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spanking the maid

My High School English teacher once said that good fiction teaches a person something about himself. In that case, the video: “Spanking the Maid” from British Spanking is good fiction: it taught that I like the Manor Lord/Chambermaid role-play dynamic.

I never thought much about the spanked-maid scenario before. I don’t much like the uniform — too bulky and unrevealing. This video taught me that the sexiness comes from what it stands for: subservience, obedience, powerlessness.

The movie begins on a set that looks like something from Masterpiece Theater. And we meet a British gentleman named Lionel who speaks like he belongs on Masterpiece Theater. You expect Alistair Cooke to walk in at any moment and explain what’s happening.

Alistair never shows up, and it’s hard to tell what’s going on at first. But the puzzlement is short-lived, and it really doesn’t matter. We glean that Lionel has the goods on a maid named Lucy. He also has the hots for her. He confronts her and uses what he knows to blackmail her into allowing him to spank her.

Thus begins one of the sexiest spanking scenes I’ve run across. You don’t realize it at first, but Lucy is absolutely beautiful. She’s wearing that unsexy maid dress, and she’s seen mostly from a distance. But once we get to the part where Lucy and Lionel are together, with close-ups, you feel like you are gazing at the face of an angel.

This is not the standard “hike up the maid’s dress and spank her bottom” scene. It starts out that way, but it progresses into something far more erotic. It progresses into the complete submission of angelic Lucy, and her transformation into a naked, tearful and humiliated spank slave. Mmmmmm.

First Lionel spanks Lucy over his knee, dress hiked, black panties revealed. She says ‘ow” right away, so quickly that you think she’s faking the pain. But she says it again and again, with feeling, so that you soon realize you’re watching real hurt being inflicted.

He calls her naughty. She begs him to stop. He replies “All right, let’s stop for a minute, just long enough to take your knickers down.”

She whimpers a reply. Her knickers come off, and an absolutely gorgeous rear end is revealed. She squirms as the spanking resumes. “Stop wriggling,” he orders.

Lionel amuses himself by talking to her,making rhetorical comments about her bottom or her naughtiness. He knows she’s unable and unwilling to engage him in reply, so he just takes advantage of her verbally while he takes advantage physically. Her only responses are little whimpers interspersed with pleas to stop and exclamations of pain.

If you doubted the sincerity of Lucy’s exclamations, those doubts are soon alleviated. She begins sobbing real tears as she begs for the spanking to end.

Lionel stops, but once again it’s just a little break to suit his purposes. “I think I need to see a little bit more of you,” he tells her as he lets her off of his lap.

Beautiful Lucy doesn’t even stand up right away. She slides from his lap to the floor. She remains on her knees, rubbing her bottom and whimpering. Lionel makes her stand, and he orders her to remove her clothing. “Yes Sir,” is beautiful Lucy’s weepy reply.

Lionel tells her that she doesn’t deserve to wear a maid’s uniform. “Yes Sir, she agrees helplessly. He helps her out of her clothing. He touches her perky breasts along the way. This is not copping a feel. He caresses her lovingly, on the breasts and various other parts of her body. I would, too — she’s heavenly.

But we all worship angels in our own way, and beautiful girls are made for spanking, too. Lionel turns her around and resumes spanking her while she’s standing. She dances sexily from the blows.

Then he produces a birch and makes her hold the mantelpiece. He tells her to count, and to say “thank you, sir” after each stroke.

The birching is more painful. It makes her break down into overarching sobs about halfway through. It’s wonderfully sexy – beautiful Lucy is putty in his hands: helpless, powerless and bereft of all dignity.

After about ten birch strokes, he stops and gives the crying girl permission to kiss him. She does. She faces him, sniffling and gasping, even choking a bit on her throat-wrenching sobs. He gives her a choice.

Lucy’s first option is to get dressed and leave her employment without a reference. Her second option is to go upstairs and clean his boots, naked, and remain naked throughout. The dialogue that follows is so deliciously erotic that it’s worth reproducing:

“I’ll go upstairs and clean your boots, Sir.”

“You’ll stay naked for the rest of the day to show yourself how naughty you’ve been.”

“I’ll do anything you want, Sir.”

“Now get down on your knees and say ‘thank you for being so kind to me, Uncle Lionel’.”

The beautiful, naked and tearful young woman gets down on her knees before him and says “Thank you, Uncle Lionel, for being so kind to me.”

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It’s good to be Lord of the Manor.

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