Bedtime Caning

Video: Bedtime Caning
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Linda, in her pajamas, is up past her bedtime watching television. She has an important test in the morning and should have been in bed hours ago. When the Headmaster checks her room and finds her television set still warm, he knows she is pretending to be asleep.

He takes a cane to her bare bottom, her bum in the air and her vulva exposed. When he is done, the Headmaster bids her good night and leaves her whimpering on the bed, rubbing her rosy red bottom.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Racket Graffiti

Video: Racket Graffiti
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Emma is caught destroying GBS property. She has written awful graffiti on one of the sports rackets. Found out by the Headmaster, he demands she clean the racket thoroughly.

While leaning over the sink trying to wipe the racket clean, Emma receives a severe spanking from Headmaster Tom with a similar racket. He begins with her jeans on, and then he roughly pulls them down. Not quite finished, he leads her out of the house, spanking her bare bum all the way through the garden.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

Cellar Room Lessons

Video: Cellar Room Lessons
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Jenny, partially clothed, waits in the cellar for Headmaster Tom. She puts herself in the position: bent over with her hands against a pillar, her plump bottom in the air. He has to discipline her because she is still failing at grammar and spelling.

With her grammar and spelling books lying on her back, Headmaster disciplines Jenny with the paddle. He leaves her facing the wall, holding her grammar and spelling books.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

New Resident Dana

Video: New Resident Dana
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Sally’s sister, Dana, has illegally entered the lush grounds of Girls Boarding School. Sneaking past Headmaster Tom she makes her way to her sister’s room. Together they run out of the house and past the first gate but they don’t escape the eye of the Headmaster this time. He confronts them both at the main gate and guides them back to the house.

The Headmaster explains to Dana that they have two options: police or spanking. Sally places her sister across the Headmaster’s knee; afterward Dana is subjected to strokes of the cane. The Headmaster leaves but promises Sally the same treatment upon his return.

Stars: Dana, Sally, Headmaster Tom

A Double Spanking – Part Ten

Original Spanking Stories


Eleanor Powell

The Story so Far…

We had had a double spanking. Mike Pamela’s boyfriend spanked me and my fella Joe spanked Pamela.

The whole thing was so wonderful; it was as if all my fantasies had come to life.

But I had questions buzzing round in my head.

Joe kissed me goodnight and promised that we’d sort it all out in the morning.

Giving a happy sigh – I drifted off to sleep.

Now read on…

Luckily the next morning – or I should say next afternoon we awoke to the sound of the postman delivering the mail. Glancing at the bedside clock – I squinted at it still feeling drowsy, crikey-it was ten past twelve. I panicked until I realised it was Saturday.

I got out of bed – stretching and yawning.

Joe-my darling Joe-was still in the land of nod. So I tiptoed through to the bathroom and took a cold shower.

Creeping back into the bedroom, Joe was still sleeping. I crept round to his side of the bed and bent down planting a kiss on his forehead. I didn’t half jump when his hand grabbed hold of my wrist and he pulled me back into bed.

Our lovemaking was the best it had ever been. After a while we put on our bathrobes and arm in arm we went through to the kitchen, because we were feeling ravenous.

We had a leisurely brunch.

A quick tidy round and we settled down arm in arm on the couch.

I moved slightly away from him –looking intently into his face.

’Questions and answers please Joe,’

Looking down at me, he kissed me on the tip of my slightly turned up nose.

‘Ok Natasha, my sweet – ask away.’

Now it came to it, I didn’t know where to start. So I blurted out, ‘how long have you been into spanking?

‘For about five years, quite some time before I met you,’ he planted yet another kiss on my nose.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ I was now feeling even more puzzled.

He laughed. ‘Well it’s not something you talk about – I thought you’d go ballistic at the mention of spanking.’

Now it was my turn to laugh. ‘So I wanted to be spanked since I was – well forever – and I thought you’d think I was off my head.’

‘Thank goodness we got it right eventually,’ Joe was beaming at me.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘but darling what made you – you know, suddenly come out with it?’

‘It was the other night at the restaurant, I was so turned on watching Mike spank Pamela.’

‘I was really turned on too.’ I clung on to him. ‘Just think, if Pamela hadn’t thrown her drink at Mike, we’d never have known.’

‘It was all staged my sweet.’
I was amazed at this revelation. ‘How, why?’ I asked

Joe pulled me closer to him. It was some weeks ago, when you girls were in the ladies, Mike and I got talking about kinks.’

I opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish – but no sound came out. I was gobsmacked.

Then the words came tumbling out. ‘How did you know about my kink?’

Joe laughed. ‘I was watching your face in the restaurant,’ he cleared his throat. ‘There was such a look of longing on it.’

I swallowed. ‘Was it so obvious?’

‘Probably only to a kink like me.’

I blushed to the roots of my hair.

‘Anyway,’ Joe continued. ‘We worked it all out, the three of us.’

‘W-what did you work out?’

‘Everything about last night, from your going round to see Pamela to the spankings.’

‘So it was all a trap,’ I pretended to be shocked.

‘No, not a trap darling, more like a honeypot.’

‘I …, ‘ he started. But the phone shrilled out.

I disentangled myself from his arms and getting up went to answer it.


‘Hi Natasha, it’s me.’

‘I take it you are my ex friend Pamela,’ I giggled.

‘What do you mean?’ she squeaked.

‘I know all about your little plan.’
‘Natasha, you’re not upset are you?

‘No way,’ I said. ‘I love you and Mike for it, otherwise I might have gone on living in my fantasy world for the rest of my life.’

‘Right, I’m just phoning to ask you and Joe to come for a meal with us, our treat.’

I spoke to Joe and as he’d heard every word, he nodded his head vigorously.

‘Okay, we’ll pick you up at 9 ok?’

‘Looking forward to it,’ I put down the receiver.

The phone rang again. It was Mike. ‘Pamela should have told you, after the meal we will come back here,’ he paused. ‘That is if it’s all right with you two.’

‘Sounds like a lovely plan,’ I couldn’t keep the excitement out of my voice.

‘And Natasha, wear your sexiest underwear.’

‘Why? I asked teasingly.

‘We’ll be carrying on where we left off last night.’

As it was seven o’clock, Joe and I had to hurry a bit to get ready.

After I had had my shower, I chose my underwear carefully – bringing out a new pair of knickers from their tissue paper.

I wondered what their reaction would be this time.

The end


Video: Calling
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Claire and Emma are having fun pranking Headmaster Tom by calling him on the phone and hanging up. Two, three times they do this, forgetting there is such a thing as caller ID. The Headmaster writes down the number that keeps calling and then he calls it himself. Silly Claire answers and is found out. She promptly squeals on her partner Emma. They are both summoned to the Headmaster’s office for discipline.

When they arrive they are told to take off their clothes and they partially disrobe. Both are subjected to a hard over the knee hand spanking, followed by the cane for each. They tell Headmaster they have learned their lessons. But have they?

Stars: Claire, Emma, Headmaster Tom

Five Days Failure

Video: Five Days Failure
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Claire is waiting for the Headmaster. She's in a corner with only a shirt on, holding two canes under her buttocks. Headmaster Tom has asked her for five days now to clean the house and she has done nothing. That is five days of ignoring him and disobedience. Her only excuse is “because.”

Lying over the arm of the couch, she will receive four full strokes for each day of disobedience. She will have trouble sitting for the next few days, “because” she has received many strokes of the cane. But, as instructed, she begins to clean, and she doesn’t have to sit for that.

Stars: Claire, Headmaster Tom

Jenny’s Observation Angle 01

Video: Jenny's Observation Angle 01
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We see Jenny being disciplined by Headmaster Tom. She is fully clothed and he is administering the paddle to her blue-jeaned bottom. Minutes in she is told to drop her trousers and panties. The Headmaster continues with the paddle as we observe Jenny’s bottom getting redder and redder. To make sure Jenny has learned her lesson the Headmaster gives her 30 seconds with the tawse. We are left with the close-up sight of Jenny’s quivering bottom.

Stars: Jenny, Headmaster Tom

Water Resources

Video: Water Resources
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We immediately see Linda getting a hard OTK spanking from the Headmaster. When he finishes he sends her off to bed.

The next morning, while washing her face, Linda realizes she has overslept and rushes out of the bathroom. But, unfortunately, she has left the water on and the basin plugged. She quickly dresses and leaves, while the water in the basin overflows. In the afternoon, the Headmaster confronts her with a $300 bill from a housekeeper. She must now receive the cane.

The Headmaster administers the cane to her bottom while she poses in three different positions. Poor Linda has two more punishments to look forward to for the $300 bill and her bottom is already sorely welted.

Stars: Linda, Headmaster Tom

Fully Nude

Video: Fully Nude
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Julia enters the Headmaster’s office. When she goes to sit down he demands she remain standing. He tells her she has been at the school so long now but still acts like a little girl. He accuses her of enjoying being nude in front of boys. She has been seen!!! And since she enjoys being nude he makes he take off all of her clothes since she likes being nude in front of a man.

This behavior is unacceptable and she will get a bare bottom spanking across the Headmaster’s knee. If she is caught again the punishment will be much harsher.

Stars: Julia, Headmaster Tom