End Of Month Report

Video: End Of Month Report
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Annie sits demurely, basking in praise from Mr. Lewis. She has done well on her end of month report. But then Mr. Lewis sees some lateness’s and other things he does not like in the report and Annie’s bliss turns to dismay. “It’s all about motivation,” Mr. Lewis lectures. He proposes the cane to get the process of improvement going in the right direction.

Stars: Annie, Mr. Lewis

Emma’s Exams

Video: Emma's Exams
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
The Headmaster is dismayed when he sees the results of Emma’s exams and he calls her into his office. He immediately orders her to take off her skirt and raise her hands onto her head. No discussion.

When he questions her on why she is there she remains silent. He begins to give her a hard otk spanking with the hairbrush then he lets her know it is her fourth failure at exams. He crosses her legs with his when she begins to wiggle around. Emma will receive this punishment every day until she passes her exams. He is sure this will help her to be successful.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

Suzie’s BDSM Mini-Game

Video: Suzie's BDSM Mini-Game
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Studio: Elite Pain
We found our new game so exciting that, after a nice shooting, we played this with Suzie as well. Five crew members (including Pedro, Pablo, and Max Lomp) teamed up against Suzie this time. She got blindfolded, and we started to cane her randomly, one by one. The blindfolded girl had to guess who canes her.

If she guessed right, that guy quit the game. She wins (and gets a certain amount of money) if she eliminates all the five crew members. If you really want to know... she won the caning game. So we immediately started a new game with the same rules, but with our most frightening instrument: the Single Tail Whip. So this movie contains two games with the same victim: Suzie.

Stars: Suzie Muller, Pablo, Pedro, Mac, Maximilian Lomp, Popeye (Male)

Fair Enough

Video: Fair Enough
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Headmaster Tom is already annoyed when Lucy leaves his trousers in the laundry for two days. To add to his annoyance she has also accidently washed his glasses! This is her third mistake with the washing in two weeks.

He asks her to kneel on the couch with her hands on the floor. She makes an awful racket as he gives her 15 strokes with the paddle, the last five on her bare, already rosy, bottom. The Headmaster marches Lucy down to the basement where she will spend the next three hours reflecting on her plight.

Stars: Lucy, Headmaster Tom

Leather Pants Spanking

Video: Leather Pants Spanking
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Studio: Juliette Captured And In Distress
Juliette is back and once again she’s in quite the situation. She’s wearing leather pants, which is amazing because she has to fit her plump ass into them. Make no mistake about it, Juliette’s ass cheeks turn rose red over two scenes where she’s put over her dominator’s knees! At the end of it all she paints her pants red, rips them off and throws them into the fire!

Stars: Juliette (i)

Hygiene Check

Video: Hygiene Check
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
The Headmaster conducts a hygiene check on Jodi, inspecting the student's finger nails and the backs of her ears. But he has a hard time convincing her to remove all of her clothes for a complete examination. Her disobedience causes him to demand she take out the spanking instruments. A couple of whacks with the hairbrush on her uniformed bottom, while she’s splayed across his knees, convince her it’s easier to obey.

Stars: Jodi, Headmaster

My First Day

Video: My First Day
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Christine is sitting demurely on a straight-backed chair, explaining how she came to be at an institution like Girls Boarding School. She had a wake-up call one day, when she realized that she was drifting through life with no sense of direction and breaking every rule in the book. So she voluntarily enrolled at Girls Boarding School – hoping that there she would be straightened out. And, one day in the not too distant future, be able to get some qualifications with a view to getting a good job.

On the day of her arrival, Headmaster Tom gave her a long list of rules that she was expected to read and inwardly digest. However, the next day, she was five minutes late for breakfast. She was called to Headmaster Tom’s office for her first corporal punishment. Her bottom, unused to being spanked, was soon turned from a creamy white to a very rosy red. The otk spanking continued until Headmaster Tom was satisfied that she understood that the most important rule of the long list of rules was punctuality.

Later in the day she was disruptive in class and gave her teacher some aggro. Headmaster Tom was determined to win the battle of wills with this girl. So, not surprisingly, she finds herself back in his office for another bottom warming with the leather paddle. She had to keep repeating that she was sorry for giving the teacher trouble and it wouldn’t happen again. Christine then went on to tell what her third punishment of that first day was. She again found herself in Headmaster Tom’s office, this time for the cane. It was against the rules to leave the premises after 8.00 pm. Her white school knickers were round her ankles as she bent over; the skin covering her bottom stretched tight across her already red and sore bottom. But now the cane bit into her tender flesh, causing her to struggle to keep in position. Her grimacing clearly showed the frustration and humiliation she was suffering. However, at the end of the caning, she knew she had met her master in Headmaster Tom. During her reminiscing she tells how, after her third punishment of that first day, she found sitting on her very sore bottom extremely difficult and it was like that for some days afterwards. It would seem that her time at Girls Boarding School was time well spent. Or was it?

Stars: Christine, Headmaster Tom

Initiation Ceremony

Video: Initiation Ceremony
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Angelina is waiting for Mr. Lewis to welcome her to Girls Boarding School. Her body language is very clear – she’s nervous. When he arrives he wastes no time in explaining to her what she’s doing at GBS. At her previous school she obviously had no regard for rules and regulations, but here at GBS there were rules that had to be followed or the consequences could be very harsh. The most important rule is obedience – immediate, unquestioning obedience.

To test her, Mr. Lewis tells her to remove all her clothing. There is a battle of wills, as she makes no attempt to carry out his order. However, he doesn’t give up so easily. He repeats his order and she very slowly starts to unbutton her blouse. The remainder of her clothing is also removed in slow motion. So, he confuses her by telling her to get dressed again. Now he’s going to time her – all clothes off within thirty seconds. She has to undress and dress two more times before he’s satisfied. To further test her obedience, he has her stand facing the wall with her hands on her head. He tells her he’ll be back in two minutes and she’d better be in that same position when he returns.

Is he surprised to find her standing with her back against the wall and her hands modestly covering her sweet pussy? No, he half expected it. So he introduces her to an OTK hand spanking. She’s squirming about and screaming before he’s even started to spank her. But he’s determined to show her who’s in charge. Despite her struggle to escape and her screaming, he gives her a very rosy red bottom. The next part of her initiation ceremony is to have a taste of the cane. He tells her to bend down with her hands on either side of the chair. Every time the cane makes contact with her bottom, she jumps up clutching it. With an exasperated sigh, he explains to her that the length of time of the caning session depends on her. She should stay in position after each stroke – then it will be over. At last she understands and the last stroke of the cane she stoically accepts without jumping up.

Now, the final test of obedience. Again she’s to stand facing the wall with her hands on her head. He’ll return in thirty minutes and she must be in the same position. Will she obey him?

Stars: Angelina, Mr. Lewis

Bad End Nooner

Video: Bad End Nooner
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Headmaster Tom would have had to be stone deaf to not hear the racket coming from Natascha’s room. So he goes to her room to see what was going on – she was apparently having very noisy sex. HM Tom calls for the man to come out and he pushes open the door. But the young man runs out and in his haste he knocks HM Tom to the ground. In her bedroom, Natascha is naked in the middle of the bed, her knees bent up to her chin. She tells him that he is just a friend and they were playing chess. Not surprisingly he doesn’t believe her. He can’t find a chess board, but he does find a used condom.

Dragging her off the bed, he pulls her over his knee. His big hard hand soon changes her creamy white bottom to a fiery red. However, she struggles so much he puts his right leg over both her legs and so is able to have more control over her. Then he tells her to stand up and bend over the chair he was just sitting on to spank her. He goes off to find out who the young man was and meanwhile she’s to stay in that position until he comes back to continue their conversation.

Stars: Natascha, Headmaster Tom

Hidden Man

Video: Hidden Man
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
On a rainy day, Headmaster Tom returns to Girls Boarding School. After entering he hears strange, sexy sounds coming from Alexa’s room. Answering his knock in bra and panties, the girl claims she was just sleeping. Alone. Headmaster checks the balcony and under the bed for signs of someone else. As he goes to leave he discovers a young man in the closet and orders him out. Pig-tailed Alexa is in trouble.

When she claims her boyfriend likes her bottom, Headmaster Tom assures her he will not like her bottom after he is through with it and he throws her on the bed. Now it is between Alexa, the paddle and the tawse.

Stars: Alexa, Headmaster Tom