Spanking Videos – Sex and Spanking with Kailee and Seth

Studio: Shadow Lane

Starring: Kailee and Seth McCallaster

Approximate Running Time: 32.25 minutes

Kailee and Seth are a real life couple and this shows through in their interactions with each other.

They’ve just arrived home from a party and Seth accuses her of flirting with the other guys. Despite her denying this – he is hell-bent on showing her who is the boss in their house.

Spanking Videos - Over his knee

Sitting down on the couch he hauls her over his knee. After giving her a couple of token swats on top of her thin silky skirt, he insists on her reaching her hand back and pulling it up to expose her beautiful bottom – sheathed in tight fitting black panties. However, don’t blink or you’ll miss him pulling them down to her ankles.

Spank by spank you can see her bottom going from pink, to red, to a deep cherry colour. He doesn’t hold back any, he gives her a very hard spanking and it must have really hurt, but she obstinately says she is not sorry.

Spanking Videos - Spanked with the leather paddle

She is over the knee with the spanks coming hard and fast for a good fifteen minutes, but she still refuses to give in and apologize.

But, when he changes over from using his hand to using a hard leather paddle, that is the undoing of her and it isn’t long before she apologizes.

Spanking Videos - She sucks his cock

In order to prove his mastery over her, he throws a cushion onto the carpet and tells her to kneel on it and suck his cock. She takes his long thick manhood into her mouth – sliding it up and down the length of the shaft. His soft moans of pleasure can be heard.

Spanking Videos - He enters her doggy fashion

They then shift various positions – from him entering her from behind – doggy fashion to her sitting on his knee facing him, with her pussy full of his cock.

Spanking Videos - They reach a mutual orgasm

They come to a mutual climax.

However, he puts her back over the knee for another session with his hand on her sore red bare bottom.

Then taking hold of a handful of her long black hair, he turns her face up to his and they kiss – declaring their love for each other.

Spanking Videos - They share a tender kiss

What I enjoyed about this movie was the seemingly brutal spanking he gives her – contrasting with the caring and tenderness of their lovemaking.

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