Maid for Punishment

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Approximate Running Time: 33.20 minutes

Liz Beth is a new maid at the Maids Agency.

One of the agency’s regular clients is a Mr Kelley. He is very difficult to please. None of the other maids wants to go to his home to do the cleaning. So when poor Liz Beth is sent to ‘do’ for him, nobody warned her about him.

He tells her exactly what he needs her to do and mentions how dissatisfied he’s been with the previous maids and that he expects better things from her.

The place is still like a pigsty

Left alone, she sits on the couch in the lounge and turns on the television. Her eyes become heavy so she closes them to rest them for a few moments.

‘What’s going on here?’ Mr Kelley is home. He takes a quick look round the room and everything is how he left it that morning, except for Liz Beth lying full length on the couch.

She jumps up – full of apologies. But he’s having none of it. She’s going to be punished – with a good old-fashioned spanking.

Pulling her over his knee he starts a rhythmic hard hand spanking. Her poor bottom is becoming redder with each spank. Despite her squeals and protests he is relentless.

She is going to have a very sore bottom

Occasionally he changes her position from over his knee to bending over the bike and instead of using his hand, he brings into play a wooden paddle and hand brush.

The Wooden Paddle leaves an impression

To further humiliate her he has her lie on top of the washing machine, with her legs pulled up into the diaper position. This gives him full view of her tight little pussy.

In the diaper position

After over half an hour of the punishment, he tells her to go.

Will he ever find a maid that will suit him?

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