Pain Bitch

Video: Pain Bitch
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Studio: Juliette Captured And In Distress
Juliette hears a knock on her door while she puts on makeup. She goes to the door and finds an intruder in her way! What is his plan? He takes out a long whip and whips now ass and the whole body of Juliette. Ouch! Not cool for Juliette. The next scene has Juliette being a bad girl, getting bent over, than getting her plump behind spanked!

Stars: Juliette

Shoeshine Girl

Video: Shoeshine Girl
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Headmaster Tom is obviously livid with Nicole. He calls her into the living room to see what he has prepared for her. Her horror plainly shows on her face at the sight set out before her. As her hands fly up to her face, her eyes widen with fear and she knows she is in real trouble. The new shoes that Headmaster Tom had bought for her only three days earlier at great cost to himself – are now caked in mud and looking like an old pair of shoes. Ordering her to kneel on the chair with her bottom up in the air; she is to use a toothbrush to clean the hardened mud off the supple leather.

As she is busy carrying out his instructions, he brings the dreaded cane down on her backside. For a brief moment there is silence – no reaction from her. Then the sting of the cane sends waves of misery shooting through the nerves in her quivering bottom. Screaming loudly, she comes out of position, trying to move out of the way of the rod again approaching her poor bottom. Time and again, there is the whirr of the cane – the thwack as it makes contact with her bottom then her delayed scream echoes around the room. When Headmaster Tom tells her to take down her trousers, the camera reveals her bruised and blistered cheeks – with red angry welts all over her madly gyrating bottom.

And it just doesn't stop for this poor brat. More fierce strokes cane her naked buttocks! Finally, giving her five minutes to clean up the shoes to look like new, Headmaster Tom leaves the room. Gingerly she touches the deep welts traversing her bottom and, wincing all the while, she gets on with cleaning up her new shoes.

Stars: Nicole, Headmaster Tom

Misbehaving Again

Video: Misbehaving Again
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Elin is bringing herself into trouble again! Did she REALLY believe that Headmaster Tom wouldn't find out about her late return, hours after the committed time? Slipping under the covers fully clothed, pretending that she has been asleep since many hours already? Come on Elin, you also believe in Santa??

Of course Headmaster Tom finds out about her stupid plan! This is just so sad for her buttocks that take a thrashing with the wooden paddle before she comes out with the truth. That is followed by some fierce strokes with the carpet beater and completed by a severe caning over her jeans and on her bare bottom. This is going to be a very unpleasant night for Elin as she tries to get some rest with a blazing red and swollen bottom.

Stars: Elin, Headmaster Tom

A Double Spanking-Part Eight

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

The story so far…

Joe, my beloved boyfriend, was actually giving me my first real spanking.

He lifted my skirt and pushed it so that it bunched up around my waist. Then he burst out laughing and called to my best friend Pamela and her boyfriend Mike to come and see what was amusing him.

There were the three of them laughing at what was revealed when Joe had pulled up my skirt.

So they took turns, spanking me – after all that was what I had asked for, the message was clear enough – and emblazoned across my bottom it said – ‘Please Spank Me.’

Pamela said she wanted a pair and I promised to give her the link to Kinky Knickers Website.

Joe had interrupted.

What did he say?

Now read on…

‘Good idea Natasha,’ Joe was stroking my by now sore bottom. ‘I want you to send for another pair of knickers – only this time, the message should be – ‘This bottom is the property of my master Joe.’

‘You my master,’ I spluttered.

‘Natasha, my darling, your bottom is still available and I can spank you like this – he placed a firm hand in the middle of my back and beat a rapid tattoo on my quivering bottom.
‘Ouch!’ I squealed loudly.

‘Who’s your lord and master?’ he asked me.

‘You are, you are,’ I giggled.

Then there was a bit of shuffling the other side of the room and out of the corner of my eye I saw Mike had dragged a giggling Pamela over his knee.

He was telling her what he wanted her to have on her knickers.

An hour later the four of us were sat discussing what had happened. We had had a double spanking.

The half empty bottle of wine was still open on the coffee table. Mike took a swig from it – pulled a face – then carried it through to the kitchen. We heard the glugging noise of its contents going down the plughole. Then he came back with a new bottle of wine on a tray – complete with four glasses.

‘Come on guys, let’s celebrate,’ Mike poured some wine into the four glasses.

‘What are we celebrating darling?’ Pamela smiled up at him.

‘We’re celebrating a successful evening,’ and he winked at her.

Meanwhile, I was fidgeting about – I had a sore bottom, but I couldn’t have been happier.

However, I was confused. So much had happened in such a short time. Yet what had happened was so like the fantasy I’d had about being spanked; a fantasy that had been my secret for so long – now it had happened. Was it still part of my fantasy? Then I changed my position and I was aware of my sore bottom. It was lovely, such a wonderful feeling – oh please don’t let me be dreaming I pleaded with the god of spanking.

‘Are you all right my darling?’ Joe put his arm across my shoulder and pulled me close to him.

Giving a contented sigh, I rested my head on his shoulder.
Mike raised his glass, ‘Here’s to our friendship,’ he said. ‘May this evening be the start of many more such evenings.’

We all raised our glasses, ‘to our friendship.’

Mike put on some music. Now what was Pamela up to?

She had carefully put her glass down on the table. Then standing swaying in the middle of the room – she slowly and seductively slid out of her dress. She kicked off her black high heel shoes and pirouetted around the floor discarding her flimsy underwear – tossing it in Joe’s direction. She gave a kick and her knickers went into flight – landing on Joe’s shoulder.

What Joe did then surprised me.

What did Joe do?

To be continued…

Bye Bye Michael

Video: Bye Bye Michael
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Get close to the action when Headmaster Michael gets dismissed from Girls Boarding School!

What a disappointment for the one and only Headmaster Tom when he arrived at his institution for a quick, fleeting visit and finds filth and squalor everywhere. And what beats everything? The residents of Girls Boarding School having a lazy time outside in the meadow - with Michael - happily enjoying a beer in the sun! THAT'S NOT Headmaster Tom's Girls Boarding School!

True to the motto 'A danger foreseen is half avoided,' Headmaster Michael finds himself fired immediately. Dismissed by a furious and mad Headmaster Tom, screaming at him angrily for disappointing him so much. Oh, and is this video about a girl being punished? Yes, it is! Probably even the most severe bare bottom hairbrush spanking that you may have seen in awhile, received by Vanessa from a highly frustrated dismissed Headmaster!

Stars: Vanessa, Headmaster Michael, Headmaster Tom

A Boring Book

Video: A Boring Book
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Since failing miserably twice before, it's Vanessa's third and last chance to pass her annual exam. And THIS time Headmaster Tom is in no mood for joking, as Vanessa figures out when he entered the room with 2 paddles in his hand!

So this time there are only 2 options for Vanessa, either leaving the room with a smile and a certificate in her hand… or leaving the room drowned in tears with a thrashed bottom! And of course, as was expected, she failed again! No smile and no certificate for Vanessa, instead a corporal punishment, unexpectedly severe and unexpectedly long!

Stars: Vanessa, Headmaster Tom

Dress Code Attitude

Video: Dress Code Attitude
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When new resident Sanna came back home to the institution in the evening, Headmaster Tom could hardly believe his eyes! She was wearing black leggings, a fancy skirt and a LEATHER JACKET?? Whereas it is not even 24 hours ago that she has been admonished that the only proper clothes at GBS is the official uniform?? And now, guess what, she even has the cheek of smirking when Headmaster Tom vociferously expresses his indignation?

Well, it is obviously the stupid behavior of a new resident who does not want to understand the gravity of her situation. And reason enough for grave consequences, a copious corporal punishment! Only minutes later Sanna finds herself bent over a desk fully naked, with her bottom stretched out for a harsh beating with a heavy paddle!

Stars: Sanna, Headmaster Tom

A Double Spanking – Part Seven

Original Spanking Storiesby

Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

After years of fantasising and yearning for a spanking – now it was happening for real.

Joe the man I adored was doing the honours. Why it was actually happening was ponderable – but I decided I’d enjoy it now and ask questions after.

He’d started the spanking – using his hand on top of my skirt – now he was onto stage two, he pushed my skirt up my back – then I heard him give a gasp that turned into a laugh.

He called to my best friend Pamela and her boyfriend Mike, ‘Come here guys, have you seen anything like this before?’

They too burst out laughing.

What was amusing them so much?

Now read on ……

For goodness sake, I should have been selling tickets. As I lay over Joe’s knee – like exhibit number one. The three of them just stood gawping at me and laughing.

Then I felt a spank on my upturned bottom – it wasn’t Joe but Mike. This was followed by a gentler spank from my bessie friend Pamela.

‘Your turn now, Joe,’ Pamela moved aside – giving Joe room to swing his arm.

After that they were taking turns each.
‘Oy!’ I shouted. ‘What’s going on?’

‘Natasha, my sweet,’ Joe gently stroked my bottom. ‘How could we resist your invitation?’

‘What invitation?’ I squeaked. As if I didn’t know.

‘Aww! The lady doesn’t know. I’ll show you shall I?’ Joe pulled my knickers right off and stretched them, holding them under my nose.

‘See my darling,’ what does it say in black and white?’

‘Huh! It’s actually in red and white,’ I said cheekily.

His hand landed once again on my by now bare bottom. ‘Sarcasm, Natasha, is not your best idea, especially while you’re in the position you are in.’

I wriggled my bottom provocatively and that earned me another spank from each member of my appreciative audience.

‘Hey Natasha, where did you get them from?’ Pamela had picked up my discarded knickers and was examining them. ‘Hee hee,’ she giggled. ‘Please spank me,’ she read aloud.

‘I ordered them from Kinky Knickers Website,’ and I laughed. ‘I’ll give you the link if you like.’

Joe interrupted. ‘You can send for another pair,’ he said. ‘Only this time they should say …… ‘

What should they say?

To be continued ……

The Broken Cell Phone

Video: The Broken Cell Phone
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Another case of disobedience and stupidity at GBS. Against all warnings Maggy couldn't resist fiddling around with Headmaster Tom's shiny new toy, a brand-new cell phone with all the bells and whistles! That was the disobedient part…now comes the stupidity part: she dropped it and it breaks into pieces! Oh ham-handed Maggy, this means trouble! BIG trouble!

Headmaster Tom has a fit of temper, taking Maggy over his lap for an old-fashioned OTK spanking, followed by dealing out a series of blows with the paddle on her bare bottom. And she knows, if she can't follow his instructions and deliver a new cell phone to him the next day, the same procedure will apply again! Watch Maggy pay a HIGH price for her stupid mistake!

Stars: Maggy, Headmaster Tom

Big Bottom Spanking

Video: Big Bottom Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
Scorched Studios I here to present Big Bottom Spanking. The movie features a naughty thick redhead who gets dominated and gets her plump and round bottom spanked and turned a very deep shade of red! The dominatrix is a gorgeous blonde, who is very adept and skilled at spankings and she’s brought along some vibrators and paddles to the party too!