Spanking Kathy


Eleanor Powell

Studio: Real Spanking Video

Starring: Kathy

Approximate Running Time: 52.21 minutes

Kathy has turned up at the Real Spanking Video studios for a trial session.

The casting directors need to know how much pain she can take and even Kathy doesn’t know herself.

First an otk spanking for Kathy

All she knows is that she is going to be receiving a spanking that would test her tolerance to pain.

learning obedience

The casting directors put her through various spanking scenarios – positions and  implements used are recorded and her reactions are noted. They start with an OTK hand spanking, profess onto paddles, straps, and canes.

the spanking is painful

Her cries of distress are genuine and sometimes there are tears.

The scenarios that are played out are meant to display her assets. She has a lovely spankable bottom and the cameras pan in on her bottom, allowing the viewer to see her bottom change from a pale, creamy colour  to pink, and finally a deep shade of red with blue bruising.

the hand spanking that hurt the most

In other scenarios, the cameras concentrate on her expressive face and show the way her eyes widen, and then narrow to slits while the tears squeeze out.

Spanking Kathy is a movie that should satisfy the spanking enthusiast.

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