Device Bondage – Casey Calvert

Video: Device Bondage - Casey Calvert
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Casey Calvert isn’t your typical bondage lover. She’s been having fantasies of domination and bondage ever since a ripe age. Now she gets to fulfill her fantasies with a masked man, a dungeon, a lot of toys, and a ton of imagination. Watch as she gets used like a toy and watch as she enjoys it.

Stars: Casey Calvert

Russian Slaves 76 – Jealousy

Video: Russian Slaves 76 - Jealousy
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
When you have everything that money can buy, one often forgets that money can't buy true love. He's got a beautiful, though pecuniary wife who's solicitous of his each and every whim; yet this successful businessman can't seem to appreciate what he has. What will become of their relationship? Well throw in his propensity to seek carnal favors from other women, and watch the sparks of jealousy fly within this upscale Russian household!

Stars: Ivan Stokov, Elena Volkova, Nadia Dozorova, Nikita Mihalkov, Valia Skupodoeva

She Gets Her Licks

Video: She Gets Her Licks
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Studio: Scorched
She gets her licks features a dominate blond and a reluctantly submissive black haired woman getting a complete and utter ass whooping. There’s no doubt that a certain someone did a naughty deed and she paid for it in the form of a paddle and an aggressive palm slap to the posterior!

Spanked, Caned & Purged

Video: Spanked, Caned & Purged
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Studio: Shadow Lane
At the Shady Lane Rehab facility, an exclusive health and recovery Clinic, Director of Operations, Miss Ursula Underwood, confronts her Activities Coordinator, Hazel Honeywell, after that cute brunette comes into work a little tipsy, having taken a two hour lunch.

Miss Underwood tells shapely, long haired Hazel that her inappropriate liquid lunches are sending the wrong kind of message to the patients in addition to compromising her integrity as a clinic employee and endangering Miss Honeywell’s own health. Hazel bows her head in shame, unable to argue with any of the points Miss Underwood has made. In danger of being fired with the worst possible references, Miss Honeywell agrees to submit to various spankings and penalties in order to keep her position.

To correct her subordinate’s wayward behavior, Miss Underwood instructs Miss Honeywell to strip completely naked and prepare to receive a sound over the knee spanking across her superior’s starched, white nurse’s uniformed lap. Miss Underwood has a heavy and vigorous spanking style that imparts dark roses to Miss Honeywell’s flawless white bottom cheeks instantaneously. There is no nonsense about Miss Underwood’s attitude and she spanks extremely hard.

Miss Underwood has decided to teach her naughty employee a sound lesson in responsibility and sobriety. To this end, she ties the nude Hazel Honeywell over a two tiered leather punishment bench, with the 27 year old girl’s thighs well apart and all of her delicate charms on display and then proceeds to methodically administer a shriek-inducing 25 stroke caning that results in her subordinate weeping real tears and bearing away from the encounter a collection of pink stroke marks across her alabaster cheeks.

Before proceeding to the finishing stages of Miss Honeywell’s embarrassingly anal corporal punishment, Miss Underwood lubricates and causes Hazel to submit to a post-caning temperature taking with an old fashioned rectal thermometer while the well- striped brunette is still bent over the punishment bench. Miss Honeywell bears with this humiliating treatment because she has agreed to accept every bit of discipline her supervisor has deemed appropriate in response to Miss Honeywell’s irresponsible behavior patterns. Miss Honeywell whimpers with embarrassment, knowing that a still more shameful ordeal awaits her, for there is a punishment enema in her future and final butt-plugged spanking still to come.

Now placed on all-fours on a low leather bench by her supervisor, Miss Honeywell waits with nervous anxiety for Miss Underwood to divide her cane-striped bottom cheeks and place the long, white, perforated nozzle between them, pushing it into Miss Honeywell’s bottom as far as it will go and then allowing the shame-faced offender to get used to the feel of it before beginning the flow of warm water into Miss Honeywell’s bowels. Miss Honeywell’s nude form, with its slim curves and satiny skin texture appears exquisitely erotic in the submissive position and receiving the enema in humility and obedience to her superior’s will. Miss Underwood appears to take pleasure in lecturing and scolding her erring employee while squeezing the clamp every so often to allow Miss Honeywell receive the whole bag in a controlled manner. Miss Honeywell’s flat stomach becomes a little rounder as the bag is emptied. Groaning with the feeling of fullness and all of the discomfort that comes with retaining so much water, Miss Honeywell assures her boss that she has learned a lesson that day and will never disappoint Miss Underwood again.

To finish off the lesson she has mapped out for her overly indulgent employee, Miss Underwood spreads Miss Honeywell’s bottom cheeks and inserts a flanged rubber retention plug into the embarrassed brunette’s rectum, all the way to the hilt. The plug insuring that Miss Honeywell, still retaining an enema, will not have an accident, Miss Underwood administers a finishing spanking to the thoroughly humiliated girl. Finally, with a red, striped bottom and a belly still full of warm water, Miss Hazelwood is dismissed to attend to her most pressing needs. She returns a few minutes later, is allowed to get dressed again and is then sent off to resume her duties at the Shady Lane Rehab Clinic, purified by her punishments and detoxified by her old fashioned enema. Miss Chris smiles after her well chastened employee, serene in the knowledge that she has done her duty and administered exemplary discipline to a naughty girl for her own good.

Stars: Miss Chris, Cheyenne Jewel

Mood Castings – Dominique


Eleanor Powell

Studios: Mood Castings

Starring: Dominique and Jessica Lee as Kyra

Approximate Running Time: 11.55 minutes

Dominique has turned up at Mood Castings Studio for an interview with the Casting Director Kyra.

Kyra introduces herself and explains to Dominique what is about to happen – that is if she’s agreeable. But first before the actual action Kyra wants to know more about Dominique. Where did she see the advert? Has she done anything like this in real life? What motivated her?

The young hopeful answers all the questions honestly and Kyra seems satisfied.

It is decided to go ahead with the test

So it is decided to go ahead with the test.

It hurts more than she thought it would

Mood Castings need to know two things before employing anybody:

1. Can the applicant act?
2. Can she take 50 strokes of the cane?

As Dominique is still interested in continuing, Kyra works out a scenario that will test her acting skills.

She’s at the gym working out when another girl comes in. Both the girls are competitive and want to win in an upcoming contest.

However, the other girl has discovered that Dominique takes drugs. A recent blood test came out positive. Dominique is both shocked and ashamed that her secret is out.

But, she is handed a lifeline by the other girl.

If she is willing to take fifty strokes of the cane, her indiscretion may be overlooked, for this one indiscretion.

The strokes are delivered on her bare bottom – evenly spaced apart.

Each stroke of the cane and Dominique screams and clenches her cheeks and the cane leaves its mark on her originally smooth creamy white bottom.

Her position is changed a couple of times and she sticks it out until she just can’t take any more.

In the diaper position

As it turns out she actually endured forty of the obligatory fifty strokes. And because her acting ability was good, Kyra tells her she just might be offered a second chance.

So it’s possible she may yet be Mood Castings latest movie star.

The Spanking Implement That Hurt Me the Most


Eleanor Powell

During the 45+ years that I have been on the receiving end of a spanking – I have had many implements used on me.

Some were purpose bought e.g., paddles, crops, and floggers, yet some were improvised.

Some were borrowed from the kitchen – wooden spoons, spatulas, and even a wooden chopping board at one time.

And on many occasions, my own slipper was pulled off my wildly kicking foot and used to further redden my poor bottom.

All the above hurt to varying degrees, yet there was one handmade implement that was ‘borrowed’ from the stationery drawer – a piece of string. Yes, a piece of ordinary string.

My Dom had tied a knot at the end. Just an ordinary knot.

Prior to using this ‘different’ instrument of torture he had given me the customary OTK hand spanking that reddened my bottom and left a lovely warm tingly feeling in my bottom. Then he rolled me off his knee onto the bed so I was on all fours with my bottom jutting well up and out. He stood at the side of the bed and raised his right arm. The unknotted end of the string was wrapped around his hand.

As the string descended – there was no sound. Remember it was just an ordinary piece of string. No weight in it.

However, when the knotted end made contact with my waiting bottom – nothing happened immediately – then I jumped up clutching at my bottom.

There was a burning pain deep inside my bottom, and this burning pain came in waves – rippling through my nerve ends over and over again.

When it comes to receiving pain as per in a spanking etc I have been told many times I have a high pain threshold, but that knotted piece of string was the worst pain I have ever before had.

Bearing in mind that there is a very thin dividing line between pain and pleasure. To me there wasn’t an atom of pleasure in that pain.

And being a pervert – I love the pain / pleasure mix of a good spanking.

Just don’t ever use a piece of string that is knotted at the end.

To Have and to Scold


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Sierra Salem and Dallas

Approximate Running Time: 34.37 minutes

Scene One

Craig really does love his beautiful live in girlfriend Tori, but her jealousy is driving him mad.

She has been going into his emails and most recently it was his birthday and he had received a birthday card from an ex girlfriend – she shredded the card and the $100 bill that was in it.

First, Tori denies having anything to do with it, but then admits she was guilty as charged.

The start of a long spanking - a battle of wills

She doesn’t like the idea of him still being in contact with his exes. Craig protests that she is his girlfriend now and she has no reason to be jealous. He tries to get her to agree to apologise for her disgusting behaviour.

However, she refuses to do so.

He comes to a decision. Putting her over his knee he starts giving her a hand spanking. He doesn’t hold back and spanks her really hard. Yet, she is still unrepentant.

It’s a long spanking, but Tori has no intention of giving in.

Even when he brings out the paddle, she still gives him a mouthful of cheek.

finally surrender

Eventually, he must have got through to her, because she promises to contact his ex the next day and apologise. And while she’s about it, she promises not to be jealous any more.

Scene Two

Craig and Tori arrive home after an evening out. He wants to discuss her behaviour while they were out, but she says she’s tired and wants to go to bed.

another time another  spanking

However, he pulls her over his knee so they can have their discussion while he spanks her naughty bottom.

She had taken him to a strip club – and while they were there, she had done some lap dancing with some of his friends. Was he jealous? He denies it, and says he was embarrassed by her antics – rubbing her crotch against his friends.

She tells him she was just being friendly.

Again he wants her to apologise to his friends and he spanks her long and hard until she finally agrees to do so.

These two together are a joy to watch. And I can truly recommend this movie to all spanking enthusiasts.

However, once they have sorted their differences – that’s not the end of the movie so don’t turn it off.

Scene Three

Shadow Lane have added a bonus movie that I’m sure you’ll enjoy, so be sure to watch it.

A sneak preview for your pleasure

Trisha’s Diet Plan


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Crescendo

Starring: Trisha

Approximate Running Time: 25.29 minutes

Trish is well overweight and she finds it difficult to stick to a diet plan.

She knows she needs help – so she attends a therapy session with an experienced spanker.

After some questioning, she admits that she might be more motivated to stick to a diet if she was to be spanked.

In the past she has hand spankings administered by other women – and the spankings, released the built up tensions within her.

Her big bottom needs spanking

Now for the first time she’s asking a man for his help. And this man is more than willing to oblige the lady.

They mutually agree that it’s time to start the spanking.

She removes all her clothing and obeys his instruction to bend over a chair.

Initially, he uses his hand to give her bottom a warm up spanking. First he spanks one cheek then the other. It doesn’t take long for her creamy white cheeks to turn from pink to red.

He fancies himself as an artist, so concentrates on reddening each cheek symmetrically.

In an effort to give her some discipline he asks her to count the strokes when he uses the wooden paddle, but that doesn’t work out right, because she keeps jumping up out of position.

Therefore, he simplifies it by her only having to count to ten instead of forty as previously.

Even that proves difficult for her.

Now it's taking shape

So by giving her one spank at a time, eventually he gets the even pattern on both her cheeks.

She has a perfect pattern of a bull’s eye on each cheek.

The artist has accomplished his masterpiece.

However, whether she will be able to stick to her diet plan in future remains to be seen.

The Hitchhiker


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Spanked –at-

Starring: Alex and Maggy

Approximate Running Time: 10.19 minutes

Alex is driving home from work – is that Maggy he just caught a glimpse of?

Maggy has also seen him and she dodges into the trees at the roadside.

He stops the car and gets out – shouting to her to come out of hiding.

Sheepishly, she creeps out.

She’s hiding something behind her back and he insists she shows him what it is.

It’s a hand written placard with just one word on it Berlin.

The silly girl is trying to hitchhike to Berlin. What on earth is she thinking of? Doesn’t she know the danger she’s putting herself in? And look at the way she’s dressed for goodness sake. She looks like a real tart with her full breasts almost falling out of her bra and her mini skirt that is more like a wide belt.

she looks cheap and trashy

He uses a twig as a cane and there and then has her bend over while he starts spanking her bottom. As part of the punishment is humiliation – he pulls down her knickers and carries on spanking her on her bare bottom.

An open air spanking

Unfortunately, as there is not an audience, so he can’t humiliate her, he drives her home.

Has the carpet beater got her beaten?Th

Once in the house, he orders her to bend over the arm of the couch. Then armed with a wicked looking carpet beater, he beats out a rhythm on her bum. She squeals and kicks out.

For a finale, he puts her over his knee for a hard fast bare bottom hand spanking.

You can't beat a good old fashioned hand spanking

It’s For Your Own Good


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Red Stripes

Starring: Matthews and Burns

Approximate Running Time: 38.06 minutes

A car comes up the driveway of this large imposing looking house. It stops at the gates, then nothing happens.

A nurse comes forward and yanks open the doors of the car and orders the two occupants to get out immediately. She tells them they are already in trouble for being late.

Two young ladies clamber out of the car, a little awkwardly as they are both wearing handcuffs.

The nurse explains to them that her job is to prepare them for meeting matron who will start their training.

This is the correct position

When matron arrives she gives them an inspection. This is when she dips her fingers into a large jar of Vaseline and then inserts her lubricated fingers into them – searching for forbidden whatever. She is probably disappointed to find nothing – because she has a mean sadistic streak in her.

They are given their uniforms. The uniform consists of a hospital type gown that is worn with the opening down the back. They are also given white knickers and white stocking and suspenders. They look so angelic in their white uniforms – as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

They had better get used to this position

Just before being dismissed from matron’s presence they are told that any member of staff could without prior warning examine them. As soon as they hear the command – ‘Inspection’ they must raise their skirts and pull down their knickers to mid thigh and bend forward.

Having been dismissed – they have to get ready for the ‘welcome’ they are tested by matron who calls after them ‘inspection’ they obediently stop, pull up their skirts, down their knickers and bend forward. Matron is so pleased – at such obedience so soon.
However, they are soon in trouble. The nurse is hysterical. The two new trainees had attacked her.

Matron is appalled at such behaviour and decides that a public caning is called for.

The two girls are bound to some trees and their bottoms are bared.

The cool breeze fans their flaming bottoms

They are then severely caned, until their bottoms are sore and very red.

Later they are in trouble again – they just can’t help themselves. This time during ‘Inspection’ time, nurse finds something hidden inside them.

So once again their sore bottoms are made even sorer.