Spanking Video Reviews – Punished by the Plumber

Studio: California Star Productions

Starring: Mrs Baxter

Approximate Running Time: 25.50 minutes

Mrs Baxter’s husband had given her £50 to pay the plumber who was going to replace the waste disposal unit that was broken.

Spanking - She can't pay the bill

Mr Jones did the job and presented her with the bill for £300 and when she apologized for not having the money, he decided to cancel the bill if she would just accommodate him by taking a spanking and a caning.

Spanking begins

Reluctantly she agreed to this – even though he did warn her that she was in for a very painful half hour.

He gave her a warm up hand spanking over his knee. She took the spanking bravely, although her large shapely bottom was soon turned from a smooth white area, to a quivering glistening cherry red.

Spanking with a paddle

At his command she removed all her clothing, including her shoes and he proceeded with the spanking – using a couple of paddles instead of his hand – by which time she was protesting that it was hurting – his response was to carry on, just reminding her that a spanking was meant to hurt.

Spanking with a cane

Eventually, he used the cane – that was whippy and left lines across her bottom. As he didn’t say how many strokes he was going to give her, she had no idea how many more she was going to receive. She had already received about eighteen strokes when he told her he was going to give her six more and that would be the end.

Mr Jones was very satisfied that he had received payment in kind and he ripped up the bill.

Spanking leaves marks

After he had left, Mrs Baxter rubbed her sore smarting bottom – wondering how she was going to hide the welts from her husband’s gaze. She then dressed in readiness for her lunch date.

Spanking Video Review – Nikki the Maid

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Nikki Dublais

Approximate Running Time: 40.35 minutes

Nikki knocked on the door, she waited for a moment, but getting no response she lets herself into the hotel room of a new guest.

The room was a tip and she grumbled to herself about not knowing where to start.

Try as she could – she couldn’t get up any enthusiasm for her job as Room Maid. So she wandered around the room aimlessly, until she saw a large holdall that was gaping wide open. Her curiosity was aroused as she brought out a few of the contents – she was puzzled as to their possible use.

She was so engrossed in her voyage of discovery that she didn’t realise she was no longer alone. The hotel guest came out of the bathroom, taking in at a glance what was going on – he sat down on the bed, pulling her squealing and protesting over his knee.

He hauls her over his knee for an otk spanking

Her grey trousers are tightly stretched across her very shapely bottom. As his hand makes contact with her squirming bottom – it bounces back.

Then when she has a very sore bottom; he orders her to stand in a corner and not to rub.

The spanking continues

When he comes back into the room he catches her rubbing her tender bottom. So she finds herself once more lying over his knee.

Eventually, at his insistence, her clothes come off and he continues with the spanking on her very red and sore looking bare bottom.

A knock on the door and it’s the hotel manager, doing a spot check. He enters the room and sees his Room Maid lying over the knee of one of the hotel’s guests.

She has been truly well spanked

He is all in favour of corporal punishment, especially as Nikki has been stealing from the guests for some time.

However, he doesn’t think the spanking she has received up to that moment is sufficient – so he asks the hotel guest if he may carry on.

Nikki finds herself lying over her boss’s knee for a further spanking.

He introduces her to a couple of the items from the holdall that she had been looking through. She finds the hairbrush particularly painful.

Once he is satisfied that she has been dealt with adequately, he lets her stand up and rub her poor bottom, before he orders her to redress and get on with her duties.

When Spanking Was in Fashion

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Vivian Sweet

Approximate Running Time: 58.04 minutes

It was Valentine’s Day and Keith had given his beautiful wife Vivian a pink heart shaped box of chocolates.

She was just about to leave to go to work, but he reminded her that she must get home that evening – by 5.30 pm or 5.45 pm at the latest, as he had booked a table for a romantic dinner at the town’s poshest restaurant. To make sure he’d be able to make the booking – he had booked it three months earlier.

As she was a few minutes early for work, he thought it would be a good idea to send her to work with a tingling bottom. So, he pulled her giggling and protesting over his knee.

Then satisfied he’d accomplished what he’d set out to do, he helped her to her feet and with a kiss he sends her on her way – but he gave her a last minute reminder about getting home on time.

That evening Keith was dressed ready for his romantic dinner with his gorgeous wife. He looked at his watch – it showed it was 5.30 pm. The minutes ticked by – and it was 6 o’clock and still no sign of his missing wife. His frantic calls to her went unanswered.

It was just on 7.00 pm when Vivian arrived home – carrying some packages. Her explanation for being late was she forgot the time as she was so engrossed in buying some fantastic play clothes for the pleasure of her wonderful husband.

As he had already cancelled the restaurant booking – what was he going to do for the rest of the evening?

First outfit - first spanking

He was curious – what had she bought? At his suggestion, she took the first of the outfits through to the bedroom so she could put it on.

He was indeed really impressed with it – but he thought there was something missing. The short white dress was so short it barely covered her bottom – Keith believed a red bottom would finish off the outfit beautifully.

The spankings continue

His excuse for giving her spanking number one was to show his annoyance for her being late home. It didn’t take long for him to change her creamy white cheeks to a deep rosy red – that contrasted with her white dress.

Then he sent her to put on outfit number two. It looked much more expensive than the first one – so he asked her how much had it cost. She was reluctant to say, but gave him a rough figure. Now he had another reason to spank her – she knew their credit cards were maxed out from the previous month. So she took a wild guess that outfit number two cost $50. Therefore, Keith reasoned that 50 spanks be given to her, with the hairbrush. Now he especially chose the hairbrush because he knew she didn’t like it.

She has a very sore bottom

He spanked her hard and fast and insisted that she keep count, threatening to start from the beginning if she miscounted.

Each outfit she tried on was more daring and teasing than the one before and was also obviously more expensive.

So her spankings became harder and longer, with him using different implements.

As the grand finale, he used the cane.

the final spanking

Justice having been dealt, he picked her up in his arms and carried her through into the bedroom.

Ask Mike – Volume Two

Studio: Ohh Tee Kay

Starring: Mike

Approximate Running Time: 1.00 hour

In this movie ‘Ask Mike – Volume Two’ he’s goes further into giving a safe and pleasurable spanking.

He starts off by repeating some of which he said and demonstrated in ‘Ask Mike – Volume One,’ but with such good advice, there is no harm in hearing it again.

Spanking Videos - Making the spankee comfortable.

The young lady (who he refers to as his victim) is lying over his knee. She is wearing a red PVC dress. Mike stresses the importance of the warm up spanking – that should always start off on top of the spankee’s clothes.

By the time he does pull up her skirt, her bottom is showing a lovely pinkiness.

Spanking Videos - her cheeks are getting redder

He then goes on to demonstrate the use of various implements – from paddles to riding crops and canes.

The spanker should be able to use these implements – before actually using them on a live spankee. He emphasises the need to learn how to use the cane etc, because in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing – a lot of damage can be done to the poor spankee.

Spanking Videos - Spanking other body parts

This brings up the question – is knowing how to use the cane properly, taught or does the spanker just know how?

Assuming that it is an art that must be taught, the trainee caner should find someone who would be willing to teach – and there are many who would be only too happy. So by watching and asking questions, will the trainee learn how to ensure that the spankee enjoys the experience.

Spanking Videos - enjoy the spanking

The spanker has to make sure that the implement lands on the spankee’s bottom exactly where it was intended to land.

There are parts of the bottom that are out of bounds. So too high, too low and too far to the right and left are no no’s.

When I was training to be a nurse – the way they taught us how to give an injection was … pretending an orange was the patient’s bottom cheek – we traced a + on the orange, then we put the injection into the bottom quarter of the orange. So, think of the spankee’s bottom as an orange – and make sure the spank or cane lands in the bottom quarter of the cheek nearest to the divide between the cheeks and you won’t go far wrong.

Mike also demonstrates how to use the cane and other implements on other parts of the body – see the pleasure he gives to the spankee – that’s not faked.

Enjoy giving the spanking, but more importantly make sure the spankee enjoys it even more.

Keith’s Girl Friday

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Keith Jones and Samantha Woodley

Approximate Running Time: 53.55 minutes

Keith takes Samantha into his confidence – he needs to lose some weight – and he’d like her to go shopping for him. He gives her a list of the kind of food he should be eating. She assures him that she understands and will go to the shops immediately. He gives her some money, but she tells him she needs more – so he ends up giving her $300.

She comes back loaded with parcels. He’s had nothing to eat for several hours, so he’s looking forward to starting on his new eating regime.

Spanking bent over a chair

But as she brings out one packet at a time – he’s beginning to despair – it is either loaded with fat, salt or sugar. When she brings out the final item – she has hit the jackpot. It’s a piece of turkey and he can eat it without killing himself.

He asks her for his change and she hands him $3. He’s horrified to think he has paid $297 for a load of unsuitable food. However, she corrects him; the food only cost a few dollars. So where’s the rest of the money gone – she spent it on herself because he doesn’t pay her enough.

That’s the final straw – he determines to show her what can happen when he’s an angry, hungry man.

Sore spanked bottom

She finds herself bent over a chair, with him hand spanking her. Her bottom changes from creamy white to pink and to red. A change of position and she is lying over his knee and despite her squirming about and protesting, he carries on spanking her relentlessly.

Then comes the second story in the series. Keith has been relying on his Girl Friday to make sure that a very important contract is typed up ready for work to begin the following day.

Apprehensive about this spanking

He thought that she was busy with the job, as she had been typing for a solid six hours. How wrong he was, she’d been chatting online to her latest boyfriend.

She again finds herself bottom side up – her nose only inches from the carpet. His hand again changes the colour of her bottom to a deep cherry red.

She is told that the job must be finished before morning, as he’s going to arrange for the various workmen to start the work first thing in the morning.

But his right hand girl further hinders his progress by not completing the work she was supposed to do.

Her third OTK spanking

He is livid – when next morning the workmen arrive ready to start work, but thanks to Samantha’s help a lot of things were not in place – so he had to pay the men and tell them to go home again.

Now for the third time, Samantha is on the receiving end of a hard bare bottom spanking. He also uses an assortment of implements – finally giving her six hard whacks with the cane.

He explains to her that her job is essential to the smooth running of his business.

At the end of the third spanking, her bottom is indeed very sore and the scene closes with him hugging her.

The question is – did Samantha deliberately set out to get spanked?

Bad Girls Get Spanked

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Tom Byron, Vinnie Spit, Virginia Lewis and Linette Case

Approximate Running Time: 37.24 minutes

Torri and Olivia had arrived at the home of Spyder and Spit – Rock Idles that had girls grovelling to get a piece of whatever was available – that would be like a trophy of victory for them.

Olivia didn’t hesitate, when the front door proved to not be locked, she entered the bachelor pad. Torri held back, her conscience was troubling her; however, Olivia soon talked her round.

Once inside the inner sanctum, Olivia said she was going for a shower and so leaving her reluctant friend to fight with her conscience for all of a second – before stuffing videos and tapes into a big holdall. She was so absorbed in doing this task she was unaware that the two guys had arrived home and were stood watching her.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realise what was going on and when she admitted she was not alone, Spider decided to go in search of the missing Olivia.

Spanking - He pulls her over his knee

Left alone with Spider, she soon finds herself lying over his knee, her short pleated skirt pushed up to her waist – well clear of her bottom. Her beautiful shapely bottom, bouncing each time his hand made contact with her quivering cheeks.

Spanking - She has a very sore bottom

It didn’t take him long to change her poor bottom to a very sore red bottom.

Meanwhile, Spit had found Olivia, wrapped in his bath robe, lounging on a couch reading a magazine.

He did exactly the same as his friend and pulled the errant girl over his knee. The bath robe fell away from her lovely slim body, leaving her without the protection of any clothing.

After reddening her bottom, he decides it’s time to join the other two downstairs in the lounge.

Spanking - Spit is dealing with Olivia

So the two men – each with a cheeky brat lying face down over his knee, being musical – they were soon spanking in unison. The sound of hand making contact with bare bottom rang out reverberating around the room.

Spanking - Both girls are being spanked at the same time

Just as the girls’ bottoms were getting very sore, so were the hands of their spankers and that’s when they brought out implements – that they shared. Spider would use a paddle on Torri’s bottom, then he’d pass it on to Spit to use on the naughty bottom of Olivia.

After an assortment of implements had been used on both girls, their bottoms were a fiery red.

Spanking - Two girls with two sore bottoms

Punishment over, the girls were pulled up into a sitting position – and the two guys showed their more gentle side – starting off with a passionate kiss, followed by ………………..

If you love watching OTK spankings – you’re in for a treat with this movie.

Rescue Me

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Amanda Morrison and Arthur Meeks

Approximate Running Time: 46.50 minutes

Marcus is impatiently looking at his watch; he’s expecting someone, a female someone, to arrive – but she’s not due for another hour yet.

Lost in thought, he’s startled when there is a cursory knock on his door and before he can respond to it – the door bursts open and this very attractive young lady runs into his room.

He can’t get a word in edgeways as she is hell bent on telling him why her rather dramatic entrance was necessary.

Spanking Videos - He puts her over his knee

April gives him a right cock and bull story – she’s due to go to a party in an hour’s time, but she doesn’t fancy the guy who was supposed to be her partner. So, she hopes that Marcus will rescue her and provide a sanctuary for her.

Spanking Videos - Her bottom is getting redder

He tells her she’s a spoilt brat and deserves a spanking for being so cruel as to hurt the feelings of her intended escort.

So she’s draped over his knee, her short skirt pulled up away from her bottom – revealing to him an expanse of creamy white cheeks. The hand spanking starts, her bouncing orbs are turning from creamy white to pink, through to an ever reddening hue.

Spanking Videos - she is helplessly tied up

After a prolonged otk hand spanking, he uses mild bondage on her. She is helpless – with her wrists fastened to her ankles, he is able to use an assortment of implements on her by now slightly bruised bottom.

Spanking Videos - the little leather paddle does its job

A couple of times, he has to remind her that she’s a human being and so capable of speaking – rather than grunting and yelping like an animal. What he’s wanting is a response from her.

Spanking Videos - He flogs her

Eventually, he tells her that she is going to go to that party and she’s going to be sweet to the lonely young men there – and when the party is over, she must return to him.

Spanking Videos - His kiss is gentle

She agrees to this and they kiss passionately.

Spanking Videos – I Married a Brat

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Samantha Woodley and Gino Coletti

Approximate Running Time: 27.16 minutes

Tom is not too happy to find his pretty young wife skipping in the back garden instead of getting ready to go to a barbeque at his boss’s house.

Nancy doesn’t want to go; she thinks Tom’s boss and his wife are boring and as for their friends – they are just the pits.

Spanking Videos - He spanks her in the back garden

So he lectures her about being so childish and tells her to go and get ready immediately. She refuses to do so. He tells her he’s going to spank her, but she runs around the table tennis table evading him – until he outwits her and gives her a spanking there and then.

After the spanking, still sulking she goes indoors. He believes he’s got through to her and she is now going to do what is expected of her.

Spanking Videos - Yet another spanking on her already sore bottom

Half an hour later, he goes to check up on her – how is she progressing? What does he find? She’s sat on the couch in the lounge eating an ice cream cone, while reading a magazine – and definitely no signs of getting dressed.

With a big sigh – he sits down on the couch next to her and starts lecturing her again. He can’t believe it when she rubs her ice cream into his face. That’s it! Wiping his face and taking the ice cream off her, he puts her over his knee and gives her a long hard spanking. Again she is ordered to grow up and go and get ready.

Spanking Videos - Another trip over his knee

Later that evening, they are back home and he is very annoyed with her. She had too much to drink at the barbeque and was very rude to his boss. So again she is upended over his knee for some serious carpet studying.

Again it’s a long hard spanking, where he uses several implements on her bare bottom and carries on spanking her until she shows real contrition.

Sitting on his knee for a cuddle, she promises to send a card to his boss and his wife, apologizing for being so rude at the barbeque.

Tom believes that he has finally tamed his brat of a wife. Has he? What do you think?

Another very enjoyable movie from Shadow Lane.

Mischief Makers 2 – Judgement Day

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Crystal, Melissa and Claude

Approximate Running Time: 53.09 minutes

I loved every minute of this movie – and if you too enjoy seeing two lovely young ladies – or as they called themselves ‘Angels’ getting a long hard bare bottom spanking – this movie is a must watch.

Crystal and Melissa have promised to help Claude run his hotel for a while, until they start back at university in the autumn.

Their reputation has gone before them, but when they coyly smiled at him – using their feminine charms to turn him around, being only a red blooded man, he succumbs and promises to give them a chance.

His instructions are simple. They should be up out of bed by 7 o’clock the next morning, in order to make the beds and prepare breakfast for the guests.

They turn up for ‘duty’ mid afternoon the following day. As Claude had been busy making beds and breakfast for the hotel’s guests, he was in no mood to listen to excuses. So he threatens them with a spanking. The two girls looked at each other in disbelief.

Taking Crystal by the arm, he drags, pulls and pushes her out into the garden – then sitting himself down on the side of the picturesque fountain – to her surprise, he hauls her over his knee.

Spanking Videos - Crystal's Spanking Starts

What follows is a prolonged bare bottom hand spanking. She kicks her legs wildly and squeals loudly, to the accompaniment of the sounds of the fountain in the background.

It was a pleasure to see her lovely cheeks – spank by spank, turning from a creamy white to a deep cherry red.

When he is finished with her – it’s Melissa’s turn to get her luscious bottom well and truly reddened.

Spanking Videos - Side by Side they are Spanked

Eventually, the two girls are rubbing vigorously at their red hot bottoms and ready to promise Claude the sun moon and the stars, if he’d only let them stay until university starts.

By which time, he had cottoned on that their mischievousness was fueled by the thought of the spanking that was sure to follow.

Therefore, will the two friends be an asset to Claude’s hotel?

Spanking Videos – Secretaries

Studio: Red Stripes

Starring: Miss Taylor, Miss Sullivan and Mr Dent

Approximate Running Time: 42.24 minutes

There is trouble ahead for Miss Taylor and Miss Sullivan. As the two very efficient secretaries of Mr Dent, they have blotted their copy books well and truly.

He had left them to type out a contract for a new and very wealthy client. Unfortunately, due to having had a boozy night out prior to doing the contract – they made a right cock up of it – so losing Mr Dent over a million dollars worth of business.

He is going to have to punish them both. But to make things even worse – Miss Sullivan turned up for work that morning, still wearing the clothes she wore the night before when she went to a sexy night club.

Ordering the girls to report to him at 5.30 pm, in the Conference Room where they won’t be disturbed, he leaves them trembling in fear and trepidation.

At 5.30 on the dot, the girls knock on the door of the Conference Room and hearing Mr Dent shout, ‘Come in,’ they obeyed.

Spanking Videos - Miss Taylor's Turn First

First for punishment was Miss Taylor. She has to drape herself over his knee so he can hand spank her. But when he tries to pull down her knickers, they are so tight he has to tell her to stand up and pull them down herself.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan's turn

She doesn’t take her punishment at all well. What with wriggling about, and putting her hand back in an effort to protect her poor sore bottom – plus constantly protesting her innocence. He’s in no mood for listening to her and tells her several times to stop talking.

Next it’s Miss Sullivan’s turn to go over his knee. With her skirt just about covering her bottom, he has no problem getting to her bare backside.

Spanking Videos - Miss Sullivan in trouble

Spanking Videos - A Paddling for Miss Taylor

After the hand spanking, he goes onto using a paddle on each girl. Followed by a swishy cane, that leaves raised welts on the girls’ sore red bottoms.

All through these various changes of position and implements – Miss Taylor carries on with her tirade of trying to explain what happened. This earns her an additional six strokes of the cane.

Spanking Videos - The Cane Stripes Miss Sullivan's Bottom

Eventually, the two Secretaries have very sore red hot bottoms – with cane marks transversing across the area.

Although they were not going to lose their jobs, they were made to understand that the punishment will be repeated whenever necessary in the future.

If you enjoy seeing two white creamy bottoms turned into two blazing ones, you’ll enjoy this movie.