Review for Gettin’ It from Coach Thomas

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Getting’ It from Coach Thomas


Raven Hill Studios

(Running Time of the Movie 47 mins

The pace of this movie is fast, with a great deal of spanking action.

Abby, Christie and Nicky are Cheerleaders, but despite putting in many hours of practice, they keep making mistakes and realize that if they are to have any chance of bringing home the trophy they needed some discipline.

The three girls were watching videos of their closest competition – a Cheerleading group that were much younger than them, but they were perfection personified.

Abby, Christie and Nicky discussed how they could possibly up the ante and get their performance to a higher standard.

Abby suggested maybe spanking would help and as she was the Captain, she would spank them. So, Christie and Nicky reluctantly agreed it might be worth a try.

At the next practice session Nicky kept messing up. So Abby who had brought a ruler into the gym, ordered her to lean over the bench. Flipping up Nicky’s short skirt, she pulled down her panties and gave her seven strokes with the ruler on her bare bottom.

At another practice session, it was Christie who messes up. She too had to accept five strokes of the ruler on her bare bottom. She then admitted that her mind was not wholly on the practice session – as she wanted to meet up with her boyfriend. But Abby was adamant, that they should carry on until they got it right.

The scene changes and the three girls are in the shower. They are discussing the not so successful spankings being meted out by Abby.

Christie and Nicky Gang Up On Abby

So, in all fairness, as Abby also made mistakes, Nicky and Christie gang up on her and give her a spanking with the ruler (that Christie went to collect from the gym). Abby apologized to the other two girls saying she hadn’t realized just how much she was hurting them.

In another scene the three girls pass a playing field and witness a youth being coached by Coach Thomas. He is very harsh with the young man and ends up kicking his butt. The girls looked at each other and agreed, they needed Coach Thomas to take them in hand and give them the discipline they so badly needed.

They went to see him on spec. They explain the situation to him and ask him if he’d be willing to take them on. Coach Thomas has a thing about Trophies – the bigger the better so when they promise with his help, they’ll bring home a trophy to add to his collection, he gets excited at the thought of it.

He explains to them that his method of coaching is to spank them whenever they mess up. But before he agrees to take them on he right there and then says he’ll spank each one to see if she is really serious about him being their coach.

Coach Thomas Puts Each Girl In Turn Over His Knee

He orders Abby to take down her trousers and panties and get over his knee. He then hand spanks her ample bottom. I lost count of the number of times his scrawny but strong right hand made contact with her bottom, but it went from white to pink to a bright glowing red.

Then it was Christie’s turn.

Finally, Nicky bares her own bottom for a trip over Coach Thomas’s knee.

All three girls stand there rubbing their sore bottoms. But they agree unanimously, that although they know they were in for some painful discipline, Coach Thomas was the man to lick them into shape.

As the days were ticked off – the big Championship competition came closer and closer. There was a marked improvement in their cheerleading. The night before the competition he hugs each girl and tells them he has every confidence in them bringing home the trophy. He then suggested they go home and get an early night, so they would be fresh and ready to do their Cheerleading Act the next day.

However, the girls became over confident and instead of getting an early night, spent the next few hours drinking beer. So it was the early hours of the morning before they crept into bed. Next day, due to tiredness and the effects of the drinking they did really badly in the competition and lost all twelve events – big time.

Disappointed and feeling very guilty they confessed to Coach Thomas about their drinking the night before. He told them he was to blame for being too harsh with them.

So, they agreed they would take part in the competition the following year. And Coach Thomas was more than willing to Coach them again when school started in September.

An Advance Spanking To Remind the Girls What to Expect Next Year

But, in order to drive home the lesson, he suggests that they should each receive twelve strokes of the paddle on their bare bottoms, one stroke for each event they messed up on – just to keep them going until the new school year started.

Beginning with Abby, he told her to take off her panties, raise her skirt and lie on her tummy over the bench. He gives her twelve hard strokes with the paddle then tells her to go and stand with her face to the wall so that the other two girls can see her bright red bottom. He then repeats the paddling to the twitching bottoms of Christie and Nicky.

Afterwards, hugging each of the girls – he instructed them to enjoy their summer break and training would start again in September.

Maybe I’m being picky, but the girls’ bottoms were already slightly bruised, before the spankings started, which is a shame, because it spoiled an otherwise excellent spanking movie.

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