A Helping Hand: Spanking Review

Helping Hand

Man, even though this film has, by far, the worst acting I’ve ever seen, it’s still completely worthwhile. Part of me thinks it’s worthwhile simply because the acting is so bad. It’s just funny. The long, awkward silences after they deliver their lines, the weird cuts that take a little to long, and start a little too fast. Typically, I’d probably tear into a movie with flaws like those, but for some reason, they endear this particular film. It’s just an amateur couple, making a spanking video, and I appreciate that.

There’s another reason for watching this video; and it’s a big reason. Artemis is the actress in the four scenes, and she’s got one of the hottest asses I’ve ever seen in a spanking video. It’s so big, so round. Very nice. She’s actually very attractive all-around. Really hot body, adorable face. It’s nice to see her strip down to her panties and bare her sweet ass.

I think my favorite part of the movie is that although the movie is super-hokey, the spanking gets pretty heated. There’s something satisfying about watching the action progress from obviously fake dialog, to real, intense spanking. It’s all acting for a bit, but then, they don’t say a word for a long time, the spanking just gets more intense, more heated, her moans come quicker and quicker, her ass grows redder and redder. It’s almost meditative.

I also really like that there are a few different styles of spanking in the film. One of the spankings comes because the wife Sharon is very insolent. But, the second spanking is completely different. The second spanking is romantic, and sensual, and ends in a long embrace. The final spanking is because of Sharon’s forgetfulness, blah blah blah, and entails her being otk’d while wearing cute little pajamas.

This isn’t the best thing to come down the street, but for some reason I think you’ll enjoy it. There’s something very contrived about it, but something very authentic too. The relationship between the spankee and spanker, Artemis’s beauty, the crappy dialog. It all mixes nicely.
Helping Hand

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  1. Dave says:

    It’s unfortunate the acting won’t win an Academy Award on this film; but thank goodness for Artemis. Have not seen this film yet, but these beautiful stills, and your descriptions of the film, looks and sound most intriguing.

    Best regards,