Bend Over

Video: Bend Over
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Linda, in her class uniform and her hands on her head, waits mournfully for the arrival of Headmaster Tom. When he arrives and quizzes her she pleads guilty to stealing, cheating and coming home after curfew. These offences gain her 20 strokes with the cane.

He asks her to bend over, raise her skirt and drop her knickers. He begins the caning. By number 12 she is touching her toes and the strokes cause her to bounce. Tom hopes they don’t have to meet again next week.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom


Video: Sleepwalker
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Jennie is tossing and turning in her bed. Finally, she rises makes her way out of the room and down the corridor with her eyes closed. She enters Mr. Lewis' office, fiddles with his computer and destroys all his hard work right before his eyes. Mr. Lewis angrily grabs her, and not realizing her state, he puts her across his knee for a hard hand spanking.

As she struggles and yells how sorry she is, he lowers her pajamas to spank her bare bottom. He grabs the paddle and continues the punishment over her protestations. He finishes the spanking with his bare hand and then commands Jennie go stand outside in the courtyard for three hours.

Stars: Jennie, Mr. Lewis

Die Rohrstock-Rekruten – Lady Susan Is Back

Video: Die Rohrstock-Rekruten - Lady Susan Is Back
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Studio: Eronite Movie Productions
Lady Susan has been in a bad mood lately so to improve her mood, she ordered herself some slaves. She's a complete sadist in her element and she mistreats them one by one. Her first slave is put in suspension and whipped repeatedly until his ass is sore and red. The second one goes through cock/ball punishment as he stands restrained against a wall. The third slave is punished with a series of electro shocks throughout his body. Finally, she puts them all into a room where they spend some time enduring the end of her whipping stick.

Stars: Lady Susan

New Resident Julia

Video: New Resident Julia
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New resident Julia has been cheating in class. Since Headmaster Tom has a prior commitment he asks Amy, as head girl for the day, to take over for him regarding Julia’s punishment.

Amy places Julia over the footboard of her bed. She administers the cane to Julia’s already red and sore bottom.

Stars: Amy, Julia, Headmaster Tom

Rude Sex In Russia 9 – Two Nuns Part 1

Video: Rude Sex In Russia 9 - Two Nuns Part 1
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
This day leaves behind everything that these two sexy nuns learned in church school. They become victims for two kinky Russian anarchists whose minds are crammed with perversions and lust. Vulnerable nuns know that suffering is the shortest way to circumcision, but little they knew how sinful their trials would get. Submissive blonde and brunette get their sexy legs yanked up and bound tightly to take relentless tortures on their soles and heated pussies. Just like Jesus suffered on the cross so do these hot nuns suffer through pain and humiliation bound to the wooden bondage frame without any hope for mercy or redemption.

Stars: Sofia Zemchugova, Rosa Ahmadulina, Alex Reznik, Victor Kustarev

New Resident Sarah

Video: New Resident Sarah
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Sarah, a new assistant teacher at GBS, has incorrectly punished a student. So she herself will be punished. Or her contract will be terminated. Headmaster Tom proceeds to give her a hard, hand spanking across his knee. She also receives the cane and the tawse. And Linda, the maligned student, is invited to observe. Then she is made to leave with her trousers still down and her red bum shining.

Stars: Sarah, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Claire

Video: New Resident Claire
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Claire is a rebellious 19-year-old girl that has been sent to Girls Boarding School because of problems with the police. She is a thief who will soon find that what she thought was an easy choice between six months in prison and six months at GBS has not been a wise one.

Stars: Claire, Headmaster Tom

Elite Pain – Best Scenes 1st year

Video: Elite Pain - Best Scenes 1st year
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Studio: Elite Pain
Best scenes from our 9 movies of our first year... Lots of girls and a wide variety from the Elite Club Series 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Cases, The Auction and The Competition.

Stars: Sandra Greenwood, Christina, Katy, Monica, Melissa, Hillary, Mary Runner, Madame Lady Jenny, Gaby Bouttal, Ginger Khooze, Maximilian Lomp

New Resident Lucy

Video: New Resident Lucy
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Lucy, inconsiderate girl that she is, enters the living room without knocking. When she returns after knocking she delivers a speeding ticket notice to the Headmaster. He calls the police station to find out what is going on and discovers that one of the girls had gotten the ticket.

That girl is Lucy. The Headmaster grills her mercilessly but she insists on her innocence. But that doesn’t last long and she finally confesses her guilt. Headmaster Tom gives her a hard hand spanking across his knee with her panties down. He continues her spanking with an errant sandal and leaves Lucy rubbing her tender bum.

Stars: Lucy, Headmaster Tom

Sorority Hellion

Video: Sorority Hellion
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Studio: Shadow Lane
A beautiful brunnete coed with a nice behind is caught masturbating. She’s spanked, strapped and paddled in Lambda Sigma Zeta house. Starring Casey Calvert, Gretta Carlson and Eve Howard.


New house mother Gretta confronts insolent senior sorority sister Tori about her overly enthusiastic hazing activities and asks her why she is putting the junior pledges through hell. Tori replies that those girls deserve it and any way, she has to have some fun. Gretta is not pleased by Tori's attitude and takes her across her lap for a sound hand spanking.

When Tori fails to repent of her sadistic treatment of the pledges in her charge, Gretta expresses her disapproval by bending a fully nude Tori over for a wooden paddling, leather strapping and leather paddle spanking. Tori proves tough, but the repeated cracks of a smart leather implement against her silky smooth bottom begins to make an impression on the stubborn girl.

Beautiful, slender Tori, her long brown hair cascading over her slim shoulders and peach shaped breasts, submits to spanking, paddling and strapping from the attractive and strict house mother until her well toned bottom has been stained a glowing, rosy red. As always, the sorority girl's ultimate surrender to the higher authority is signaled by her shouting out the house motto: Lamda Sigma Zeta Forever!


As treasurer of her sorority house, Tori, a notorious senior sister, uses Lambda Sigma Zeta money to purchase sex toys and furniture for her own personal use. Caught masturbating, explicitly and at length, with both a dildo and a vibrator, by sorority director Eve Howard, Tori must give a full account of her misappropriation of sorority funds as well as her continued bullying of the pledges under her control.

Formerly punished by house mother Gretta Carlson for over-hazing the junior sisters, Tori now faces fresh humiliations at the hands of Miss Howard, who makes Tori get over the spanking bench that has been purchased with the sorority credit card and demonstrate its usefulness to the sorority.

Eve uses hand, paddle and strap on Tori's trim, toned bottom, scolding the fledging adventurer on her lack of discretion and complete lack of self control. Stubborn Tori takes the licking she has coming, knowing that she has done wrong, even submitting to the final embarrassment, that of being compelled to masturbate with her toys while her bottom is being smacked, strapped and paddled by Eve.

Naturally beautiful, perfectly proportioned, long-haired, doe-eyed, 23 year old Casey Calvert is a spanker's dream come true. Her full nudity reveals all of her budding charms as well as her fascinating self- pleasuring techniques. Watch as Casey makes use of a sound spanking top behind her, a sturdy spanking bench below her and a few powerful play toys between her silken thighs, to reach the ecstatic state of abandon all subs dream about.

Stars: Greta Carlson, Eve Howard, Casey Calvert