girls boardingschool

Starring Mr Sherwood and Jodie

(Running Time of the Movie 12.03 mins)

from Girls Boarding School

Mr Sherwood finds out that student Jodie is not doing too well with her English.

He decides to test her by giving her some dictation. He says each short phrase slowly, then, he repeats it. She dutifully writes what he has said.

He then asks to check what she has written, but after only a few minutes, he realises that he is very hungry, so he asks her to go shopping for some food. He makes out a shopping list and gives it to her, with instructions to be as quick as she can as he is starving.

Two hours later she still hasn’t returned home.

Eventually the banging of the front door wakes Mr Sherwood up, as he’d fallen asleep on the couch.

Looking at his watch he asks her where she’d been for six hours. She said she met an old friend and they went for something to eat and they were so busy talking they didn’t notice the time.

He puts her over his knee

Mr Sherwood realised that a spanking was long overdue.

He pulls Jodie – a slim girl with long glossy black hair – over his knee. He starts hand spanking her on top of her jeans. After a dozen spanks, he tells her to stand up. He starts unbuckling her belt. Ordering her to pull her own jeans right down and her knickers too he then puts her back over his knee and carries on hand spanking her on her bare bottom.

He tells her to take down her trousers and knickers

She doesn’t do any wriggling at all; just keeps saying she’s sorry and begging for forgiveness. But Mr Sherwood who is having none of it, continues spanking her. You can see her bottom becoming redder and redder.

The Spanking  Continues

Once again, he tells her to stand up. He also stands up and tells her to put her elbows on the seat of the chair – so that her bottom is stuck well out. He continues hand spanking her.

He tells her to put her elbows on the seat

Next, he tells her to kneel on the table. Again using his hand he spanks her some more.

He leaves her kneeling on the table

Feeling very hungry indeed, he says he’s going to the garage to get some food. Meanwhile she must stay kneeling on the table until he gets back.

After he has gone out, still kneeling on the table, she tries to rub the soreness out of her bottom.

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