Lesbian Femdom Classics 4

Video: Lesbian Femdom Classics 4
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Studio: Kinky Europe Productions
Kinky Europe Studios is back and bringing more lesbian BDSM heat with their latest installment of Lesbian Femdom Classics 4! Mistress Natalie Black has planned out a good night for Slave Dana as she plans to spank Dana, flog her, spit on her and even make her lick her heels, toes and even her ass! Mistress Natalie Black is beautiful, but beneath her beauty is a Dom who isn’t afraid to dish out some needed discipline!

Stars: Mistress Natalie Black, Slave Dana

The Interview

Video: The Interview
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
A self-styled, self-titled dominant male video producer is in for a shocker when these girls show up at his studio. Thinking they are to be spanked, he has the nerve to tell Christine he will start with spanking her and wants to see her bottom. Well the closest he gets to her bottom is as he is lying over her knees. The 3 no-nonsense women administer some of the hardest spankings we have seen in years. No, he wasn’t ready.

Stars: Nicole, Giselle, Christine Keeler

Julie’s Houseboy

Video: Julie's Houseboy
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Don’t think about misbehaving around my friend Miss Julie. But this houseboy’s been a bad boy and Mistress Julie must take charge of the situation. Since moving to NY I was hoping we could shoot something together and when we finally got the chance we ended up very happy with the results. She was having trouble with her houseboy, so she decided to bring him to my place and we have the both of us punish him for his bad behavior. He is punished first with over-the-knee spanking and paddling. I mention his big blowjob lips and Julie took it upon herself to face-fuck him. She fucked his mouth like a pussy. He was compelled to deep-throat her whole strap-on, which was not small. Then she rammed him up the ass really hard while I sat on his face and smothered him. When she was finished he was so excited I put my strap-on, which was not as long but thicker. The guy got punished and fucked good. I don’t think Mistress Julie will be having trouble with him any time soon.

Stars: Julie Simone, Kelly Payne

You Need A Spanking

Video: You Need A Spanking
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Studio: Severe Society Films
What to do with the classroom bully that never retreats? Or the class skank, or an embezzling employee? The useless brat upstairs who won’t stop playing loud, annoying music or the world’s worst waitress? All these bitches need an attitude adjustment and a good hard spanking to teach them the error of their ways!

Stars: Sinn Sage, Sarah Blake, Kiki Daire, Ashley Graham, Dee Severe, Charlie Piper , Kelsey Obsession


Video: Gorenzucht
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Studio: Amator
This blond dominatrix surely wants to have her cake and eat it too. She puts a fetish make on a submissive brunette than proceeds to fuck her while she’s kneeling and in restraints. Once she’s finished with her she moves on to a blond who she spanks with a switch and goes on to fuck her in multiple positions!

Stars: Pupett, Estelle, Trisha, Steffi

Irreparable Damage

Video: Irreparable Damage
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Studio: California Star Productions
Mrs. Bart-Simpson is very distressed when two apprentice French polishers come around to her expensive townhouse to polish her valuable dining table. "Where is Mr. Humphries? She asks, "We will bring you table up beautifully. However on close inspection, Mrs. Bart-Simpson discovers to her horror that the girls have been using inferior wax, and have left horrible blotches on her table. The only thing going on in her mind is how she is going to punish the young women for the irreparable damage they have caused. She confronts the girls, terrifying them, into submitting to receiving some severe punishments on their bare bottoms. The girls are stripping naked, tawsed and spanked before the cane is brought to bear across their shapely buttocks, leaving more than a few scuffmarks.

Bend Over Brandy

Video: Bend Over Brandy
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Studio: California Star Productions
Marcia, Brandy's stepmother, returns home and finds the naughty girl drinking and smoking. Knowing she must administer some discipline she places her across her lap. A hard hand spanking makes her bottom striped and blush pink.

A special shopping trip the next day has Marcia picking up a cane for her stepdaughter. Just in case she may need further persuasion.

Stars: Marcia, Brandy

Antique Methods

Video: Antique Methods
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Studio: California Star Productions
Why is it that every time Mr. Murdock's antique shop falls victim to a shoplifter's treachery, the perpetrator invariably happens to be some lovely young lady who will agree to almost anything rather than face the police? This time, he has spied two such feminine felons. Against their better judgment, they each reluctantly lower their panties for Mr. Murdock's own peculiar punishment. Two delightfully round and tender behinds, once smooth and pin, are now a deep throbbing red, due to Mr. Murdock's skillful use of his antique cane. The price of pilfer can be very high indeed.

Stars: Stacy Summers, Brian Paddler, Alison Brett

Danny’s First Enema

Video: Danny's First Enema
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
It’s a wonderful occasion. Danny’s going to college, but before he can do so, Danny is due for a checkup in order to be compliant for when he registers for the fall semester classes. After ignoring letters and then finally being dropped from classes he decides to come for his annual exam. The nurse has no patience for this cocky bad boy. When he begins to get fresh and smart she puts him in his place immediately with a good sound bare bottom over the knee spanking and mouth washing with a stick of soap. . After his rectal exam she decides he needs a cleaning so she reams his ass with the soap stick. Not satisfied she decides he needs at least 2-3 qt enemas. She uses an expandable nozzle and one large custom nozzle. He is made to hold both enemas. His complaining and moans do not go unnoticed by this nurse.

Stars: Kelly Payne, Danny

Stephanie’s Whipping Girl

Video: Stephanie's Whipping Girl
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Studio: Shadow Lane
With over the knee spanking, tickling, nude bondage, flogging, nipple tweaking, hair pulling & whipping on foot soles.

They're supposed to session with a wealthy European client, but Koko shows up two hours late, missing the appointment completely! Stephanie would have been even more furious but the client, who is gone by the time Koko arrives, has thoughtfully left enough allowance for the punishment of the errant submissive to take place anyway.

Stephanie makes Koko understand that she is going to be spanked and spanked hard for disappointing both their client and her mistress. The tall, commanding Stephanie Locke pulls the petite, 24 year old Thai beauty over her skirted lap and begins Koko's hand spanking over the expensive, glove tight black leather dress the naughty brunette has on, but soon makes Koko stand up so that the dress can be unzipped and summarily stripped off. Back over Ms Locke's strong thighs goes adorable Koko, to have her black lace panties warmed and then pulled down for a sound, bare bottom spanking. Taking the slender minx by her long, silky black hair, Stephanie makes Koko squirm and bitch out by applying ever harder smacks to her cute, well rounded seat.

Next, Stephanie rope ties the diminutive nude Koko over a spanking bench, taking care to tie even her toes. Stephanie teasingly torments her captive by tickling her dainty feet, tiny waist and vulnerable armpits. Stephanie pinches the erect nipples of the girl's perfectly proportioned breasts until Koko squeals. The whipping commences and includes not only Koko's exquisite bottom, but also her tantalizing lady parts.

Back and bottom flogging, pussy whipping, nipple tweaking, tickling and classic rope bondage fill this beautiful woman tops girls scene with a variety of seductive corporal punishments. In complete control of her excitingly responsive underling, Stephanie submits Koko to both a long and short flogger, as well as shriek-provoking tickling, until the strict disciplinarian is satisfied that her mischievous assistant has learned that when your mistress is counting on you, you don't let her down.

Stars: Stephanie Locke, Koko Kitten