Julie Simone – Femdom Spankings

96FB8573Julie Simone is one of the most versatile and creative BDSM performers in the genre. She writes and directs all of her material, she controls the look of her photographs, her costuming choices for performers and herself, and she is heavy-handed when it comes to spanking. One of her most unique films is Femdom Spankings, which shows Miss Simone as the bossy step-mom, Mother Superior, and a beautiful Domme who doesn’t have time for lazy slaves. There are five scenes in Femdom Spankings, and they all have a unique story. Scene one and two are highlighted here, but check out the rest of the movie to see how Miss Simone can move between scenarios and personalities with authority and unique style.

Scene 1: Don’t Disobey Your Step-Mom

“Just because you married my father doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do.” How unfortunate for this young man, as he has no idea who he is dealing with. Julie Simone is no one to mess with, and talking back to her will only get you in trouble. This young man is willingly disobeying his father’s orders to not ride his motorcycle, and he just doesn’t care. Step-sonny walks into the house like he is the boss, in a motorcycle jacket, black jeans, boots, and a total disregard for his own safety. Miss Simone knows just how to handle a guy like this, even if her step-son is older than her; she’s gonna treat him like a child, because he is acting like a child. Plus, sonny doesn’t want to lose his inheritance, so he’s going to do everything his step-mommy tells him to. He leans over and lies down across his step-mom’s knees so she can spank him. She tells him that he has been acting like a teenager, and this is how bad teenagers get treated. After getting spanked through his pants, Miss Simone tells him to take his jeans down. He takes his jeans off, and Miss Simone hits him hard and fierce. But, that’s not enough for her. She wants to feel the whack of her hand against skin, so she tells her step-son to take his underwear down around his knees, lean over her lap, and take the hard whacks to his ass that he deserves. This must be humiliating for him, especially since he is a man well into his 30s, and Miss Simone is younger than him.


Luckily, Miss Simone was brushing her hair at the time sonny boy walked in, so she was able to save her strength for the real lesson. Her step-son’s behavior is completely embarrassing to the family, and he needs to atone. She takes her heavy hair brush to his ass, she makes him apologize for all the inconveniences he has caused her and his father. He promises to cut his hair, WHACK. He promises to take a shower every day, WHACK. The list continues and he agrees to change his behavior, and turn himself into a responsible adult.


Scene 2: Even the Teachers in Catholic School Need a Lesson


Mother Superior is angry, and she has reason to be. She has watched while all the other Catholic schools in the district get noticed before her school does. And, why is it that her teachers have become so soft on the students? Don’t they know a Catholic education is the best, most rigorous, and the most disciplinary of all educational institutions? It’s what they are known for, and Mother Superior will not tolerate her students getting away with bad behavior. Unfortunately, she cannot personally discipline all of her students, and this is why she depends on her teachers to administer the punishments that she has devised for her pupils.

What makes Mother Superior upset is when she sees that her teachers have become weak, and easily manipulated by students. One such teacher needs a strict talking to. Mother Superior decides that the only way to teach a teacher is to put him in the position of student. Mother Superior finds the most lenient of her teachers, the gym coach, and tells him that he needs to be more strict with his students. In order to prove her point, she takes him over her knee. “Well, this is just inappropriate,” he says. “I’m a teacher!” This is no matter for Mother Superior, as she instills a sense of fear into most people she encounters. The teacher drops his pants and lies across her knees as Mother Superior takes a standard school ruler and begins to spank him until both cheeks are a bright red. The punishment continues, as she is not convinced she is making her point. She instructs this softy-teacher to go stand over by the corner of the room, and lean over a desk. As she begins her whacks again, she breaks her ruler on his aching behind. Mother Superior had planned for this, as she grabs a very slim cane and begins to administer several, painful whacks to the teacher’s ass. The sting from each hit is audible, and the swelling of the teacher’s ass is admirable.

Here are a few pictures from the other scenes in Femdom Spankings.


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Spanking Interview II – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: California Star Productions

Approximate Running Time: 30.53 minutes

Two friends have applied together to be trained how to become movie stars. Spanking Interview II shows just want these beauties have to do in order to appear in the movies.

The talent recruiter is constantly on the lookout for girls who are willing to take a good spanking on camera and now here are these two hopefuls offering themselves to him on a plate.

He persuades the two girls to give it a try for spanking interview II

The dark haired girl is the dominant one and her blonde friend keeps looking to her for encouragement because she’s not too sure about the whole thing.

He quickly persuades them to undress in order to have a look at their figures. Before the two friends realise it, they are bent over the desk, knickers down to their ankles – having their bottoms well and truly spanked, paddled, and caned.

The two friends are lying over the desk side by side during spanking interview II

After the two girls begin crying out, the recruiter keeps telling them that the spanking doesn’t really hurt and implies that they are crybabies. So how can they be wimpy enough to contradict him, especially after Sue, his secretary, joins in spanking them? She even holds them down at times!

The two friends leave together, wincing as they walk because of the fire in their ass cheeks.

In the next scene, an accomplice of the man comes into the office with another star-struck young lady.

The next girl is also spanked and caned during the spanking interview II

She too is manhandled by the two men and, despite her protests, she is subjected to a long and painful spanking and caning session.

Another young lady gets more than she bargained for during her spanking interview II

When she finally is allowed to dress and leave, all thoughts of being a movie star are gone.

Punishment Day – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Approximate Running Time: 25.43 minutes

Mandy, a beautiful brunette, is chatting with Kristen, a petite, young blond, while they are peeling potatoes. Kristen has heard something about punishment day from the other women in their cult, but she is still full of questions. She shyly asks Mandy for some answers.

Mandy tells Kristen about punishment day

As Mandy has been a member of the cult for some time, she is able to assure Kristen that whatever happens is for her own personal development. However, the younger blonde girl is still not fully satisfied and she wants to know exactly what happens.

So, Mandy patiently tells her about the ritual spankings that are administered by Adrian. Now Kristen’s curiosity is really thirsting to know more.

The information that  Mandy tells her leaves poor Kristen feeling apprehensive. Mandy explains Adrian’s philosophy and why he uses spanking for personal growth. Mandy concludes by telling Kristen that punishment day is sprung upon the cult member without warning. Yet, she’s not to worry about it, because it is for her own good and she will eventually enjoy it and look forward to the next punishment day.

That evening, the two girls are preparing for bed. As they get into the big double bed, Mandy tells Kristen that tomorrow is going to be a very special day.

The sun is peeking through the curtains when Mandy wakes Kristen and gleefully tells her that it is punishment day.

The two girls put on their punishment robes and present themselves to Adrian in his office.

However, he decides to let Mandy spank Kristen for a start. Mandy’s hand is firm and strong as she spanks her friend’s slim and shapely bottom. Poor Kristen is soon whimpering and begging for the spanking to stop. But Mandy will only stop if Adrian tells her to.

Mandy is the first to spank Kristen on punishment day

Kristen’s bottom is a deep rosy red by the time Adrian signals to Mandy to stop.

Now he takes over, bringing the colour back to her butt cheeks of the young blonde girl.

Adrian takes over spanking Kristen on punishment day

Again, the choice of when to stop spanking Kristen is entirely his. Telling her to go and stand and watch Mandy receiving her spanking. Then the fair-haired girl covers her ears so that she can’t hear the cries of pain or is ecstasy coming from her friend’s mouth.

Both girls are spanked by Adrian with a leather paddle. They kneel on a table and reach out in order to hold onto an elephant – that’s part of the punishment day ritual.

It's Mandy's turn to be spanked on punishment day

Adrian and the two girls are all very happy, each knowing what has happened and why.

The two girls go back to their daily chores, feeling in tune with the cult’s guidelines and appropriately suited to living within it.

The elephant is a very important part of the punishment day ritual

Lily-Kade – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Clare Fonda Productions
Starring: ,
Approximate Running Time: 23.57 minutes

Lily is sitting on the couch and her boyfriend Kade is kneeling at her feet, begging her to marry him. She agrees immediately and he is over the moon and ready to do anything for her. In Lily-Kade, another knockout femdom spanking film from Clare Fonda Productions, we have the pleasure of watching a relationship’s dynamic suddenly shift.

Kade proposes marriage to Lily - are they going to be a couple known as Lily Kade?

Although Lily said yes without hesitation, her sharp mind immediately kicks in and she has a question. She wants to know when she is going to get her engagement ring. He tells her as soon as he can afford to buy her one. When pressed, he said it might take about 6 months before he can buy a ring for Lily.

However, Lily is worried about what her mother will think of him. Her mother has brought up her daughter to want and need a man who can be a bitch. And with this thought in mind – she has over the years kept her own husband in his place by giving him regular spankings. Like mother, like daughter-Lily Anna will expect her husband to accept similar treatment.

This shocks and surprises Kade for all of a minute. Then he agrees wholeheartedly.

He is being well spanked - that is the future for Lily Kade.

So Lily slaps his face a few times and as he doesn’t flinch, she gets bolder and suggests she spanks him. Willingly, he drapes himself over her knee.

While she is spanking his bottom, her mind is again working overtime. What wonderful fun they were going to have each evening with her spanking him and he enjoying it and begging her for more. As she gets more and more excited, she starts talking about hiring him out to other women who would pay to spank him. That way he’d soon have enough money to buy her a ring. He gets caught up in her plans and the thought excites him too.

After she has spanked him while he is fully dressed, she orders him to thank her by kissing her feet and begging her to spank him again. So he ends up over her knee, being spanked while he’s in the nude this time.

Lily Kade in their new relationship

They are both so happy and excited at the direction their relationship is going in.

This is Lily Kade with him grovelling at her feet

Minnie the Jinx – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring:  as Minnie,  as Sarah Robinson
Approximate Running Time: 42.14 minutes

Minnie is a waitress at a Gentleman’s Club in London, but she is nicknamed Minnie the Jinx.

One of the visitors to the club is Herr Hans Hoff from Dusseldorf. He is on an exchange visit from the Department of Trade and he is complaining to Sir Gary about a certain waitress that has no idea about how to serve meals or drinks.

Sir Gary wants to know more regarding this complaint so he offers Herr Hoff a drink while they discuss it.

Minnie the Jinx takes a sip from each glass - she has to be sure it's ok

Minnie is the waitress who brings the drinks. While serving Herr Hoff, she trips and his glass of wine lands in his lap. She’s full of apologies as she attempts to mop up the spilled drink, but Herr Hoff is disgusted and excuses himself while he goes to have a change of clothes.

Sir Gary, having witnessed her carelessness for himself, quizzes Minnie about her credentials. It turns out that she got the job by telling a few white lies on her application form.

He marches her off to see Sarah Robinson, the Personnel Officer. She cannot produce Minnie’s references when asked for them.

Sir Gary is in a bad position – he’s embarrassed that he has such a clumsy, rude, and loud-mouthed girl on his staff.

He’s all for sacking Minnie, but Sarah Robinson suggests punishing her instead. Sir Gary agrees.

Sir Gary starts spanking Minnie the Jinx

Herr Hans Hoff is a disciplinarian and carries a suitcase full of punishment implements around with him. He willingly lends the suitcase to Sir Gary when he is told the contents of the suitcase are to be used on Minnie the Jinx.

Poor Minnie finds herself leaning over Miss Robinson’s desk, with her skirt up and panties down, receiving a cane on her poor, previously-unmarked bottom.

Minnie the Jimx has a very sore bottom

Miss Robinson holds Minnie’s hands so that she can’t rub her bottom while  the caning continues. Then Miss Robinson pleads for leniency on Minnie’s behalf.

After Minnie has been well and truly caned, with her bottom red and bruised, she is promises to be a good girl in future. Then Sir Gary asks Miss Robinson if he can see the wages book. However, it doesn’t exist. Now he knows there is a scam going on.

The only way he knows is to straighten out this mess by giving Miss Robinson the tawse on her creamy, bare ass.

Now it's Miss Robinson's turn to have a sore bottom

Both Minnie the Jinx and Miss Sarah Robinson have very sore bottoms by the end of the video. However, they will be allowed to keep their jobs, but woe betide them if they mess up again.

The Cane, The G-Spot, and The Orgasm – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Cum Again UK


Approximate Running Time: 23.12 minutes

Allison, a mature, curvy woman in her forties, had a fantasy and jumped at the chance when she got the opportunity to make it a reality.
Cum Again UK just happened to be looking for someone like herself – they had a theory regarding the possible erotic connection between the cane, the G-spot, and the orgasm.

At the studio it was a one to one scenario – with just the camera recording what was happening.

A gentle hand spanking to start - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

She was shackled with leather straps across her back and just below her knees, and she wore only black lacy briefs, black hold-up stockings, and black, fishnet, fingerless gloves.

The man who was going to be Allison’s spanking top explained how he expected the session to pan out.

He started out using a light leather strap and she did a bit of protesting, which only caused him to tease her. He wanted to use the cane on Allison, but despite the strap being applied to her ample bottom, it didn’t go red. And he pointed out to her that he couldn’t cane a white bottom.

When the top changed from the strap to a paddle, he was then able to produce a healthy-looking glow to her cheeks. Then he decided Allison was ready for the cane.

It was now beginning to happen - the cane, the  g-spot and the orgasm

He had an assortment of canes, but Allison didn’t know the effects of one from the other, so she suggested he make the choice.

The modus operandi became: the cane would be applied to her bottom lightly, then he would use his finger to stimulate her clitoris and g-spot in order to give Allison an orgasm.

He gives her a helping finger - the cane, the g-spot and the orgasm

This was repeated over and over again – with her having multiple orgasms. She had so many orgasms she lost count.

After half an hour of this stimulation, Allison was exhausted and the crotch of her briefs became saturated with her juices.

He left her still strapped to the chair for ten minutes so she could think hard about what had just happened.

The conclusion was that there is a very definite connection between the cane, the G-spot and the orgasm.

Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Red Crescendo
Approximate Running Time: 26.21 minutes

From the box cover alone, Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom is an obvious winner when it comes to spanking movies.

This offering from Red Crescendo features a beautiful redhead, but she has been a bad girl throughout her schooldays and has received corporal punishment in its many forms over the years.

The pretty girl tells us that she has lived in various countries throughout her young life. Now the reason for this movie is to show the viewer what she had to endure punishment-wise while at English and Scottish schools.

She’s dressed as a schoolgirl, wearing a short plaid skirt.

Our redhead narrates at the start of the movie and explains that the punishments usually began with her holding out her hand to receive the cane. She explains that flinching when it comes time to take a strike on the hand results in the rest of the discipline occurring on the bottom. She flinches when her hand is hit, so she has to bend over a desk in order to receive her caning, strapping, and paddling on her poor defenceless ass instead.

she flinches as the cane strikes her hand

During her explanation of the various implements used on her, especially the Scottish tawse, we learn about the various grades, sizes, and uses of each type.

When the punishment starts in earnest, the redhead no longer talks about what’s happening, but we are able to interpret what we are seeing from the view of her butt.

This shot is split in two - showing her red bottom and her face contorted in pain

The man who is punishing her works methodically. The strokes of the strap, paddle, tawse, and cane are delivered slowly and deliberately, and she cries out loudly as the pain vibrates through her bottom in waves. Then just when it becomes unbearable, her top uses a lump of ice to rub over her tortured bottom. As it melts, the camera pans in and we are able to see the water trickling down her hips and into her ass crack.

the tawse and a red bottom

The tawse generally has two or three tails and in this video, these tails are used by the punisher to tease the spankee. He gently rubs the side of the tawse between her thighs, and as the tawse kisses the lips of her pussy, she shudders orgasmically.

the cane leaves its mark on her red bottom

By the time the punishment is over, her bottom is a mass of bruises; the black and blue marks run into each other and the skin is broken, leaving a trail of blood meandering down her bottom.

the paddle covers a larger area

Spank & Spread 5 – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Scorched

Approximate Running Time: 30.07 minutes

The sweet, young submissive is alone at home waiting for her mistress to return. She tries not to show her nervousness, though she knows that she is going to receive the spank & spread treatment.

Sure enough, her blond mistress comes in and immediately starts caressing her.

This is what she's been longing for - in spank & spread 5

The mistress is inclined to tease her playmate, and uses a sweet caress that never actually follows through in the right place and a puckering up of the lips that ceases before their lips actually meet.

The submissive brunette is longing for a kind word, a kiss, or a touch that will make her feel worthy, but she is disappointed over and over again.

When her mistress has her sit in an armchair leaning back with her legs up and spread wide apart, her pretty tight pussy is in full view.

Her legs are wide apart in the spank & spread position

Also, her bare bottom is fully accessible and her mistress takes advantage of this and hand spanks her.

The mistress starts spanking her sub’s ass with a paddle, then, still using the paddle, she gently spanks the dark haired girl’s pussy lips. The sexy sub whimpers in aroused response. She so needs a kind word or a loving touch, but it doesn’t happen.

Her mistress teases her by withholding her kisses in spank  spread 5

Meanwhile, her mistress laughs at her discomfort.

Getting bored with that game, the mistress strips the eager-to-please girl of all her clothing and takes her over her knee.

She has had to endure the spank and spread 5 treatment - and for what?

Now the spanking continues along with the seductive teasing.

Eventually, Mistress laughs as the dark haired girl breaks down in tears of pain and frustration.

After the tears fall, Mistress finally presses her lips to the red cheeks on her sub. Then she leaves the weeping girl lying on the couch. Her bottom is sore very sore and the kind word that she longed to hear doesn’t come.

The Discipline of Sasha – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell

Studio: FemDomme.com

Starring: and

Approximate Running Time: 27.54 minutes

In FemDomme.com’s The Discipline of Sasha, cute, blond Sasha is such a naughty girl. She got her sweaty little hands on a porno magazine and she knows from previous experience that her mistress Lady Venus has forbidden her to read such trash. But while the cat’s away…

Guiltily, Sasha sneaks into the house clutching the dirty magazine. Sitting on the wooden steps, she riffles through the pages until she finds a particular page that obviously turns her on. Her hand moves under her short, plaid, schoolgirl skirt and she pushes aside the crotch of her panties to play with her swollen clit.

With her other hand she tugs at her cropped tank top and plays with her stiffened nipples.

She is so engrossed in what she is doing she doesn’t hear Lady Venus come home earlier than expected.

“What are you doing?” Lady Venus demands to know. “What are you hiding behind your back?”

“Nothing, Ma’am,” Sasha whispers.

Lady Venus is annoyed with her and intends to discipline Sasha

However, Lady Venus insists on hearing the truth and makes Sasha hand over the magazine.

Now Lady Venus is going to discipline submissive Sasha.

Her wrists are manacled together and she is told to hold on to the beam above her head.

Lady Venus finds it difficult to keep her hands off the young girl. Under the pretext of spanking Sash, Lady Venus gently rakes her long, manicured nails up and down the squirming girl’s inner thighs.
Sasha’s pretty little ass is turning a lovely shade of red – due to a hand spanking by her mistress.

Turning Sasha's bottom red in the discipline of Sasha

Having been told to let go of the beam and bend over the banister, Sasha is then spanked with a riding crop.

Then it’s time for another change of position and she drapes herself over Lady Venus’s knee for a bare bottom, otk spanking.

An otk spanking in the discipline of Sasha

Lady Venus makes Sasha promise never to disobey her again after Sasha’s bottom has been turned deep crimson.

Her mistress shows her softer side by giving Sasha a loving hug.

The riding crop further reddens her bottom - in the discipline of Sasha

The discipline of Sasha is over and the young girl is allowed to get on with her chores.

HowZat! – A Spanking Movie Review

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Moonglow
Starring:  and
Approximate Running Time: 56.05 minutes

Primrose Thrower and May Snow have been summoned to appear before the Moonglow Cricket Club’s committee for a disciplinary hearing due to their unacceptable behaviour the previous day. They were both spanked – and it was a Howzat situation.

This is what happened:

Yesterday was the Moonglow Cricket Club’s Centenary Match. Between them, the two girls spoiled the whole day and left the players and committee members embarrassed.

May was the first to explain herself to the committee. She made some very rude gestures to the players and generally upset them, completely ruining the whole day for everyone. She imbibed a bit too much, resulting in her speech and actions being both rude and offensive.

He spanks her - howzat

It was agreed that each member of the committee, in turn, should spank her. As one member finished spanking her, the next one would put her over his knee.

The fourth member should have been Sir Tom, but he was unable to be there, so the acting chairman carried out his instructions and spanked May on her bare bottom.

A tawse on the bare bottom - now howzat

Then it is Primrose’s turn to give her side of the story. Her father is the groundsman for the club, but due to his having been widowed recently, he was not in attendance. Therefore, Primrose took over her mother’s duties of attending to the catering side of the meetings. She was supposed to make a sherry trifle, but did so without the sherry. It would seem that she enjoyed the taste of the sherry and “spilled it down [her] throat.”  All she could do was hope nobody would notice the sherry trifle had no sherry in it. Howzat again.

So Primrose had to go through the same as her friend – being spanked by each committee member.
Both girls returned to the locker room and were found by the acting chairman sharing a shower together. Absolutely disgusted with their behaviour, he decides to deal with both the girls on his own, rather than involve the other committee members.

Now the second session is more severe as he uses a leather tawse on their bottoms.

Caught together in the shower - howzat for being disgusting

After he has tawsed each girl individually and left each with a very sore, red bottom, he dismissed them. As they walked out of the room arm in arm, he heard one of them refer to him as an “old fart.” Furious, he phones through to the doorman, instructing him to stop the two girls from leaving.

Therefore, the two girls find themselves being punished for the third time in one day. This third punishment was a caning. And to further humiliate them, he ordered both girls to remove all of their clothing.

being caned was the worst punishment of all - so howzat

By the end of the caning session, both girls were apologising profusely and promising never to repeat their actions of the previous day. Howzat!