Self Spanking – A Spanking Movie Review


Eleanor Powell


Starring: Justine and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 07.35 minutes

Justine is home alone and she’s feeling bored and horny. She wants and needs a spanking, but Arnold is out. Without him, she decides to do some self spanking.

She kneels on the bed. Clutching a wooden spoon she’s taken from the kitchen drawer, she takes aim – swinging her arm backwards she hits one cheek, then the other.

Self spanking was not easy as Justine found out

However, try as she might, she couldn’t do it hard enough to hurt, so that makes her feel frustrated. Oh, how she wished Arnold was there right now!

As the saying goes – be careful of what you wish for or you might surely get it.

At that moment, Arnold walks in and sees what she’s doing – or trying to do. Spanking Justine is his job, so it’s his duty to help her out.

Arnold to the rescue - much better than self spanking

He takes the wooden spoon from her hand and smacks her ass with it. Now that does hurt and poor Justine whimpers after every stroke!

Then Arnold goes to the kitchen and comes back with a wooden breadboard. It’s so big that he hits both cheeks at once when he hits her bottom with it.

The breadboard really hurts - much more than selfl spanking

Now she’s complaining that it’s hurting her. Some people are never satisfied.

Kneeling on the bed with her hands on her head and her ass glowing bright red, Arnold leaves Justine to think about what just happened.

Which is better – self spanking or being spanked by Arnold?

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