How Many More Do You Deserve?

Video: How Many More Do You Deserve?
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Natascha has managed to break practically every rule in the book at Girls Boarding School in the short time she has been a student there. This time, Headmaster Tom has had more than enough of her nonsense. What has brought it all to a head is the fact that she has stayed out all night three times in the past week. Now it is comeuppance time.

She is in a precarious position – leaning over the back of a chair with her hands on the floor. If her arms were to give way she’d fall on her head. The Headmaster explains to her that she is going to tell him when she’s had enough. But he does warn her that if she says ‘enough’ too soon, he’ll give her ten times more. So she has no alternative but to agree to what he is saying. The cane comes down hard on her taut rounded bottom. After each stroke of the cane, she has to say – “Thank you sir, another one please.” Scared that she may say ‘enough’ too soon, she endures many more strokes of the cane than she needs.

Eventually, she screams out, ‘enough sir’ while the tears run down her cheeks. The punishment is over. Telling her to keep in position and reflect on her behavior in the past, he leaves her with a very sore bottom.

Stars: Natascha, Headmaster Tom

Irresponsible Behaviour

Video: Irresponsible Behaviour
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Headmaster Tom is in the kitchen at Girls Boarding School. He has heated up a gourmet meal and is just about to eat it, when he notices that the spoon is dirty. He rummages through the cutlery drawer and every spoon in the drawer is the same. Somebody is in trouble and that’s Dana. He calls her to come to the kitchen and shows her the spoons with caked on food on them. He tells her to go and fetch the cane.
,br />She comes back with it. Bending from the waist so that her bottom is sticking out, she has to clean one spoon at a time, then shout ‘next one’ each time she is cleaning another one. The cane is a reminder. Ordering her to pull down her trousers, HM Tom notices that her shoes are definitely not suitable footwear for a girl at Girls Boarding School, so opening the window wide, he throws them out. Then the caning continues on her bare bottom. Once all the spoons are cleaned to his satisfaction, the caning is over. Sending her to her room – he again heats up his food and with a shiny clean spoon, sits down to eat and enjoy it. Meanwhile, Dana is lying on the sofa in her room, gently tracing the cane welts.

Stars: Dana, Headmaster Tom

Maja’s Severe Punishment

Video: Maja's Severe Punishment
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For all Maja lovers! Here is something very special we have recently found in our archives - Maja’s most severe punishment in the very early days of the Girls Boarding School. For private reasons we can’t show you what has happened before and why this extra severe punishment had to take place long ago. But just be sure that Maja has learned her lesson and “it” will never happen again! Now you must lean back and watch this important piece of history.

Stars: Maja, Headmaster Tom

How To Do It Properly

Video: How To Do It Properly
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Sitting in the garden of Girls Boarding School, Headmaster Tom is putting in a call to former Headmaster Michael. Though still miffed over his recent dismissal, Michael agrees to video chat with Tom. It seems Tom must leave GBS for a week and asks Michael to take over as headmaster while he is away. But, before approval, he wants to show Michael how to properly apply a punishment using Simone as an example. He then begins to give Simone a hard hand spanking across his knee. Michael records the lesson on his computer. Tom tells him that to keep the girls in line he must administer severe punishments for small offenses. Michael understands and pledges to do as Tom instructs.

Stars: Simone, Headmaster Tom

Domestic Work For Amy

Video: Domestic Work For Amy
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Headmaster Tom comes home to a complete mess in the kitchen. He checks the schedule and finds the responsibility today is Amy’s. He calls her downstairs, hauls her roughly into the room, chastises her royally and commands she bring him a hairbrush in 10 seconds. Amy runs from the room.

When she returns, Headmaster Tom leans her over the counter and, while she yells and struggles, he gives her a good spanking with the hairbrush. When finished he tells her she will be responsible for kitchen clean up for the next four weeks. That will make a lot of the other girls very happy. But not Amy.

Stars: Amy, Headmaster Tom

Never Caned Before

Video: Never Caned Before
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The Headmaster is working in his office when he gets a call from Mr. Peterson from the University library. He says that Lucy has defaced some books with graffiti and notes. This stupid behavior by one of his girls upsets Headmaster Tom because he will have to pay for the books.

Lucy is resting in her room when the Headmaster calls her downstairs. He says he wants her to be completely naked when she arrives. Lucy panics, doffs her clothing and quickly runs downstairs. But when she is confronted by the Headmaster she denies any knowledge of despoiled books.

Headmaster Tom goes to get the books and finds they do have marks everywhere. When Lucy claims the notes are just to help her he does not care and throws one at her. He has to pay for them so Lucy must be punished for the extra expense. Lucy holds the books while asking the Headmaster for a severe punishment. She is bent over the dining table and caned. Afterwards Lucy is sorry, her caning so severe she can barely sit and contemplate her deeds.

Stars: Lucy, Headmaster Tom

Marie’s Interview

Video: Marie's Interview
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Marie is a troubled girl who has asked the Headmaster for guidance. She will spend the next six months at Girls Boarding School. When he asks she says she is aware of the corporal punishment policy. It begins now.

The Headmaster subjects her to an over the knee punishment which will be every day. Then she is caned on her bare bottom and has to thank Headmaster and count every stroke. After these daily punishments, Headmaster Tom believes that when Marie finally leaves she will be a pretty good girl.

Stars: Marie, Headmaster Tom

Education Part 2

Video: Education Part 2
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Studio: Elite Pain
This is volume 2 of the special release of the EliteClub series showing the first few days of three new domina applicants. They are trained to discipline the slaves up to the Elite Club standard. If the master of the Elite Club finds any of their strokes unacceptable, then the dominas themselves are punished. These new dominas are beautiful, they try, but in many cases they fail. So, they get a lot of punishment.

Stars: Nouvo Francotelli, Sabrina Tycoon, Lucy Markovich, Iris Molnar, Amanda Verhofen

Maja & Marie – No Homework

Video: Maja & Marie - No Homework
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Maja and Marie are summoned into the Headmaster’s office. They both confess to not doing their homework for two weeks, promising to do it all in one night. But it is too late. They will do their homework after punishment.

Maja has to lean over the desk while Marie holds her hands. Headmaster Tom begins with a hard hand spanking. Maja then has to lower her trousers and panties for a hand spanking on her bare bottom. This is followed by the carpet beater, then the paddle. The same pattern is followed for Marie. Then both girls must try to sit down on their very sore bottoms and do their homework.

Stars: Marie, Maja, Headmaster Tom

Take Good Care

Video: Take Good Care
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Rose is in trouble again. She is waiting nervously for Headmaster Tom to come and discuss the problem with her. He comes into the room carrying an article of her clothing. Waving it under her nose, he tells her that today’s lesson is to learn to take good care of her clothing. He can’t understand why a girl of nineteen should be climbing trees in the first place and in her best clothes at that. Therefore, she is to repair the damage while being tawsed.

As the tawse falls repeatedly on her bottom, she wriggles and squirms about, while screaming in pain. This means she has great difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. Eventually she tells Headmaster Tom that she has finished the repair. He inspects it and even though he’s not entirely satisfied he decides to let it pass.

However, this makes poor Rose think her punishment is over. Unfortunately, it is not. She is told to lean over the arm of the sofa – putting both her hands flat on the floor. This makes her bare bottom easily accessible for the tawse. She has to count twenty hard strokes and say thank you for each one. Her bottom is getting to be a deeper shade of red each time the tawse makes contact. The headmaster leaves her in that position to reflect on her childish behavior. Behavior that he hopes will not be repeated.

Stars: Rose, Headmaster Tom