In Violet

Video: In Violet
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Studio: Shadow Lane

22 year old Violet loves the fact that modern medicine has progressed so much. She’s just found out that her insurance will cover the costs for her to under-go sex therapy. The libidinous but frustrated 22 year old immediately finds a doctor in her network who makes house calls and sets up an appointment for that very day! Handsome Dr. Kurt Camphor (Arthur Sire) listens attentively as the budding sophisticate describes her current sex life as dull and devoid of adventure. She complains that boys her age lack imagination and never do the things she knows will arouse her, such as spanking and other bottom centric forms of erotic stimulation. Dr. Camphor offers Violet immediate relief, in the form of a firmly impactful over the knee spanking, accompanied by the sort of advice an experienced top will feel compelled to give a beginner submissive. Although possessed of a petite bottom, charming little Violet craves hard spanking and her therapist quickly realizes that is just what his new patient needs.

Violet's hands-on spanking therapy takes on a more deeply erotic aspect when Dr. Camphor has her straddle a slim trestle bench that elevates her slim, pink and white bottom for examination and probing. Violet produces two sleek silicon toys she has obtained at a state of the art sex shop and presents them to her therapist for use in the session. The toys find their way into her tiny bottom in turn, as the corporal punishment accelerates. The combination of anal discipline, hard spanking, strapping, paddling and cropping, soon has Violet responding ecstatically. This very real mini masochist manages her pain via grunts, grins and giggles, but that doesn't mean she isn't taking a hell of a licking or that the smacking doesn't hurt. It's just that the pain is an essential component of her fantasy. The other key part of the experience is giving up control.

In Scene 3 of In Violet, Dr. Camphor puts the interesting blonde girl on all fours and stimulates all of her senses with a vigorous hand spanking, and a bit more digital penetration, taking care to squeeze her perky breasts and pinch her nipples rosy red. That Violet enjoys the erotic manhandling is patently obvious. Though the hard smacks rock her dainty body, she thrusts her impudent bottom up and back for more and more stern discipline.

Stars: Violet October, Arthur Sire

Girls Boarding School: Spanking Spotlight on Lisa

TomLisaLisa has been a student at the Girls Boarding School for a few years. You would think she would understand the rules by now, but she just can’t behave herself. Lisa is very headstrong and doesn’t like to listen to instruction. All of her little mistakes eventually catch up with her, and Headmaster Tom must take action. He has these young girl’s future in his hands, and he is not about to let them turn out to be the social deviants they have every intention of becoming. He must be strict, to the point, and make sure that these girls know exactly why they are being punished. Here are two instances that Lisa will not forget.

Wild Hands

The Headmaster receives a message that he is needed to call a student’s parents. When he finally gets in touch with the parents of Tina, he finds out that she has been attacked in the shower by one of his other students, Lisa. Shocked, the Headmaster calls Lisa into his office to find out exactly what happened between Tina and Lisa. The severity of Tina’s condition was not fully evident to Lisa. She had no idea that when she and Tina had begun fighting that she had hurt Tina so badly that she had to go to the hospital. Lisa feels sorry that she hurt Tina, and get’s ready for her punishment.

TinaHandOutHeadmaster Tom decides that it is time to make the crime for what Lisa has done fit the punishment she is about to receive. Headmaster Tom makes Lisa take off her shirt; this will definitely embarrass and humble her. Then, headmaster Tom begins to instruct Lisa to hold her arms out-very straight-with her palms facing flat up towards the ceiling. Headmaster Tom makes sure that Lisa’s form is perfect as he whips her hands. As tears run down Lisa’s face, Headmaster Tom repeats to his student how much she has disappointed him. When the physical part of Lisa’s punishment is through, Headmaster Tom makes Lisa call Tina and apologize. If that wasn’t humiliating enough, Lisa is made to stand with her hands over her head, topless, with tears streaming down her cheeks so that everyone can see what happens when you lose control and take matters into your own hands.


drinkingLisa’s TV Evening

Lisa is having a quiet evening by herself, enjoying watching television and smoking cigarettes. She’s had a few beers, but she seems to be keeping it under control. Suddenly one hour turns into two hours, and two beers turns into several. Lisa gets so drunk that she falls asleep and forgets to turn the television down. Loud music from the TV attracts the attention of Headmaster Tom, and Lisa awakens to find herself being spanked repeatedly by the headmaster. After some over the knee punishment Lisa must pull her pants down in order to receive a cane to her bottom. She must thank the Headmaster for every hit she receives, or else the next canning will be much worse.


otk cane

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Major Spankage!

Video: Major Spankage!
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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Drop dead beautiful models lured into sleazy motels and spanked! Andi Hall- She has a dazzling smile that could melt an iceberg, but don’t let that fool you. Ms. Hall here insists on being taken very, very seriously. She need not have worried though. Our man was quick with his very, very serious reply. It’s important to make one’s views felt after all.

Angelica Vamp – From across the pond and jolly ol’ England this foxy when did cometh, but jolly she was not. Crisp and frosty as a December eve she was. Even her exquisitely contoured bottom served only to accentuate the chilly atmosphere with its pale snow like luster. But neither pale nor chilly was that fine caboose long to remain.

Drop dead beautiful models lured into sleazy motels and spanked!

Andi Hall- She has a dazzling smile that could melt an iceberg, but don’t let that fool you. Ms. Hall here insists on being taken very, very seriously. She need not have worried though. Our man was quick with his very, very serious reply. It’s important to make one’s views felt after all.

Angelica Vamp – From across the pond and jolly ol’ England this foxy wench did cometh, but jolly she was not. Crisp and frosty as a December eve she was. Even her exquisitely contoured bottom served only to accentuate the chilly atmosphere with its pale snow-like luster. But neither pale nor chilly was that fine caboose long to remain.

Alina Ambrose – With this one we have all the ingredients for the perfect storm. Alina here is extremely hot in the classical sense of the word and what’s more, she’s clear off the scales in terms of slutty sex appeal. She has a great ass too.

Stars: Angelica Vamp, Alina Ambrose, Andie Hall

The Morning After…

Video: The Morning After...
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Annie, are you ok!? She won’t be after this morning. She might’ve had fun the night before, partying and disobeying clear and direct orders, but she gets the discipline that she needs. She is instructed to stay in a sparse white room and is made to perform menial tasks all while being caned. Her pants hang loosely at her ankles and her panties hug the bottom of her reddened ass as a reminder of her disobedience.

Nikki Rouge Disciplinarian

Video: Nikki Rouge Disciplinarian
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Studio: Shadow Lane

Crammed full of fresh, female beauty and textbook corporal punishment techniques, Nikki Rouge, Disciplinarian ends with a gingery twist, giving the dedicated legion of Nikki Rouge fans a taste of the uniquely comedic strawberry blonde from both of her best angles. Violet October continues to win hearts with her winsome charm, but her budding dominant side, first seen in this video, adds an intriguing note to the October symphony. You have only just begun to know this interesting girl. Bringing up the rear in insouciant style is ravishingly pretty and quintessentially spankable, Summer Hart. She's the buxom, girl next door beauty men into spanking dream of winning for their own, complete with squeaks, squeals and ivory skin that turns pink in a moment. These three sirens will remind you of everything you love about spanking.

Act One: Lovely, leggy, tall and strict Nikki Rouge conducts a seminar for the self-improvement of slackers, whiners and spoiled brats. The patrons of these lazy girls have engaged Nikki to whip their ungrateful, unmotivated dependents into shape, by any means necessary, including spanking, strapping and paddling. In Act one, Nikki quizzes Violet and Summer on whether they have fulfilled their weekly challenges in the areas of adult education, household chores, and the expression of gratitude due to their benefactors. Naturally, her two charges have fallen miserably short in accomplishing their assigned goals and must be punished with stinging, bare bottom, over the knee spankings. Tiny, spunky blonde Violet is the first to be vigorously spanked by her dominant mentor. Then luscious redheaded Summer goes over Nikki's elegant lap to be spanked and scolded into rueful submission. Feminine beauty and smooth, pink, creamy bottoms abound in this classic woman spanks girl opener.

Act Two: Nikki Rouge continues to excoriate her charges, Violet and Summer, both verbally and physically, as she gets to the bottom of their neglect of their new weekly regimen of self improvement. Neither girl is able to satisfy their stringent disciplinarian that she has paid proper attention to either her diet or her exercise goals, so both must pay the price of additional bare bottom punishment. On the afternoon's agenda for the girls' continued self improvement are a paddling, a strapping and a caning apiece for each pretty slacker. The girls know they have this coming but can't conceal their bad attitudes, which only earns them harder strokes. Bossy Nikki thoroughly enjoys administering the discipline to the naughty beauties, both for their own good and her entertainment.

Act Three: In an unexpected turn around, Violet and Summer surprise Nikki as she returns home from a costume party in a strangely hilarious mood. The girls have been waiting and watching to get something on their strict mentor and now they have her dead to rights, having caught her getting out of a car belonging to someone other than her husband, in the world's shortest pleated skirt. Accusing Nikki of cheating on her husband and threatening to make this information available to him, Violet and Summer get Nikki Rouge to consent to be disciplined by them for a change! Before Nikki has a chance to even think, the girls have her face down over the spanking horse, with her miniscule skirt turned up and her panties pulled down, to expose her gorgeous bottom for spanking from them both! This delicious pay back scene will put a smile on your face as Nikki receives her just desserts from her very own charges, across her own curvaceous seat. Naturally, the gracefully statuesque Nikki is disciplined fully nude in the grand finale of this rollicking adventure of female spanks.

Stars: Nikki Rouge, Violet October, Summer Hart

New Resident Alice

Video: New Resident Alice
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An overbearing hotel guest is fed up with the maid’s sloppiness and lack of attentiveness. After several incidents, he calls the front desk and requests her service one more time. As Alice enters, the hotel guest plans to give her a proper spanking right over his knee. Once the session is over, Alice’s poor tender behind is all red!

Stars: Alice

Lisa’s TV Evening

Video: Lisa's TV Evening
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It’s time to revisit Girls Boarding School! Lisa is much like many of the girls here – beautiful, but naughty and of course disobedient! Lisa is hoping for a quiet and relaxing evening, but she’s caught smoking and drinking in her room by the merciless Headmaster Tom! Tom makes sure she learns her lesson with hard spanking and a cane to the bottom!

Stars: Lisa, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Annie

Video: New Resident Annie
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Annie is a new transfer resident to Girls Boarding School. Annie is not used to the kind of rules here, so when she appears late for class one day ... she must have a meeting with the infamous Headmaster Tom! Headmaster Tom is a stern disciplinarian and he spanks and canes Annie to let her know who is really in charge at Girls Boarding School!

Stars: Annie, Headmaster Tom

3 Red Bottoms

Video: 3 Red Bottoms
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The headmaster gathers Linda, Claire and Eif in the book room. He asks each in turn to lower their panties. Then, one by one he gives them the paddle. Soon he asks them to touch their toes and he continues to administer the paddle. There is a lot of sniffling but otherwise the room is eerily quiet except for the pound of the paddle.

When the Headmaster is done he makes them face the wall, three red bottoms glowing.

Stars: Claire, Linda, Eif, Headmaster Tom

Revenge Of The Housewives

Video: Revenge Of The Housewives
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Studio: Severe Sex
Be afraid. Be very afraid...Aiden Starr and Dee Severe are two housewives who can’t wait to teach their neighbors the errors of their ways! When Dixie blows the whistle on Dee about her lawn to the homeowner’s association, Dee and Aiden teach the meddling neighbor a lesson she won’t soon forget. Naughty babysitters Charli and Alex are the babysitters from Hell but a good spanking straightens these two out. When Holly is found out to be the husband stealing slut on the block – Aiden and Dee invite her over for a humiliating spanking that leaves her bottom beet red!

Stars: Dixie Comet, Alex Chance, Dee Severe, Charli Piper, Kiki Daire, Aiden Starr, Holly Heart, Jimmy Broadway, Brad Knight