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cheerleader spank

Soooo … you wanna see a blond, silken-haired high school
cheerleader goddess get the spanking of a lifetime? If so, then you might be disappointed by this movie. The first “cheerleader” is a bottle blonde pushing 30, and the
spanking is mild. Even so, the scene’s not bad.

It begins with the “girl” doing a cheer in a classroom and knocking over a vase with her errant pom-poms. Uh oh! In walks the teacher. More uh oh! The teacher is a tall, fierce, intimidating figure with mannish shoulders and hair pulled back in what must be the world’s tightest bun. She looks like the warden in a women’s prison movie. She proceeds to be really, really mean to our poor, benighted cheerleader.
blond spanked

cheerleader spanking videoCheer girl is forced to strip. Miniskirt? Off. Panties? Off. Top? Off. Cheer girl may be kinda older, but she has a nice body — small breasts, cute butt, no fat. Cheer girl gets spanked by hand and with a ruler, and although she feigns pain, the spanking is mostly symbolic.

blond spankedCheer girl does, however, get bullied in a serious way. The warden, er … teacher, is really mean. She’s sneering and sarcastic and dismissive and condescending and contemptuous of poor cheer girl. Mean teacher uses her power and position of authority to insult the naked cheer girl and make her repeat embarrassinging things. If you like this kind of emotional and psychological humiliation, combined with nudity, you’ll like this segment. Personally, I liked it.

Scene two has different actresses, but it follows the same
theme — contempt of cheerleaders. This segment features an encounter in the girls locker room between the school tough girl and a very pretty, dark haired, Mediterranean-looking cheerleader. In fact, both girls are really hot.

Tough girl, who just happens to be hanging around topless in the locker room, bullies cheer girl and makes her get naked, too. Completely. Cheer girl is hot. Did I mention that before? She’s appropriately youthful-looking, but her body is full and womanly in all the right places. Nice.

hot ass spankingTough girl spanks cheer girl. Again, the spanking is not hard. Cheer girl likes it, though. Cheer girl moans in pleasure. Tough girl makes cheer girl say she likes it. Cheer girl does say it, passionately. Tough girl is disdainful of cheer girl. Tough girl makes cheer girl do a naked cheer. Spank me, spank me, please don’t stop. Spank me, spank me, til I pop! Cheer girl does the cheer, with enthusiasm. Tough girl walks away abruptly. Apparently she is through humiliating cheer girl. Cheer girl watches her depart wistfully, disappointed that the spanking session has come to an end. I’m disappointed, too.

Scene 3: same classroom and same scary teacher as scene 1. Different blond cheerleader. This one looks more reasonably youthful. She pisses off the scary teacher — I forget how. Anyway, who cares? Scary teacher goes into her routine. Skirt off, panties off, top off. Nudity. Mild spanking by hand and with a ruler.

hot ass spankingAnd more of the treatment we’ve come to expect by now. Condescension toward cheerleaders. Superciliousness.
Sarcasm. Insults and psychological abuse heaped upon poor cheer girl by a rude and contemptuous authority figure. Scary teacher makes cheer girl repeat demeaning things. Scary teacher spanks cheer girl’s exposed genitals. Scary teacher makes cheer girl say that she has a bad pussy. “Yes, I have a bad pussy,” repeats the blonde, bullied cheerleader, as she stands with her hands against the classroom wall, totally naked, butt sticking out, genitalia exposed and being swatted by what looks like a black spatula. I admit it — I was turned on.

Anyone out there a fan of Monty Python? Anyone remember the Piranha Brothers skit, about two tough, cruel gangsters in London? One brother is known for his physical cruelty, which includes nailing his victims’ heads to the
floor. But the other brother is even more feared, because he uses … SARCASM!

In this movie, cheerleaders are victims of sarcasm. In the
fourth and final segment, our blond cheerleader from the
first scene returns. She has invited a friend home from
school and wants to teach the friend all about cheerleading.
But the “friend”, who is another high school tough girl type, has other ideas. Tough girlfriend decides to teach the cheerleader about some things. Tough girl takes some implements out of her bag (paddle, tawse, etc.) and gives
our cowed cheerleader a mild little bondage session. Naked, of course.

I have to give this movie credit for getting all of the clothes off the victims in each segment. In this scene, both girls get naked, and it ends with tough girl pulling cheer girl’s head down into her crotch. Tough girl gives cheer girl a forced initiation into lesbian oral loveplay.

So how good was this movie? Silly as it is, I liked it. The women are hot. The meanness, sarcasm and forced nudity combine to create an atmosphere of erotic humiliation of attractive young women. Because the cheerleaders are looked upon so disdainfully, there is a certain amount of suspense, an attitude that anything could happen to these contemptible creatures.

Warning: that anything-can-happen atmosphere is mostly a tease. The segments are short, the spankings are mild, and
the action tends to end just when it might be building into something more hardcore. Even so, it kept me interested, and the sarcastic and psychological abuse and humiliation of the attractive and naked young women make it memorable and enjoyable.

Cheerleaders Spanked

Bizzare Video

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