Spanking Video Reviews – Jordan’s Spanking Surprise

Studio: Michael Kahn Productions

Starring: Jordan

Approximate Running Time: 06.14 minutes

It happened so fast that poor Jordan didn’t even realize what was about to happen to her … to her surprise she finds herself lying over his knee, her bottom bared and ready for the otk spanking she was about to receive.

He asks her if she has been a good girl. She gives the wrong answer, so when he asks her if she’s been a bad girl – again she gives the wrong answer. So whatever she answered didn’t matter, a spanking she is going to get.

A spanking is imminent

Taking a firm hold of her, his big hard hand makes contact with her bottom, causing her to cry out piteously, which he totally ignores and carries on spanking her creamy white bottom to a deep cherry red.

He takes her beyond her limit – she is begging for him to stop, but he doesn’t until he’s ready.

Her spanking ordeal is not over

Although this movie is very short, I could feel every spank – and I got that lovely tingling feeling only a truly well-made spanking video can produce.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Spanking Video Review – Classified Spanking

Spanking Studio: Bare Bottom Video

Starring: Samantha York and Sonny Daze

Approximate Running Time: 55.34 minutes

Samantha was not a happy bunny. She had this need – that all spankees are only too familiar with, she wanted … no, needed a bare bottom spanking. But a man who would help to scratch her itch was not available, or was he?

This bottom deserves a spanking

She was lying on her bed reading a spanking contact magazine and there it was – an advert from a man looking for a lady to spank. She hesitated. Should she phone or shouldn’t she phone? Her indecisiveness lasted for all of a second. Before she could chicken out, she carefully dialed the number given in the spanking advert. He answered himself and she introduced herself and they agreed that he would come round to her place the following evening.

Dressed in something she hoped was both sexy and provocative. She kept looking at her watch – he was a minute late. Had he changed his mind? Then the long awaited knock on her door. Trying to look cool, calm and collected – she opened the door to him.

They both looked at each other and liked what they saw.

She had already told him that she had a fantasy of being a nurse and she had to be spanked by her superior for being late for the third time that week – well that or being dismissed.

Leaving him sitting on the bed, she goes to put on her Nurse’s Uniform. When she returns, transformed into a nurse, he makes it clear that he approves.

Positioning herself over his knee for an otk spanking, her ultra short skirt just about covers her shapely bottom. He starts hand spanking her. Her loud squeals are a mixture of pain and joy. She is surprised at how the reality of a spanking did hurt and make her poor bottom sting and smart. As she squirmed about over his knee, her skirt rode up to reveal she was wearing stockings and suspenders.

The spanking continued until he had turned every square inch of her creamy white bottom to a bright cherry red.

No rubbing allowed in this spanking

He sent her to stand in a corner for ten minutes – with strict instructions not to touch her bottom. But she started rubbing her hot cheeks.

Of course he noticed – and she finds herself back in a corporal spanking for a few more licks. Then it’s back in the corner again for another ten minutes and again he forbids her to touch her burning bottom.

Now onto fantasy number two. This time she’s a secretary. A very inefficient secretary. A warm up hand spanking is followed by him using a ruler.

Things were going really well between them

For her third fantasy she wanted him to strap her already reddened bottom. For this, she had to bend over the back of a chair.

The strap bit into her tender flesh, causing her to squeal even louder. When he had checked with her to make sure she was still happy with what was happening, he continued, bringing the leather strap down onto her upturned bottom over and over again.

A true strap spanking

At the end of the spanking session, they both agreed that it was a wonderful experience and that he’d come again to help her fulfill her spanking fantasies.

Spanking Video Reviews – Naughty Exchange Students

Studio: British Discipline

Stars: Ivy, Angelina Cortez

Approximate Running Time: 32.08 minutes

Red Slippers Volume One

Ivy lolls about on the couch – reading some magazines. Her boss comes in and is not too pleased to see Ivy acting so slovenly. So she has a discussion with the poor unfortunate girl.

Just lolling about before a spanking

Firstly, she wants to know why Ivy was reading magazines about pregnancy and babies. The answer she receives shocks her. No, Ivy is not pregnant, but she had done a pregnancy test and it was negative.

What is she to do with this disobedient willful girl? She has given her a home so she can get an education. She decides that some corporal spanking is necessary.

Ivy finds herself lying over her bosses knee, her bare bottom is getting redder and sorer with each spanking slap that lands on it.

getting an otk spanking

When Angelina thinks she’s had enough, she tells her to get dressed and get on with her chores.

Red Slippers Volume Two

Ivy’s in trouble again. Wearing just a pajama top – she is lying on her back on the couch, her thighs parted and she is finger fucking herself – however unbeknown to her, Angelina her employer has been standing watching her for a few minutes.

Spanking once again

It is weekend and Angelina has just seen not one but two boys leaving. Ivy has had sex with both of them. This means another spanking, her bottom is still red and sore from her previous spanking.

At the end of the spanking session, Angelina tells her to get dressed and packed as she is being sent home to Russia in disgrace. Ivy begs her not to send her away.

Bed by 8pm

The house rule is that she should be in her pajamas and in bed by 8 pm. But Ivy is still in her school uniform, chatting on her phone to a friend.

Her bottom is being reddened again

Angelina is extremely annoyed at the way Ivy keeps flaunting the rules. She orders Ivy to take off her knickers, skirt and top and get over her knee. Another spanking brings the already reddened cheeks back to a fiery red.

She leaves poor Ivy sobbing into her pillow.

Ivy’s Exclusion

This time Angelina has received a letter from the school saying Ivy has been excluded from school for being a disruption in class.

Now Ivy is on her last chance. She not only gets an open hand spanking, but receives many strokes from a leather strap as well.

Once more spanking a sore red bottom

And to make sure she has learned her lesson, she is to be spanked every night before bed – for a week.

Maybe this time she will be a good girl and make Angelina proud of her.

Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Seven

The story so far ……

There is a fire at the Excelsior Hotel, where Tazeline and Margie are staying in the penthouse on the 120th floor. The message received by the fire chief on his walky talky was that the fire was out of control on the 100th floor.

Can the four firemen get the four occupants of the penthouse to safety?

Now read on ……

The fire chief, takes his position very seriously, and springs into action. Using the fireman’s lift, he slings Margie over his shoulder and strides to the fire escape. Her red-hot striped bottom is in full view for all to see.

Meanwhile, the fireman whose cock she has been sucking is kneeling on the floor, rocking backwards and forwards, cradling his injured manhood in his hands.

‘Come on man, go grab the other girl,’ the fire chief barked at the unfortunate fireman, who scrambled to his feet and set off to disentangle Tazeline from her impalement on one of the other firemen’s cock.

As the door of the fire escape opens, acrid smoke fills the lounge of the penthouse and all the occupants start coughing and spluttering.

Tazeline, starts screaming hysterically, fighting with the gallant fireman who is hell bent on rescuing her. Instead of slapping her face, as one does with someone having hysterics, he slaps her bottom. This has the anticipated affect and she calms down.

Everyone crowds onto the fire escape, ready to start the descent to the ground. The other two firemen herd the two doormen and they are the last to leave the penthouse.

There is a gust of wind and the fire escape door blows shut – with a loud crash.

‘Oh shit,’ said the fire chief. ‘It’s self-locking.’ He set Margie on her feet.

‘Okay young lady, can you walk?’

She appeared to consider this for a moment, while her mind was racing. She liked this big handsome fireman and would much prefer him to carry her to safety.

‘I’ll try,’ she said bravely. Fully intending to not be able to walk. Then she genuinely did slip on the wet step and would have fallen if the fire chief had not caught her by the arm. Swinging her back up over his shoulder in the fireman’s lift, he could feel her hot wet pussy on the back of his neck.

They started cautiously moving downwards. It had been raining, although it had stopped and the sun was trying to shine. However, the iron steps were somewhat slippy.

They had carefully gone down three flights of steps and the crackling of the fire chief’s walky talk made them all stop and listen.

‘This is control, this is control, come in please.’

‘Fire Chief Sterling here, over.’

‘Make your way back up to the roof, a helicopter is waiting for you, over.’

‘Okay, cheers, over and out.’

By now, Tazeline was also being carried by her fireman, he too was using the fireman’s lift.

So they all trudged their way back the way they had come, eventually they reached the roof.

As promised, the helicopter was waiting for them.

‘Is there a medic on board?’ the fire chief lifted Margie down from his shoulder. ‘These two young ladies may need some attention, especially their bottoms.

At the sight of the girls’ sore bottoms, the helicopter crew, laughed loudly. ‘Well, what have we here, you jammy sods?’

‘Right,’ the chief steward said, ‘We can only take two of you at a time.’ He helped the two girls up the rope ladder and into the helicopter.

‘We’ll look after them, won’t we guys?’ There was more laughter from the crew.

Margie and Tazeline looked at each other and started giggling.

‘Good afternoon young ladies. I’m Steve, the chief steward. Welcome aboard.’ He bowed exaggeratedly. ‘At your service, It is our pleasure to make sure your every wish is fulfilled.’

What further adventures are the girls about to have?

To be continued ……

Spanking Video Review – Samara Spanking


Starring: Samara

Approximate Running Time: 16.27 minutes

As the bright sunshine streams through her bedroom window – Samara is still sleeping like a baby.

Her big brother, not realizing that she is still in bed, comes into her room looking for his phone.

In bed before her spanking

He’s obviously feeling very resentful – why his little sister gets away with murder, while he takes corporal spanking from their father for the stupidest reasons. Although Samara does have a job, she is inclined to take days off when she is tired and wants to sleep in.

Samara gets her spanking

So big brother decides to take his resentment out by spanking his sister’s spoiled bottom.

The bed covers are unceremoniously dragged off her sleeping form, and he begins dealing Samara a spirited hand spanking.

He progressively removes her pajamas and knickers – while shifting her position and spanking her ever reddening wobbling bottom cheeks. Until eventually he puts her naked body over his knee for a further otk spanking.

He inserts a thermometer while spanking her

As she tells him she’s sick and can’t go to work, he inserts a thermometer into her anus – when it beeps, it shows her temperature is normal. So he carries on spanking her for a few more minutes.

he carries on with the spanking

But he has a job to go to, so he tells her to get dressed and she should also go to work.

He leaves her rubbing her sore red bottom.

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Spanking Video Reviews – Bad Day for Jasmine

Studio: British Discipline

Starring: Jasmine

Approximate Running Time: 35.02 minutes

Jasmine is getting ready for school and is preparing some breakfast for herself.

Her guardian comes and joins her, asking her if everything was okay at school as her exams are approaching fast. She assures him that everything is fine. Then the post arrives. He is not pleased to read the letter that had been sent by the school. She had been disruptive in class and had deliberately damaged some school property. So as part of her punishment, she was to do two evening detentions.

She denies being in trouble to avoid a spanking

When he tackled her about it, she denied everything. Eventually she admitted that she was guilty.

He believes that as her guardian, it is his duty to guide her in the right direction. And as she is a liar as well as a hooligan, he is going to give her a good spanking. But as he has to get to work, he is dividing the spanking into two parts. So he puts her over his knee and gives her a hard hand spanking on her bare bottom and he then sends her off to school stinging.

OTK spanking punishment begins

On her return from school that afternoon, he keeps his promise and gives her spanking part two. He steps up the severity of the spanking by using a leather strap on her bare bottom.

Spanking gives her a cherry red bottom

By the time he has finished spanking and thrashing her, her bare bottom is a very bright cherry red and looks very sore indeed, plus she apologizes for her behavior.

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Spanking Video Review – Bad Report Card

Studio: Billie West Productions

Starring: Charlie Love

Approximate Running Time: 40.00 minutes

Charlie is sitting on the couch – it’s obvious that she is very nervous as she can’t sit still – she’s fidgeting about all the time.

The thing is – she has brought home her school report card and she just knows that her father is going to spank her. However, her nervous excitement is not because she fears the spanking, but rather because she knows that being spanked turns her on big time. So the question she is asking herself is – will her daddy spank her?

Nervously awaiting her spanking

Yet before he gets home, she hides the report card behind a cushion – intending to bring it out when the time is right.

He remembers she is supposed to have received her report that day and demands to know where it is; so she hands it to him.

Dildo introduction while spanking

Quickly reading through it, he realizes his daughter is definitely not the brightest student in the class. She has failed every subject except one – Sex Education. It’s the one subject she enjoys learning about. Her teacher’s comments regarding her failing her other subjects – Charlie is too interested in flirting with the boys than learning her lessons.

Dad feels it is his duty as a responsible parent to carry out his threat and deal his daughter a well deserved corporal spanking.

He gives her bottom a spanking for every subject she failed.

Then he decides to further his daughter’s sex education by introducing her to various dildos. One that he slowly and gently slides into her anus, followed by a large, life size one into her very wet pussy.

Dildos during spanking

When he goes to cook the dinner, she calls him back because he has forgotten to play with her tits.

Ready for even more spanking thrills

Finally, she is left alone again – alone with her thoughts – and if the smile on her pretty face is anything to go by – her thoughts are very happy ones.

Spanking Video Review – Phone Etiquette


Approximate Running Time: 09.45 minutes

She’s sitting on the couch – multi-tasking. In one hand she has a hairbrush and is brushing her long red hair, while in the other hand she has her cell phone and is phoning her friend.

Her boyfriend comes in and he is not too pleased with her. She has broken his cell phone, so he can’t make or receive any calls. As he uses his cell phone for business purposes, he is probably losing work.

He snatches her phone before spanking her

Snatching her cell phone out of her hand, he throws it to the floor, where it shatters into several pieces.

Pulling her up, he sits down on the couch and puts her over his knee. He’s going to teach her a lesson with an otk spanking she is not going to forget in a hurry.

He bends her over for an otk spanking

As his large hard hand lands on each cheek alternately – changing her creamy white bottom to a deep cherry red, he is not satisfied with his efforts until he has spanked every square inch of her poor quivering bottom.

Spanking her bottom with a hair brush

The hairbrush that she had been using to brush her hair was now used to further redden her bottom. He even used her slipper but went back to using the hairbrush as it apparently left more of a stinging impression.

Spanking her bottom makes it very sore

Finally, he tells her to get out of his sight – he doesn’t want to see her for a while, so she leaves the room, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the pain and smarting.

Spanking her well brings satisfaction

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Spanking Stories – Flight into Trouble – Part Twenty-Six

The spanking story so far ……

The hotel’s fire alarm clanged out its warning – there is a fire. The door of the penthouse suite is roughly pushed open and four hunky firemen are standing in the doorway – taking in the sight of two men and two women in various stages of undress.

Now read on ……

The fire chief is the first to speak. ‘Sorry folks, the fire is no longer a danger – but from what I can see here, is two very hot chicks, with two fiery red bottoms.’ The other firemen laughed. ‘We came to save your lives,’ he went on, ‘would it be all right if we join in the fun?’

Tazeline and Margie were giggling.

‘It’s up to the girls,’ said the senior doorman. However, the two poor helpless girls have already selected one fireman each and have started to stroke the bulge in his trousers. Zips are pulled down and two rampant cocks come into view.

Margie kneeled down in front of her fireman – stretching her mouth open as wide as she could, she took his massive manhood into it. While she was giving her full attention to the job in mouth, the fire chief, seeing her bare bottom sticking up in the air, takes advantage of the situation and pulling his thick leather belt from its loops, lays six strokes on her mobile bottom. She tries to escape the bite of the leather on her already tortured bottom, but with his large hand firmly in the small of her back, he easily holds her in place. The shock of the pain that went through her bottom, made her close her teeth around the innocent cock she was sucking.

The owner of the cock felt her sharp little teeth graze it and hastily pulled it out of her mouth.

Meanwhile Tazeline has been placed on the couch; her legs are up in the diaper position. One fireman is thrusting his cock into her hot wet pussy, while the other one is trying to stuff both of her tits into his mouth at once.

The clanging of the fire alarm made everybody jump. The crackling voice of the control room, came over the fire chief’s walky talky. The fire is out of control again, it’s now on the 100th floor. Evacuate, evacuate.

Will they all escape this new danger?

To be continued ……

Spanking Video Reviews – The Flirty Girlfriend


Approximate Running Time: 11.44 minutes

He’d taken her out for a special evening out. Now they are home and he’s livid with her.

Spanking begins

She is puzzled why he’s ranting and raving at her. He soon enlightens her – she had spent the evening flirting with several of the other guys and he’s so jealous. He’s going to teach her a lesson in manners. When she goes to a party / dance with her boyfriend, she shouldn’t abandon him for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Her poor bottom is very sore and red

So he handcuffs her and fastens her wrists so that her arms are above her head and he starts to spank her. His hand makes contact with her bottom many times causing her to squirm about. Also, in order to humiliate her, he strips her and carries on with the spanking.

Spanking hurts so badly

Telling her he’s going to give her another fifty spanks on her already sore bare bottom and she must count them. She miscounts – so he starts all over again.

He further humiliates her by forcing her to kneel in front of him – unzipping his trousers he pulls out his rampant cock and rams it into her mouth and down her throat, making her gag.

For the final stage of her punishment, he introduces her to a new toy he had bought especially for this spanking ordeal. Each time he gently touches her bottom with it she squeals and whimpers …………..