Video: Calling
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Claire and Emma are having fun pranking Headmaster Tom by calling him on the phone and hanging up. Two, three times they do this, forgetting there is such a thing as caller ID. The Headmaster writes down the number that keeps calling and then he calls it himself. Silly Claire answers and is found out. She promptly squeals on her partner Emma. They are both summoned to the Headmaster’s office for discipline.

When they arrive they are told to take off their clothes and they partially disrobe. Both are subjected to a hard over the knee hand spanking, followed by the cane for each. They tell Headmaster they have learned their lessons. But have they?

Stars: Claire, Emma, Headmaster Tom

Five Days Failure

Video: Five Days Failure
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Claire is waiting for the Headmaster. She's in a corner with only a shirt on, holding two canes under her buttocks. Headmaster Tom has asked her for five days now to clean the house and she has done nothing. That is five days of ignoring him and disobedience. Her only excuse is “because.”

Lying over the arm of the couch, she will receive four full strokes for each day of disobedience. She will have trouble sitting for the next few days, “because” she has received many strokes of the cane. But, as instructed, she begins to clean, and she doesn’t have to sit for that.

Stars: Claire, Headmaster Tom

Jenny’s Observation Angle 01

Video: Jenny's Observation Angle 01
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We see Jenny being disciplined by Headmaster Tom. She is fully clothed and he is administering the paddle to her blue-jeaned bottom. Minutes in she is told to drop her trousers and panties. The Headmaster continues with the paddle as we observe Jenny’s bottom getting redder and redder. To make sure Jenny has learned her lesson the Headmaster gives her 30 seconds with the tawse. We are left with the close-up sight of Jenny’s quivering bottom.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Water Resources

Video: Water Resources
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We immediately see Linda getting a hard OTK spanking from the Headmaster. When he finishes he sends her off to bed.

The next morning, while washing her face, Linda realizes she has overslept and rushes out of the bathroom. But, unfortunately, she has left the water on and the basin plugged. She quickly dresses and leaves, while the water in the basin overflows. In the afternoon, the Headmaster confronts her with a $300 bill from a housekeeper. She must now receive the cane.

The Headmaster administers the cane to her bottom while she poses in three different positions. Poor Linda has two more punishments to look forward to for the $300 bill and her bottom is already sorely welted.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Fully Nude

Video: Fully Nude
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Julia enters the Headmaster’s office. When she goes to sit down he demands she remain standing. He tells her she has been at the school so long now but still acts like a little girl. He accuses her of enjoying being nude in front of boys. She has been seen!!! And since she enjoys being nude he makes he take off all of her clothes since she likes being nude in front of a man.

This behavior is unacceptable and she will get a bare bottom spanking across the Headmaster’s knee. If she is caught again the punishment will be much harsher.

Stars: Julia, Headmaster Tom

One Job To Do

Video: One Job To Do
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Jane has been summoned to Mr. Lewis’ office. He has an enormous headache and asks the girl to go to the chemist to get him some aspirins. Since he has no cash he gives her the school credit card. She is to get the medicine and come right back.

After two hours Mr. Lewis is frantic. His head is pounding and Jane is nowhere in sight. She had just one job to do and she has failed miserably. Then he gets a call from a beauty salon. They want to charge $500 on the school account. It seems Jane has asked for the full salon treatment, the works.

When she returns with the weak excuse that she has missed the bus and without the aspirin, Mr. Lewis is livid. He demands she fetch the cane. Chastising her at the same time, he begins giving her strokes with the cane but feels it’s not severe enough. He instead gives her an OTK spanking with a large ruler on her bare bottom until it is much discolored.

Stars: Jane, Mr. Lewis

Paddled On The Table

Video: Paddled On The Table
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Maja, in white silk pajamas, lies on a table waiting for the Headmaster. When he arrives he has a paddle in his hand. We don’t know what Maja is being punished for but we are sure it is a serious matter. When he is finished the Headmaster promises the same procedure in one hour. It must have been a very serious matter.

Stars: Maja, Headmaster Tom

Enjoy The Movie

Video: Enjoy The Movie
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Claire is in her comfy bed, covers up to her neck, enjoying a little pornography on the television. Suddenly, the Headmaster walks in, admonishes her to go to bed and to please lower the volume on the tube. He has some work to do on the computer in her room and does not notice what is on the screen.

When he does finally notice she is watching porn he brings her close to the screen to watch, bent over in the punishment position. She can watch her porn as closely as possible, the Headmaster says sarcastically. He brings the cane to her bare bottom while she is watching. When the movie is over she will also write a summary, while nursing her swollen, red, welted bottom.

Stars: Claire, Headmaster Tom

A Double Spanking – Part NIne

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

After a few glasses of wine – Pamela was giving an impromptu striptease in the centre of the room. Kicking off her knickers – they landed on my fella Joe’s shoulder.

What he did next surprised me.

Now read on…

Joe, my beloved man, removed the flimsy scrap of nylon from its resting place on his shoulder. Putting them to his nose, he breathed in deeply – enjoying the musky aroma.


He marched across the room and grabbed hold of a still-spinning Pamela. She laughed and caught hold of his arm.

‘Hello,’ she said, holding up her face for a kiss.

But Joe’s mouth was set in a straight line. Keeping a firm hold on her arm, he dragged her across the room, stopping in front of a surprised Mike. ‘This young lady is acting like a real tart. What she needs is a good spanking.’

‘I agree with you,’ Mike said. ‘Why don’t you do it and I’ll spank Natasha.’

This was getting better and better. Not only had my beloved Joe given me my first real spanking, but now we were going in for swapping partners. How lucky can a girl get?

Mike strode across the room and stood in front of me. ‘Right young lady,’ he grinned down at me. ‘May I have the pleasure of spanking you?’ And he bowed.

I got the giggles. It seemed so absurd, this 6ft 4ins hunk of man bowing to me as if he was asking me for a dance.

I stifled my giggles and tried to straighten my face. I nodded my consent.

He pulled me to my feet and in one quick movement sat down on the couch and hauled me over his knee.

When he pulled up my skirt – he gave a gasp then burst out laughing.
‘Hey Joe, come and see what your tart is wearing.’

Once again the three of them were looking down at my bottom. What a fuss over a bare bottom!

‘Now what am I supposed to do,’ Mike pretended to look puzzled. Well I think he was pretending. ‘I need instructions,’ he laughed.

Soon the four of us were laughing.

So we sorted ourselves out – Joe was spanking Pamela, while Mike was spanking me.

Being spanked was everything I’d hoped it would be. It turned me on big time. I felt the beginning of an orgasm.

Suddenly there was a shrill shout from Pamela – ‘all change partners again.’

We were having a double spanking.

Moments later I was back over Joe’s knee. It only took another half a dozen spanks from him and I came – and I came – and I came.

I lay there over his knee – sore but satisfied – very satisfied.

In the taxi on the way home, I still had some unanswered questions buzzing round in my head.

As Joe kissed me goodnight, I whispered that I had some questions.

‘Tomorrow Joanne, tomorrow is another day.’

With a happy sigh I drifted off to sleep.

What am I going to find out tomorrow?

To be continued…

Sarah’s Bathroom Punishment

Video: Sarah's Bathroom Punishment
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Sarah’s behavior has the Headmaster dragging her into the bathroom, where she must step into a tub of cold water. As she leans over he begins spanking her with the paddle. To make sure she really regrets her behavior he continues with strokes of the tawse. When he is finished he leaves Sarah facing the wall in a corner of the bathroom, her bottom red and scattered with welts.

Stars: Sarah, Headmaster Tom