Broken Glasses

Video: Broken Glasses
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Amy tiptoes across the patio and past a dozing Headmaster Tom. She gently pilfers the door keys from his hand. After she enters she removes her shoes to make her way quietly through the house and to the china cabinet to steal some candy. And then it happens… She breaks some glasses and wakes up Headmaster Tom.

When he discovers Amy inside he wonders why she is not in class, but in the forbidden lounge. She is almost speechless with fear for she has broken the Headmaster’s very expensive glassware. Amy positions herself for her punishment – bent over, skirt in the air. Was such a severe caning worth a bit of candy?

Stars: Amy, Headmaster Tom

The Boarding School

Video: The Boarding School
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Studio: PunishedBrats

Gianna has transferred to Eastmoor Boarding Institution For Girls midyear. Headmistress Julie Simone takes special interest in the new student and is personally ensuring Gianna adheres to each and every rule stated in the thick student handbook. Poor Gianna doesn't stand a chance once she's in Ms. Simone's clutches.

Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna's dorm room during a routine inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls' rooms. Gianna, still dressed in her pajamas, is dragged into Ms. Simone's office for a hairbrush spanking.

Gianna has been unable to find her diary ever since the room inspection. She is certain Ms. Simone stole it and breaks into her office to retrieve it. Ms. Simone catches her in the act and is highly offended to be accused of theft. Gianna is bent over the stepstool and given a dose of the leather strap.

In a desperate attempt to be freed from Eastmoor, Gianna pulls the fire alarm in the library, thus setting off the sprinkler system and assuring her a mandatory expulsion. But before Gianna is sent home, Ms. Simone gives her one final punishment. Gianna peels off her drenched clothing and goes back over Ms. Simone's knee for a wet, bare bottom spanking.

Stars: Julie Simone, Gianna Love

Takes Two

Video: Takes Two
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Tangent is the hottest dominatrix that you will find anywhere. Today she has two slave boys. They lick her heels and suck her toes and then the two subs get a flogging. Next, some spanking with large brush and paddle is in order, leaving the bitch boys’ asses bright red. Then it’s time for a good pegging from the Mistress, doggy style. Since he’s been a good little sub she rewards him by allowing him to jerk off and cum on his own pretty red panties.

Stars: Mistress Tangent

Plump And Spanked

Video: Plump And Spanked
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Studio: MelonJuggler Productions
Big ass babes with curves to die for get their big round fat asses spanked and made to go red. Our huge breasted ladies even have time to have their red hot butts splattered with cum to take out the sting. Watch our voluptuous college girl Leah Jayne who has misbehaved being punished by the headmaster and the housewife being spanked and cum spattered for spending the housekeeping. Pornstar Sapphire 38L receives her spanking and fucking. Naughty Desiree has her huge ass spanked and worshipped and finally Mistress Shereja deals out a rump whipping to her slave before having her pussy eaten out.

Stars: Kore Goddess, Leah Jayne, Shereja Rage, Sapphire 38L, Naughty Desiree

Bridget’s Addiction

Video: Bridget's Addiction
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Bridget has been summoned to Mr. Lewis’ detention room. The girl has been subscribing to lewd sites and has run up a $600 bill!

Mr. Lewis punishes her while she is naked on a desk, breasts swinging, bum in the air and her labia quivering, still wearing her knee highs. She yelps and hyperventilates the entire time he paddles her bottom with a carpet beater.

Stars: Bridget, Mr. Lewis

New Resident Emily – No Discussion Required

Video: New Resident Emily - No Discussion Required
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Emily, new to GBS, secrets herself in a bathroom and confidently lights up a cigarette. Later, we see her nervously gnawing her nails as she waits for Headmaster Tom, with a cane on her lap. There will be no discussion, for she has broken a rule.

The Headmaster bends her over a chair and gives her the cane. She loudly yells out as the first stoke hits its target. Many more follow and Headmaster leaves her with her hands above her head and facing the wall. No more cigarettes! With his open hand, Headmaster gives her one last whack on her bottom.

Stars: Emily, Headmaster Tom

Caught In The Act

Video: Caught In The Act
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Alone in her room, the young girl is giving herself some pleasure. Unfortunately, Headmaster Tom hears her moans of ecstasy and breaks into her reverie. He finds himself thoroughly disgusted at her behavior and realizes he must administer a punishment immediately.

He puts her over his knee and chastises her royally while giving her a good, hard hand spanking on her bare bottom. Soon he raises her legs and continues the spanking in the diaper position. If he catches her again he promises she will receive the punishment of her life. Such behavior is just not tolerated at this institution!

Stars: Emily, Headmaster Tom

Young Teacher

Video: Young Teacher
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Studio: PunishedBrats
While the Headmistress is away, Ariel decides to be a bad girl. She thinks that the new teacher, Ms. Sydney, is a pushover. After being caught shoplifting, Ms. Sydney takes on the task of disciplining Ariel in the headmistress' absence. Ms. Sydney is determined to do a good job of providing proper discipline by the end of the week. Ariel’s hands are first strapped, followed by a hand spanking on her bare bottom; she’s bent over to receive the strap across her bottom and placed over a knee during the week. When Ariel is asked what she learned from her painful week long detention so far, she replies with vulgarity. Clearly she hasn't learned quite enough so Ms. Sydney must teach her a lesson about the use of dirty words. Ariel must be taught the difference between right and wrong ... but has Ms. Sydney ever been taught that lesson?

Stars: Ariel, Sydney

Five Day Detention

Video: Five Day Detention
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Joelle committed a terrible prank, Photoshopping the faces of the school's professors into compromising sex positions. She thought it was funny, her friends thought it was hysterical, but school disciplinarian Beverly Bacci is not amused at all.

1. Facing The Music

The girls are called into Ms. Bacci's office to answer for their terrible prank. For assisting Joelle by allowing her into the school computer lab, Pixie is sentenced to one day of detention and a bare bottom spanking while Joelle looks on.

2. Artist Busted

At first Joelle doesn't think her photo prank was a big deal. But as soon as she goes over Beverly's knee, she realizes how wrong she is. Ms. Bacci will make sure it's a very painful 5 days of detention for defacing the picture of Profesor Bound.

3. With Attitude

Joelle is hoping that by apologizing profusely she'll be able to get out of her painful punishment early. But her apologies are insincere and Ms. Bacci continues delivering the leather paddle full force.

4. Confessions

While receiving a terribly stingy wooden hairbrush spanking, Joelle is made to admit to modifying Ms. Bacci's photo too. When Beverly discovers what compromising position she's been photoshopped into, she is livid and makes sure this day's punishment is extra thorough.

5. Paddle Punishment

Joelle is finally beginning to understand the seriousness of her prank as day four of detention wears on and her bottom must endure a hard wooden paddle. 6. True Remorse

Ms. Bacci recognizes Joelle's true remorse on the final day of detention, but she follows through on delivering the day's strapping discipline to ensure nothing like this ever takes place again.

Stars: Beverly Bacci, Joelle Barros, Pixie

Punishment Memories

Video: Punishment Memories
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Linda is sitting in a corner feeling sorry for herself and sniffling back tears. Jenny joins her on the floor and wraps Linda in her arms to comfort her.

We see Linda’s previous punishments as they go thru her mind: the OTK and bare bottom spankings. Spankings with the paddle and tawse, carpet beaters, birch branches. The corner meditations as we see her bare raw bottoms on screen. We feel her defeat.

Stars: Linda, Jenny