Hogtie Enemas and Caning in Suspension for Schoolgirl Leila by A Wizard of Ass

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Riddle me this one, Batman: Is it submission if the girl likes being tied up? Is is discipline if she enjoys her spanking? Is it punishment if she wants those little clippy things on her nips? Is it humiliation if she likes it?

Personally, when I’m in the mood to enjoy myself in front of the computer, I try to stay away from these kinds of philosophical quandaries.

Don’t get me wrong — I love to see a hot girl get turned on and enjoy herself. I love the deep breathing, the low moaning, the sexy writhing. I love the look on her face. I get turned on, too. It’s why I watch mainstream porn.

But for spanking vids, I want the girl to be subjected to something involuntarily. Call me crazy, but I want her to actually dislike the spanking or other treatment that she undergoes. And for that reason, I liked this movie.

Leila is a hot-bodied, tight little Amerasian-looking thing. She has long dark hair, cute titties and a flat belly. She’s dressed in a slutty schoolgirl ensemble.

But the best thing about Leila is her attitude. She’s surly, snotty and disrespectful. She doesn’t like the Wizard of A, and she wants him to know it. She tells him that with her eyes, her tone, her dirty looks. At the same, she doesn’t like the stuff that’s happening to her, either. But he keeps doing it, and she’s powerless to make it stop.  Ahhhhh, sweet justice.

The Wiz spanks Leila randomly, a few swats here and there. But it’s not a spanking video. The wonderful Wiz is way too busy with implements and other hardware to just do one thing.

He undresses her partially at first. Then he suspends her on her belly inside hanging rubber crescents that remind me of playground swings.

When she’s more or less immobilized, his finger and the camera move to her (now not so) private area. We see a creamy coating on the cookies. He taunts her for being wet.

He gives her some moderate blows from a black flyswatter-like implement. She whimpers like a kitten. She claims to be sorry, but she’s not 100% sure for what. He continues to swat.

She tries to wriggle free. He says that shows that she’s not repentant. More swats on her pretty rear end.  She glares sullenly at him when he touches her face, pushing the hair from her cheek in a taunting, patronizing way.

The Wiz strips her completely naked. He binds her wrists behind her in handcuffs. He taunts her with nip clips, showing them to her in a menacing way.  Then attaches them.  She gets one on each nip, and a third clip goes on her wet little pussy. She squirms and whimpers throughout. She’s still bound hand and foot, suspended in the bondage swingset.

He forces a butt plug into her mouth by holding her nose to make her open wide. Pretty clever guy — the Wiz.  She gags on it. Then he puts it into her anus. More squirms and whimpers from little Leila. He calls her a “little pig girl” because the buttplug has a pigtail. He gives her occasional slaps to the face and swats to her butt.

The butt plug is painful and humiliating for little Leila, but it’s not enough for the Wiz. I told you he was busy. He doesn’t rest on his laurels. He takes it out and moves on.  He forces an enema tube into her mouth. She glares and turns away from him at first, but eventually she submits. I mean, she’s suspended and bound, with no place to go. He’s got all the cards.

The Wiz gives her a doggy bowl with milk in front of her face and makes her drink from it like a she’s his pet.  “Lap it up like a good doggy, the bitch that you are,” he says.  He doesn’t seem to like Leila much, either.

She knocks the bowl over with her chin.  He says that if she won’t drink it, then it’ll go up her butt. Enema time for rebellious Leila. She squirms and whimpers and grimaces as the fluid goes inside her

She’s still bound and suspended. He paddles her a bit. He tickles her and makes her kick like crazy. He straps her bare feet a little. She exclaims in pain.  Still suspended, she kicks impotently. She gets a second enema, more liquid this time.
She moans and moves her head up and down. It’s one of the few parts she can still control.

She apologizes to him. She squirms. He gives her a few cane strokes. She exclaims in pain from each one.

Wiz takes her down from her suspension and leads her to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, she glares at him, then hangs her pretty head and pees noisily.  She looks thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated.   Even so, she still manages to look fetchingly bratty.

After peeing, she’s not done. The busy Wiz cuffs her to a bench, on her belly, with her vag and butt exposed. He has a machine that sends a dildo in and out of her. He starts slow, but soon pushes the speeds up.  She whimpers when the machine goes faster. She glares at him and gets her face slapped again.  He also swats her butt,  making her yelp in pain.

The Wiz adjust the machine.  It’s a double dildo.  He sends the other prrotrusion into her butt.  She whimpers and grimaces, breathing hard.  He lets her up from the machine, but again, Leila’s session isn’t done.

Next he has her standing up , on her tip toes, with a strap under her vag.  Our girl has nice legs.  She looks great on her toes, completely naked, arms and legs apart, body on display, her dark hair hanging down around her breasts

The Wiz forces a metal gag into her mouth.  It holds her mouth open.  He lights a candle (better to light a candle than curse the darkness) and drips wax on her.  Leila really doesn’t like the wax.  She exclaims in pain, her face strained and tense.  Her voice starts to sound shrill and shrieky.   She squirms, whimpers and moans as the wax drips onto her skin.  She drools from the gag in her mouth.

The Wiz makes her take the candle into her mouth, through the metal gag that holds her lips and teeth apart.  Then he removes the gag and puts the candle back into her mouth.  He gives her a few cane strokes, eliciting more exclamations of pain with each stroke.  She drops the candle from her mouth, and glares at him.  He slaps her face a few times.  Then he lets her go, with a few harsh words, and the movie ends.

Some girls actually come back for sequels with the Wizard of A.  I’d love to see Leila come back.  But somehow, I doubt she will.

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