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Well, this movie certainly lives up to its pithy title. Tears definitely brings the water works and I’m pretty sure that, in most cases at least, they are 100% real. The film starts out with a reasonably good looking chick already on all fours on a bed getting spanked with a leather paddle. When we fade in, she is smack(see what I did there) in the middle of a good spanking, her ass burns crimson and her face is contorted in a Goya-esque show of pain. During the course of her whooping she apologizes profusely to her new master, but her attempts at salvation fall on deaf ears as she is unrelentingly flogged in a way she won’t soon forget. The next two scenes after this one are both good, but relatively run-of-the-mill bare ass spanking with hands and implements, both feature borderline attractive models and both deliver on the crying theme.

The fourth scene is the standout here, and not because of the actual spanking, there is only 20-30 seconds of it. Nay, the payoff in this scene lay in the conversational interview with the girl. She recounts to our disembodied voice that, while she enjoys spanking, is reluctant to bend over for a wooden paddle because she is scared it will hurt too much. At least that’s what we are led to believe, but eventually she reveals that she was once paddled in the fifth grade and ever since then has been cursed with a ghastly fear of the flat wood. She comes ’round to the idea soon enough and receives several good thwacks, given respite only once the paddle breaks. Sitting down crying she shows us her red ass with some distinctive paddle marks. All in all a very good, engaging scene.

I really like this next scene, but granted that could be because the chick in it, “Donna,” looks like this girl I used to know(pretty well…if you catch my drift) back at college. She turned out to be really crazy though and I haven’t spoken to her much since then, so maybe it’s her. I doubt it, but if it is at least she got her comeuppance, that bitch. But I digress, this scene is good because this chick really gets wailed on and you can see the red pooling at the surface of her ass as her makeup runs on the rivers of tears flowing from her big, doe eyes.

At this point the movie pretty much, like Fonzie, jumps the shark. Don’t get me wrong, this blonde chick over here has a nice-ish ass and all, but I feel her performance was phoned in and the spanking not as hard as it could have been. Also, they only use one implement and keep her framed with the same boring, dead on camera angle which doesn’t show off any of the good bits. And don’t even talk to me about the gym teacher scene. Those people couldn’t act their way out of wet paper bags but I suppose the spanking is passable if you can suspend your disbelief long enough.

This whole group spanking thing is a great idea, and could work given the right combination of people/settings/implements/acting ability. Unfortunately for this bad boy, it kind of strikes out on all these things. To be fair, the spanking isn’t terrible and the girls aren’t all catastrophes, but the constant banter between them and the weird presentation but this scene somewhere in between close-to-good and bad. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what ruined it for me, maybe it was the goth chick who isn’t crying because of the pain but because she’s just “really emotional,” or maybe it’s the short raven-haired woman who reminds me of one of my grandmother’s friends. Whatever it is, something just don’t sit right. This scene could have been a shining diamond in a sea of mediocrity, but alas it turned out to be a cubic zirconium in a petri-dish of boredom.

Bottom Line: Overall, not a bad flick, and if you’re into crying/tears or just good spanking, this’ll do the trick for you.

Take it easy.



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One Response to “Tears”

  1. James says:

    Overall not a bad review.

    I think you are stuck in ick words though 🙂

    chick, flick, trick.

    I like the free gallery movie along with the reviews.