Spanking Starring Adriana Russo, Sabina Taylor And Baba

Video: Spanking Starring Adriana Russo, Sabina Taylor And Baba
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Studio: Hunterotic
Baba’s ass gets destroyed by 2 top Domina, Adriana Rousso & Sabina Taylor.

Two hot blonde beauties are punishing Baba by ass spanking. They place Baba in different positions, and give to her really hard and strong spanks to her ass. Dominas uses lash, belt and many things to make this spanking game more painful. In the end of video Baba's bottom will turn into red and the two blondes love it.

Stars: Baba, Adrianna Russo, Sabia Taylor

Laurie & Claire

Video: Laurie & Claire
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Laurie and Claire though it would be a good idea to make a little campfire directly under the roof. See what happens directly after they have been discovered. Headmaster Tom administers a long and severe punishment.

Both girls stand naked, one on a ladder and one beneath. Each girl is subjected to a caning, with the added humiliation of having to thank the Headmaster after each stroke. They also promise to be good girls in the future. We shall see.

Stars: Claire, Laurie, Headmaster Tom

Gina’s First Caning

Video: Gina's First Caning
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Oh Gina, wait till Headmaster Tom sees what you are watching. Whatever she is watching is getting her all excited. Her hand finds its way into her pajama top and she rolls her nipple between her forefinger and thumb. As the young lady on the video is nearing her climax – with a lot of shrieks and moans – Gina’s hand heads south into her pajama bottoms and finding her clit, she too is getting close to an orgasm.

Now Headmaster Tom is showing her the error of her ways. She’s only been at Girls Boarding School for a week and she’s already breaking the rules. No porn is allowed at this institution. She is bent over the table with her bare bottom up high and rounded, in the perfect position for a caning. The cane comes down on her creamy white bottom, changing it to a deep shade of red. Although she cries out and flinches – she stays in position. To humiliate her further, Headmaster Tom tells her to thank him after each stroke. For the last few strokes, she is told to bend down with her hands clasped behind her knees. This makes her bottom tauter and so it is much more unpleasant. Back in her room, lying on her tummy on her bed, she is trying to rub away the smarting of her caned bottom.

Stars: Gina, Headmaster Tom

Don’t Forget the Steps

Video: Don't Forget the Steps
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It’s a lovely day at GBS. The sun is shining and birds are chirping as the Headmaster does an inspection of the property. Important guests are expected shortly. Suddenly the Inspector finds debris on the steps. Lisa has done a poor job of cleaning. She is summoned down to clean the steps and along with that there most certainly will be a punishment.

When she comes downstairs it is with only a brush. Headmaster Tom sends her back for a paddle and asks her to leave her trousers upstairs. As she cleans each step he administers the paddle. There are only ten minutes until the guests arrive. For each dirty step she will get one hard stroke of the paddle.

Stars: Lisa, Headmaster Tom

Eve & Marie In Trouble

Video: Eve & Marie In Trouble
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Eve and Marie are studying indoors. Soon Headmaster Tom joins them at the table and begins to grade their exercises. He finds most of their work totally wrong, even though the girls protest that the work is really difficult. He thinks a punishment will change their minds as to the difficulty of the work. They are made to stand with their hands above their heads and wait for his return.

When the Headmaster returns it is with a paddle. Both girls are made to bend over a chair and their bottoms, in regulation white underwear under their short uniform skirts, are paddled. Eventually their panties are taken down and their full, bare bums continue to be paddled until they turn a lovely shade of red.

Stars: Marie, Eve, Headmaster Tom

Laura’s Severe OTK

Video: Laura's Severe OTK
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Laura’s plaid uniform skirt is pulled up, her regulation white panties pulled down and knee-highed legs are flailing. We watch as she endures a hard, hand spanking over the knee of the Headmaster. When he is finished he leaves her rubbing her still exposed rosy red bottom.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

Abi’s Confession – Leather Paddle

Video: Abi's Confession - Leather Paddle
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Hours into a daylong punishment, The Headmaster questions Abi on her misdeeds. He thinks she expects him to wipe out her shoplifting charges for ten strokes of a wooden paddle. No, No, he doesn’t think so. His decision is for her to lie on the sofa with her feet in the air. In this position he begins continues her punishment with the leather paddle while she still has on her jeans.

Unfortunately, she forgets to address him as ‘Sir’ so she must receive 18 extra strokes. He paddles Abi in the diaper position but with her trousers pulled down. Her bottom is already red and scarred from previous punishments. When he is finished he escorts her to the living room and sits her on the floor with her arms behind her and her legs raised. She runs down the things she has learned from her punishments and remembers to always address the Headmaster as ‘Sir.’

Stars: Abi, Headmaster Tom

Girls In The Bathroom

Video: Girls In The Bathroom
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Emma and Linda are playing and splashing in the bathtub. Hearing their peals of laughter, the Headmaster enters and wonders what is going on. He is dismayed to find the bathroom all wet and slippery, very dangerous conditions. He demands the girls clean it up immediately. Reluctantly they get out of the tub and proceed to mop up the wet floor.

When they finish and the Headmaster comes to inspect he finds the floor still so wet he almost slips and falls. This calls for punishment. The girls lean over with their hands on the tub and their white robes covering their bottoms. After a few whacks with the paddle, Headmaster pulls up their robes in order to administer the paddling to their bare behinds. He then decides that maybe the cane would be more useful.

Soon their clean, white bottoms turn a rosy red. He leaves them to try to clean the bathroom floor properly this time… and quickly.

Stars: Linda, Emma, Headmaster Tom

Jenny Meets The Tawse

Video: Jenny Meets The Tawse
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Although at GBS for six months, Jenny, it seems, has learned nothing at all. She waits anxiously for the Headmaster and when he arrives it is with the tawse. He puts Jenny on her tiptoes, her arms around a column, as he administers the leather tawse to her short-skirted bottom. After awhile he pulls up her skirt and continues to spank her bottom which is clad in her regulation white panties. Soon those are down around her thighs and he continues the punishment as Jenny wipes tears from her eyes. At the end, after a series of quick paddles, Jenny breaks down when she learns she will be at GBS for six more months.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Emma & The Mirror

Video: Emma & The Mirror
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Emma visits the bathroom to wash her hands and primp a little. Then, for some strange reason, she decides to soap up the mirror and then draw on it. Unfortunately, the Headmaster later visits the same bathroom and is appalled when he finds the soapy drawing. He calls immediately for Emma since the silly girl has left her name in the soap.

He bends her over the sink and immediately begins to paddle her bottom while demanding that she clean the mirror at the same time. Her panties are pulled down and she weeps as she cleans. Such a stupid thing to do.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom