Hungarian Ass Beatings

Hungarian Ass Beatings 1

Leave it to Scorched to bring you a film that’s intense enough to transfer the sting through the camera straight to your own ass.

“Hungarian Ass Beatings 1” is raw. There’s little dialog, virtually no story development, and the action starts off quick and severe. Betty forces her plump blond friend into submission, yanks up her skirt and begins her work with some hand spanking, and by raking her nails against the blond’s tender flesh. Within seconds, the blond’s ass begins to flare as Betty breaks her vessels. Betty tops off the stinging skin with some quick, sharp lashes from her riding crop, and then sinks it all in with a few solid whaps of her leather tawse – this, all within the first three minutes. This is going to be brutal…

After about ten minutes, “Blondy” is rolled onto her knees, Betty forces her face into the cushions, strips the woman of her panties, exposing her fully, and then applies leather cuffs to the woman’s wrists and ankles. The sobs that come from the woman’s lips bounce of Betty, doing nothing to soften her -Blondy’s completely vulnerable now, just as Betty likes. She spreads her ass, slaps it’s raw spots, rakes her nails across them, spreads the ass again, and repeats- as do Blondy’s sobs. It’s pretty intense. Betty takes out a short, heavy leather paddle, and just pulverizes Blondy’s ass.. Betty came to the scene armed to the teeth. She’s got her experienced hands, a crop, two tawse, and a paddle. There’s nothing discreet going on here. It’s all about annihilation. By the end of this segment, Blondy’s ass is a speckled with pink, and has area’s that are such concentrations of red that they approach blue. I’ll admit, I’m a wuss. This is almost a little too intense for me. But, I watch on…
Oh joy! Betty peals off her tight, white pants. I’ve always loved Betty’s body. The pants slip off her body to reveal her satin panties. But, it’s all formality. This isn’t about Betty’s body, it’s about Betty’s complete domination of Blondy. She straps on a dildo, and works over Blondy’s puss. We get some real close-ups in this segment, seeing the gashes in Blondy’s flesh as the camera tightens in to get the tight shot of the dildo jamming and then…. it just ends. Cut. Goes to black. Dramatic, yes, purposeful, no. Just shitty editing. But it works. I don’t really know how you could resolve this scene.

The next scene starts off a little less abruptly. It seems like Betty is growing impatient waiting for her next appointment. This impatience will fuel her fire later on. The next girl to be domme’d by Betty is tall, thin, tan, and carries a nice, plump bottom. Betty starts off by introducing her hand to the woman’s tanned flesh. There’s a couple good smacks that come very measured. Betty likes to go slow, but lay it on heavy. Once there’s a nice, surface sting, she brings out the crop to bring those stings to new heights. Betty is a true master. I’m not super into the intensity of her style, but I can acknowledge that she knows her way around pain.

She gets the girl into cuffs, and then takes the spanking into the depths of the girls flesh by laying down heavy, strokes of the tawse. This scene seems less intense than the last one because the woman’s flesh is tan, and it sort of mutes the reds. Blondy, on the other hand had creamy white skin that just made everything look so raw. Anyway, we get a lot of nice pussy shots in this segment as the camera zooms in nice and close to get coverage on the tawse as it lays into the sub’s flesh.

I was sort of relieved by the end of this segment. Not that it wasn’t hardcore, but it just wasn’t “as” hardcore as the first one. The tanned girl gets a full on ass shine, the red evenly distributed across her ass.

If you’re feeling particularly visceral as you read this, then you’re definitely going to get your rocks off on this one. But, if you’re into more sensual spanking content that features a little more story, then this thing is going to sting…

Although it’s not necessarily the kind of video I find myself drawn to on a consistent basis, I still appreciate what Scorched does. I liked this kind of stuff when I was younger, and it brings back some memories. I’ll give it 4 stars on the intensity-scale.
Taker easy.

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Hungarian Ass Beatings 1

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