Never Caned Before

Video: Never Caned Before
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The Headmaster is working in his office when he gets a call from Mr. Peterson from the University library. He says that Lucy has defaced some books with graffiti and notes. This stupid behavior by one of his girls upsets Headmaster Tom because he will have to pay for the books.

Lucy is resting in her room when the Headmaster calls her downstairs. He says he wants her to be completely naked when she arrives. Lucy panics, doffs her clothing and quickly runs downstairs. But when she is confronted by the Headmaster she denies any knowledge of despoiled books.

Headmaster Tom goes to get the books and finds they do have marks everywhere. When Lucy claims the notes are just to help her he does not care and throws one at her. He has to pay for them so Lucy must be punished for the extra expense. Lucy holds the books while asking the Headmaster for a severe punishment. She is bent over the dining table and caned. Afterwards Lucy is sorry, her caning so severe she can barely sit and contemplate her deeds.

Stars: Lucy, Headmaster Tom

Marie’s Interview

Video: Marie's Interview
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Marie is a troubled girl who has asked the Headmaster for guidance. She will spend the next six months at Girls Boarding School. When he asks she says she is aware of the corporal punishment policy. It begins now.

The Headmaster subjects her to an over the knee punishment which will be every day. Then she is caned on her bare bottom and has to thank Headmaster and count every stroke. After these daily punishments, Headmaster Tom believes that when Marie finally leaves she will be a pretty good girl.

Stars: Marie, Headmaster Tom

Education Part 2

Video: Education Part 2
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Studio: Elite Pain
This is volume 2 of the special release of the EliteClub series showing the first few days of three new domina applicants. They are trained to discipline the slaves up to the Elite Club standard. If the master of the Elite Club finds any of their strokes unacceptable, then the dominas themselves are punished. These new dominas are beautiful, they try, but in many cases they fail. So, they get a lot of punishment.

Stars: Nouvo Francotelli, Sabrina Tycoon, Lucy Markovich, Iris Molnar, Amanda Verhofen

Maja & Marie – No Homework

Video: Maja & Marie - No Homework
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Maja and Marie are summoned into the Headmaster’s office. They both confess to not doing their homework for two weeks, promising to do it all in one night. But it is too late. They will do their homework after punishment.

Maja has to lean over the desk while Marie holds her hands. Headmaster Tom begins with a hard hand spanking. Maja then has to lower her trousers and panties for a hand spanking on her bare bottom. This is followed by the carpet beater, then the paddle. The same pattern is followed for Marie. Then both girls must try to sit down on their very sore bottoms and do their homework.

Stars: Marie, Maja, Headmaster Tom

Take Good Care

Video: Take Good Care
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Rose is in trouble again. She is waiting nervously for Headmaster Tom to come and discuss the problem with her. He comes into the room carrying an article of her clothing. Waving it under her nose, he tells her that today’s lesson is to learn to take good care of her clothing. He can’t understand why a girl of nineteen should be climbing trees in the first place and in her best clothes at that. Therefore, she is to repair the damage while being tawsed.

As the tawse falls repeatedly on her bottom, she wriggles and squirms about, while screaming in pain. This means she has great difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. Eventually she tells Headmaster Tom that she has finished the repair. He inspects it and even though he’s not entirely satisfied he decides to let it pass.

However, this makes poor Rose think her punishment is over. Unfortunately, it is not. She is told to lean over the arm of the sofa – putting both her hands flat on the floor. This makes her bare bottom easily accessible for the tawse. She has to count twenty hard strokes and say thank you for each one. Her bottom is getting to be a deeper shade of red each time the tawse makes contact. The headmaster leaves her in that position to reflect on her childish behavior. Behavior that he hopes will not be repeated.

Stars: Rose, Headmaster Tom

South American Vacation

Video: South American Vacation
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Studio: Mood Pictures
A group of 7 female students are on vacation in a South American country. They are arrested by the police accused of drug use. In this country short prison sentences can be changed to corporal punishment. Their dream vacation turns to a nightmare as all 7 girls are caned or whipped or both.

Stars: Sylvia Vertu, Klein Blonde, Adrienne Reiko, C.C. Graf, Alice, Jessica Lee, Nelly, Katja Viti, Mistress Larissa, Olie Fritz

Daily Punishment

Video: Daily Punishment
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While reading an old looking book with darkly-yellowed pages, Headmaster Tom waits for Linda to arrive for her daily punishment. Soon she stands before him, looking sheepish, and says she awaits punishment. He immediately puts her over his lap, raises her uniform skirt and begins a hard, hand spanking.

He lowers her white regulation panties and continues the spanking with a cane. The teen is left in the corner, hands on her head, and with her newly rosy bottom still exposed.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Same Mistake Again

Video: Same Mistake Again
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Poor Tina is in trouble with Headmaster Tom again. He orders her to go down into the cellar and retrieve the big leather paddle. As she slowly creeps down the stone steps her fear and dread of what’s to come is evident in her face. She crouches down in a remote corner of the cellar, in a vain attempt at making herself invisible. But it doesn’t take Headmaster Tom long to find her.

He feels that she has let him down badly. Twice she has sat the same exam and failed it. Now he’s determined to paddle her bare bottom in the hope that the paddling to her backside will sharpen her brain. He fastens her latest exam results to the wall – and finds she has made the same mistakes again. He orders her to hold on to the pillar and bend from the waist with her bottom stuck up and out. He brings the leather paddle down hard on her quivering cheeks and she screams out and attempts to straighten up, but she is told to get back into position. Ignoring her obvious distress, he carries on with the paddling. Each time the paddle meets her bottom it becomes a deeper, angrier shade of red.

Eventually he orders her to stand up close to the pillar so that she can read the paper he has previously fastened to the wall. She is told to study it then come upstairs to his office where she will be able to take the exam for the third time. Poor Tina – will she pass it this time?

Stars: Tina, Headmaster Tom

Voluntary Spankings

Video: Voluntary Spankings
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Headmaster Tom is watching the news on television while relaxing with a quiet drink. There is a knock on the door. When he shouts “come in” it is Christine. She is obviously very nervous and hesitant to say why she is there. Headmaster is amazed and puzzled when she removes her jeans, folds them and puts them neatly on the coffee table.

She tells him she’s feeling guilty for breaking three windows in one month and believes a spanking will salve her conscience. He explains to her that breaking the windows was an accident, therefore not a spankable offence. However, she still insists that she needs to be spanked. So he tells her to get into any position she wishes. She kneels on the couch and bends over the arm spreading her hands on the floor. She has already told him she wants a hand spanking, so he spanks her on top of her pink tight fitting knickers. He’s given her a dozen spanks that have made her squeal, but when he asks if that’s enough she says no she needs more. He spanks her harder and faster, until she tells him she’s had enough. Telling her to go and let him get on with watching the news, he turns on the television – but the news is over. Can you imagine anyone actually asking for a spanking?

Stars: Christine, Headmaster Tom

The Dresden Diary Part 4

Video: The Dresden Diary Part 4
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Studio: Bizarre Video
The Dresden Diary series has been hailed as "The Ultimate Bondage and Domination" classic. It has no fucking rival! As the saga continues, our beautiful, dominant damsels continue the tradition of total slavery, obedience and submission that was originated in the 1800s by the infamous Madam Scutt. The tradition continues in this classic.

Stars: Tianna, Sharon Mitchell, Aja, Bionca