Spanking Video Reviews – Funny Games

Studio: Spanked at Home

Starring: Maggy and Arnold

Approximate Running Time: 13 minutes

Maggy is lying on her tummy on the bed – she is fully absorbed in playing a game on her laptop.

Free Spanking Pics - Playing games

Arnold comes in – he believes she should be outside getting some fresh air into her lungs on such a beautiful day.

He decides to cane her, but with a difference.

Free Spanking Pics - he decides to play a game with her

Piling pillows and cushions onto the bed, she is ordered to lie on top of them, with her bottom raised.

Free spanking Pics - The caning continues

He is going to cane her while she plays the game. And he’ll go on caning her until she wins the game.

Unfortunately, she’s in for a long caning as the game is one of skill and while he’s caning her she has great difficulty concentrating.

So the cane comes down on her smooth white bottom, time and again, causing her to cry out each time.

Free Spanking Pics - she tells him she's won

Finally, she does win the game and her ordeal is over.

He leaves her crying and rubbing at her sore striped bottom.

Free Spanking Pics - The caning is over

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