Sunday Evening Caning

Video: Sunday Evening Caning
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Maja has been summoned out of bed by Headmaster Tom. When he is ready to administer a caning he lowers her silk pajama bottoms and makes her cover her ears. When he is finished, we can see the lines of the cane on her red bottom. Headmaster gives a rare comforting rub of the shoulder and Maja sobs that she has learned her lesson.

Stars: Maja, Headmaster Tom

Messed Up Rooms

Video: Messed Up Rooms
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Maja and Marie sit tightly together on a bench in the Headmaster’s office. They have both forgotten to clean up their rooms and have appeared for punishment. Headmaster poses them on the bench on all fours each facing the opposite direction. Then he alternates his paddling on their panty clad bottoms, before making them change positions a couple of times. When he is finished both girls have teary eyes and shiny, red bottoms.

Stars: Maja, Marie, Headmaster Tom

Pixie’s Fantasies Volume 1

Video: Pixie's Fantasies Volume 1
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Pixie's Fantasies

Ever read a storybook and wish the bratty protagonist would be put OTK and given the efficient spanking she deserved? Pixie has. And now we bring to you, her versions of how the tales should have been written. In this magical video, Pixie is spanked by hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, and belt.

1. No Place Like Home

Pixie is in trouble and getting spanked yet again. Tired of receiving corporal punishment at the hand of her guardian (David Pierson), she wishes she lived somewhere far, far away. But when her wish is granted, Pixie discovers that even running away to someplace over the rainbow doesn't guarantee she can escape the spanking she's earned.

2. Magical Mishap

Pixie may be one of the top students at the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but Miss Know-It-All is in over her head when she "borrows" a book of dark magic from the library's restricted section. Caught red-handed by the groundskeeper (Richard Windsor), Pixie will need more than a little magic to keep her from ending up red-bottomed.

3. A Visit by Father Christmas

He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out if Pixie's been naughty or nice. He may not be Santa, but Father Christmas (Richard Windsor) knows everything this little brat has been up to all year long. By the time Father Christmas is done with his chastisement, Pixie's bottom is red as Rudolph's nose.

4. The Pixie Zone

Judging from a classic black & white television program, life was simply perfect back in the fifties. Poodle skirts, sock hops...corporal punishment? When Pixie finds herself transported into the old show, she's first spanked by her TV mom (Ms. Susan) and then sent to her room to wait for her father (David Pierson). Can she find her way out of The Pixie Zone?

Stars: Vanessa, Susan, Amber Pixie Wells, David Pierson, Richard Windsor

A Little Slap & Tickle 2

Video: A Little Slap & Tickle 2
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Studio: 7th Street Media
Slap & Tickle is back and even more slaptastic than the first! Four more scenes of hot girls from all over who are on edge exploring their freakiest side and take the first step with a little spanking and slapping of the ass. Just watching their white asses turn bright red is enough to get anybody off, but Lance will show you all about that in the 4th scene!

Stars: Ashley, Alexandra, Janeane, Lance, Mickey, Troy, Sebastian, Matt, Max London

No Explanation Required

Video: No Explanation Required
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Annie was on the second floor cleaning, unaware Headmaster Tom was below on the patio, talking on his cell. As she went to dump dirty water, the pail slipped and the dirty water splashed all over the headmaster. An honest mistake but the Headmaster’s designer clothes and cell phone are ruined.

Headmaster Tom is extremely upset and has to administer punishment immediately. The redhead is bent over the kitchen table and given a caning, trousers and panties down. When it is over he leaves her in the corner to think about how she will replace his property.

Stars: Annie, Headmaster Tom

Act Your Age

Video: Act Your Age
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Studio: PunishedBrats
Scene 1: Fateful Tantrum

Adriana had picked a bad time to defy her mother. She had gone out with her friends despite being told that she was not to leave the house before her chores where done. When she returned home to get her camera she was confronted by her mother for not respecting her instructions. Adriana informed her mother that, at her age, her social life was more important than any stupid chores. In response, Veronica grounded her daughter, took away her cell phone and computer privileges. “You are such a bitch!” Adriana shouted at her mother while stomping her feet. Veronica left her daughter for but a moment and returned with pajamas and panties suitable for a seven year old to wear, but humiliating for a girl of Adriana’s age. Adriana was stripped of her adult clothes and dressed in pink “Pretty Princess” PJ’s and frilly panties. After a time out to cool down, Adriana found herself taken over her mother’s lap for a spanking. As her panties were lowered the bratty daughter pleaded ‘Not on the bare!”

Adriana was shocked and then angry as her mother stripped off the clothes that signified her as an attractive young adult girl, replacing them with the sleepwear of a young child. As she was taken over her mother’s lap for her spanking, she was overwhelmed with many intense feelings. With confusion and anger that she, as a young woman, was to be spanked, then experienced the horror and humiliation when her panties were lowered. Soon, she was but filled with the intense desire for this painful punishment to stop. Once her spanking was concluded, she was made to kneel on the stairs in the corner, frilly undies down, red bottom on display. Kneeling there in the corner, dressed in her “Pretty Princess” PJ’s and bare red bottom on display, Adriana had an overwhelming feeling of shame.

Scene 2: I Feel Sick

As part of her Punishment, Adriana was made to wear her little girl frilly panties under her school uniform. Adriana was so fearful of this embarrassing form of punishment being discovered by her school mates, that she feigned illness. “I can’t go to school, I feel feverish,” she told her mother. Not believing this claim in any way, Adriana’s mother left the room briefly, returning with a thermometer in one hand and a large hairbrush in the other. Adriana was mortified when she found herself over her mother’s lap and the thermometer inserted into her bottom, a reminder that her adult privileges had been revoked for the week. When, invariably, it was found that Adriana wasn’t sick, her mother then employed the heavy hairbrush to her already exposed bottom.

Adriana cried and pleaded with her mother to stop spanking her with the very heavy hairbrush. Unfortunately for Adriana, her mother was unmoved and blow after blow from this hairbrush of horror landed time and time again, causing Adriana to kick and squirm on her mother’s lap. As her spanking was completed, Adriana whimpered and tried to rub the pain from her very sore, red bottom. Perhaps what she dress1aded most was the thought of spending the day in school, sitting at her desk and the attendant discomfort she was sure to feel from her burning bottom.

Scene 3: Sneaking Computer Time

As part of her punishment, Adriana was denied the use of her cell phone and computers. When Adriana’s father’s iPad went missing her mother knew just where too look. A quick trip to her daughter’s room turned up the missing device. Adriana’s pajama bottoms were pulled down and the naughty brat was given a hard strapping upon her bare bottom.

As the strap, wielded by her mother, descends upon her bare bottom time and again, all the bratty princess could do was squirm, cry and beg for this punishment to be over.

Scene 4: The Best Remedy

Adriana is still in a state of shock. Because of her penchant for throwing tantrums like a spoiled child, Adriana’s mother has decided to treat her accordingly, by making her dress in clothes more appropriate for a seven year old. In addition to this humiliation, she is not permitted to use her computer or cell phone. Adriana’s heart sunk when her mother caught her on her cell phone with a friend. She knows that she is subject to punishments suitable for a seven year old as well. Quickly she was taken over her mother’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

As Adriana’s spanking progressed, all in the house could hear her beg for this punishment to stop. Finally, after promising to be good, her torment ended. Her mother instructed that there would be more spankings if she continued to violate the terms of her punishment. As Veronica turned to leave the room Adriana said “bitch.” To her horror, she realized just a bit too late that it was audible. Her mother plucked the girl from bed and sat her on her little girl stool. Adriana’s heart sank as her mother returned with a wet wash cloth and a bar of soap. Adriana’s mouth was thoroughly cleansed and she was left foaming at the mouth, literally.

Scene 5: Further Regression

Adriana wanted to have a chat with her mother in hopes of ending the humiliating punishment of wearing “little girl” clothes prior to the end of the week. She noted that she learned that her behavior needed to change. While appreciative of the sentiment, her mother declined to rescind the punishment. Suddenly, Adriana threw a major tantrum, lying on the floor screaming. Soon her mother returned carrying a change of clothes that horrified her. “You can’t even behave like an eight year old,” Her mother proclaimed. Suddenly the brat was stripped of her sailor suit and frilly red panties and was placed in a baby shirt. Then, she was made to a lie on the bed. Adriana panicked when she became aware that her mother intended to diaper her. “I’m not wearing a diaper!” she cried. Her mother was prepared for the resistance, lifting Adriana’s legs and spanking her in this vulnerable position with a leather paddle. Adriana’s tears soon flowed from the humiliation and pain.

Through her tears, Adriana pleaded with her mother to stop spanking her and agreed to wear the diaper. Veronica did not stop until she was ready and felt that her daughter was properly chastised. By the time Veronica departed the room, Adriana had been spanked with her legs over her head, diapered, and left with a feeling of abject humiliation.

Scene 6: School Humiliation

Adriana has had a rough two weeks. Since throwing a tantrum at home and disrespecting her mother she has suffered the indignities of being required to dress as a little girl and subjected to many bare bottom spankings. In many ways school has been a respite from her daily humiliations. At first, she had feared the someone would see the frilly panties she was required to wear beneath her uniform, but she has been able to keep this a secret. Unfortunately, she was summoned to Headmaster Valentine’s office for cutting class. She had done this many times before and would receive a few days in detention. Today, much to the chagrin of Adriana, the headmaster decided to use corporal punishment as punishment for this repeated offence. She was required to bend over the library stairs for a punishment with the strap-paddle. Upon raising her skirt the headmaster was shocked to see Adriana’s frilly undies. Wishing she could disappear, so great was her embarrassment, Adriana had to explain that she was being punished by her mother and the little girl underwear was required. The Headmaster noted that the frills on her panties provided too much protection and her punishment would be applied to her bare bottom. As the implement landed on her naked bottom all Adriana could do was cry.

Adriana’s tears flowed as the Headmaster continued to punish her bare bottom with the strap paddle. She pleaded for him to stop and promised never to cut class again. Once her spanking was finished, Adriana was placed in the corner with her bare bottom on display. Adriana was overwhelmed by a sense of abject humiliation.

Stars: Veronica Bound, Michael Valentine, Adriana Evans

Missed Article

Video: Missed Article
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While reading, Mr. Lewis notices an article he wished to peruse has been torn out of the magazine. He believes the culprit is Grace and goes tearing up to her bedroom. She’s on the bed, clearly hiding something behind her back. She brings it out and professes her love for the model in the article. Silly girl.

Mr. Lewis gets the paddle and poses Grace on all fours on the bed. After a paddling to her red, bare bottom, he leaves and returns with the cane. Grace is bent over the bed and Mr. Lewis warns her that she will always get the cane for disobedience.

Stars: Grace, Headmaster Tom

Mr. Langly’s Decision

Video: Mr. Langly's Decision
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The Headmaster is on the phone with Mr. Langly as he drags Laura into the room by the scruff of her neck. He bends her over and at the request of Mr. Langly gives her a good hard hand spanking for her misdeeds. Further punishment he leaves up to Mr. Langly and his decision is to give Laura 20 strokes of the cane.

Laura arrived in jeans but by the time the Headmaster is finished she has them and her panties down around her ankles.

Stars: Laura, Headmaster Tom

Discipline In Russia 40 – After The Ball

Video: Discipline In Russia 40 - After The Ball
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
This unruly serf has made a severe mistake and almost cost the Count and Countess their reputation within the aristocracy. If she goes unpunished, they will appear weak to their peers! They call in the stable boy Ignat to teach this slave a lesson she won’t soon forget. She’s bound, and hung sideways before she’s spanked, whipped and left to think about her actions. The next day, she’s bound in a standing and laying position as she’s whipped and caned until her bottom is beet red and she begs forgiveness while the Count and Countess look on and shout humiliating epithets at her! But will she finally learn her lesson?

Stars: Nadya Dozorova, Alina Ahmadulina, Nikita Mihalkov, Ura Zotov

Spanking Pixie Volume 4

Video: Spanking Pixie Volume 4
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Studio: PunishedBrats

1. Tennis Trouble

Pixie is not a happy camper when it is discovered that she has been disqualified from the tennis tournament, but she goes a step further when she throws a water bottle at her coach, Rad. Rad takes the spoiled brat over his knee for a hard hand spanking.

2. Summer Job

Pixie is supposed to have been looking for a summer job, but David catches her in a lie when she claims to have gone on an interview that morning. David gives her a hot bottomed incentive to find employment fast.

3. Bath Brush

Pixie is caught skipping class in favor of a day at the beach. Veronica gives the naughty truant a serious spanking on the bare bottom with the heavy bath brush.

4. Family Strap

Pixie is given a dose of the family strap after getting caught taking money from Susan's purse.

5. Pledge Prank

Pixie thought she’d impress the sorority by pulling pranks during pledge week, but she went too far when egging another student’s car and ruining the paint. Sorority president Beverly is in charge of disciplining Pixie for her actions.

6. Babysitter

Pixie is in big trouble with her Uncle Rad after leaving her young cousins unattended at the pool. Rad delivers a punishment strapping that leaves Pixie in tears.

Stars: Ms. Susan, Amber Pixie Wells, Beverly Bacci, Veronica Bound, Rad Finch , David Pierson