Spanked for Clumsiness


Eleanor Powell


Approximate Running Time: 15.12 minutes

There is the sound of something breaking. The mistress is in the lounge and knows that there has been an accident in the kitchen.

Sure enough when she goes into the kitchen – she sees her young maid crouching down guiltily trying to gather together all the shards of a fine bone china teacup.

She’d had the cup for years. Her mother had had it before her. The cup is full of sentimental value; it can’t be replaced. She’s upset and knows the young girl must be punished for being so clumsy.

She lets the young girl know she is upset

So she has the young girl kneel on a chair, leaning over the back.

Flipping up the girl’s short pleated skirt, she starts to hand spank her. Then she pulls her knickers down to her knees and continues spanking her.

The spanking begins

Every time her mistress’s hand makes contact with her bottom, she cries out.

Then when her hand gets tired, the mistress starts using a paddle on the poor defenseless girl’s bottom.

The spanking goes on for some time – the girl’s bottom getting sorer and redder with each spank that lands on it.

A change of position

When the spanking is over, the girl is ordered to pick up the pieces of broken china and throw it away.

Russian Slaves 79 – Trap For Maid

Video: Russian Slaves 79 - Trap For Maid
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
The two maids in this household stand accused of theft from their employers, and their bosses want answers. These black-haired maids strip off their clothes and receive a merciless flogging interrogation. The first maid is lead out of the room after her discipline, and then the second maid gets a thorough caning.

Stars: Nikita Guhman, Nadeza Dozorova, Lena Rodnina, Violette Gulka, Ury Senkivel

Mood Castings – Sweet Chanell


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Mood

Starring: Jessica Lee as Kyra and Chanell

Approximate Running Time: 09.18 minutes

Kyra welcomes Chanell to the Mood Castings Studio. She suggests that Chanell sits down opposite her at the desk while they get to know each other better.

Why is she there?

She explains to Chanell what they are looking for in their interviewees and then asks her to tell her a bit more about herself – what motivated her to come for the interview?

Chanell is an attractive blonde who says she is twenty-two. At first she is a little bit hesitant about opening up to Kyra – but Kyra gently probes her and Chanell starts talking freely.

She admits that her main motivation for being there is for the money. She’s in debt and getting desperate.

Initially she was looking for a job as a dancer – but being so much in need of the money; when she saw an ad on the Internet, Mood Castings were looking for young ladies to take part in their spanking movies. The main criteria being she must be able to withstand fifty strokes of the cane while being in the nude.

So when Kyra asked her if she was willing to try – without hesitation she said yes. She’s determined to take the full fifty strokes.

Leaning over the desk, her bottom well presented for a caning, Kyra begins applying the cane.

It hurts and she cries out but stays in position

As it bites into her tender flesh, she grimaces and cries out. Stroke after stroke and she is whimpering, but still keeps her position.

However, she requests a break and Kyra gives her a minute to rub her sore bottom. Then she gets back into position.

Contemplating if she can take the rest

Then after the thirty second-stroke, she tells Kyra that she can’t take any more and will have to stop.

bruised and beaten she has to give in ...

As Kyra never forces anyone to do anything against his or her will she thanks Chanell for coming and tells her to get dressed and she is free to leave.

Mood Castings – Jane Morison


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Mood

Starring: Jessica Lee as Kyra and Jane Morison

Approximate Running Time: 13.06 minutes

Jane is a little bit apprehensive but at the same time she’s excited – at last she is going to be able to satisfy her curiosity – could she be a porn movie star?

Kyra the Casting Director of Mood Castings puts her at her ease, by asking her questions about her preferences regarding her sexual activities.

While discussing her motivation for applying to Mood Castings for an interview – Kyra draws it out of her that she enjoys most aspects of spanking – that is receiving and giving.

Getting to know each other

Jane admits to at first being embarrassed about undressing in front of other people, but over time she has become quite brazen about it.

Kyra asks her to undress – everything off, but to keep on answering questions.

Answering questions while undressing

Her responses must have been all right as Kyra tells her it’s time for proper action.

Now is the time to see what Jane is made of.

She kneels on the couch with her bottom stuck out. She braces herself for the first stroke of the cane. It hurts but she keeps her position and just cries out.

Let the action begin

Again and again, the cane cruelly leaves its marks on her naked bottom. But she stays in position and is relieved when Kyra congratulates her for enduring the full fifty strokes.

She is well marked

She agrees that if she is offered a role in a serious movie, she would jump at the chance. Imagine being paid for doing something she enjoys.

Searching for a Spanker

Searching for a Spanker


Eleanor Powell

You are a spankee (you love to be spanked) but you haven’t got a spanker (someone who does the spanking) in your life.

And you want / need a spanking – so much so, it takes over your mind. You can’t concentrate. You keep reliving the last spanking you had – how wonderful it felt – lying over the spanker’s knee, skirt up, knickers down and his hand making contact with your bottom – the sting in the tail.

How do you go about finding that special someone?

Go where the spankos go.

With the Internet these days, it’s so much easier than when I started my search in the 1960’s. Then you would sneak into a ‘sex shop’ hoping no one has seen you.

Once inside, you’d furtively glance at the assortment of magazines on the shelf. You are looking for contact magazines. You’d buy all of them, if possible.

At home in the privacy of your own sanctuary you rip open the bag of magazines and eagerly turn the pages.

These contact magazines had lists of adverts – some people looking for a spanker, others looking for a spankee.

It would be easier if beforehand you had made a list of what you are looking for.

· Male or Female
· Age group
· Are you looking for a spanker or a spankee
· Area (you don’t want to be having to travel hundreds of miles to meet someone)
· If you want a non-smoker be sure to make that clear
· You want someone who is clean and discreet.

So after looking through the lists of adverts and your head is spinning, you have marked a few as being ‘possible’.

You have to send each advertiser a letter (do you remember how we used a pen and paper?) explaining who you are and what you are looking for and what you can offer.

If you have a flattering photo of yourself, be sure to add it. It can speed things up quite a lot.

Your letter is then put into an envelope and sealed, with a box number written on the front of it. Each advertiser has a box number. If you are hoping to contact several people, you will write a separate letter to each one.

The envelopes are put into a larger envelope and addressed to the person who owns the magazine. This person will also expect you to pay a certain amount for each reply. So you’d go to the post office and buy a pile of postal orders and enclose them in the large envelope. Be sure to put enough postage stamps on it and seal it and send off with a hope and a prayer.

Then you wait for the replies.

If you have included a phone number you’d probably get a response sooner than if someone had to rely on the Royal Mail.

Or maybe you would do the advertising – stating who you are looking for. This puts you in the driving seat. Details of how to place your advert will be found somewhere in the magazine. Again you will have to pay for advertising. The owner of the magazine wins both ways.

Not knowing any different, I used the contact magazines for years and sometimes it was hit and miss, but quite often it turned out a huge success.

But now if you have a computer or other device and the Internet, it’s so much easier.

Just Google “Spanking Contact Lists.”

Or you may want to look at websites that are devoted to all things spanking.

Good luck with your search.

When a spankee and a spanker meet, it’s a match made in heaven.

Look out for my next article – “How to Get Your Vanilla Partner to Spank You.”

Mistress Irony Has her Way

Video: Mistress Irony Has her Way
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Studio: Wasteland
It's a Good Day for a Hard Flogging: Mistresses Irony is in the mood to play, play with her perfect and perpetually obedient submissive. Ava is not new to this and loves the attention heaped upon her by her Mistress. She loves the feeling, the filling up of her pussy, the teasing….just the thought of it makes her ache for release and release she does.

Close-up & Personal: It’s time for my close-up! Cheri loves to be exposed to her Mistress. She loves the feeling of being vulnerable. Mistress loves the fact that she can do whatever she wishes to her lovely submissive and not have to struggle to reach and tease that perfect spot. The end result a very hot and wet Cheri who is begging to cum.

The Doctor is In, Again: Well, as we had anticipated Sicilia, enjoyed her visit to the Doctor so much, she is back for another visit. After the surprise of seeing her again, so soon, the Doctor was more than happy to explore new areas with her, oh so willing patient. This time Doctor wants to see just how much can fit into all of slaves orifices, all at the same time. Machines, fingers, dildos, the list goes on and at the end of the day, Sicilia was such a model patient, that Doctor has a very special treat for her.

Reality Bites Me: We think Ava secretly loves being punished by Mistress Irony. In fact it's starting to appear as if Ava might be disobeying Mistress just to be the center of attention. To have her Mistress play with her body, touch it, control it, punish it and ultimately make her cum.

Loaded Dice: Step into the past with us and take a peek into the warped world of Betty and her neighbor. A perfect idealistic place. A place where the women have perfect hair, perfect clothes and perfect manners. All of which are held in the highest regard. A simpler time, where the men worked and the women stayed home and played "games"…Naughty games. So how far will these ladies go? Step into our world of perversion and find out for yourself.

Stars: Cheri, Sophie, Ava, Sicilia, Mistress Irony

Discipline In Russia 30 Private Grammar School In Russia Part 1

Video: Discipline In Russia 30 Private Grammar School In Russia Part 1
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
Back in 2008 three students of private grammar school get the proper detention they deserve. They’ve been bad girls. When students are bad, what else could possibly happen other than facing the consequences of breaking the rules in place? In Russia it doesn't matter, you’re going to obey and receive discipline.

Stars: Jerry Geroshvile, Nikita Guhman, Irina Zlotova, Galina Sharmatova, Nadeza Dozorova, Irina Chernaya

Stolen Chocolate


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Elin and Michael

Approximate Running Time: 09.18 minutes

Elin thinking she is alone in the house is a little bit bored. So while filling in the time by being helpful – she tidies up the coffee table in the lounge.

How lucky is she - she's found some chocolate

But what is this – a bar of chocolate. She carefully unwraps it – but the urge to eat it is too strong and she rips off the paper and foil and sits down on the couch to have a square. However, one square is not enough – it’s delicious, so she has another square, then another.

And before she knew it, there was just one piece left and that is when one of the masters Michael comes in.

He rants and raves at her. She has just devoured a slab of very expensive chocolate that he had received from a very dear friend living in Barcelona. He had been so looking forward to eating it with a glass of fine wine.

Now he is so disappointed. Elin is about to receive a punishment from Michael.

Telling her to go and get the paddle from another room – she scurries out quickly.

On her return she hands him the paddle and stands waiting for further orders.

she's as comfortable as she can be lying  over the arm of the couch

Moments later she is lying over the arm of the couch with her beautiful bare bottom well up and waiting for the paddling to start.

After half a dozen strokes of the paddle she pleads with him to stop, because she can’t take any more. But he is not going to allow her to dictate how much is enough.

she pleads for mercy

So her bottom soon becomes red and blotchy – and is looking very sore.
Then with one final swat of the paddle and it’s over.

Yet he still hasn’t finished with her. Handing her a writing pad and pen he tells her to write ‘I must not steal ‘ 100 times and to bring it downstairs to him for checking.

trying to rub away the soreness - while  writing her lines

Poor Elin, let’s hope she doesn’t get tempted anymore.

Out of Control


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Girls Boarding School

Starring: Headmaster Tom and Kathrin

Approximate Running Time: 09.33 minutes

Why is Kathrin sneaking about? She has just knocked on Headmaster Tom’s office door – obviously getting no reply, which she hoped was going to be the case – she pushes the door slowly open and goes inside.

She is there on a mission – she’s looking for something, but what?

Opening a drawer she feels around inside it – right to the corners at the back. Success! Putting her find in the back pocket of her jeans, she carries on searching the other drawers. She has another find and just has time to enclose her hand around it – when Headmaster Tom comes into the room.

He is shocked to see her there. Hasn’t he always told his students that his office was out of bounds to them? In fact he had always locked the door when he went out and this was the first time he forgot to do so. Had she been waiting all this time for him to slip up?

He asks her what she’s doing there but she doesn’t answer him.

A great positon for a caning

Then he notices that she has something in her hand and prises her fingers open – she’s got one of his rings. Now he’s sure she must have something else that belongs to him.

Running his fingers over her jeans – he finds a bulge in her back pocket and withdraws a packet of cigarettes.

He is disgusted that he has a common thief living in his house. So Kathrin has to be punished.

In position for a caning

Getting the whippiest cane he can find, he tells her to bend over the desk and he canes her first on top of her jeans, then on her bare bottom.

bent over almost double - her bottom is well presented for a caning

It is the hardest caning she has ever had from him.

The cane marks are clear to see

There is a big question mark. Could she have gone into his office hoping to be caught and so caned?

Can you imagine anyone doing that?

No Choice


Eleanor Powell

Studio: California Star Productions

Starring: Keegan and Mrs Day

Approximate Running Time: 48.43 minutes

Mrs. Day, the headmistress, is putting the finishing touches on her office.
Giving a huge sigh of satisfaction – she is now ready to deal with one of her most troublesome students.

A knock on the door and Mrs, Day shouts for Felicity to enter.

Felicity is a fresh looking schoolgirl, wearing an immaculate school uniform – black skirt, white shirt and a school tie. Her fair hair is in bunches. To look at her she is sweet and innocent.

However, Mrs. Day knows better. This is not the first time she is having to dole out corporal punishment to this girl.

Felicity looking sweet and innocent

She asks her where she was the day before and is told that as her mother was not well. Felicity felt it was her duty as her only daughter to stay home and care for her.

The sting of the cane on her already sore bottom

Now Mrs. Day is not buying this excuse because only minutes earlier she had phoned Felicity’s mother and was told that there was nothing wrong with her the day before. So, Mrs. Day suggested to the mother that she should come to the school – then they could discuss Felicity’s behaviour and her future at the school.

Meanwhile, Felicity is to be spanked until her mother arrives.

Protesting all the way, she finds herself lying over Mrs. Day’s knee and the hand spanking begins. She promises to be good in future – no more lies, no more excuses. But Mrs. Day has heard it all before so she just carries on with the spanking.

Felicity’s bottom looks very sore – red and blotchy.

That part of the spanking is over and now she leaning over the desk receiving the leather paddle. The result is an even sorer bottom.

Still Felicity’s mother hasn’t arrived and Mrs. Day is beginning to see where her daughter’s tardiness comes from. So to fill in the time she gives the errant girl a caning on her hands.

As the mother hasn’t appeared yet, Mrs. Day decides to carry on with Felicity’s punishment.

The naughty girl is leaning over the desk and being caned with a hook handled whippy cane. By the time her mother arrives, her bottom is a mass of weals, welts and bruises.

The mother is shocked and disgusted at the way her daughter is being treated by the headmistress of the school.

Is the  mother going to agree with Mrs Day's plan?

So she threatens Mrs. Day that she’s going to go to the authorities and get her struck off.

Mrs. Day is ready for that and points out that this is the eighth time she has had to punish Felicity. There is no other school that will take her on. But, she does have a solution. The mother should succumb to the same punishment as her daughter then they could maybe come to a mutual agreement.

Mother's punishment begins

Felicity is amazed that her mother agrees to this and watches as her mother is spanked, paddled and caned, just like she had been.

Mother and daughter leave together – united with very sore bottoms.

There is a hint that when Felicity’s father hears what has happened the poor girl may be in more trouble.