SchoolGirl Fantasies


Inflagranti Film Berlin

What a movie: spanking & hardcore penetration with a cast of naughty school girls and a stern, striking Germanic head mistress (and menacing male counterpart)! Subtitles would’ve been nice but you don’t need to speak the language to appreciate the lessons these young ladies are learning…

Three pretty brunettes play patty-cake in a school room setting. I love their uniforms: short black skirt, crisp white shirt, white knee socks, black loafers and an adorable black necktie that adds a dash of “Daddy’s Girl” to the ensemble.

“Guten morgen!”

Their tall, commanding school mistress walks in, and the girls snap to attention at their desks. Mistress’s auburn hair is swept into a bun, and a tight black suit hugs her slender curves. Long, lean legs, are displayed to full advantage in sheer black stockings & high-heeled pumps. She looks positively feline, pacing the front of her classroom, growling for information & glaring at her students as they fumble to answer her questions satisfactorily.

Mistress snaps her notebook shut and grabs a cane.

She calls one of the girls forward, bends her over a desk, orders her to remove her white panties and then administers a few mild whacks. Mistress switches to her bare hand — in addition to spanking, she also rubs, pulls and squeezes the girl’s quickly-reddening bottom. Soon, her hand wanders (as hands often do!) from ass to pussy. Lovely view, as Mistress’s groping hands manipulate this girl’s tender, shaved lips between the pink-hot orbs of freshly spanked butt cheeks.

Excellent camera work; nice variety of angles so it never feels monotonous. Colors come across beautifully, and so does sound — lotsa whimpers & sighs & panting & even some crying out, when things get vigorous. I love how the two classmates witnessing the spanking from their desks are often in the frame, and I especially enjoy how all the girls convey a feeling of apprehension, which adds wonderful tension to this scene (and throughout the movie).

Next, Mistress addresses the class again, this time showing off an enormous black hand-shaped dildo. She appears to be explaining something and then… WOW! Suddenly, she’s sitting on a chair, skirt up, legs spread, dildo in hand. After a brief lecture, she lubes the dildo, whips her black panties aside, and moans lightly as she pushes… and pushes… slowly… inside…

The camera moves in close to show her glistening lips around the sex toy, and then backs away to show her attentive students watching everything. She removes the dildo; calls one of the girls forward and guides her fist & forearm into her cunt. Wild! Mistress fucks herself with the girl’s arm, rubs her own clit while coaching her student, “Schnell! Schnell!”

The girl crouches at her teacher’s open crotch, plunging her hand deeper, throwing her whole petite body into it. You can practically see Mistress’s pussy clamp down on the girl’s wrist when she orgasms, and then pop her fist out. Afterwards, Mistress immediately regains her composure, and calls another girl forward to lie down on her desk, remove her panties, and spread her legs.

Niiiiiice, how Mistress unbuttons her student’s blouse with one hand while stroking her pussy with the other. After lots of lube and some determined pushing, the camera zooms in to show Mistress’s hand slowly, slowly disappearing into the tender young cunt. Can’t seem to go all the way in, though, so another student is called forward to try, and her delicate hand soon slips inside and brings her classmate to a groaning orgasm.

Next, the girls return to their seats & Mistress presents them each with a butt plug… Again, I don’t speak German but I’m pretty sure she’s telling the girls to put them in their ass for next class. Then she excuses herself and is soon replaced by a tall, slim, bald man with an air of cold authority about him. He’s dressed all in black, and carries an impressive metal briefcase.

He draws the girls’ attention to the various clamps & clips laid out on the desks before them. He calls one of the girls to the front of the class, smacks her up-turned palms with a leather riding crop. Orders her to remove her shirt, revealing tiny, tender tits. She steps outta her skirt, and stands naked, knee-socked before him. What follows is a truly “clamp-tastic” scene:

The first naked girl’s breasts & belly are covered with plastic clothespins; heavy metal clamps attach to her pussy lips. He adds more: clips to her inner arms, between her fingers… everywhere they can go. He flicks them from time to time, making her gasp & wince. Snaps off a few with his crop. He dons a black latex glove, orders her to spread her lips with her poor, clothespinned fingers. Ah! He shows the class she’s excited.

It’s kinda creepy, his big black hand digging into her tortured pussy as she stands, moaning, covered in clips. He brings her off, stuffs his fingers into her mouth (interesting face she makes!), and then orders her to stand with her hands on her head. He calls her pig-tailed classmate up, and has her strip naked except her knee socks & neck tie. Both girls appear unsure, uncomfortable.

Master kneels & pulls the metal clamps off Girl Number One (she wails as the blood rushes back), and then attaches them to Girl Number Two’s pussy lips, pinching them together. He adds clips to her belly, hips, breasts (of course), armpits… He calls his third student forward, and instructs her to add more clips — with weights — to the other two. He threads string thru clips on her belly, and with one swift tug they all snap off simultaneously.

Finally, he kneels before the girls and removes his hardware, one piece at a time. Both girls groan & cry out during the process, and the camera zooms in on the startling “pock marks” dotting their ivory skin. Yeowch! Master scolds/lectures them a bit more, then snaps his briefcase shut & exits.

The last scene is a doozie. The girls are at their desks, squirming in their seats. Mistress returns, and wants to know how the girls are doing with their butt plugs. The first girl seemed to do OK, but the second girl’s butt plug was hardly in at all. Mistress removes & inserts it for the class, demonstrating how to use the toy.

Girl Number Three, though, has her butt plug so far up her ass Mistress can’t seem to feel it thru her panties, has to dig it outta the student’s butt crack — much to her approval. Girl Three, then, is permitted to take her seat while the first two girls “assume the position” across Mistress’s desk. Each girl takes turns removing the other’s panties and pushing a butt plug in as deeply as it’ll go. Then, they both bend over & Mistress slaps their bare asses with a leather cat o’ nine tails.

The spanking continues a good while, and both girls’ magnificent asses soon glow rosy & hot. Mistress orders them to strip fully. One of the girls lies across the table, spread-eagled, and the other girl pushes half a purple U-shaped dildo into her classmate’s ass, and the other into her slit. Girl Three is called over to lick clit…

What a wonderful tableau — you really must see this! One naked girl lies on her back, another naked girl DP’s her with a sex toy, while a uniformed school girl eats her out, and a statuesque headmistress watches & adjusts them all with her cane.

Then, the naked girls trade positions: this time, one girl lies on her belly, as the uniformed girl stuffs the purple dildo up her ass, and the other naked girl eats her out from below, while simultaneously masturbating. Again, the Mistress watches carefully, judgmentally, even. She looks down her nose at them, slapping asses & tapping her cane against their most sensitive flesh.

It’s a sight to behold, oh boy.

This movie’s more than just visuals, though, it’s got tension & a little mystery, some decent acting & a damn hot cast. I didn’t find the language barrier much of a problem at all, but if I discovered this movie was available with subtitles, I’d probably watch it all over again to see if I got anything new outta it.

Who am I kidding? I’m watching it again, anyway. This is one of those pictures that demands an encore. Cheers!

2 Responses to “SchoolGirl Fantasies”

  1. spanking says:

    hmm I love this review, Im gonna have to get ahold of this one, I love the descriptions you give at the beggining.

  2. Amasake says:

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed my review and also… this really was a mind-blowing movie. Would love to hear what you think of it, after you watch it.