Long Time Ago

Video: Long Time Ago
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
As Laura sits on the edge of a desk, the Headmaster enters with his tools – cane, paddle and carpet beater. He slaps the instruments against his hand as he greets his student. Laura turns and bends over the table as the Headmaster begins her punishment with the carpet beater. He commands her to lift her skirt and continues with the paddle. After she removes her panties he stings her bottom with the cane. When he is finished he sends her to stand in the corner, skirt still up and panties still down.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

The Haughty Girl

Video: The Haughty Girl
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Studio: Shadow Lane
An arrogant British beauty is taken in hand by her strict boss in a spanking tour de force! Features hard hand spanking and full nudity of a 6'2" blonde goddess!

The owner of a casting agency is peeved with his new talent manager for inflicting devastating criticism on the models who don't meet her high standards of elocution. Tired of dealing with complaints, Mr. Marvel decides to spank some courtesy into the stunning, leggy, blonde Amelia Rutherford, using only his huge, hard hand.

In the second scene of The Haughty Girl, the beautiful, but still rude British perfectionist, Amelia Rutherford, is ordered by her boss, Ralph Marvel, to remove every stitch of clothing and take a second sound hand spanking from him, in the nude.

Crackling bare bottom spanking, wonderfully witty dialog, and a rollicking dominant vs. brat dynamic adds up to an instant Shadow Lane classic, featuring two of our most beloved performers, together for the first time.

Stars: Amelia Rutherford, Ralph Marvell

The Home Disciplinary Invasion

Video: The Home Disciplinary Invasion
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Studio: BossDVD.com (Irene Boss)
Ms Boss has performed a well planned home invasion on hardenough in the interest of life improvement. She has arrived to find that the home has an "overly masculine edge" and could use a woman's touch. The scene opens with hardenough's pantied bottom perched high up upon a punishment bench in a corset and heels, while Ms Boss explains as "The American Governess" what She is about to do and what implements will be used. She is wearing a long black cape with a hood (along with a necklace holding his chastity key around Her neck), and later removes it to reveal a corset, garter belt and stockings. This film is heavily influenced by Harriet Marwood - The English Governess. (Hardenough is playing richard, and Ms Boss is Harriet.) Stand by for strapping, paddling, tawsing and spanking. Practically every implement (100 with each one) from The London Tanners is demonstrated. Ms Boss keeps the tags on the implements so She can recite what they are - there are so many. Male electro chastity play and whipping are also explored. All of this equipment is available at the Compound to be used on your fanny - so prepare yourself!

Stars: Irene Boss, Slave Hardenough

Linda, Claire & Eve

Video: Linda, Claire & Eve
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Linda, Claire and Eve, all dressed in their uniforms, are enjoying themselves while playing a game. Then the girls get a cell phone call that the Headmaster will see them in two minutes. All three stand up and wait with heads bowed. When the Headmaster arrives they know what is coming. Each in turn gets a hard hand spanking across the knee of Headmaster Tom, while the other two girls hold down the spankee’s hands and legs. Then each gets a hand spanking while they stand with their knickers around their knees. After the Headmaster takes a brief break, they all get the cane while bent over a chair. Again, the other girls hold down the hands and legs. They are all left, sniffling and weeping, with their skirts up and knickers down.

Stars: Eve, Claire, Linda, Headmaster Tom

New Morning

Video: New Morning
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Lisa arrives at the Headmaster’s office for her daily punishment. But, in jeans and a button down shirt, the Headmaster tells her she doesn’t look prepared at all. Lisa leaves and returns sans jeans.

Prepared now, she is placed across the seat of a chair, and the Headmaster administers the tawse to her bare bottom. When he asks if she likes it at GBS Lisa’s reply is in the negative. Which is just as he suspected, so he sends her off, saying he will see her tomorrow morning at 9. Lisa says “good-bye, sir,” as she leaves. She is learning.

Stars: Lisa, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Bridget – Dont’ Touch The Computer

Video: New Resident Bridget - Dont' Touch The Computer
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Mr. Lewis has found new student Bridget on his computer and then finds all kinds of viruses on it. She’s been surfing forbidden websites and has ruined his computer. He puts her on a chair and bends her over. He gives her the paddle on her uniformed bottom. When her panties are pulled down and he bends her over with her hands behind her knees, her bottom is as red as two ripe tomatoes and her vulva is prominently displayed.

Stars: Bridget, Mr. Lewis

Personal Records

Video: Personal Records
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Mr. Lewis walks in on Jane using his laptop. Security footage has revealed her as the thief who stole it. He discovers Jane is using it to change her grades, turning herself into a grade “A” student. Since she has changed three of her grades, she will be punished with three implements – the carpet beater, the paddle and the cane. At the end of her punishment Mr. Lewis tells Jane he expects her to be a straight A student – the correct way.

Stars: Jane, Mr. Lewis

Playing Ill

Video: Playing Ill
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
The Headmaster finds Marie lying on the couch wrapped in a quilt. He wonders why she is not in school and she tells him she feels sick. When he leaves to fetch a thermometer, we see Marie grinning mischievously, thinking she is going to put one over on Headmaster Tom. He returns and asks her to take her temperature. Too make sure it is high, Marie lights the end with a cigarette lighter. When Headmaster sees how high the temp is he tells her she can miss school today and offers to get her some medicine. Marie is triumphant and parks herself in front of the television to play video games on her day off.

Suddenly, Headmaster Tom returns to find her dallying in front of the tv. Suspicious now, he makes her take her temperature again. This time he stays in the room to witness it and finds Marie is fine. This upsets him very much and he puts Marie in the corner. For her punishment she is bent over and given the cane on her bare bottom. But that is not enough. Headmaster makes her put out her hands for additional strokes of the cane. Then she is made to bend over again and her already welted bottom is given the paddle.

When the Headmaster leaves and returns to find her sitting without his permission she is given an additional spanking with the bunch. Her sore red bottom should be a good reminder to Marie to not make mistakes, in more ways than one.

Stars: Marie, Headmaster Tom

Cornertime For Eve

Video: Cornertime For Eve
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Eve stands in the corner near a window of the library, fully nude. Her long, lithe body as smooth and hairless as a baby. The Headmaster, when he arrives, waits a while before greeting her. Then he puts her across his knee for her daily punishment. He administers a hard, hand spanking which turns her smooth, white bottom a striking shade of red. Afterward, Eve is put back in the corner, her long blonde hair cascading down her back. She faces towards the window, so we can see her punishment.

Stars: Eve, Headmaster Tom

Bed Time Trouble Day 2

Video: Bed Time Trouble Day 2
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
On the 2nd evening of her 3-day punishment, Vanessa is receiving the strap, stripped down fully nude. Seventy-five continuous slaps, no break for taking a breath, no break for tears, no break for drying her tears, no break for rubbing her sore bottom! Even worse, Vanessa is instructed standing on tiptoe throughout the entire procedure! Leaving the tiptoe position would have a terrible consequence: the spanking would immediately start again, right from the beginning, regardless of how many strokes have been received already!

Stars: Vanessa, Headmaster Tom