India Spankings 2 — India Galaxy

indian spanking
This movie begins with two young, East Indian women fooling around physically but playfully. One of them is under-dressed in a skimpy peach number, but the other looks attractively business casual. She wears a long black skirt, clunky heels, and a striped, button-up shirt. It’s not conventionally “sexy”, but it looks sexy as hell on her. She’s a combination of innocent, office-professional and girl-next-door. Just the sort of girl I’d love to spank.

The girls’ playful horsing around gradually becomes less innocent. They direct themselves to a nearby kiddie pool and wade in. Both are fully dressed at first, but they splash one another playfully and the clothes begin to come off.

The girls have pretty faces, but they are not hard-bodies.   One of them is more overweight and kinda sleazy-looking.   The other is certainly not slim by western standards, but she’s attractively curvy.  And she has a beautiful air of innocence about her.

The two undress each other in the pool — kicking, splashing and laughing. They dump bubble bath in the water and play together with the suds. They engage in playful, soft-core lesbianism.  It’s not hot and heavy.   They wear what appear to be wide, sincere, affectionate smiles.  They explore each others bodies. They kiss, but the dominant ambiance is fun, not passion.

They get discovered by a female authority figure, probably a mother. The angry mom wades right into the pool and starts slapping the girls about the face and body. The overweight girl gets hit first. “No, no” she cries over and
over, cowering and covering up against the slaps.

The more attractive girlfriend tries to protect the fat one and gets slapped herself. She even gets her head dunked under water by the irate parent. The mom also kicks the cowering, whimpering fat girl as she lays in the pool.

The mom pulls both girls onto their feet by their hair. There is much whimpering and pleading of “no, no.” The mom stands the girls against the wall and spanks them for a while. It’s not brutally hard, but it’s upsetting and humiliating.  The girls are completely nude.  They don’t handle the situation stoically. They whimper and cower almost non-stop.

Again the mom grabs their hair. This time she pulls them downward into the pool and dunks them some more. Now they are coughing and sputtering as they cower and whimper. And all the while they continue to receive slaps about the face and head.

Once again the mom uses their hair to drag them to their feet.  Then comes more spanking on their wet, naked buttocks. Along with the spanking comes more cries and moans, gasps and and whimpers from the forlorn and miserable girls.

The combination of slaps, hair pulling, spanks and near drowning definitely takes its toll. Both girls appear fully spent
— breathing hard, gasping, near tears. They are made to stand, facing the camera, hands above their heads, whimpering.

But the ordeal’s not over. The mom shakes them by their necks and again forces them into the pool.  Again they choke and sputter after being dunked . When they’re allowed to stand again, they struggle to regain their composure.

The mom holds the fat girl’s arm and squeezes it, causing a bruise.  The girl begins to cry in earnest, with large, wet tears streaming down her face. The other comforts her.  The respite doesn’t last long.  They both get more spanks and abuse from the angry mom. The fat girls seems to get worse treatment, so maybe it’s her mom.

At a certain point the camera focuses on the girl next door, zooming in.   She is sobbing.  Her eyes are filled with tears, which fall down her pretty face.   She wipes them away, but they keep coming.  The camera pans to the fat girl, who is in a similar state, only worse.  She leans against the wall sobbing, seemingly without even the strength to wipe away the tears . Both girls weep audibly.

The mom come back with a paddle and focuses on the fat one. “Please, no” the girl begs. She gets paddled anyway.  The other gets some, too. Both cower and try to block the blows.  Both cry out audibly —  the fat one more dramatically.  She sometimes literally dances in pain.

Once again, the tearful girls are made to face the camera, hands above their heads, breasts heaving as they sob. Then they must pull their own ears and do deep knee bends.  They promise never to do lesbianism again. They sob as they bens and straighten up ans down.  They get more punishment, more hair pulling as they do the knee bends.  The taller, thinner one whimpers softly, the fat  one cries like a baby, openly and vocally

By the end of the movie, the spent girls simply remain standing against the wall, crying, while the camera focuses and pans their various body parts.  They get a few more slaps, inducing a fresh set of tears.  They get another dunking, followed by another set of gasps and sputters, tears and sobs.

This movie is basically a barely-scripted session of abuse.  It’s not severe physically, but it’s intense because of the tears and misery it induces.  It’s not for everyone, but if you want to see young women beaten and humiliated to tears and beyond, then you will enjoy it.

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