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Long Arm of The Law

Red Stripes

This movie is interesting and erotically-charged because of the strong battle of wills between the spanker and one of the spankees. The story takes place at a venerable law firm in the United Kingdom. Two employees of the firm have made a serious error on a case, an error which reflects very badly on the firm and is detrimental to the interests of an important client.

One of the errant employees is a young, blonde legal secretary named Julie, who happens to be quite pretty. The other careless employee is Michelle, a poised, confident, up-and-coming associate attorney. She’s attractive and ambitious, and she wishes to make partner in the firm.

The spanker is an older man, a senior member of the firm. He’s appropriately formidable in his manner and demeanor. He sternly lectures both employees about their careless misbehavior and it’s negative affects on the firm. He gives both of them the choice between a spanking or termination of employment, and both choose the spanking.

The first woman to be spanked is Julie, the legal secretary. She has long, tousled hair that her frames her pretty face in a flattering way. She’s dressed in sexy but appropriate business attire, with a white, button-down shirt, stockings, and a black skirt that doesn’t quite reach her knees. She has a cute face with large, expressive eyes.

First she’s spanked over the knee of the senior partner. Her skirt is hiked up and her panties pulled down. Then she is ordered to lean over the desk for a strapping. She is required to count the strokes. By this point the pretty young girl is breathing hard, choking a bit on her words, and at times her voice seems on the verge of breaking.

She gets lectured and yelled at during her punishment, for things like rubbing her bottom and breaking position. She is ordered to speak up when she counts. She is ordered to keep still. If Mr. Bass doesn’t like her posture or position, he makes her move about. The session is both painful and humiliating. She is subdued and submissive throughout.

The next segment is what really makes the video. It’s the punishment of Michelle, the young, attractive attorney. Mr. Bass turns to her and tells her that her spanking will be more severe, because he holds her most responsible for the error.

Michelle is a tall, confident, modelesque woman with an impressive mane of long, thick brown hair that’s held in place by a band and falls delightfully around her shoulders. The style is both and professional and flattering, and the same can be said of her clothing — a green business top, a black skirt, black heels and stockings.

In all of her dialogue and mannerisms, Michelle embodies the part of a proud, ambitious, young attorney. When it’s her turn for the spanking, she orders Julie to leave the room. “I’m quite prepared to accept punishment,” she says imperiously, “but not in front a person who I am above.” But Mr. Bass insists that Julie remain. He wants the added humiliation of a witness to Michelle’s spanking, especially a witness whom Michelle feels herself to be “above”.

Michelle occasionally answers the senior partner cheekily, and often seems to be biting her tongue when she merely answers with the required “Yes”. She eemss always on the verge of arguing, always wanting to assert herself, but mostly stopping because she knows it will only be counter-productive. Of course she doesn’t always censor herself, and she earns some extra strokes along the way.

The humiliation of having a witness to the spanking is only the beginning. It continues as, on demand from Mr. Bass, the proud young woman lifts up her skirt with an audible sigh. She is ordered over Mr. Bass’s knee, and she reluctantly complies. He pulls down her black underwear right away, exposing her glorious rear end.

Like Julie, Michelle receives a strapping and then a caning, after her over the knee session. She is made to count the strokes in each portion of the punishment. The blows make her quiver and buckle and gasp. She is lectured for her carelessness. She is asked rhetorical questions about her behavior, and she is made to answer “yes”. It’s the way one might speak to a child, but because it’s happening to the once-haughty attorney, it’s deliciously humbling.

Michelle is scolded when she breaks position to rub her sore bottom. She is lectured when she complains that the blows hurt. She is sarcastically told that “it’s not a tea party.”

For the most part, Michelle maintains her composure throughout her humiliating and painful ordeal. But there is a fascinating moment around 33 minutes into the video. The caning is finished at that point. Michelle has already counted the 20 strokes. Mr. Bass orders her to “turn and face me.” The camera is focused on her hind quarters, so you can’t see her face. But if you listen closely, as she straightens up and turns, you can hear what appears to be a gentle, tremulous sob moving through her body.

And then you hear something unmistakable — a loud, eruption of a sob, something that appears to be the start of a breakdown in Michelle’s previously icy demeanor. It’s the clear sound of someone who’s been proudly fighting hard to hold back her tears, but who can no longer do so. All the emotion that was held inside bubbles out in an uncontrollable eruption of anguish.

But at that moment, the camera inexplicably cuts off. And when we rejoin the action, Michelle is facing Mr. Bass. She is composed and dry-eyed. She asks him if she’s taken her punishment “properly”, and he agrees that she has. There is a bit more lecturing from Mr. Bass to both girls, and the movie ends.

It appears that Michelle began sobbing at the end, when she turned and faced Mr. Bass, but because such a breakdown didn’t fit with the story as envisioned, the tears were cut out, and the action resumed as if it never happened. What an unfortunate production choice! To see the proud, haughty, imperious young attorney reduced to uncontrollable sobs by her caning and humiliation — and in front of the witness, no less — would have been a perfect conclusion to this already-good movie. All I can say is what a shame.

Even so, the video is worth watching. Its strength is in its realism and attention to detail. All of the actors, the action and the production details combine to make the story believable and extremely well-portrayed. It’s a testament to this movie’s story-telling ability that, as a viewer, I paid close attention to the details of the punishment, getting mentally involved in the drama of the participants and their inner and outer suffering, as the story unfolded toward its conclusion.

Long Arm of The Law

Red Stripes

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