Spanking Bad Girls

Eleanor Powell
Studio: Ariels
Starring: Michael Khan and Philly Ramano
Approximate Running Time: 29.38 minutes

Michael is shocked – Philly has made a right mess of herself.

When he asks her why she has come home covered in tattoos she answers immediately that it is her way of expressing herself.

He has to show he's not pleased with her

He’s not exactly enamoured by her response and takes it on himself to give her a good spanking.

Now this should really show her he's annoyed with her

Starting off with her over his knee, he hand spanks her until her bottom is glowing red. Changing her position several times and using an assortment of implements he carries on with the spanking.

He introduces her to Fred – a vibrator that she holds against her throbbing pussy, while he spanks her.

They are both enjoying themselves until she has a shuddering orgasm with the help of Fred and Michael’s wandering fingers.

Maybe he's getting through to her

Is she sorry she disfigured herself by having these tattoos?

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