Voluntary Spankings

Video: Voluntary Spankings
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Headmaster Tom is watching the news on television while relaxing with a quiet drink. There is a knock on the door. When he shouts “come in” it is Christine. She is obviously very nervous and hesitant to say why she is there. Headmaster is amazed and puzzled when she removes her jeans, folds them and puts them neatly on the coffee table.

She tells him she’s feeling guilty for breaking three windows in one month and believes a spanking will salve her conscience. He explains to her that breaking the windows was an accident, therefore not a spankable offence. However, she still insists that she needs to be spanked. So he tells her to get into any position she wishes. She kneels on the couch and bends over the arm spreading her hands on the floor. She has already told him she wants a hand spanking, so he spanks her on top of her pink tight fitting knickers. He’s given her a dozen spanks that have made her squeal, but when he asks if that’s enough she says no she needs more. He spanks her harder and faster, until she tells him she’s had enough. Telling her to go and let him get on with watching the news, he turns on the television – but the news is over. Can you imagine anyone actually asking for a spanking?

Stars: Christine, Headmaster Tom

The Dresden Diary Part 4

Video: The Dresden Diary Part 4
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Studio: Bizarre Video
The Dresden Diary series has been hailed as "The Ultimate Bondage and Domination" classic. It has no fucking rival! As the saga continues, our beautiful, dominant damsels continue the tradition of total slavery, obedience and submission that was originated in the 1800s by the infamous Madam Scutt. The tradition continues in this classic.

Stars: Tianna, Sharon Mitchell, Aja, Bionca

Old Enough

Video: Old Enough
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Lucy stands cowering in a corner – one hand covering her pubic region while the other is across her chest in an attempt to hide her small but well formed breasts from prying eyes. Why is she in this position?

Headmaster Tom comes into the stark room and he’s carrying a leather tawse. He lectures the terrified girl about it being inappropriate for any girl who is a student at Girls Boarding School to touch herself with the sole purpose of giving herself pleasure. Therefore, she is about to be punished. Let the punishment fit the crime.

So she is to be tawsed on her hands. “Hold out your left hand,” he orders her. “Now your right.” She is told to change hands. Left, right, both together. Pleading with him to stop, she is reminded not to make eye contact with the Headmaster. The tawsing over, she is left standing facing the wall, with her hands on her head. Will she heed his warning and not be in trouble again? Time will tell.

Stars: Lucy, Headmaster Tom

Bad Party

Video: Bad Party
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
We see Laura and Claire lying in a jumble, still in their uniforms, in a corner of the room. Unfortunately, Headmaster Tom arrives early and catches them sprawled on the floor. He assigns each a wall to stand before in shame. Next we hear the loud slap of the tawse as it echoes throughout the room. Each girl is tawsed on her bottom, in turn, as they hang onto each other’s shoulders.

Headmaster then pulls down their regulation white panties and continues to wield the tawse on their now bare red bottoms. They are left in the corner, gingerly touching their now throbbing bums. Next time the girls have a party they will thoroughly consider the consequences.

Stars: Laura, Claire, Headmaster Tom


Video: Inattentive
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Dana is so busy reading that she sits down on a chair without noticing Headmaster Tom’s glasses were on it. She breaks them. The Headmaster is livid. They were designer glasses and cost a small fortune. Therefore, Dana must be punished in order to teach her to be more attentive.

He starts off using a slipper on her trousers covered bottom. He hits her hard – without pausing between each stroke. Poor Dana is distressed and in considerable discomfort but the slippering continues. With her still bent over the table, her trousers are pulled down to mid thigh and the slipper continues to make contact with her bare bottom. For the final part of the punishment she is lying on her back on the table – in the diaper position. This makes her bottom more taut, and therefore, it is even more harsh for her. Punishment over – she is told to pull up her trousers and go to her room, out of his sight.

Stars: Dana, Headmaster Tom

Cruel Romance Pictures No. 7 – Satan’s Stepdaughter

Video: Cruel Romance Pictures No. 7 - Satan's Stepdaughter
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Studio: Cruel Romance Pictures
Stella Foster is on a downward spiral after her involvement in her best friend’s death! It’s bad enough she has to live with the guilt, but what makes it worse is the fact that she has become the whipping girl to her sadistic stepfather who takes her in! Stella’s parole officer is no better. Just when she thinks help is on the way; she learns that this help cums with a price…which is to submit to the officer’s lesbian lust! Is there any other way Stella can rebuild her life and live like a normal woman?!

Stars: Simone Sonay, Eden Coxxx, Paulos Psoinos, Linda Martinez, Aaron Farmer

New Resident Jane

Video: New Resident Jane
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
The Headmaster joins new resident Jane in the kitchen for breakfast. When he asks her plans for the day she says she wants to go inline skating. But that is not possible as she has not cleaned up the living room as the Headmaster has asked for three days now.

When we see Jane again she is dusting in the living room and daydreaming of her incline skates. Soon she changes clothes and goes out skating. She leaves a note for the Headmaster that she didn’t finish cleaning because she had an accident and fell down stairs.

She has had an accident, but it was on the streets while she was skating! Headmaster determines that she has broken two rules, and so devises two punishments. They begin with an OTK spanking and end with the cane.

Stars: Jane, Headmaster Tom

A List of Offenses

Video: A List of Offenses
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Headmaster Tom is very, very disappointed with Maria. He thought she was a fairly good girl but he sits now with a list of many offenses. He gets her to agree that she needs a long over the knee spanking. But within seconds she is protesting, yelling and wiggling all over the Headmaster’s lap. When he is finished he feels she still needs more punishment so he puts her across his knee again for a spanking without her knickers. Maria is left sobbing and rubbing her rosy red bum.

Stars: Maria, Headmaster Tom


Video: Invitation
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
Mr. Lewis has grown sick and tired of constantly having to punish Angie. But she is still breaking the rules of GBS. The headmaster promises to punish her thoroughly this time so she will change her ways. He poses her with bum out and hands against the wall. He proceeds to give her a pretty tepid hand spanking.

Mid-spank, he’s interrupted by the landlord, Mrs. Redmond. She admires his tools and he invites her to participate with him in the current punishment. She notes she DOES have experience with disciplining young girls. After Mr. Lewis spouts a laundry list of Angie’s offences, Mrs. Redmond passes Mr. Lewis a paddle and helps to hold Angie in place. She proceeds to further help him discipline Angie with the carpet beater and the cane.

Mrs. Redmond leaves, and Mr. Lewis continues the punishment where he was interrupted…with a tepid hand spanking.

Stars: Angie, Mrs. Redmond, Mr. Lewis

Wet Tobacco

Video: Wet Tobacco
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Studio: Girls-Boarding-School.com
We see Annie, the Headmaster’s assistant, enter the room. She takes a packet of white powder from her bra, dumps it into a glass of water and stirs it around with a pen. Then she dips a cigarette into the water. Afterward, she tidies up, takes the glass, and leaves the room. The lone cigarette in the pack remains.

Next we see the Headmaster enter the room. He’s on the phone and preoccupied when he picks up the cigarette pack lying on the table. As he talks he smokes. Suddenly he begins coughing uncontrollably.

Annie has been a bad girl. She lays across the coffee table in the room as the Headmaster canes her bottom. “Did she intend to kill him?” he asks her incredulously. The Headmaster canes her bare behind until large welts appear. None of her whimpering does any good.

Stars: Annie, Headmaster Tom