The World Wide Web

Video: The World Wide Web
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Sally creeps into the Headmaster’s suite and takes a camera from an armoire. She begins to take a series of photographs of herself, her clothing decreasing as she goes along.

Days later, the Headmaster takes a phone call by which he is informed of Sally’s photographs, some in which she is nude. They have been posted to the internet for all to see and this leaves Headmaster Tom livid with rage. The next morning he grills Sally, giving her an opportunity to confess but she keeps silent. Then he shows her the photographs on the computer. Unfortunately, she still claims innocence so he gets the cane.

She bends over and he begins the caning. Halfway through he leaves the room and returns with a camera. He takes photos of her bare bottom, as he intends to show everyone what a GBS girl who poses nude on the internet has to face.

Stars: Sally, Headmaster Tom

Ultimate Strip-Off #4 – Pepper Vs. Sydney

Video: Ultimate Strip-Off #4 - Pepper Vs. Sydney
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Studio: She's The Bomb Studios
Last week’s champion Pepper Kester is back! She’s being challenged by sweet French-Japanese brunette Sydney Moorpark. Both Sydney and Pepper were barely legal at the time of this shoot, and they have the bubbly personalities to show it! Both contestants brought their own sex toys - hard dildos to give the naked loser a bare-assed spanking. Stay for the end, when one girl wins in a big way!

Stars: Pepper Kester, Sydney Moorpark

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

Video: A Beautiful Sunday Morning
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Jenny sits in the dining room painting her fingernails a lovely shade of red. Knowing she is breaking the rules, she hides her fingers when the Headmaster arrives. But, unfortunately, she cannot hide the smell. Headmaster Tom sniffs her out and a beautiful Sunday morning turns bad.

He puts Jenny over his knee and begins to give her a good, hard, hand spanking. Headmaster Tom leaves the room but not before ordering Jenny to disrobe to her bare bottom. She sits down gingerly to wait. When he does return he hands Jenny polish remover and a roll of toilet paper. She must now remove every bit of the offending nail polish.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

5 Broken Rules

Video: 5 Broken Rules
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Out of the ten unbreakable rules at GBS, Maja and Marie have both broken five. They are both holding canes when the Headmaster arrives to dole out their punishment. He takes both canes from them and administers 15 strokes to each girl. Then he orders both to drop their trousers and knickers and resume bending over for more caning. We see back and front angles of both girls as they “owww” in agony.

They are made to touch their toes for a few more strokes before they are lined up against the wall, their hands above their heads. They promise the Headmaster they will never break the rules again.

Stars: Marie, Maja, Headmaster Tom

Spanked For Being Horny

Video: Spanked For Being Horny
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Studio: Scorched
People are spanked for many different reasons: for being greedy, for taking too many cookies out of the cookie jar—but today, our submissive little bitch is getting spanked for being too horny. Yes, that’s right—she’s not allowed to be horny in the presence of her dom. Shame on her for not obeying!

A Severe Spanking With The Hairbrush

Video: A Severe Spanking With The Hairbrush
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Her eyes shut tight, Emma is enduring another punishment from the Headmaster. This time it is with the hairbrush. She’s on all fours on the pristine white bed as Headmaster lays stroke after stroke on her bare bottom. It gets redder and redder and soon the Headmaster puts her in the diaper position. Whether her bottom is up or down, this is a severe hairbrush spanking.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Maria

Video: New Resident Maria
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The Headmaster meets Maria when she attempts to steal his car. He brings the little thief back to GBS. She panics when he begins to call the police so he gives her a choice – the police or her bare bottom for a cane. The choice is hers. She chooses the cane.

Maria disrobes from the waist down, lowering her jeans and white panties and bends over. The Headmaster goes to get the cane. Her tough exterior melts away as the caning commences. And she is totally incredulous when the Headmaster informs her that Girls Boarding School will be her home for the next three months.

Stars: Maria, Headmaster Tom

The Stolen Laptop

Video: The Stolen Laptop
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The headmaster’s assistant, Sarah, stealthily enters his office, poking around on her own. Suddenly she grabs the laptop on the desk and takes off. She finds a quiet corner, turns the computer on and begins to happily type away.

When he returns to his office the Headmaster almost immediately notices his missing laptop. He begins searching everywhere for it. When he hears Sarah’s typing he goes to find a cane. He tells her he doesn’t remember giving her permission to use his laptop. So she must be punished.

He makes her disrobe from the waist down and bend over a table. After caning her bare bottom many times he finishes her humiliation by having her kneel in the corner, hands on her head. Disobedience such as this may cause the headmaster to terminate her teaching contract.

Stars: Sarah, Headmaster Tom

Club Corporal – The Punishment Files

Video: Club Corporal - The Punishment Files
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Studio: Moonglow
Those gluttons for punishment at Moonglow present to you “Club Coporal – The Punishment Files,” a full collection of the Punishment File sessions. This is over an hour and a half of continuously breath taking spanking, paddling, and caning action with the Moonglow girls taking turns punishing each other in cute uniforms and pajamas.

Stars: Sally, Miss Grant, Elizabeth, Cassandra, Wendy, Carol, Gillian

Playing For Money

Video: Playing For Money
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Sarah and Linda are playing cards in the dining room. But, unfortunately, they are playing for money and this is against the rules at GBS.

When we see them again, they are both bent over the dining table, listening to a lecture from Headmaster Tom. He is so disappointed in his assistant teacher, Sarah, as well as Linda. The girls remain fully clothed in black trousers as he begins the caning. “Thank you, sir,” they say in unison, after each stroke.

Soon they disrobe from the waist down. When he finishes with the cane, Headmaster continues their punishment with the leather tawse. This brings great distress to both girls. When they are sent away, they leave both the cards and the money on the table.

Stars: Linda, Sarah, Headmaster Tom