Elite Pain Interviews – Cirmi

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Cirmi
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Another masterpiece another guest came to visit the one and only Maximilian Lomp! Lomp is a virtuoso is his job. He knows how to crush a soul, until nothing is left but tatters. Today we have Cirmi Gorgeous European girl. Will she be able to pass and get a role in Maximilian's next masterpiece or will she be reduced to tears?!

Stars: Cirmi, Maximilian Lomp

Naughty Tanya

Video: Naughty Tanya
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Studio: Shadow Lane
Bored with her suburban marriage, Tanya runs away to a Hollywood B&D club to learn about the fetish scene at the feet of a famous mistress. Pursued there by her ardent husband, Ralph, Tanya is spanked almost to tears for her irresponsible behavior and beseeched to return to their home and little ones. But decadent Tanya still has more to learn from Stephanie, and some of the lessons take place across the voluptuous lap of that creamy skinned and highly intelligent young lady. Other modes of training for Tanya include: cropping, whipping, bondage, cinching, nipple clamps, teasing, bites and kisses. Mixing affection with correction, Stephanie vanquishes Ralph and takes possession of her prize. Running time: 39 minutes.

Stars: Stephanie Locke, Tanya Foxx, Ralph Marvell

Anita Spanking

Video: Anita Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Anita has been misbehaving as usual, and she wrecked the car once again. Her boyfriend at home sees that another man drove her home and decides that Anita deserves a merciless spanking. Luckily for her, her well-hung friend doesn’t mind giving her one with a little extra action thrown in!

Stars: Anita

The Girls Next Door

Video: The Girls Next Door
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Studio: Shadow Lane

Alexis Payne and Jennifer Brooks are “The Girls Next Door” and they love to play with switchable men who know how to take it and dish it out! Beautiful Jennifer likes to tease the Peeping Neighbor boy Bob, by caressing her magnificent body in front of the window. When ravishing Alexis catches her at this lewd diversion, she takes her leggy blonde roommate over her knee and spanks her exquisite bottom pink.

In scene two Jennifer and Alexis take Bob to task for peeping at all and inform him that he will be punished by them both. Dazed and dazzled, Bob agrees to be spanked. And he is taken to task when he’s put over the knee before standing to take a hairbrush to his already red backside! Bob finds out he’s nowhere near done yet and in scene threis escorted to the bedroom and told to strip before laying face down on the bed. The girls use straps and paddles on his bottom until their arms are tired. Since both are young and strong, this doesn't happen quickly.

Scene four features Bob getting the upper hand for a change. His modesty, compliance and ability to take a very hard spanking charms Jennifer so much that she goes to his house and offers to let him spank her. Overwhelmed with excitement, but quite willing to take advantage of her generosity, Bob takes Jennifer across his lap and warms her bottom thoroughly.

Stars: Alexis Payne, Jennifer Brooks, Bob

Elite Pain Interviews – Bea

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Bea
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Another Elite Pain Interviews from Maximilian Lomp. For today we have Bea, curious girl who came to Lomp to experience something new. Oh poor babe! You can't even begin to imagine. Watch now and see will she be able to pass or will she be reduced to tears?!

Stars: Bea, Maximilian Lomp

Office ASSistant

Video: Office ASSistant
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Studio: Assylum.com
Lily is a real submissive anal lover. Dr. Mercies decided to give her very hard anal, deep ass to mouth with long anal beads, a harsh caning, and tested her anal abilities by having her sign documents with a pen in her ass. Will Lily get the job as his ASSistant? Watch the video and see for yourself!

Stars: Lily Lovecraft, Orderly Sinn, Dr. Mercies

Elite Pain Interviews – Ayleen

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Ayleen
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Here's another masterpiece of Maximilian Lomp. Today we have for your a delightful treat and her name is Ayleen. Oh she is a one hard nut to crack but eventually with Lomp's punishment she is reduced to tears. Once again challenge stands will Ayleen pass and will be cast in one of Elite pain movies or will she be yet another wannabe. Watch now and find out yourself!

Stars: Ayleen, Maximilian Lomp

Renata’s Interracial Spanking Session

Video: Renata's Interracial Spanking Session
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Studio: Scorched
Renata’s been a naughty girl, and she’s going to need to learn a lesson! The only thing that can possibly tame Renata is a hard, swift spanking! And luckily, she’s about to get her wish! After receiving some whacks with a strap, she gets her behind spanked and slapped! To top it all off, she even gets a proper fucking at the end!

Stars: Renata

Taboo Teens Spanking 2 – Around The World

Video: Taboo Teens Spanking 2 - Around The World
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Travel around the world with us, and watch as these naughty sluts get what's coming to them! Sensual, hard, disciplinary...these girls bent over and shown authority with an ass-reddening, as they squirm and cry out. No matter how they struggle, they can't deny that their pussies are dripping wet from punishment!

Stars: Helena Sweet, Olga Cabaeva, Victoria White, Donna Ray, Lucy Lee, Bailey Brooks (i), Nikita, Veronica Carso, Hana, Missy Nicole, Lenny Black, Jeny Baby

Elite Pain Interviews – Battya

Video: Elite Pain Interviews - Battya
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
26 years old Battya is having a financial crisis in her life and finds the best way, as she seems to be very tough woman who can bare pain. Lomp is so impressed by her toughness, that he even brings a legendary bullwhip, which is created to beat horses, not naked women. Watch and enjoy how tough Battya really is.

Stars: Battya, Maximilian Lomp