

I laughed. “So you answered, ‘yes, please, at home and whatever.’”

She too joined in the laughter.

“Oh Natasha, you’re a scream.”

“Right, let’s get back on track.” I settled back against the fluffy cushions on the sofa.

I listened attentively while she told me how she filled in her profile. Describing herself and saying what she was looking for in a man. Then she had to be patient and hope to get some replies.

“How long did you have to wait?” I was impatient to know.

“I didn’t expect it to be instant – so as it was two o’clock in the morning I went to bed.”

“And?” I asked.

“And next morning at eight o’clock I was back at my computer.”

“And?” I said again.

“I couldn’t believe it.”

“What couldn’t you believe?” I prompted her.

“There was not one single reply.”

“Why?” I asked her.

“Had an email in my inbox. I’d not agreed to the terms and conditions.”

She then went on to tell me how she went back to her profile and ticked the little box.

“After that did you get any replies?” I asked.

She giggled. “I had fifty that first day and, now, three months later, I’m still getting replies.”

“Wow! So when did you meet Mike?”

Before she could reply there was the sound of a key in a lock.

Who could it be?

To be continued ……

Spanked And Paddled

Video: Spanked And Paddled
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Studio: Scorched
One fit and toned average blonde dominatrix babe spanks and paddles her submissive sex thirsty brunette fit and toned average friend! This is ONE way to get a pussy nice and moist! Over the knee and so close to penetration, these ladies know what feels good! The bruising is a souvenir to remember the pleasure when masturbation or sex aren't possible! Sado-masochism never looked so good!

Spanking – Mom

Video: Spanking - Mom
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Studio: Mega-Film
She looks just like your mom. She’s got the hair, she dresses like her…but she sure as heck doesn’t act like your mom! This woman has spankings and domination on her mind! This movie is loaded with over three hours of spanking and Femdom action! And the very first scene might be the best of them all, since it features spanking mom and her willing assistant spanking and caning their submissive guest!

A Double Spanking – Part Two

Original Spanking Stories

Part Two


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far ……

I don’t know when or how it started, but I always wanted to be spanked. Now I was heading for a double spanking.

I told no one of my dream of being turned over a man’s knee and spanked. No, I told no one – not even my best friend Pamela.

Then one night we were having a meal together – me, my boyfriend Joe, Pamela and her boyfriend Mike.

Next thing Pamela seemingly without provocation swore at Mike and called him a fucking bastard and threw a glass of wine in his face.

Mike then gave her what I’d been yearning for – a bare bottom over the knee spanking – in public.

I felt like howling. How come she got what I had always wanted, dreamed of, yearned for?

And more importantly, how could I make it happen for me?

Now Read On ……

The following evening – after the incident at the restaurant, Pamela and I were having a girly night in.

After some trivial tittle-tattle – I hemmed and hawed trying to get around to the subject of spanking.

Eventually, I just blurted it out.

“Pamela, how long have you and Mike been into spanking?”
“Oh, er, more or less ever since I met him. Why?”

I could feel myself blushing.

“I’ve always wanted to be spanked,” I told her. “But I’ve never told anyone before.”

“Natasha, we’ve been best friends all these years and I didn’t realise that you had the same yearning as I had.”

She came and sat next to me on the sofa. Putting her arm around my neck, she pulled me towards her, so that my head was resting on her shoulder.

“Tell me,” she coaxed, “when did you first have this desire to be spanked?”

“I can’t remember exactly, but it was years before Mr. Lucas…?”

“Mr. Lucas the science teacher?” she interrupted me.

“Yes.” I must have looked a bit puzzled. “Why?”

“He was so handsome, with those gorgeous dark blue eyes and his thick dark, wavy hair.” She had a dreamy look on her face. “I used to fantasise about him spanking me.”

I gave a gasp.

“What is it?” she asked.

“How weird that we had the same fantasy, and didn’t realise, did we?”

“Very strange,” she nodded her head in agreement.

“Anyway,” I went on, “Mr Lucas wasn’t the beginning. I had the yearning to be spanked long before him.”

“How old?” she asked excitedly.

“Not sure, maybe five or six.”

“Same here,” she again interrupted me. “How come you didn’t tell me? Remember when we became blood sisters and vowed to have no secrets from each other.”

I giggled. “To think we both had this big secret and didn’t know.”

“I didn’t tell you Pamela because I thought there was something wrong with me.”

It was her turn to giggle. “Weirder and weirder,” she said. “Cos that’s exactly why I didn’t talk about it. That is, until I met Mike.”

“What happened, how did you come to tell him?” The questions tumbled out.

I refilled our wine glasses.

Then I was ready to listen to her.

To be continued ……

A Double Spanking – Part One

Original Spanking Stories

Part One


Eleanor Powell

Pamela has been my best friend since we were at school; we were inseparable, and we went to youth clubs together and eventually started double dating together. And as I was to find out some time later – we would receive a double spanking.

Anyway, as you can imagine we were very close – we had no secrets from each other – except …

I did have a secret yearning – and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it – not even Pamela.

Where did this yearning come from? When did it start? I can’t answer that question – I remember I must have been very young – well long before I even knew what sex was.

I-I-I wanted to be spanked. There I’ve said it out loud for the first time. Now I’ve said it – what now?

Let’s move on two years.

We were both eighteen. I had noticed something a bit odd about Pamela and the way she acted with her boyfriend Mike. We still double dated occasionally, yet I could see firsthand the way she treated him – especially on that night. She was usually a sweet girl – but there were times when she was a real bitch towards him. However, Mike had the patience of Job with her.

It happened one evening – when we were having a meal out together in a restaurant.

Everything was going well – when without any reason that I could see, she stood up, loudly called him “a fucking bastard” and threw a glass of wine in his face.

The babble of voices went silent – no one knew what to do. I felt prickles all over me – I was so embarrassed for poor Mike. Then people went back to their own lives.

“What she needs is a damned good spanking,”Joe, my boyfriend, voiced my thoughts as he said this.

Meanwhile, Mike also stood up and took a clean white handkerchief out of his pocket, and he wiped his face. Then he spoke quietly to her. I couldn’t catch what he said, but I could have sworn I saw a cheeky grin on her face for a fleeting moment.

What happened next again killed all conversations going on around us.

Mike turned his chair ’round so it was facing the front of the restaurant. Then in a smooth movement – as if it was well rehearsed – he pulled Pamela over his knee.

She didn’t protest – she didn’t struggle – she just accepted what was happening.

Mike raised his right arm and brought his hand down hard on her beautiful shapely bottom. All she did was let out a long sigh.

Nobody spoke, nobody moved. But there was a gasp from the onlookers when he raised her skirt, revealing a black nylon covered bottom – framed by a matching black suspender belt. Then he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down to her knees.

The sound of his hand making contact with her bare bottom rang around the room.

Some of the other diners were talking amongst themselves. I heard someone say “deserved.”

By now Pamela was wriggling her red bottom about provocatively.

Mike had stopped spanking her. Now his hard hand was gently stroking her bottom.

Then after a few moments, he pulled her to her feet. Standing up himself, he turned his chair round again and without a word, he sat down and carried on eating his salad.

Wow! That was quite a show.

But I had difficulty sitting without fidgeting. While the spanking had been going on, I’d imagined it was me being spanked by Joe.

And I felt as if I was sitting in a pool of water – I knew that if I stood up, my juices would run down the inside of my thighs. I was so turned on.

I yearned for a spanking right there and then. It seemed so unfair – she had got what I wanted for so long.

But when and how could I make it happen for me?

To be continued ……

Female Spanking Triangle

Video: Female Spanking Triangle
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Adult superstar Porche Lynn gives a ladylike performance as the dominant older woman in the life of two pretty and competitive female submissives. When ex-girlfriend Gemma Talon shows up to challenge the supremacy of current girlfriend Ashley Renee, Porche quickly sets both impertinent brats straight with a good, sound spanking. Because the girls are jealous and refuse to get along, Porche must resort to the strap and martinet to assist in their schooling. What with all of this, the girls get overheated and most of their clothes become discarded in the ensuing melee. A mature beauty spanks two younger woman who really seem to deserve it in this tale of discipline in an all-female household.

Stars: Gema Talons, Porsche Lynn, Ashley Renee

She Likes To Be Spanked

Video: She Likes To Be Spanked
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Studio: Scorched
Two hot women, one blonde who’s the dominant female and a hot sexy brunette that’s the submissive one. The blonde loves the way she looks especially her ass. She brunette gets naked and the blonde takes full advantage of spanking her and using a couple different spanking implements on that sexy ass. She sub female takes her spankings in many different positions. In the end a nice red tushy!

Punished Whores

Video: Punished Whores
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Studio: Sinister TV
Star Chandler, Francesca Le, Anita Cannibal, Cinder, Bethany, and Nicole Bass (formerly of the Howard Stern Show) star in Punished Whores. The ladies in this movie play their parts efficiently and effectively. Bondage lovers will take note of the clamps, whips, slaps, restraints, chains, and spanking that occurs over the course of this flick!

Stars: Anita Cannibal, Cinder, Bethany, Nicole Bass, Francesca Le', Star Chandler