Priya’s Punishment

Video: Priya's Punishment
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Studio: Scorched
Female on female domination is rare with the next-wave feminist movement on the uprise! It's no wonder why watching a petite brunette girl being paddled, spanked, cropped and humiliated by another bombshell of a blonde, is so arousing! Watch as Priya's pussy lips are spread open to allow the paddle to rub it gently. Just as she's getting used to being turned on, she has to adjust to the sting of the paddle shaking her pussy! These girls don't need men when they have each other!

Stars: Priya

Caning Castings Featuring Andy Iron

Video: Caning Castings Featuring Andy Iron
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Studio: Home Video Studio
"Fetish Caning" is widely becoming more accepted among the taboo groups of adult entertainment. Andy Iron here gets herself a blister and bruises on her ass from this brief caning! They have to stop for a second and she's reassured 'it won't be there in the morning...' This is intense and alluring!

Stars: Andy Iron

The Punishment Files 2

Video: The Punishment Files 2
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Studio: Moonglow
Moonglow presents the second volume to the series “The Punishment Files” Once more these young girls get punished by caning, spanking, paddling and some flogging. Sometimes they’re in a school girl uniform, sometimes they are maids in their maid outfits, and some have pantyhose or fishnets. These girls are taught a lesson and they must obey the rules are they get punished. Almost all the scenes are male dominate and submissive women.

Stars: Marjorie Manners, Andrea, Pamela, Amber, Stacey, Aleesha, Gertie

Pain & Gain

Video: Pain & Gain
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Studio: Totally Tasteless Video
Totally Tasteless Studios is back at it again! And you know what they say, no pain, no gain! Sexy Sapphic has it all to gain if she can take the pain. Roped and bounded, these lesbo ladies experience the ultimate surrender as they relinquish control to their dominate partner. Cum and live out the hottest BDSM moments with lots of restraints, spanking and wax!

Stars: Sindee, Taya, Pamela, Ginger, Summer, Kimberly, Minka, Skye

Caning Castings Featuring Leila Abdul

Video: Caning Castings Featuring Leila Abdul
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Studio: Home Video Studio
Leila Abdul is a true exhibitionist looking to broaden her sexual horizons for the first time in front of a camera ever! She’s answered an ad in the local paper for a caning audition. She’s definitely got what it takes with her big tits and amazing ass! She’s bent over and receives lash after lash on her ample bottom until she has to call for a break! Before long, she’s bent back over to receive the remainder of her 30 lashes with the cane. She takes the licks like a pro – we may be seeing more of this curvy beauty!

Stars: Leila Abdul

Sadistic Mother-In-law 2

Video: Sadistic Mother-In-law 2
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Studio: Severe Society Films
More than 90 minutes of twisted taboo, spanking action! Will Tammy ever learn her lesson? Her psycho mother-in-law enlists a girl`s academy that still believes in strict discipline and corporal punishment, as well as her pissed off neighbor to help keep the bitch in line! Jessi Palmer shines in this one, as she plays the innocent school girl submissive! Don’t miss out!

Stars: Jessi Palmer, Aiden Starr, Zoey Holloway, Mistress D Severe

Der Sadisten – Zirkel 2

Video: Der Sadisten - Zirkel 2
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Studio: Der Schwarze Porn
In Germany the decadent upper class, a new secret union has formed. The sadists circle. At very private and concealed places they meet and live out their sadistic fantasies of taboo with involve, bondage. By false promises and money to be made these docile girls are submissive and must endure a lot. Nipple play, pussy punishment, bondage, suspension, flogging and more!

Stars: Joan Noire, Jane, Tatjana, Syonera Von Styx, Christin Liquid, Master Kirk

Spanking Interview II – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: California Star Productions

Approximate Running Time: 30.53 minutes

Two friends have applied together to be trained how to become movie stars. Spanking Interview II shows just want these beauties have to do in order to appear in the movies.

The talent recruiter is constantly on the lookout for girls who are willing to take a good spanking on camera and now here are these two hopefuls offering themselves to him on a plate.

He persuades the two girls to give it a try for spanking interview II

The dark haired girl is the dominant one and her blonde friend keeps looking to her for encouragement because she’s not too sure about the whole thing.

He quickly persuades them to undress in order to have a look at their figures. Before the two friends realise it, they are bent over the desk, knickers down to their ankles – having their bottoms well and truly spanked, paddled, and caned.

The two friends are lying over the desk side by side during spanking interview II

After the two girls begin crying out, the recruiter keeps telling them that the spanking doesn’t really hurt and implies that they are crybabies. So how can they be wimpy enough to contradict him, especially after Sue, his secretary, joins in spanking them? She even holds them down at times!

The two friends leave together, wincing as they walk because of the fire in their ass cheeks.

In the next scene, an accomplice of the man comes into the office with another star-struck young lady.

The next girl is also spanked and caned during the spanking interview II

She too is manhandled by the two men and, despite her protests, she is subjected to a long and painful spanking and caning session.

Another young lady gets more than she bargained for during her spanking interview II

When she finally is allowed to dress and leave, all thoughts of being a movie star are gone.

Punishment Day – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Approximate Running Time: 25.43 minutes

Mandy, a beautiful brunette, is chatting with Kristen, a petite, young blond, while they are peeling potatoes. Kristen has heard something about punishment day from the other women in their cult, but she is still full of questions. She shyly asks Mandy for some answers.

Mandy tells Kristen about punishment day

As Mandy has been a member of the cult for some time, she is able to assure Kristen that whatever happens is for her own personal development. However, the younger blonde girl is still not fully satisfied and she wants to know exactly what happens.

So, Mandy patiently tells her about the ritual spankings that are administered by Adrian. Now Kristen’s curiosity is really thirsting to know more.

The information that  Mandy tells her leaves poor Kristen feeling apprehensive. Mandy explains Adrian’s philosophy and why he uses spanking for personal growth. Mandy concludes by telling Kristen that punishment day is sprung upon the cult member without warning. Yet, she’s not to worry about it, because it is for her own good and she will eventually enjoy it and look forward to the next punishment day.

That evening, the two girls are preparing for bed. As they get into the big double bed, Mandy tells Kristen that tomorrow is going to be a very special day.

The sun is peeking through the curtains when Mandy wakes Kristen and gleefully tells her that it is punishment day.

The two girls put on their punishment robes and present themselves to Adrian in his office.

However, he decides to let Mandy spank Kristen for a start. Mandy’s hand is firm and strong as she spanks her friend’s slim and shapely bottom. Poor Kristen is soon whimpering and begging for the spanking to stop. But Mandy will only stop if Adrian tells her to.

Mandy is the first to spank Kristen on punishment day

Kristen’s bottom is a deep rosy red by the time Adrian signals to Mandy to stop.

Now he takes over, bringing the colour back to her butt cheeks of the young blonde girl.

Adrian takes over spanking Kristen on punishment day

Again, the choice of when to stop spanking Kristen is entirely his. Telling her to go and stand and watch Mandy receiving her spanking. Then the fair-haired girl covers her ears so that she can’t hear the cries of pain or is ecstasy coming from her friend’s mouth.

Both girls are spanked by Adrian with a leather paddle. They kneel on a table and reach out in order to hold onto an elephant – that’s part of the punishment day ritual.

It's Mandy's turn to be spanked on punishment day

Adrian and the two girls are all very happy, each knowing what has happened and why.

The two girls go back to their daily chores, feeling in tune with the cult’s guidelines and appropriately suited to living within it.

The elephant is a very important part of the punishment day ritual

Big Beautiful Spanking

Video: Big Beautiful Spanking
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Studio: Scorched
This pretty BBW finds herself at the mercy of this dominating mean girl when her audition turns into a spanking session! She’s asked to take her clothes of and model her pretty tits and massive ass! Her punishment begins with bare-handed and graduates to paddles on that huge booty! Finally she’s made to lay her head on her mistress’ lap as she gets slapped on her ass again with a paddle to make her ass even redder than what it was! This naughty girl can’t get enough of having her ass slapped and paddled!