Six Sporty Girls

Video: Six Sporty Girls
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Six girls assemble indoors for sports lessons. They wait for the Headmaster in their uniforms and white knee socks. When he arrives he starts them off with knee bends but, by the time the group gets to jumping exercises, Sophie is rebelling. She is adamantly refusing to participate, so the Headmaster removes her from the group and she is paddled, loudly. She is returned to the group, to whom she shows her red paddled bottom, and they all continue exercising.

But when Headmaster Tom leaves the room for a moment the girls begin giggling and playing around. He returns and realizes this behavior demands punishment. He paddles the two leading culprits he caught and as they lean over we see their white regulation panties.

Eventually Headmaster Tom runs out of patience with these girls. They are all made to lean over, pull down their panties and receive the cane. He leaves them facing the wall with their panties around their thighs. But only after they promise that this behavior will never happen again or next time the punishment will be much harder.

Stars: Linda, Jenny, Sophie, Laura, Claire, Headmaster Tom

Trying To Cheat

Video: Trying To Cheat
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Linda is sitting on the side of the bathtub, considering whether or not her plan will work. She decides to try it, to smooth lotion on her bottom beforehand to ease the punishment that looms ahead. But, unfortunately, Headmaster Tom startles her when he enters the room and she drops the lotion in the sink. Seeing the lotion container out of place, he figures it out and makes her wash it off.

Then Linda has to take off her trousers and panties and enter the tub for a spanking with the leather tawse. She begs the Headmaster to stop but he just sees that as her impudence. After many blows, Headmaster Tom finally lets Linda use the lotion for relief.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Make Up And Pantyhose

Video: Make Up And Pantyhose
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Simone is planning an awesome night out with a friend. To prepare we see her change from her uniform into pantyhose and make up. But before she can get completely dressed she is checked in on by Headmaster Michael. Seeing her in pantyhoses he wonders where she is going in the middle of a school day. Simone says just out with a friend but this random disobedience angers Headmaster Michael and he thinks it requires punishment.

Michael leaves and returns, confiscates her phone and lays her face down on the bed. Then he paddles her pantyhosed bottom. He leaves her on the bed, sobbing and rubbing her red, raw quivering flesh, with only her roommate Vanessa to comfort her with balm.

Stars: Simone, Headmaster Michael

Vanessa Stealing Money

Video: Vanessa Stealing Money
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Vanessa discovers a cache of money under a tea cup in the bedroom. She knows that it belongs to Simone but she steals it anyway. When Simone discovers the theft and threatens to call the headmaster and Vanessa begs her not to. So Simone grabs the cane that is in all the bedrooms and begins to administer punishment herself, telling Vanessa it would be much worse if she called in the Headmaster.

She positions Vanessa across the bed and lowers her panties to administer a caning to her bare behind. Suddenly, Headmaster Michael enters and wonders what is happening in here. He tells Simone that even though she is head girl, even though Vanessa is a thief and Simone is upset, it is he who should dole out punishment.

He dismisses Simone and makes Vanessa disrobe completely. He is disgusted that she is stealing money from her friend. Vanessa is once again bent over the bed for a caning. Although she continues to insist how sorry she is, Headmaster Michael says she is in for a severe caning and he is going to make sure that she never steals again.

Stars: Vanessa, Simone, Headmaster Michael

Proper Clothing

Video: Proper Clothing
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Headmaster Tom has asked Maria many, many times to wear the proper clothing at Girls Boarding School. Now he has run out of patience. She is made to lean against the wall with her jeans pulled down as he administers the cane. She weeps as she thanks him for every stroke. Eventually she is asked to remove her trousers completely and is sent off with her white regulation panties covering her red, red bottom.

Stars: Maria, Headmaster Tom

A Party For Alice

Video: A Party For Alice
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We see Alice climb into bed with her clothes on, even her trainers. She snuggles under the covers but her eyes remain wide open. Shortly afterward, Headmaster Tom enters and discovers that she is still dressed and asks her why. She refuses to answer so he checks her FiloFax and finds out that she is scheduled to attend a party outside of GBS.

He grabs Alice and flings her across his lap for a hard hand spanking. He cannot believe she is planning on going to a party in the middle of the week. He continues his spanking as he lowers first her bottoms, then her panties. When he is finished he orders her to undress fully and get back in bed. It is not the party that Alice expected.

Stars: Alice, Headmaster Tom

Gina’s Tale

Video: Gina's Tale
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Studio: Moonglow
Gina has a real hard-ass for a boss, but he gets to be that way because he’s the boss. Gina has a really hard head, and you know what they say about those with a hard head… makes a soft ass – literally in this case. In the span of a week, her boss has to chastise Gina, literally, and does she learn? No. Still insubordinate! There’s only one cure for this… Gina’s tail!

Stars: Gina

New Resident Angie

Video: New Resident Angie
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Mr. Lewis is searching for a rental. He needs a detention room away from Girls Boarding School; a place for his more “troublesome” students. He is all set up when he is visited by a new resident named Angie. She upsets him by not wearing the school uniform. Instead she has on a trendy outfit and has gotten a tattoo. A tattoo, which, we all know, is strictly forbidden at GBS! He puts her over his knee for a hard hand spanking. He is tired of putting up with the downright blatant breaking of school rules. The quicker Angie learns this the better for her.

She dares to tell him to stop and this just enrages him more. It is supposed to be his free day but he has had to deal with Angie and her trendy things. He has her take down her trousers and knickers and puts her again over his knee. Angie is loudly screaming but she will quickly learn her lesson.

When he is finished he sends her away to learn all of the school rules by tomorrow. He will test her and if she fails her punishment will be worse than what she has received today.

Stars: Angie, Mr. Lewis

Disobedient Emma

Video: Disobedient Emma
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Emma has her back against the wall as we pan down to her bare feet and see the dark nail polish. Headmaster Tom has already seen it and he taps his cane against her toes. She bends over the bed for her punishment. Painted nails equal a lot of strokes and so cause Emma to have a red, red bottom.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

Clean The Dishes!

Video: Clean The Dishes!
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Headmaster Tom has returned to his apartment and a mess in his kitchen. He had asked Claire to clean but what she did instead was put the dirty things in his dresser drawer. She must know that this would make Headmaster very angry but some must learn their lessons the hard way.

Next we see Claire lying across a table with Headmaster Tom administering the belt to her bottom. Claire evidently thinks she doesn’t have to do domestic work. She also thinks she is very clever. But the Headmaster will show her the error of her ways. He is soon using the leather tawse on her bare bottom.

When he is done he tells her to keep her position for10 minutes to think about things. And then she is to go into the kitchen and clean the dishes. For real this time.

Stars: Claire, Headmaster Tom