Video: Perfection
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Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Tangent, beautiful in a dark leather cincher, Her big, perfect all-natural breasts straining against the leather, has begun to hit big slave michael with the slapper. She is getting him ready for what will be and long and intense corporeal punishment session. Standing tall in Her shiny black boots She moves to get Her canes and begins to work on his backside with the wooden implements. She mixes the canes and thin wooden paddle until his backside is thoroughly engaged and he is panting with excitement. She moves towards the end to the wicked waffle spanker to create a new sensation. A beautiful and sexy Dominatrix thoroughly enjoying plying Her craft.

The big submissive is enduring and his backside is turning a nice shade of red as Mistress Tangent presents Her ass in front of his panting face and orders him to kiss it before fetching the dragon tail to resume work on his backside. The stinging bite is mixed with some bare handed spanking and then the wooden paddle is used on him. She moves in front of him to have him kiss Her perfect ass again before returning to his rear with the cane. She climbs up on his back, straddling him like a huge pony and applies the cane, smiling as She feels him wince beneath Her. She dismounts and resumes caning his backside, finally moving in front of him and bending for him to kiss Her ass and thank Her for punishing him.

He is obliged to kiss and thank Her ass and then She saunters back behind him the cane to inspect Her handiwork on his ass. It gives Her great pleasure to see the results as a smile crosses Her beautiful face. Next he is on his back with his cock tied to the ceiling and She mounts his face and plants Her perfect ass over it as She applies the crop to the shaft of his cock. She climbs off his face to move into position for more cropping and then switches to a black whip and whips the shaft which is strung tight straight up with rope. Back to the crop for more cock punishment and then he is rewarded with Mistress Tangent’s beautiful ass back on his face. She has him kiss it and sits with only a thin thong separating his face from Her glorious holes. The fragrance is breath taking. She moves off his face to flick and tease his cock with Her hand and then picks up the violet wand to apply electricity to the bound cock and balls.

Pure CBT for the first half of this clip as the beautiful Mistress Tangent stands tall in Her black boots and uses both the violet wand and the crop to deliver super sensations to the bound cock and balls. With his cock strung taught to the ceiling She has a perfect target that cannot get away. She then moves to put clothespins on the delicate tissue on his inner thighs. Bent over Her perfect hard ass is so beautiful and Her large natural breasts strain against the leather fabric of Her bra, overflowing and showing a glimpse of teasing nipple. She flips on the vibrator and lodges it next to his cock and picks up some nasty white clothespins and Her crop.

Mistress Tangent shows why She is a Professional Domiantrix as She goes full tilt on his cock and balls with the crop while it is strung up tight, the vibrator lodged against it. Standing tall over him we see from a great angle the beauty and control in action as he happily suffers for Her pleasure. Cock tease and torment are the theme of this clip as Mistress Tangent delivers non-stop sensation. She gets him worked up with the vibrator but controls him with the crop and pins. Finally, She frees his hand and allows him several seconds to masturbate to conclusion while She sits on his face.

Stars: Mistress Tangent, Slave Michael

Mobile Services

Video: Mobile Services
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Sally has kept the Headmaster waiting. As he paces outside, she sits staring and giggling while texting on her mobile phone. After awhile Headmaster Tom has had enough of this waiting for a silly girl. He storms in the house and catches Sally on the phone. He asks if her mobile phone is more interesting than going to school. Before she can answer he grabs her off the bed and vows to show how interesting a mobile phone can be.

He slams the phone again and again against her bottom, and then orders her to throw the phone out of the window! He finishes her punishment with his bare hand. Afterward he has her follow him outside stripped of her scanties.

Stars: Sally, Headmaster Tom

Spanking The Laziness Out Of Her

Video: Spanking The Laziness Out Of Her
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Roseanne is a lazy schoolgirl having a lazy afternoon. She’s just reading some nice magazines and listening to some cool music. Being alone at home can be fun! Alone?? Really??? Watch the video…Headmaster Tom thinks there might be a bad surprise for this little brat!

Stars: Roseanne, Headmaster Tom

Linda Is Playing Ill

Video: Linda Is Playing Ill
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Standing at attention, with her hands on her head and her pants removed, Linda has a thermometer in her mouth. Headmaster Tom takes it out and with disgust pronounces her ok. But now she must stay to be punished for playing ill.

Linda bends over the table and the spanking begins. The Headmaster starts with the strap, continues with the paddle and ends with the cane. When he finishes her bottom is very red and sore so he gives her some salve.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Bed Time Trouble

Video: Bed Time Trouble
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As you all know, Headmaster Tom is an advocate of quick and precise decisions. Put another way for Vanessa: being 3 hours late for bed time, means 3 separate punishments on 3 consecutive days! The first spanking becomes due immediately, on all fours with her pajama pants pulled down, for a strong beating with the heavy leather paddle. Although Vanessa tries being a brave girl - considering that this is only the first of 3 punishments - tears are filling her eyes quickly. She so much wishes that she could turn back the time and correct her stupid mistake, but… it’s too late!!

Stars: Vanessa, Headmaster Tom

Stealing Will Not Be Tolerated

Video: Stealing Will Not Be Tolerated
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Alex is shocked to find out Kissie has stolen underwear from one of his shops. Kissie is a friend of the family which makes it even harder for him to believe that she would steal from him. Feeling guilty one day, Kissie decides to visit Alex at his home to come clean and tell him the truth.

Alex makes her get into the underwear so he can embarrass her by putting her over his knee and giving her a severe hand spanking. This is not what she expected at all but she knows that she is in the wrong and listens to his strict instructions. After several minutes of spanking her, he orders her to remove her thong and punishes her further with the hairbrush. By the end of the punishment, Kissie is left with a very sore bottom, promising herself never to steal again!

Stars: Kissie, Alex

The Naughty ASSistant

Video: The Naughty ASSistant
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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
As assistants of the twenty-first century are distracted by the latest tech gadgets, their bosses take dim notice. After being given strict instructions on what she needed done, Miss Kelly Payne’s assistant decides to talk on the phone and look at fetish books all day instead of doing her job! When Miss Payne returns, she is furious when she sees nothing has been done. She gives her assistant a hard scolding and then she turns her over her knee and spanks her bare bottom. Then Miss Payne places her errant across a chaise where she uses straps and hairbrushes on her. Afterwards she turns her across her lap once again and takes the hairbrush to her throbbing, bare bottom…hard and fast!

Stars: Annie, Kelly Payne

Maria In Trouble

Video: Maria In Trouble
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Studio: Desert Wind Videos
Maria is a philosophy major but she can't figure out how to keep her master happy! He gives her a few suggestions and is sure they don't slip through the other ear. He gives her a spanking and kisses her afterward to be sure she knows it's only because he cares. He's an old white man and she's a young white Russian girl.

Stars: Maria

The Neighbor’s Barbecue

Video: The Neighbor's Barbecue
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It's the first time that the neighbors are inviting Headmaster Tom and a chosen resident from Girls Boarding School for a barbecue. It’s a major honor for Headmaster Tom and his first chance of finally getting introduced to his new neighborhood. And finding the right girl as a companion and representative was not difficult. Of course he chooses Elin, by experience always the best behaving girl when it comes to representation duties.

But holy cow, it's Elin who spoils and ruins it all! She must have had a devil in her because she behaved like a brat, ignoring all polite manners, singing filthy songs and spitting on the floor! It was pure embarrassment and too much for Headmaster Tom. But it was certainly reason enough for a corporal punishment!

Stars: Elin, Headmaster Tom

A Broken Paddle

Video: A Broken Paddle
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Kathrin is awaiting her much needed punishment. When Headmaster Tom comes into the room, she is bent over with her head well down – trousered bottom well up in the air. He quickly looks over the Punishment Order. She is to receive at least ten strokes with a wooden Paddle; the marks are to be visible for at least five days. What has she done to deserve this very dangerous punishment? She has been found guilty of shoplifting. HM Tom aims the wooden Paddle at her taut bottom. She sobs each time it makes contact. After giving her half the required number of strokes, he tells her to lower her trousers and knickers. He gives her the remaining five strokes of the Paddle on her bare bottom. The livid red marks surely look like they are going to stay for some time. However, he doesn’t think ten strokes are enough, so he brings the Paddle down so hard on her defenseless backside, the Paddle breaks. Due to this divine intervention, her punishment is over.

Stars: Kathrin, Headmaster Tom